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Eternal Hearts Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Unleashed

This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

This story continues the Eternal Hearts adventure, which you will need to read from the start to keep up with the story.

I'm sorry this has taken so long to be published, but it's how things are. Anyone familiar with my work knows I'm not the fastest writer, since my stories tend to be rather extensive, so I just hope what I write is worth the wait. Between my job, other writing projects and university, time to write is hampered, so you'll just have to be patient I'm afraid and hang in there for the next part.


"Dannii, what the fuck happened?" Kylie asked sternly, glaring into her sisters big blue eyes.

"I put him in his place is all," Dannii said with a slightly smug smile, then pulled her arm away and sauntered away towards the large staircase. Kylie stared after her wide eyed, then quickly hurried towards the stairs to the dungeons, still in her own robe, a red silk one, inhaling at the cold stone floor as she pulled the door open and went into the dungeons, noisily grabbing the keys from the hook on the wall. Stepping round to the cell area, she clapped eyes on him, lying naked in his cell on the mattress, looking up at the ceiling, holding his neck, a trickle of blood drying down his chest.

"Oh god what's she done to you?!" Kylie yelped, hurriedly getting the key into the lock with a racket and opening the door, worrying Dannii had drunk too much from him or that he was going to bleed out from the wound. She slowed as he leaned up from the mattress, still holding his neck as he looked at her, looking round a little unsurely, before sitting himself up.

"I'm ok, don't worry," he said. Kylie eyed him up and down, noting the way he seemed to be trying to take in his surroundings.

"You don't look ok," she said firmly, stepping forward to him and kneeling down beside him. She pulled his hand away to reveal the small puncture wounds, almost closed now actually and bleeding very little.

"What time is it?" he asked as she inspected him.

"About ten," she replied, pretty satisfied he wasn't bleeding much, not enough to worry him, and he certainly didn't seem to be suffering problems with a lack of blood, though she couldn't fathom out why, not that she was an expert or anything. He gave a "hmm", just thinking, wracking his brains to try and work out what had happened the previous evening. Kylie seemed no different to him though something was meant to of happened, and then Dannii had fairly thrown herself at him despite the fact she clearly hated him.

"I'm alright, it didn't affect me, not like when you...I dunno just something to do with me being a werewolf I guess," he said, unsure himself what the deal was, but knowing he was feeling fine despite Dannii's energetic and indulgent feeding.

"Are you sure? I can't have you suddenly collapsing on me or something," Kylie said, pulling back to look into his eyes, holding up a finger for him to focus on.

"Really I'm fine, I'll be alright," he said, attempting to smile reassuringly to Kylie as she knelt concernedly next to him, but it failed and quickly faded under her unimpressed pout. With the potentially fatal issues out the way, she became more aware of other issues, such as his nudity, and her eyes unable to miss his still semi-hard cock, her nose picking up the musky smell of sex in the air as she took a breath.

"So," she said slowly, glancing around, "what happened down here?" Kylie asked, looking back to him, then standing up, her robe flowing to the cold stone floor around her socked feet.

"Well, I woke up and Dannii was pinning me down, kneeling over me, holding me down on the bed here," he said, indicating it with an illustrative wave of his hand.

"Uh huh..." Kylie said, just waiting patiently.

"Anyway I didn't know what she wanted or how to handle it, I wasn't really sure what to make of her because I know I...cause some problems here, and I really wasn't with it at all," he said, glancing up to her to make eye contact.

"Yeah, well...we need to work on that first bit, but it's no surprise you were a bit confused this morning after last night, first time turning into a werewolf and everything. It's a big step," Kylie said with a slight raise of her eyebrow.

"Anyway, she talked to me a bit, saying how I...'did a number on you last night' and did I really think she was going to let me get away with screwing her...you," he said, looking up at Kylie with a frown.

"Right, I get where she's going with that, and from there?" Kylie said, still wanting to hear what she suspected.

"Well after that she just pinned me down and bit me, fed pretty damn hard as well," he said, reaching up to run his still slightly sore shoulder.

"Yeah she can get a bit sharp on that front, and...oh wait you were her first," Kylie breathed, her eyes widening a little.

"First? How could...what?" he asked, genuinely confused, worried he'd missed something else vital, his heart rate starting to rise even more.

"Her first proper feed, like you were to me. That's the first time she's fed from someone completely human, fresh blood, and you remember what I was like," Kylie said with a slight smile that quickly faded.

"Oh right, well that makes sense, she was pretty damn greedy," he said with a slight laugh, though it sounded hollow to him.

"And then?" Kylie said, turning back to her interrogating tone.

"Well then, I...she was..." he started, then looked up see Kylie cross her arms and look down firmly at him.

"I fucked her," he said with a heavy sigh, looking down at the floor, just feeling his heart sink as he admitted to Kylie that he'd essentially reversed her infidelity on her.

"What happened?" Kylie said, quite surprised at the sudden, blunt admission, though she'd already known Dannii had done it with him.

"Well, she was kneeling over me holding me down, and she's pretty strong now as I'm sure you know. Anyway I wasn't sure what to do with her, but then I got...um aroused," he said, blushing slightly.

"Well with her on your lap I'm not surprised, go on," Kylie said, not wanting to come down on him yet, seeing he was nervy and unsettled, not needing her berating him.

"Well, she noticed of course, and she was pretty wet herself actually," he said, wanting to make out it wasn't only him up for it, though not thinking she'd really buy that.

"Yeah feeding does that, at least to us girls," Kylie said with a slight giggle, breaking the mood momentarily before returning to her stony face.

"Well she noticed, accused me of being turned on by her feeding and stuff, I really didn't know what to do, and then before I even know what happened, she lifted up and slipped me in," he said, unable to look Kylie in the face. She remained silent, making him feel compelled to continue.

"Well...she started to, you know, ride me, but I'm not saying it's her fault, I hardly tried to stop her and went along with it, and it went from there," he said, finally looking up to Kylie, amazed to find her not bubbling with fury, though she was far from happy.

"I better go and talk to Dannii," she said after a long pause, turning and walking from the cell.

"Kylie I'm sorry, I shouldn't have let her goad me into any of this," he said, worrying she'd throw him out and leave him to tackle his wolf problems alone, feeling himself tremble.

"It's not your fault, don't worry. This is a very confusing time for you, and you're right, she's strong, so it's hardly your fault," she said, picking up his shorts and throwing them to him.

"Really? If you're angry I understand, just tell me," he said, not wanting any problems between them, well any more than this could cause.

"I'm not mad, it's Dannii I need to sort out, this is clearly her acting out against me using you, which isn't acceptable when you have this to go through as it is. You could see it from the moment she saw you that she had a problem. Hope you gave her one nice and hard for it though," Kylie said with a playful smile as he pulled his shorts on.

"Um what?" he said, stopping and looking shocked, not wanting to put his foot in it.

"Did you give her one good and proper?" Kylie asked again simply.

"I...well yeah I did as best I could, she was on top," he said, wondering where this odd twist to the conversation was heading.

"Yeah she likes it on top. It's been just me and her for a while if you get what I mean, I know she needed a guy, she was a bit pent up, but at least it wasn't some stranger," she said, casting her eyes over him as she threw his trousers into the cell to him.

"Oh, well maybe that's why she..." he said, indicating himself.

"Well, it might be part of it, but not all of it, this is far more personal. Say, was she any good?" she asked as he tugged the jeans on, standing up on the mattress.

"Um..." he murmured, again concerned he'd trip up and upset Kylie if he said what he really thought.

"It's ok, you can tell me the truth. Honestly, was she a good lay?" she asked casually.

"Yeah she was, great in fact," he said with a smile, unable to hold it back.

"Not lost any technique in her straight dry spell then," Kylie commented as she glanced to him buttoning his jeans up.

"I guess not," he replied, since he'd obviously not nailed Dannii before.

"Better than me?" Kylie asked, and even he wasn't stupid enough to say Dannii was better in bed, not that it was the case. Kylie had been a far more generous and lasting lover on their night of passion.

"Of course not, you're still my favourite," he said with a smile, feeling his heart rate slow a little.

"Good boy," she said with a grin, "now go get yourself cleaned up, I'm sure you need a shower and stuff. Head up and use the bathroom you did yesterday, you'll be out the way and left in peace then," she said, pushing the cage door right open, handing him his shirt as he stepped to the door.

"Thanks Kylie, for everything, and I'm still sorry I've caused these problems," he said.

"I caused these problems when I spent the night with you, you reap what you sow," she replied, not trying to hide from her own consequences.

"Ok then, well good luck with it all, I'm sure you two will sort things out, you love each other too much," he said genuinely, since he could sense their deep bond in the short time he'd spent with them.

"Thanks," Kylie said, not relishing the idea of a fight with Dannii over him again.

"By the way, did I really do a number on you last night?" he asked, having to know since he couldn't recall a thing, which was quite scary for him, having no idea what he was like when he turned.

"Oh yeah," Kylie growled, giving a wide grin, "a real good stiff one, I'm still sore," she giggled, reaching back to lightly rub one of the firm cheeks of her arse through the silk robe.

"Are you alright?" he asked, genuinely worried he may have hurt her.

"I'm fine, it's just because I haven't fed yet, I'll be fine," Kylie replied with a dismissive wave of her hand.

I mean...why would you want me to as...you know a monster?" he said, a little wave of realization rolling over him at the contemplation of what he became, trying to picture it in his minds eye.

"You're not a monster sweetie, don't worry about it, and that's another story, which I might tell you another time, an erotic bedtime story for you," she giggled as he walked towards the stairs, heart pumping quite firmly as Kylie seemed to be flirting with him a little.

"Sounds good, I look forward to it," he said, hoping he himself might recall it first, starting up the stairs.

"I bet you do, now go, shower," she said in a mock-stern manner, smacking him on the arse himself with a giggle. He took his leave and jogged up the stairs, walked briskly down the hall and then headed up towards the first floor, hoping he didn't run into Dannii anywhere around.

Kylie headed towards the kitchen to get herself a cup of tea, like she did every morning, looking out over the sunlit patio and grass as the kettle roared to the boil. She poured two teas, since Dannii would be down shortly she knew and would want one like normal. Pondering as she made them, she tried to decide the best way to approach this little...spat, and came the conclusion that a bit of firmness from herself was ideal. Finishing making the teas, she sipped at her own as she waited for Dannii, looking out over the sunny garden, the damp, dewy grass glinting in the bright morning light ahead of the trees in the distance. Kylie sipped through half of her tea before Dannii appeared, dressed accordingly for what looked to be another warm day in light cut-offs and a simple white vest top, a somewhat satisfied smile on her lips.

"Hey Kylie," she murmured, walking into the kitchen as if nothing had happened, a trick Kylie found particularly irritating at times.

"Don't give me that, you and me need to talk, so don't go running off OK?" Kylie said firmly, looking at Dannii, who paused and looked her in the eye, not replying.

"Tea's on the side," Kylie said, then turned and walked out, heading towards the stairs to head up and dress herself, taking the rest of her tea with her. Kylie wasn't quite sure what she was going to say to Dannii, since she was hardly holding any kind of high ground after her own recent behavior, particularly with him, but things had to be sorted out. Whatever was going on had to be fixed so they could carry on, as no relationship would survive this kind of behavior. However, remedying this situation could potentially be as bad as leaving it alone, but she had to try. Finishing her tea, Kylie dressed in a denim skirt and snug black shirt, enough to keep cool, though she knew she'd feel the warmth more now she was a vampire, it's just how it was, and she wasn't going to walk about naked to combat it. Heading back downstairs, she found Dannii waiting in the open lounge area, her empty mug standing on the table as she idly flicked through a magazine.

"Come on, we're going for a walk," Kylie said, pausing near the French windows that lead onto the large patio.

"Didn't we go for a walk yesterday?" Dannii said, looking up but not standing.

"Yes, but we're going for another, we need to talk if you hadn't noticed," Kylie said, keeping her tone level, voice calm.

"Sure," Dannii replied, no enthusiasm to her voice as she stood up, brushing her trousers off a little before she followed Kylie, the sisters oddly detached in this, something clearly between them since they were usually so affectionate, hand in hand, but now they just walked side by side as they made their way across the sun-warmed patio, surveying the morning garden.

"Nice morning," Kylie said dryly, not looking to Dannii to see if she was even looking at the pleasant morning scene.

"Yeah," she replied lazily, walking a fraction behind Kylie, her arms crossed under her impressive chest. The girls walked in silence for a couple of minutes out onto the grass, frostily side by side, not quite having the conversation they knew they should be. Finally Kylie got it going, putting it bluntly to her sibling.

"What's going on Dannii?" she said, turning to stop in front of Dannii, facing her and looking into her beautiful blue eyes, magnificent in the golden sunlight.

"What do you mean?" Dannii said, holding Kylie's gaze, not wanting to give anything away just now, wanting Kylie to direct the conversation.

"What do I mean? I mean going down to the dungeon and biting him, then promptly fucking him, claiming that you won't let anyone else have me and so on," Kylie said quite loudly, a tone of disbelief to her voice, evidently because Dannii seemed to claim no knowledge of the problem.

"Because nobody else is having you, you're my girlfriend!" Dannii snapped, staring at Kylie, since to her it seemed a very logical and simple argument.

"I know that, but it doesn't justify you using him to try and get back at me, or as a free meal, especially when I fucked him as a werewolf, which he doesn't even remember!" Kylie retorted, things starting to heat up a bit. To get anything from this they had to make sure things stayed rational and actually meant what they said, because as soon as they went past that it'd just turn into a screaming fit between the pair of them that ended in hurtful comments and nothing achieved.

"So it's alright for you to fuck him, but not me huh?" Dannii said, pouting and narrowing her eyes.

"That's not what I said," Kylie scoffed, feeling she was perfectly clear with her meaning.

"I should hope not, because it's not ok for you to fuck him Kylie, you're not free to just sleep around on me you know," Dannii almost shouted, trying to keep herself under control, though she really wanted to just unleash her temper.

"I know that..." Kylie started, but was cut off immediately.

"Then why do you?" Dannii said coldly, clenching her teeth and staring deep into Kylie's eyes.

"I don't sleep around on you, I did it once Dannii, and I wasn't myself at all," Kylie said, since it was the truth, though she'd enjoyed it immensely.

"Do you think I won't mind if it's only the once or something?" Dannii growled through her teeth, her temper fit to erupt at any minute.

"I didn't say that," Kylie said in a measured manner, since it wasn't at all. If she'd have been completely herself she wouldn't have done it, wouldn't have even gone looking for it.

"You implied it," Dannii said, staring at her coldly.

"Look Dannii, I wasn't myself. I'd just been turned, I was hungry and didn't even know what was going on. I was after a meal, and it seemed, at the time at least, the most sensible way to get one, out of sight. I didn't just pick him up for the sake of it, or just go downstairs and fuck him," Kylie snapped. Dannii felt a cold rush of anger, balling her fists up tightly.

"You could've just teased him and then fed, but you didn't, you fucked him, good and hard at that," Dannii growled.

"The thirst made me different, it was very confusing, I was hungry but horny as well, I don't know why," Kylie said defensively.

"Well so was I!" shouted Dannii, then looked quickly away, blinking rapidly.

"Dannii, what's this really about?" Kylie asked gently, reaching out to just brush Dannii's arm with her fingers.

"I...I'm just not used to feeling this way, I don't know who I am now, we swing side to side depending on whether we've drank someone's blood or not, it's just out of control," Dannii said, looking up to Kylie defeatedly.

"I know this is a bit tough Dan, but we'll get through it," Kylie said, reaching down to take Dannii's hard, feeling her younger sibling squeeze it firmly.

"Will we? It's not exactly going that well right now is it," Dannii sighed.

"Yeah we will, it's a big change, and it's not been easy with...everything that's happened, but trust me, I'm not going anywhere, you're better than any boyfriend I've ever had," Kylie said, smiling to her sister.

"Really?" Dannii asked, even though she'd heard it before, she always liked to hear it again.

"Yes really, I love you more now than ever, and I know we can get through this," Kylie said, taking both Dannii's hands.

"It'll be tough, I just don't know what to do sometimes, it's like everything's changing here," Dannii said quietly.

"Well it kind of is, we both are. But I'm still straight-bi, so are you, and we've slept with men before," Kylie said, broaching the subject again.

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