Eve’s Halloween Daddy (and Mommy?)


"Ha, ha. Funny girl," she answered as she inspected her reflection in the wall mirror.

"C'mon, let's see it without," I said as I unsnapped her bra from behind.

"EVE!" But there was a little girls smile in mom's eyes. And she didn't protest as I pulled the flimsy bra away from her body.

I whistled. An appreciative wolfs whistle. "If you wear it out in public like this you'll be attacked by every man at the party. You'll be ravaged by Mr. Graham. Or Mr. Stevens," I said, referring to two of our neighbours.

"Do you think I'll have to wear a slip under it?" mom asked as she continued to watch herself in the mirror. Her full breasts, capped by erect nipples that poked from their pink areoles couldn't be missed. Of course she'd have to wear a slip or risk getting jailed for causing a riot. She looked that good! I knew I'd look pretty darn good in it too when the time came.

She watched as I let my eyes roam over them. I knew she was proud of them

As I told you earlier my parents met for the first time at a Halloween party. Although they'd never said so, certainly not to their innocent daughter, it had become pretty clear to me once I'd got a little older, that they had made love that first night. Costumed was my guess.

And Halloween had become the biggest party weekend of the year for them. Nostalgia I guess. In recent years they'd gone to a Halloween dinner party one of our neighbours held and then, maybe around nine, would slip out and go barhopping downtown. I was left at home in charge of giving out the candy and escorting my little sister around the neighbourhood.

They were reliving that first night.

"You guys are weird," I teased my mom as she twirled around half naked in her Faerie costume.

"We only do it once a year," mom answered.

"You're almost forty." I knew that would get her going.

"Life doesn't end at twenty my dear," mom answered frostily.

Halloween Night

"What if they don't get home til like four or five in the morning?" Gunther was getting nervous, he'd been fidgeting for the last hour.

"They'll be right on time," I promised. Everything was ready. The cameras, the drugged drinks, the accessories...


"Guuuuntheeeer," I warned. I didn't want to admit it to him but I was a little nervous myself.

But the first part worked like a charm. We heard the taxi when it pulled up outside just after one. Then we heard my parent's giggles as they fumbled with the keys opening the front door. They finally got the front door open and, leaning on each other for support, made it into the living room without falling.

Mother had no slip or underwear on under her Faerie costume and her dark triangle of pubic fur was unmistakable through its sheer, shimmering lace. I couldn't begin to guess what had happened to the slip she'd started with.

"You're still up honey," dad offered, then turned his attention to the staring Gunther. "Gunther?"

"He helped with the kids, gave out candy at the door while I took Martine around," I explained. The fly on my father's Devil costume was gaping open. The two weren't drunk but were certainly sailing along pretty good. I could smell the marijuana on their clothes.

"Thanks son, we appreciate it," dad said but with no real conviction in his voice. He'd never been a big fan of our neighbour.

But the two readily accepted my offer to mix them 'one last drink' and I left dad with his drink in hand while I escorted a giggling mom upstairs, having lured her to my room with the excuse that I really needed to talk to her in private for a sec. She passed out ten seconds after she crossed the threshold.

It took me just a couple of minutes to strip her and don the Faerie costume myself. Finally masked I checked myself in the mirror. Perfect.

Remember to talk like mom, remember to talk like mom, remember to talk like mom, I repeated mantra like to myself as I walked down the hall to the master bedroom.

"Is he out?" I asked when I got there. Gunther had helped dad up the stairs while I'd dressed.

"Sorta," Gunther answered.

"Is that you Dominique?" dad asked groggily from the couch. His penis was sticking out of his pants.

"Go get the stuff, the cameras," I instructed my assistant.

"Where's your mom?"

"On my bed, we'll get her later."

Okay, some people might say that drugging your parents and then taking advantage of your father when he's under the influence is not acceptable behaviour for an eighteen year old, well brought up daughter. But that's only your opinion.

If they could role play then so could I.

"I'm going to tie you up," I whispered in my dad's ear.

"You're so bad Dom," he answered and had a smile on his face while I led him to the bed.

"You don't know how bad," I answered as I started to undress him.

"It wasn't til he was handcuffed spread-eagled to the four bedposts, naked, a silk scarf wrapped around his eyes, that I took off my mask. Gunther had set up one camera on a tripod and had the other in his hand by the time I was ready.

"But I want to see my little Dominique," dad complained as I started to run my hand across his hairy chest. His cock was huge. Scarily huge. I'd seen the film but seeing it in person gave me second thoughts. If I hadn't seen it go into mom I might have walked away. Gunther was filming it all.

"I'm going to let you shave me tonight," I promised my father as I moved my head down towards his cock. But before I reached it I turned my head, smiled for the camera, then said, "I want you naked too Gunther."

It was an order and he took it as such, his 'But' just a seconds delay before he set the camera down and quickly disrobed. His blue capped penis was proudly erect.

"Gunther?" dad mumbled but the second my lips closed over his cockhead all thought of our neighbour was forgotten.

It's hard for me now to describe what it felt like. As it pushed deep inside me. So much deeper than I'd ever experienced. My girlfriends and I had giggled over the questions videos of porn star cocks had brought to our teenage minds. 'What would it be like?' 'Would it all fit?' 'How much better?' etc., etc.

But it wasn't just daddy's size. Okay, I'll admit it, that was a lot of it. But it was also the other thing -- the taboo thing. I mean it's your father who's fucking you.

I sat astride my tied and drugged father, and rode him until I thought I was going to explode. He lasted forever and I'd come three times before he finally erupted, filling me with what seemed like a gallon of hot cum. It was better than anything I'd ever done.

We got mom from my room before the second time. Lay her next to him on her back on their king size bed. As Gunther continued to film I couldn't help but notice how his camera continually strayed from filming dad and I to her naked, supine form.

I uncuffed daddy (but still insisted he remain masked) for the second go around. Positioning myself on all fours, Gunther led my father to his place between my legs and even guided daddy's cock to my waiting slit. Then he needed no further guidance. He took me hard, unsparingly, spanking my bum hard and squeezing my breasts as he rammed himself home. I was unaware of anything except my pussy and the monster that was invading it. It was only when I watched the film later that I realised how loud I'd been screaming.

Gunther and I shaved mom next. Her once proud bush was hacked away mercilessly by her daughter and her boyfriend until her bare mound glistened in the bright lights we'd set up to help us capture every moment.

"Do you want her? Want to fuck her?" I lured Gunny when we'd finished. His still rock hard cock was leaking precum.

"We can't," he protested. I simply closed my fingers around him and pulled him and placed him between mom's legs. He needed no further encouragement and although his first strokes were tentative, almost immediately his pace sharpened and he was hammering away for all he was worth. I filmed every thrust.

"Don't cum inside her," I finally warned when I saw he was close.

"What? Why?" he was almost beyond instruction.

"I want you to cum on her, her stomach, her thighs, her breasts," I insisted as I pulled him out. Then watched as he splattered her with his cream.

We retied my still acquiescent father, this time face down but with pillows under his stomach. I used the strap- on. He groaned but never complained. I realised this wasn't his first time. Later I sucked him. And almost choked to death when he suddenly started spurting.

And when we were finally done we set the scene. We left mom with the strap-on. She was sticky when we left, not only covered by Gunther's spunk but I also rubbed some of daddy's across her lips and face.

We slowly led daddy step by step through what had supposedly happened, implanting false memories that would become his reality when he awoke the next morning.

We put a couple of burned down joints in an ashtray next to the bed. One empty wine bottle was on its side on the floor and a half drunk one we left teetering between their bodies.

The shaving cream, the razor and the basin of once warm water, now filled with mom's pubic hairs, was on the bedside table. We took our cameras but left a tripod mounded digital camera, with a few pictures on it, under the bed.

The room stank of sex and marijuana.

The Morning After

"Your dad's finally awake." I looked over at Gunther. He was sitting on the edge of my bed, naked, watching the video that was being fed from my parents bedroom to my thirty-two inch, wall mounted, flat screen TV. From the camera we'd left hidden in their room.

"Finally!" I said as I rushed over and sat next to him. I'd already been up for over an hour and a half and had been getting impatient. I'd fed my sister breakfast and then shooed her off to a friends and had just got out of the shower. I was wrapped in a towel. I could see Gunther was nervous.

"Christ, what if he remembers, what if--"

Enough already! "Look at him Gunny. He's lost." My father was still hand and leg cuffed to the bed, his butt held high in the air by the three pillows stuffed under his stomach.

"He can't figure out what's going on," Gun added in commentary as we watched dad struggle with his bindings while his eyes searched the room for help.

"Dominique ... Dom ...DOM! Wake up honey," he finally urged when he turned and found mom lying next to him. He still hadn't noticed the thing attached between her legs.

"Oh my gawd, my head," my slowly awakening mother complained, not yet aware of dad's predicament.

"Undo me," dad ordered.

"What?" mom asked as she lifted her head. Then started to giggle when she saw him. "You're so bad," she cooed as she leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. It was when she leaned over that she felt the plastic penis that was attached at her groin. The two of us watched as we saw the questions appear in her eyes.

"Did I use that? On you?"

"I can't remember. Now find the keys," dad answered unhappily. Mom patted his naked rump and giggled.

"Look, Christ, she's going to do him again," Gunther muttered.

"She didn't do him the first time you doofus," I answered, then I reached over, gave Gunther a little cock squeeze, then stood up and said, "Watch this." After dropping the towel and grabbing a bathrobe I headed out of the room and down the hall.

Later, when I watched the replay of the video, I saw what effect my knock on my parent's bedroom door had on them. Panic would be the best description of their reaction. Dad had got one hand free but that's all. Mom still had the strap-on between her legs. The room just reeked of marijuana. The wine bottle I'd left on the bed had toppled over and spilt and left a three foot diameter red stain on their sheets. The shaving cream, razor and the bowl of water were perched on their bedside table. Mind you mom still hadn't realised she'd been shorn yet.

I knocked again. "Are you guys up yet?" No answer but I could hear dad's panicked whispering to mom. "It's almost noon. What were you guys up to last night anyway? Can I come in?" The video shows mom leaping from the bed and hurtling towards the door and the lock as I slowly turned the handle.

Daddy's voice thunders out, "We're not dressed yet honey--"

"I could bring you breakfast in bed," I offered sweetly through the door.

"No, no, we'll just grab a shower, we'll be down soon," mom announced. "Give us twenty minutes and I'll cook a brunch for all of us."

Gunther and I watched for the next twenty minutes as mom and dad slowly worked through the detritus left everywhere around their room and slowly tried to work out what happened.

"You shaved me?" mom demanded when she'd lowered the strap-on and discovered the state of her pubic mound.

"You never should have lit that last joint," dad complained as he inspected the half full ashtray.


"Or opened that last bottle of wine."

"I don't remember."

"You said you wanted to tie me up, that the little Faerie couldn't trust the big bad Devil if he wasn't trussed up. Then you blindfolded me."

In my room Gunther raised his fist in the air and yelled, "YES."

"I'm covered in cum," mom said as she inspected her newly mown lawn.

"Some of it's mine," Gunther announced proudly to the TV and then turned to me smugly and asked, "I told you not to worry didn't I? That I had it all under control."

"Yes dear," I agreed. Boys and their egos! Soon he'd be believing it was all his idea.

And then, after my mom and dad had cleaned up most of the mess, they started in again. "Look," Gunny announced, "your dad's got another erection. Fuck, doesn't he ever stop? The two of them are sex maniacs."

"Maybe we shouldn't watch."

It took a couple of seconds for my words to sink in but when they did he looked at me like I was crazy. I grinned evilly back. Then the two of us started to laugh. And we laughed the whole time my father pumped his big penis into my mom.

Later - The Kitchen

There's a look I've learned that's very effective on my parents. I guess every teenager has a way of expressing disapproval of their mom and dad without really saying anything. Mine combined a sweet friendly smile with a raising of my eyes just so.

I used it on them while I cooked their breakfast. Mom had offered to do it but I'd insisted, telling them I was sure they were tooooo tired, with just the right emphasis on tooooo. Both turned away from my questioning stare.

I led the conversation slowly. "How was the party at the Grants?" my opening salvo.

"Usual," dad mumbled through the toast at his lips.

"Were your costumes a smash?" I fixed them with the look. Quite frankly they weren't too responsive as I peppered them with questions as we ate our meal.

"You were pretty wasted when you got home," I ventured when we neared the end of the meal.

"Mr. Grants punch," dad offered back with a weak smile.

"But then you went out to a bar after?" My disapproval clear.

"It was okay, we took a cab princess," dad answered.

I almost let them think they'd escaped. They had just finished clearing the table and were turning to go when I hit them with it. "You know you guys, it's okay as far as I'm concerned, I mean I understand, like I am eighteen already," I started.

They both turned and looked over at me. I waited. "What Eve?" mom finally tried.

After I'd counted to ten in my head, the whole time with a real look of concern on my face, I went on, "It's just that Martine's only nine." I waited.

Dad spoke quickly. "Marti? Is something wrong with Marti?"

"I know parents have a right to their own life, to do their own thing, but--"

Mom interrupted. "But what about Martine?"

"I know you use marijuana sometimes. I mean everyone's parents do." Take your time Eve, you've got em now I advised myself. They both could see the disappointment in my eyes as I looked from one to the other.

"Marijuana? Marti tried marijauna?" Dad, a stunned look on his face, demanded.

"She woke me ... last night."

"And," mom prompted when I didn't offer anything more.

"You'd woken her. She thought someone was being killed. She shook and shook me. She was crying."

"But why?" Dad clearly was at sea, but I could see he was still mulling over (and not liking) the idea of his nine year daughter smoking pot.

"Mom was screaming. Not really screaming but--"

Immediately I saw the understanding come. "She heard us?"

"Of course I knew what it was. Bed stuff. Sex. But Marti was scared."

"We were loud?" Dad blushed when he asked his question.

"I told her it was okay, that she could spend the rest of the night with me. That you and daddy were just playing a game. You'd left your door open," I accused.

"We had?" dad asked as he stared daggers at mom.

"I got up and closed it. Then I shut mine. We really didn't hear anything else the rest of the night. Not much anyway. I read her a story."

"You closed our door?" mom asked. There were a thousand questions in both their eyes.

"Did you see--" dad started to ask, but brought himself under control before finishing the question.

"It was dark ... and really smoky," I added.

"Ooooh," mom managed.

"It's just what if Martine had gone in there before coming to my bedroom. It's not right. She's too young."

"You're right sweetie, we didn't think," my mom said as she hugged me.

"I know you like sex but that's why they put locks on bedroom doors daddy," I said as I gave him my saddest little smile.

"It was Halloween honey." They both looked like they wanted to disappear.

I made them suffer for a few minutes more before I released them. But I had one final line to lay on them and waited til they were almost out the door, "You know mom, we were very lucky this time. It's incredible she didn't go directly to your room with all the flashbulbs going off." Mom and dad stumbled a sec but didn't break stride.

My Parents Bedroom

"Flash fucking bulbs!" were dad's first words when they'd got back to their bedroom. I had rushed up to my bedroom and had planted myself in front of the TV to watch the show. It took him only a second or two to locate the tripod, camera still attached, that was lying under the bed.

"Do you think she saw anything?" mom asked. Dad was trying to replay the pictures we'd left on the camera. One showed him mounted by mom.

"Yeah she saw her dad lying handcuffed on his stomach, while her mother, in a Faerie costume and equipped with a plastic penis, mounted him from behind. In a room full of marijuana smoke while the flashing camera caught everything for posterity." Father wasn't happy.

"Maybe we weren't doing anything when she came in."

"Fuck, what'll she think of me now? I'm her father."

"She's eighteen." But mom's words sounded hollow.

"This could affect her for life."

"It may not be that bad," mom, the eternal optimist answered.

"In twenty years she'll be all fucked up and when she's lying on some analysts coach she tell him, 'I walked into my parents room and mommy was fucking daddy. Ever since then--'. Shit, you'll just have to talk to her Dominique." Dad was getting excited.


"Explain it all ... in woman's terms." Mom grinned, then started to laugh. Dad didn't.


Four days later mom caught me alone. She'd been trying to since the 'incident' but I'd eluded her invitations to talk simply to heighten their unease. Every night I'd watched daddy question mom as to my frame of mind. I'd finally let her catch me.

Our talk took place in the family den soon after dad had taken Martine out on a shopping expedition and was preceded by an offer of a glass of wine from her. Once we were both comfortably ensconced at opposite ends of the couch she asked, "Are you disappointed in us Eve?'

"Huh? Why?" I'd decided to play dumb to start.

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