tagRomanceEvery Summer Ch. 04

Every Summer Ch. 04


"Chuck," she began. "You have become special to me very quickly. I hope you will not be unhappy with me but I have a special request of you. This is something that is very important to me. Please, listen to me completely before you answer."

This sounded ominous. What could be so serious?

"Chuck, my special man, it is my time. It is the time for me. I need you. I need you to be with me this night. I need you to give me a baby, a child from you. A child I can love for the rest of my life. It is my time. You won't have to worry, it will be my baby, and you won't have to do anything for it. It will be my baby. I need this baby. I need you to give me this baby. Please consider this Chuck, it is my time."

With that, Michelle stood and said, "I'll be back in a few minutes. I need to take care of my babies before bedtime." She left.

Michelle left, leaving me with her two oldest girls. I was stunned. The two sat on the couch watching me. Their expressions were not displaying any emotion.

Oops! What the fuck! Oh shit! Now what! Oh my! Oops!

"Is there something I've missed here?" I said, looking at the two girls. "Why would she ask me to do something like this? She doesn't know me. Why would she think I would be a good Dad?"

One of the girls smiled at me. "You don't have to be a good Dad. She doesn't want anything from you but your sperm. She wants more children, more babies. She feels she should be a Mom. And, her last baby is now three months old so she thinks it is time. She is at her peak to conceive right now so it is her time. Do not take this lightly. She is not attracted to many men. You have attracted her so please; she asks only that you plant your seed."

"This has to be hard on her body having all these babies. Shouldn't she take a break? I asked.

"Chuck, if I may call you by your first name. Chuck you've seen her upper body. You see how good she looks. She walks every day and exercises daily as well. She wants more children. We love our Mom and all our brothers and sisters. Please do this for her. It shouldn't bother you. You get to make love to our beautiful Mother. That's all you have to do. Come on Chuck, say you'll do it."

Michelle walked into the room wearing a flowing robe. Her hair was all down and brushed out, giving her an angelic aura.

Michelle told her two oldest daughters, "Time for bed girls. Thank you for sitting with Chuck for me. See you in the morning."

The girls each received a hug and a kiss from Michelle before leaving the room, looking back at me with concerned, anxious expressions.

Michelle came up to me, put her arms around me and hugged. She separated from me then took my hand and led me out of the suite. She closed my door, turned, and opened the door on the other side of the hallway. Still holding my hand, she pulled me into a sitting room even larger than the one I was given. She continued pulling me through to the doors to the bedroom. She switched off the lights in the sitting room and didn't have to turn on any additional lights in the softly lit bedroom.

What the hey, huh? What is going on? This has to be some sort of twilight zone. I was all nerves but wanted to see what was going to happen.

Michelle stood me in front of the bed and immediately began unbuttoning my shirt. When it was gone and my undershirt was gone, she started on my pants. I was unbelted, unbuttoned, and de-panted so fast I'm sure she broke a record. She had me sit on the bed to remove my shoes and socks. She then placed her hands on my legs and pushed herself up to stand in front of naked me. She stepped back from me and looked at me from toes to nose. Her gaze went up and down then centered on my very firm drooling ego.

She slowly removed the robe from her shoulders letting it drop at her feet baring her beauty to me. She was built nice, very, very nice. Oh my, breasts from heaven. Huge, pendulous orbs, full, full of milk with very large, long nipples on not overly large aureole. Looking at the skin over her chest and stomach you could hardly see any stretch marks. Her stomach was only slightly rounded. She had the rounded hips and narrow waist that most women would wish for. Michelle began turning, giving me an exciting view of her gorgeous rounded butt cheeks. She was special. She was probably about 5'5" maybe 125 to 130 pounds, remarkably slender for a mother of so many. She turned back around and stood with her arms at her sides with her palms toward me. She just stood there with an expectant smile and questioning look in her eyes.

Without another thought, I stepped to her and took her in my arms. She looked up at me and we kissed. Soft luxurious kisses that lasted and lasted. The kisses ignited flames in me. My brain was in meltdown.

I gently picked her up to lay her on the bed. She stretched her arms out to her side and spread her legs while looking up at me in anticipation. When it seemed as if I was hesitating Michelle raised her arms to me, beckoning me to come to her. How could I resist. When I tried to get on the bed to her side, she moved her leg so my knee was between her legs. She reached for my upper arms and pulled me on top of her. As my weight settled on her she let out a soft moan of satisfaction while spreading her thighs and moving her legs on to mine, holding me close. I began kissing her. Soft kisses on the lips. She began undulating her hips, moving up and down. Without any assistance I found myself, my dick, caught by her lower lips seemingly being caressed by her. Just as this registered in my mind, her undulating hips slid me more than halfway into her. It felt exquisite, awesome. With just a couple of more hip undulations I was totally buried in her. I wasn't moving yet we were, and there is no other cool word for it, fucking. I was going in and out of her at a slow, gentle pace and not even moving yet. My body began responding and started matching her movements with strokes of my own. As I started moving, her upward hip movements became harder and faster making me gasp with pleasure.

I pulled back to look at Michelle. She stretched her head back, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing heavily while continuing to move her hips in sync with me. Each time our hips met she gave a soft sound. Each slap of our hips was accompanied by soft grunts of pleasure; very rhythmic. This was too exciting. Considering this was the first female companionship that I'd had for over a year. This was also the first really good erection I have had in at least two years; this wasn't going to last long at all.

As a matter of fact I felt the surge inside me and although my sperm had been requested I still announced, "Oh Michelle, I'm going to cum, it's here, and I'm cuming."

Her hips sped up and with each slap of our bodies she murmured, "Yes, yes, yes, yes" until she felt the first splash squirt from me. Michelle was gasping and groaning and I could feel her tighten and quiver on me. It seemed as if I came for minutes filling her with rope after rope of probably very potent sperm until finally my body froze from the sensation. Michelle still had her legs wrapped around my legs and her arms around my body, holding me tightly to her. I lifted my lips to hers and began kissing her softly in gratitude for such a special congress. She kissed back with more force than before and kept up the gentle hip undulations moving, sliding me in and out of her.

My softening dick began firming up again. Wonder of wonders. Mentally I was probably being turned on by the thought of intentionally fertilizing the beauty beneath me. The oversensitive feeling of my ego was being replaced by renewed desire. As I firmed, Michelle's hip movements became more energetic while she renewed her, "Yes, yes, yes," with each meeting of our hips. There was no going slow. Each time I withdrew she would begin sending her hips toward mine requiring me to reverse directions and meet her. This continued for only five minutes or so while about each minute Michelle would groan loudly and her pussy would quiver and grip my cock.

That felt pretty damn good. So good in fact that my balls were signaling my dick to begin tingling, getting ready for the train of sperm that was about to shoot through. "Oh baby, I'm gonna do it again, it's gonna happen."

"Yes, yes, yes, do it, do it, fill me, please fill me, make me a baby, give me your baby," She gasped and groaned.

That did it. The first squirt had to have blown nearly through her. My mind was sending those ropes of good guys into her with meaning. I couldn't believe I could cum so much, six, seven, eight pulses that felt as if they were as full of juice as the first.

Meanwhile Michelle was groaning and gasping, saying, "Ahh, ahh, ahh, yes, oh, ahh, ahh, yes, more."

There was no more; the last squirt of sperm flew from me into her, my dick relaxed back to its flaccid state, telling me okay, I did my part. My balls even felt empty.

Michelle was still holding me tightly but beginning to get her breath back, her hips were now still. I tried to roll off her but she held me close and began kissing me again. We kissed and kissed while we pressed tightly onto each other. This was special. As we kissed her legs fell to the side of me and then her tight hugs relaxed until one arm fell to the bed. I noticed she really wasn't kissing back. It was just my lips touching hers over and over. When I raised my head to look at her, she made a sound. I think she softly snored. I gently pulled from her and moved to her side. As soon as I did, she rolled to me throwing an arm and a leg over me. I pulled the covers over us watching her in repose for a few seconds before I was asleep too.

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