tagInterracial LoveEx-wife Ch. 03

Ex-wife Ch. 03


You move to the edge of the bed looking down at Robert's young hard body with a cock bigger than any you had ever had the pleasure of playing with. Your facial expression begins to move from smiling happiness to serious determination. You walk around the bed never taking your eyes off his cock as it throbs up and down with its rigidity. His eyes follow you around the bed, until you finally place a knee on the edge of the bed. Like a lioness you stalk your prey with total focus on the job at hand. You lean over and with your hand on each side of his hips begin to lick the head of his throbbing cock like a pop cycle or a lollipop. Moving your tongue around the head that is beginning to ooze some more pre-cum or is that a redundant statement? After you feel you have it sufficiently moist you throw your left leg over Robert's hips and body.

You lean forward towards his head to allow your self to be able to move your cunt in front of his cock. He doesn't miss this opportunity to reach up and grasp your breasts, one in each hand. He then directs your nipples one and then the other into his mouth. First just licking each until they are hard as rocks. You start to moan which encourages him to more diligence. He takes his time sucking one and then the other nipples hard into his mouth. Again you moan in appreciation. Again, he takes this a clue for more diligent action. He grasps the base of your breast harder until your nipple is sticking out prominently. The then pulls your nipple down to his mouth but this time his tongue stays in his mouth. He takes you right nipple between his teeth and begins to gently apply pressure with a chewing motion. You almost lose it having difficulty staying up because your arms grow feeble like.

Robert picks up on this and asks, "Do you like that, Slut?"

Without being able to talk you nod your head in the affirmative. Robert not settling for nods tells you to answer his question. You open your eyes and stare straight into his eyes and say, "Yes sir, I love the way you are making love to my nipples and breasts."

With that Robert goes back to his business. He takes the other nipple into his teeth and begins to apply more and more pressure in his non-stop chewing motion. Your moans grow louder and more frequent. And of course this inspires Robert to apply more and more biting not nibbling pressure to your left nipple. You are into non-stop groaning and moaning with pleasure mixed with apparent pain.

You can stand it no more and scream, "God damn it! Robert, please sir fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck me now, now, now.

Robert raises you up by your breasts exhibiting beautifully prominent nipples all red and swollen from his teeth manipulations. He stands you up on your knees pushes you back until you are over his cock and gently begins to lower you down over his throbbing cock. When you feel the cock head touch your pussy lips your moans begin again. Robert lets go of your breast so you can take his cock at your own pace. You immediately grab his hands and pull them back to your breasts saying, "Don't stop, please don't stop, please."

Robert reaches back up and takes your nipples between his thumb and forefingers. Applying ever-increasing pressure. He initiates a pulling up and down motion that resembles a slow dance. You pick up on what he is doing and begin to slide your cunt up and down his cock similar to someone leading you around the dance floor. This rhythmic motion starts to slide you further and further down on his rapidly hiding cock. About three quarters of the way down you let out a grunt as if your depth had been reached. Robert pulls you by your nipples down to his face and tells you, "We are not there yet slut. We still some cock to bury before I'm done with your pussy. You understand me?"

Unable to form words you groan and moan unintelligible sounds that Robert takes as an affirmation to continue. He pushes you back upright directly over his cock. He then begins to pull you further down onto his cock by your nipples.

"Ugh, ooommmph, oooowww.." you mumble through gritted teeth as the rest of his cock finds the route up into places that have never been fucked before. Once you have taken the entire length of his tool, he turns your nipples loose. You do not move, eyes closed, getting the full feeling of what he has done to you. Then as if rolling thunder was coming out of the distance, you start saying, "AAARRRGGG!" Repeatedly "AAAAARRRGGG." Escapes from your mouth, as you begin to have orgasms harder and deeper than any you have ever experienced before. Not moving your body I watch your back and ass clinch and clinch again as waves of climax rollover your body.

Robert lets me know, "She is squeezing my cock to death with her tight little pussy. Oh my God, she is going to pull it off." This dance continues for at least five minutes no stop. Until you finally fall over on Robert's chest totally spent and exhausted. Robert smiles and gently rolls you over without taking his cockhead out of your cervix. He holds you and gently kisses your face and breast in a loving manner. Your eyes don't open but you smile despite yourself.

Then Robert starts to gently fuck you. He slowly pulls his cock nearly all the way out of your pussy then just as slowly pushes it's full length back in. This slow rhythm continues for what seemed like minutes until you begin to raise you hands up and over his back not pulling or pushing just holding him and letting him know what he is doing feels good. The longer he continues the more you start to respond. Your legs which had been laying flat on the bed begin to bend at the knees pulling your thighs outward wider and wider to allow your lover better access to the depth of you. Your hands start the slow slide down his back until they are resting on his butt cheeks. Again you moaning and groaning begins at a very low rumble. Robert just continues his steady fuck. Pushes himself all the way into your cunt stopping and then just, as slowly, sliding himself back out until just the head of his cock is the only thing left inside. The longer he continues this slow motion fuck the louder your moans get.

Finally Robert can stand no longer. Grabs Leah's ankles and lifts while spreading her as far out as humanly possible. This allows him full access to her cunt, which start picking up the speed of his fucking to the point he is pounding his full length into her. His balls are slapping on her ass with each thrust. You are again reaching another climax and your moans and groans only inspire his pounding to higher and harder intensity. Your moans turn into shrieks of total ecstasy that grow louder and longer. Robert finally lets out a guttural moan as he begins to unload his second batch of cum into you. You both collapse into a pile like a couple of dishrags. It looks like your bones and been removed and you guys just melted.

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by Anonymous01/06/19

Needs help!!!!

Your grammar and story flow needs help! You start off talking about the ex then switch to a lady you just met (Leah) then she is called the ex then she is later called the wife. Which is she??? You needmore...

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