tagLoving WivesEx-wife Ch. 02

Ex-wife Ch. 02


Leah stares at this rock hard, very large ebony colored cock directly in front of her face, her eyes grew larger and larger the more she stared. Her next move was to look me directly in the eye and ask in a very breathy voice, "Can I really do this?"

"Do what? I ask." With a smile.

"OOOOHHHH! You know what I want."

"But I would much prefer you say it out loud for both Robert and I to know exactly what you want." Robert takes his eyes off Leah's nakedness long enough to nod his head in the affirmative.

Whimpering with embarrassment Leah finally begins to form the words in her cute little mouth that is about to wrap itself around this huge cock. "Oh, oh, oh, can I really take this beautiful cock that is right here in front of me and put it in my mouth. So I can lick it, suck it, nibble on it, and drain it of all the wonderful juice that might come out of it?"

"What do you think? Robert." I ask smiling at Robert.

"Well being the guest here I want to do what is right but if this blonde headed slut doesn't start sucking my dick soon, I'm going to have face fuck her till I blow my load down her throat." He shares with an apparent problem with his patience running out.

"OOOOOOOOOOO.......... " Leah coys. Then she leans into Robert's crotch and takes his bulbous cock head into her mouth. She moans as she closes her eyes while licking the huge cock head with her tongue.

"Oh yeah." Moans Robert.

I'm absolutely turned on to no end.

Leah rises up over his cock to get a better angle on the thick length of it. Slowly she begins to push her face further and further down on his cock. Robert leans back with his hands behind him on the bed to give Leah more room. She moves her hand to the bed to either side of his hips raising herself to her feet bending over at the waist, which allows her to start taking more and more of this huge cock into her mouth. She is like a woman obsessed, frantically working Robert's cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and throat. Robert leans back on his elbows and moans, "OOOOHHHHH, my god, this slut is going to try and take it all!"

The Ex slides her mouth and throat off his cock, looks down at him, smiles coyly and says, "I can't believe I am taking so much in my mouth."

I reply, "Are you going to try and deep throat all of it?"

"I'm not sure I can but if Robert doesn't mind I am certainly going to try to suck it all the way down until my nose is buried in his pubic hair."

Robert, eyes as big a saucers, says, "Go for it Girl."

You smile really big and slide your mouth back over the head of Robert's glistening cock. Looking him in the eye you start working your lips down the shaft of his cock. Gently working your way down the length of his huge tool. You stop for a second back off and take a huge breath. Then you still looking him in the eye you engulf his whole cock all the way down until all that could be seen was your nose buried in his pubic hair. Without thinking Robert moves his hand to the back of your head holding you in this position and begins to start moaning again. "Oh, my god, Oh my god, here it comes."

Your reaction to his eruption of cum into the back of your throat is to want to pull back but his hand holds you firm. You realize it's OK and relax as he sends huge spurt after spurt down you willing throat. It seems like he is going to cum forever. Finally he drops his hand from the back of your head and caresses your cheek as you slowly pull his now flaccid cock out of your throat and mouth.

You look at me then back at Robert, who says, "Damn, woman that was wonderful."

You smile and respond with, "Oh no, thank you kind sir. I did not think I could take it all but once it got past my gag reflex it felt like it was going down to my stomach. It was wonderful." Then you jump up and walk your naked ass over to me and say, "What's this? Did my sucking his big cock make you all horny? Do I need to do the same for you?"

"Sounds like a wonderful idea to me, while Robert is re-grouping." I say with very happy voice.

You immediately look around at Robert and say, "Oh, Robert you are going to be able to get that wonderful dick hard again aren't you? I just have to have that in me before you go."

Robert laughs and says, "You bet your sweet ass, I am going to get it back up. I'm going to have me some of that white pussy before I'm done."

"Alright!" You say with enthusiasm, moving back towards me. You kneel down in front of me placing your hands on my thighs. With touch my cock with your hands you slide your mouth over the head of my dick and without stopping deep throat me. Slowly pulling back and going right back to deep throat you start working on your second batch of cum of the night. It does not take long, after all the sexual exhibition I had watched I was really ready to climax in a hurry. I exploded just as she pulled back to catch her breath. The first spurt hit her on the cheek. She quickly responded by engulfing my cock with her mouth again, going all the way down to the pubs and letting the cum fire down her throat. After sucking me dry she pulls off my now limp cock, smiling, she licks her lips. She then, with a finger, scoops the cum off he cheek and slurps in down also.

Robert says, "Damn woman you are some kind of wild slut!"

She looks around smiling. Without a word she stands up and moves back over to the bed. Slinking in a very slutty manner, she uses her hands to cup her breast. Pushing them up and out for us enjoy. She slowly turns in circles squeezing her breasts, letting her finger and thumb grasp her nipples. Pulling and pinching her nipples as she continues the turning dance, with her eyes closed and her legs spread. Putting on quite an erotic show for us. Stopping at an angle that allowed us both to see her front, she drops her hands down to her lower body. Spreading her legs in a slut like fashion her right hand slides down and starts to gently rub the lips of her cunt. While her other hand slide around for her middle finger to start slipping into the middle of her ass. She gets into a rhythm moving her hip back and forth into her hands. This is beginning to have its effects on Robert's flaccid cock. Gradually, his cock starts to show signs of his willingness to continue his sexual assault on my wife's body.

He stands up, walks over to my ex while slowly masturbating his ever-growing cock. My wife unaware he has moved over to her opens her eyes with a start. "Oh, Robert, I'm sorry I did not know you were there."

Without a word, Robert kneels down in front of her. Taking the hand that was rubbing her cunt, he turns it to face him and begins to lick the moisture from it. "That is some sweet tasting sex right there."

After getting all the juice off her hand Robert slides his thumbs down her stomach, stopping as he reaches her cunt lips. Slowly he pushes his thumbs into her lips and begins to pull the lips away from her clitoris. He then leans in and with a tongue almost as big as his cock he begins to lick her clit with long slow strokes. She shudders with the first lick and her knees begin to fail her as he continues this sexual attention to her most private part. Until she can stand it no more, Robert's slow deliberate mouth play makes her grab his head and pull him away from her cunt. "Oh, oh, oh, I have never felt anything that makes me feel that good. Please stop before I lose it. I really would like for you to put that wonderful cock in me now."

Robert smiles and says, "That sounds like a good idea. It just so happens your little dance has caused me to have this erection that is as hard as a diamond cutter's tool." To emphasize his point he pushes down on his cock and lets it go. It springs back up and "schwangs" up and down as he move back to the bed. This just amazes you to no end. You look at me then back at Robert's cock, then back at me as if you were waiting for me to say something. Finally, I said, "What?"

"Oh, oh, oh nothing really. I just can't believe what I'm doing right now. Naked before two men who have just shot very large loads of cum in my mouth, and knowing I'm not going to get into trouble over it. Amazing!" you replied as you start to move over towards Robert as he sat down and then laid back on the bed waiting for you.

You stop, turn and run over to me. Jump into my lap hugging me, kissing me, squirming up against me. Saying thank you, thank you between kisses. I finally have to jokingly push you off my lap and say, "Aren't you supposed to be entertaining our friend now?"

Faking embarrassment you tell Robert, "Oh please excuse me. How rude of me to ignore a guest in our home. What can I ever do to make up for being so inconsiderate?"

He smiles broadly and replies, "Well let me think. I know, why don't you climb up here on this bed, straddle my hips with your legs and see if you can take all of this in that beautiful tight white pussy."

"Oh I thought you would never ask!" you squeal with joy moving over to the bed towards the biggest toy you had ever played with. Mixed with excitement, fear, antisipation and horniest feelings you could ever remember having.

Continued with part III soon. Comments welcome.

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