I met a Korean exchange student. She is studying English literature: I saw her notice on the university noticeboard and called the mobile number. I will call her Y. I am sure if she reads this she will know who I am and be offended. When I telephoned my voice was deeper than usual, very slow, drawling, almost, because of the rivers of snot in the back of my throat. I was trying to be effusive, charming, and offhand, but I doubt very much whether any of that translated through my cold. I am guessing she is 22 years old. She is not a classic beauty, but there is something intriguing, captivating, about her, especially her personality and her style of talking.

Anyone who studies words is no doubt perverse in some way — it's such a strange way to spend your life, since we are all already born with the ability to make words — but I am digressing. What I mean is that she already fascinated me, only in the space of five minutes of talking, although when I first walked up to meet her outside a large, unfriendly university building filled with a mob of self conscious, pretentious young students, I found her to be almost unattractive. She had the classic black hair, straight, and a promising petite body, but she was wearing a cheap, pink coloured tracksuit top, and she had thick, studious glasses on. I remember now that a friend of mine who travels to Korea often told me that no self respecting woman there would ever be seen wearing glasses. Contact lenses only. So why, I wonder, does Y not bother? Her personality, I think, is self assured. And I like that.

"Yobosayo, Anyahasaya, Sugahasao ... that's all I know in Korean I'm afraid."

"Oh really? So you need to start from the beginning" she smiled. I smiled too. I told her I wanted to learn because my girlfriend is Korean.

"Why don't you have her teach her?" she was quick to ask.

"She is always busy during the day ... I hardly ever see her. We both study." I said this, watching her closely. She had many questions about this. She wanted to know all about her (my girlfriend). After Y and I had lunch, I learnt that Y wanted me to correct her written English, I discovered that she has no lover (that's how she put it), that she just broke up with her Korean boyfriend before leaving Seoul three months ago. We went to the library together, and I felt like a naughty schoolboy again. She was almost pressed against me as we looked through the Korean language books together on a bottom shelf. The library building is underlit, it is like a strange, forbidden chamber, housing students like underground moles, blind to the outside world and light. With these almost hallucinatory conditions, I started to dream that I was touching her, holding her, and at any time I would be free to kiss her or do whatever I liked. It was difficult to control my breathing, and I swear I saw her cheeks flush read. We could neither of us bear to look at each other.

After I couldn't stand it anymore I pretended that my leg had gone numb. She was very concerned: I said I seem to sit in this position for too long at my desk, so my leg often gets pins and needles. "Pins and needles?"

"Yes, it's like a tickling sensation..." I reached over, very slowly, with a wan and frankly afraid expression on my face, and tickled her leg. She went really red, and said, "Please, don't do that, not here"; but I laughed and pretended it was very normal for students to carry on like this. I kept going and she smiled, but she was still going red. So I whispered into her ear: "You are very cute, and I like your style, so proud, so happy with yourself".

She clutched my arm, raised it to her lips and bit hard onto my pinkie. I smiled as if I were expecting it. She frowned, did it again, and I kept smiling.

"Am I being punished?" I asked.

She didn't answer, she took my finger and saying "here, I'll make it better", she dragged it across her breasts. I unzipped her top and watched closely as her nipples extended and reached out through the imprisoning fabric. We moved into the darkest corner at the back of the aisle, I managed to get my finger into her pants, I started circling her clit. She told me we couldn't do this here.

"Follow me", Y whispered.

I don't remember how long it took, but we walked for a short while through a building I had never seen, into a side entrance, into her college room. Inside there were books and comics all over the floor, and a 12 pack of spring water. The bed was scrupulously made, but covered in books and papers. She pushed me back and told me how rude I was to embarrass her in public. She said I was an arrogant fool.

Then she slipped her top off and stood, fully dressed waist-down, but nude from the waist up; she started pulling her nipples boldly and unashamedly. She ordered me to remove my shirt. I did, and I copied what she was doing. I pulled my nipples. She tugged hers, almost painfully, and then extended her tongue, while grabbing her breast in the centre, pushing it up, so she could just lick herself. I was moaning with the excitement of this, I tugged my pants off, and started circling the head of my penis with my thumb, I dipped the clear liquid around the head, then I scooped some into my mouth. I stood up but she pushed me back. She reefed her pants down and stood directly over my face, masturbating furiously, circling her clit, and sometimes jamming two fingers into her small cunt. Then she licked it clean, and continued. I was almost beside myself, hypnotised by the power of the image she struck. Suddenly I turned around and saw she had donned a small plastic dildo.

She tapped my shoulder, and I knew what to do. I stood up and turned around, bent over. She bent down and kissed me, then rubbed my cock over her breasts, then tongued my purple, inflamed, aching cock. She put some cold lube over the head of the dildo, and without further ado. stood behind me and gently prised it into my hole. She reached under me and pumped my dick fast and hard. I looked around and found her still pinching her nipples, and we kept kissing each other savagely. I thought I could taste blood amidst all the delicious spit we were swapping. She came quickly, then I started wanking. "Come over me, darling" she urged me. I licked her breasts, fisting my manhood, and then stood right over her and spurted two great gouts of cum into her face and hair, she was spooning it into her mouth, and mine. I got under her and licked her pussy and her arse for all I was worth.

"What shall we do for next lesson, sweet thing?" I asked, between noisy slurps.

"Let me think about that," she slurred, "because first I have to set you your homework".

She gave me a sheet with sexual diagrams. They consisted of men, women, and groups in various positions, all of which she had painstakingly hand drawn. She told me to do all of the ones with men only (masturbation, and anal insertions), as well as the male-female positions, which I could practice with my girlfriend at home.

"I will call her and ask her how you are performing, then you can both demonstrate your skills to me" Y stated.

I pushed my finger up her just then, and she came with a squeal and a yelp.

I took a bottle of water from the floor and walked out.

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