Expanding Her Horizons


Pain exploded behind her eyes and she cried out but her eyes never left mine and, as I relaxed my grip I noticed with satisfaction she hadn't stopped her masturbation either. I was impressed, I'd had nowhere near the same control when I'd first tried this particular lifestyle.

"Okay, fifth and final test. Do you trust me?"

"Yes!" she replied, no hesitation, no fear, just honesty. I let the word hang in the air between us for a long moment before replying.

"Good, then you can stop finger fucking yourself, for now anyway. Just clean your fingers off please, I don't want to be explaining strange stains to the cleaning staff." She almost wiped her fingers clean on her skirt then, with the faintest of smiles, lifted them to her lips and sucked them clean before running them over her breasts to dry them off.

"The evening will be split into two parts, the first will last just over an hour, the second continues indefinitely. Between the two sessions I will ask you if you wish to continue and you may stop the session then. During the sessions however there will be no safe word for you, no way of you affecting the outcome or controlling anything about your circumstances other than by following my instructions. Do you understand?


"From now on you will refer to me as 'Master' when we are in a session, slave."

"Yes Master."

"Better. Now, lie down, hands behind your back, face to the floor." Again, she did as she was told quickly and without fuss, although I couldn't help but notice she made a point of arching her back and sliding down to the carpet rather than simply lying down as she'd been instructed. I decided not to punish her for that though, her natural instincts definitely included an element of exhibitionism and that would be dealt with in due course. I got up from the sofa and picked up my black case from the desk before kneeling down by her left thigh.

Without a word I snapped open the case and pulled out a pair of black leather restraints, simple cuffs with D rings that could be clipped together to form handcuffs. I buckled them around her wrists then secured them together, trapping her hands behind her at the small of her back. My hands moved to her waist and teased the skirt down those wonderful thighs, letting the very tips of my fingers drag over each inch of newly exposed skin. I heard her groan into the carpet and felt her hips lift slightly to help me slide her skirt the rest of the way until she was naked save for black stockings and, to my slight surprise, a thin black g-string. Another pair of restraints went around her ankles and were secured fast, effectively hobbling her.

Next I slid a simple collar around her throat, making sure it was tight enough to be noticeable without presenting any danger of cutting off her air. The collar had four d-rings attached to it and I clipped a thin silver chain to the ring at the nape of her neck, trailing the cold metal down her spine until I could clip the other end (which split into a Y with a clip on each end) to the handcuffs. It wouldn't stop her moving her wrists but there was no no way for her to bring her hands in front of her without taking off that chain first.

"Get up " I said, standing myself and waiting for her to comply. It's a surprisingly hard thing to do, standing from a prone position if you can't use your hands, even harder when you've only got about an inch of play to move your feet, so I made sure to stand close enough to catch her if she looked like taking a serious tumble. It took her three tries to make it to her feet, although neither failed attempt required me to intervene. After trying to make it to her knees the first time, and then seeing if she could get her feet underneath her and stand up the second, she eventually wriggled round on to her side then stumbled upright so that she was facing me with, I notice with no small measure of pride, her eyes still cast downwards as I hadn't rescinded that command yet. Whatever else she might be, she was certainly a quick thinker. I couldn't resist giving her (and, if I'm being honest, myself) a reward for that so reached forward, cupped her chin with my hand, gently pulled her head up to face me, leant in and kissed her for the first time. The taste of her washed over me as she responded, kissing me back with a passion that caught me off guard, and it was all I could do not to ravage her right there and then. But that wasn't what she wanted, wasn't why she was here. Later perhaps, but for now there was an education to be delivered.

Reluctantly breaking the kiss I scooped up the case again and motioned for Karen to follow me into the bedroom. I tapped the bed and she hurried to lie down atop the crisp white sheets. In fact she hurried a little too much, seemingly forgetting her restraints and the degree to which they hampered her movements. She overbalanced and ended up falling rather than lying down. For a moment I thought about calling a break to make sure she was alright but almost as soon as she landed she was crawling forward, pulling her legs up onto the bed so she was lying face down almost as if she was sleeping. God but she looked good, pale perfect skin contrasting with the black stockings and red hair with the jet black of the restraints and flashes of silver from the chain lending the finishing touches.

Moving quickly now I pulled out several more double-ended clips from my case and snapped one end of each to the d-rings connected to her ankle restraints, the other end hanging loose for now. Another dip into my bondage kit and a set of thigh restraints were in place although I didn't connect them together just yet. The bed was an old fashioned one, huge (it had to be a least a king size mattress) with cast iron frames at both the head and foot, perfect for what I had in mind. I pulled several lengths of thin rope from the case and, after selecting what looked to be the right lengths, tied one piece to the headboard and one to the footboard. The loose ends met in the middle of the mattress with about two foot each to spare. I quickly walked over to the large flat panel television on one wall of the bedroom and attached a cable to it, the other end clicking into the iPod that had started this whole wonderful affair. Finally, the session could begin.

"I said your first session would last for an hour, and I am a man of my word. That hour will start as soon as I press play on this: I showed her the iPod, still switched off for now but she hadn't quite worked out how that fitted in to her bondage just yet. "and it ends when the movie finishes." Still no sign that she'd made that final jump to figure out the puzzle. Oh well, time to fill in some of the blanks.

"Let me give you the ground rules. This session is about getting you acclimatized to bondage, to let you become more comfortable with this environment, and for that matter with me, and finally to give you a chance to reflect on your choice and what it will mean you experience in our next and subsequent sessions if you choose to continue. In order to achieve this I will not touch you directly in any way other than to prepare your bondage or release you if and when I choose to. You are not to talk to me directly, you are not to look at anything other than the screen in front of you. You may move as much as you are able to in your bondage but any attempt to escape from any part of that bondage, even accidentally, will result in punishment. Finally, and this will not be the case in any other session we have unless explicitly stated beforehand, you may cum if you are able and there will be no repercussions. Nod if you understand these rules."

Quickly Karen nodded, though again she was careful not to move too much for fear of yanking the chain running down her back. Well, I was about to help her out there at least. Without saying another word I picked up the remaining rope strand and slid it around her waist, looping the ends around the strand that encircled her and down between her legs, pulling the rope taught over her crotch before securing the ends with firm knots. The rope dug in to her pussy slightly, rubbing up against her clit and I heard a hiss escape her, a mix of slight pain and pleasure.

Now that the crotch rope was in place I quickly secured the thigh cuffs together then reached down and unclipped her ankle restraints, pulling her feet back and up towards her bound wrists until I could reconnect the ankle cuffs but now to the corresponding wrist cuff rather than each other, effectively hog-tying her. The ropes I'd previously secured to the bed were looped around and through her restraints before being tied off, effectively preventing any movement up or down the bed and also ensuring that she could really roll over properly as she couldn't get enough slack to move her own feet and legs out of the way to complete the roll. She had no choice but to watch whatever I was about to show her, but I'd been very selective in her bondage. None of it was painfully tight and it was even and placed a minimum of strain on muscles and joints that were far from used to being restrained in one position for a few minutes, let alone an hour. Once I was satisfied that Karen should have no real problems lasting the full session I brushed her hair away from her eyes, leant down and kissed her very lightly, pulling away almost as soon as our lips touched. Just enough to tease, to tantalize and frustrate. Then I stepped away, turned on the iPod (which immediately started playing on the TV) and walked behind her to take a seat against the opposite wall of the room.

On the TV the movie Karen had found on the plane sprang into life, although now the action was only just starting as Rachel walked in wearing only her red collar and a smile, knelt before me without a word, reached forward, freed my cock from my pants and started to give me a (world class) blowjob which, thanks I hasten to add to the magic of video editing, had me ready to cum inside of thirty seconds. I'd deliberately kept the sound off on the TV to try and let Karen's imagination pull her deeper into what she was seeing so there were no audible cues of the exact moment Rachel had pushed me over the edge. Instead there was only a change in her motion as she swallowed every last drop, cleaned my cock with her tongue while she held it delicately between her lips and, finally, the look in her eyes as she released me and looked up, waiting for her session to begin in earnest.

The video itself was a series of short scenes and still very much a rough edit so the transitions were a bit jarring to say the least. It didn't seem to matter to Karen though as she watched the on-screen Rachel being bound in a very similar position to the one Karen currently found herself in. However Rachel's bondage was clearly a step beyond what Karen was experiencing with her hair being pulled back and tied to her hands and the hogtie so tight she was arched like a bow under full tension. By the time that particular scene had ended Rachel had her nipples firmly clamped and elastic cords attached from the clamps up to her big toes so that the slightest movement would tug cruelly at her nipples. To her credit she had remained perfectly still then, and had even managed to do so for thirty seconds after I'd reached over and started tickling the hell out of her upturned soles. With the sound off Karen couldn't hear the reaction but her screams and groans echoed in my mind as I watched her writhe involuntarily on screen. Karen in the meantime was bucking franticly in her own bonds, not trying to escape but to put more pressure on the crotch rope, desperate to reach her own climax but not yet able to find the proper leverage.

Next Rachel appeared already bound facing an X-frame, wrists and ankles tied so tightly she couldn't move an inch. Her hair was again drawn up and tied but now above her head to a ring on the top of the frame, effectively ensuring she couldn't even move her head. From off camera a black leather cat of nine tails dropped into shot, holding still in front of the lens for a few seconds as some silent dialogue was exchanged. Then, with no warning it shot forward, striking her right on the ass, her fingers visibly curling into fists as she hung there helpless as blows continued to rain down. The whip left marks but no welts, something I've taken a lot of time to learn how to do but there was no doubt it was hurting her like hell. Every stroke that landed caused a small tremor to pass through Karen's body as well, as if it were her being struck over and over.

Another flash cut and Rachel was mounted to the same rack but now with her back to the wood, her hair flowing freely down her back and a look of fear in her eyes as I showed both her and the camera the set of clips I was preparing to attach to her nipples. The ones she'd worn earlier had been small round rubber coated discs, painful as hell but bearable. The new set were alligator clips, jagged little metal teeth that would bite and tear at her vulnerable flesh. The clips were connected by a silver chain with another chain attached at the midpoint. That chain ended in a metal bar about two inches long, the chain itself long enough to reach down to Rachel's waist if left to hang.

On-screen Rachel shock her head in protest and turned away as I gently teased her right nipple erect with my tongue knowing what was to come. As soon as I was satisfied it was as hard as it was going to get I positioned the clip and let it snap shut. Her head shot back in agony and her mouth opened in a scream that would have been silent even if the TV wasn't muted, so powerful had been the flash of pain. As she calmed down a little, getting used to the pain I slipped a couple of metal discs onto the bar on the chain and held it up for her to see. She nodded her understanding and opened her mouth just wide enough for me to slide the chain between her lips, leaving the bar hanging to the right of her mouth.

I heard Karen gasp as she realised what exactly she was looking at. If Rachel should loose that fragile grip on the chain, if she could not keep her lips locked together, it would fall and the only thing to stop the bar and the weights from reaching the ground would be the clip on her nipple. I actually felt a slight tinge of guilt watching the scene back like this, not for the situation itself (Rachel had told me later this particular scene had been both the hardest to take and the best sexual experience of her life) but because it simply wasn't fair. I knew what was to happen next and she'd never stood a chance. Even as that thought went through my head I saw myself on-screen blindfolding poor defenseless Rachel and bringing a hair dryer up to within a few inches of her left nipple, flicking it on and directing the hot air over her flesh.

My other hand gently caressed her flesh, wandering at random over her body and legs, just enough to send shivers through her without actually tickling her. After maybe a minute I put down the hair dryer, reached into a metal bucket and pulled out an ice cube. Karen had gone still as she watched the scene unfold, no doubt wondering just how badly that would hurt if I did it to her later on that night... and how much she wanted it to happen. Rachel simply shut her eyes and waited for the cold to bite her. She didn't have to wait long as I simply cupped the cube and pressed it hard against her flesh. Her eyes shot open, her head went backward and every muscle went tight at once... but she didn't cry out and the chain remained in place. I kept the cube against her for at least a minute, maybe more, but still she wouldn't break. I repeated the processes, and now even the hot air washing over her hurt but neither that nor the renewed freezing pain of the next cube could disloge that chain.

Rachel was shaking now from the effort as I let the second cube fall back to the bucket and then her eyes opened so wide it seemed almost comical as I started to direct the hot air at her once more... but this time at her already bound right nipple. It had to be on fire already and this really was being unfair. The instant the cube hit the flesh she screamed fit to wake the dead and, in slow motion (and from multiple camera angles, the one bit of editing I had managed to find time for) the chain dropped, fell... and came to a sudden jerking halt. The wave of pain that crashed over her then caused her head to drop, tears running freely down her face. The screen went black...

and faded back in on Rachel tied up in the middle of the dungeon, hands stretched overhead, stretched so tightly she was on tiptoes. The chain was still attached to her nipple, and now the other clamp was firmly attached as well, the alligator teeth biting into both breasts, the weight dangling down and pulling on the clips. For the next ten minutes Karen watched as I started placing a line of clothespins on Rachel, starting at her left armpit and working my way across her body, following the outline of her breasts, circling the nipples, and ending in the right armpit. Then a cord was threaded through the top of each pin, connecting them into one long run. The end of the cord was placed in Rachel's hand as I came back with a stack of weights that could be attached to the end of the bar connected to the nipple clamps. I thumbed the volume button on the remote as there was one line of dialogue that Karen needed to hear.

"If you can take the entire stack of weights, one at a time, for a minute a disc and five minutes with them all I'll take the clips and clothespins off gently. If not, if you reach your limit, drop the cord in your right hand and I'll take the clothespins off quicker than you'd believe..." I muted the film again, that was enough to give Karen the picture and I noticed she was writhing against her bondage now, desperately trying to find just a little more stimulation from the crotch rope.

On-screen Rachel endured five minutes, and half the weight stack, before her entire body started trembling from the effort. She looked at me, pleading with her eyes, before her head slumped backwards again from the effort. The trembling was shaking her fingertips now, the cord slipping a little before she pulled it back into her grasp. I added another weight... and she looked straight at me, tears falling once more as with a great deal of resignation she dropped the cord. I didn't hesitate, didn't say a thing, just reached out, took the cord... and in one powerful tug pulled every pin off her body in one go.

She howled, head thrashing as the pain washed over her, so intense was it she never even noticed me take the clips off her and she finally collapsed in her bondage, hanging from her wrists, legs unable to support her. Once again the screen blanked and faded back in on the last scene in the film. Rachel was lying on a bed, arms and legs spread and tied tight, In her pussy a large dildo gleamed as it caught the light but that wasn't the most immediate item to capture the attention. No, that was the forest of elastic cords that criss-crossed Rachel's body, all attached to clamps that were attached to nipples, clit and pussy lips. The other ends terminated either around her fingers, or toes, or (and these were the tightest of all the cords) wrapped around the dildo. Any movement, or any vibration from the sex toy resting deep inside her, would cause her tremendous pain... but also a great deal of pleasure. I appeared in frame, pressing a small control box into her right hand, guiding her fingers to the speed controls then retreating.

For a moment nothing happened then, suddenly, she simply pressed the up arrow and kept it pressed until the vibe was going flat out. All of the cords attached to it started to thrum, pleasure and pain building and redoubling as her body started to thrash from the overwhelming sensations and thus causing the rest of the cords to sing. I heard a panting, deep and lustful and for a second I checked the volume on the TV thinking I must have turned it on by mistake before realising it was coming from Karen. She was practically humping the bed, desperately trying to drive her crotch rope deeper or tighter or... well, anything really, anything for that last touch. Rachel almost seemed to hear her, thrashing more and more violently as her climax built as Karen's grunts gut louder and more urgent by the second. Then, on-screen, Rachel seemed to pause, every muscle straining. her head thrown back as her cry of ecstasy ripped through her throat, her climax washing over her and building, building, onwards to a level she'd never experienced before, one peak after another but with no time to ride the other side of the peak down to the previous level. For over a minute she came, screaming in pleasure, babbling incoherently as all she knew, the only thing that existed was pleasure.

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