tagMatureExploring Sylvia

Exploring Sylvia


About 5,7" of heaven, shortish black hair, big brown eyes, a slim waist, a full blouse and a big round ass that swayed when she walked. That was Sylvia.

Week after week I sat next to her in the class, dreaming longingly about her, letting my mind indulge itself in flights of fancy. We talked quite a bit sure, but it never seemed to get beyond "Hi Sylvia, how are you?" or "how are the kids?" she had three. In return I just had polite but curt answers, she never would open up verbally, but her eyes told me a different story. Some people flirt with their eyes, they draw you in with a half look, and leave you wondering, she was like that.

The class was an adult evening course in accounting, very boring, but my boss at the bank where I worked then pressured me into taking it. So, week after week, there was me, a bored 19-year-old, the others, and Sylvia – a 35-year-old housewife.

Until I met her my sex life had consisted of climbing on top of my skinny 18-year-old girlfriend Julie in the back of my car and fucking away for a few minutes. Julie, well she was a nice girl, but to be honest it never seemed enough with her, well, she wouldn't even give me a blow-job, and to be honest getting it on in the back of a car does have its limitations. I needed a real woman I decided, and I had just the one in mind.

My time came one night at a party given by a co-student. Sylvia was there, and looking real fine in a tight black skirt and white blouse, her deep eyes shining and with a smile on her full-lipped mouth. I never could seem to get her alone to make my move though, until passing a bedroom a hand reached out to mine and pulled me in. It was her. I started to speak but she put a hand over my mouth, before brazenly dropping to her knees and pulling my trousers and shorts clean off. Sylvia, this seemingly demure lady, then deep-throated my now semi-hard cock and literally mouth-fucked me. I felt my cock rapidly become bone-hard, and within probably less than a minute I exploded my love-juice into her gaping mouth. She slurped it all down, licked my cock and balls clean then stood facing me, a smile on her beautiful face and a wicked glint in her eyes.

With fumbling fingers I unbuttoned her blouse, marvelling at the sight of her now exposed bra. Sylvia first took the blouse and bra off completely, and then slipped her skirt and panties off, as I took in the view. My cock started rapidly getting hard again, as I checked out this gorgeous lady. She was not what you would call in gym shape, she had quite full hips and a bit of spare flesh on her upper thighs, but man, she was the horniest looking woman I have ever seen in my entire life, with huge full real woman's breasts, and a lovely large round butt.

Sylvia reached out and stroked my face gently with the back of her hand, before our lips met and I tasted her sweet breath, which had the very slightly salty flavour of what I guessed was my cum. I explored her beautiful mouth with my tongue until she eased her full lips off a bit and sucked quite fiercely on my own tongue. Reaching behind me she began to firmly grip and stroke my butt cheeks, before, to my astonishment, she slipped a finger up my ass, a first for me. Getting into things, I stroked Sylvia's back and tightly gripped her full round ass-cheeks. I felt her fine soft breasts against my chest as we embraced tightly. Her bullet hard nipples nestled against my chest.

She pulled away from my butt as we broke the kiss and I stepped back a pace to drink in the view. Her big, shapely breasts were surprisingly high for a woman of 35, but what caught my gaze were her nipples – they were vast, they were a dark red color, and the areola were at least half an inch long. I bowed my head down and worked on first one then the other. I sucked, licked and gently nibbled on her twin fruits, all the while this beautiful woman was cupping my balls and lightly rolling the head of my cock in her sensuous hands. I could tell that more pre-cum was dribbling out, and this was confirmed by the fact that Sylvia moved her hand to her mouth and licked the fingers, emitting a curious deep-throated purring sound.

I pulled away from her breasts and drew her in for another deep, tongue-rubbing kiss. As we kissed I traced the fingers of my right hand down her softly curving stomach, down to a generous bush of pubes, and further below. Meeting the wet flaps of her pussy, I ran my fingers up and down her streaming wet slit, before I slipped two in and pulled them towards the outside, as though I was rubbing her clit from inside. This drove her wild; she pushed me onto the bed and immediately sunk her cunt onto my massively hard cock. Sylvia rode me slowly, riding up the full 8 inches of my thick prick, and then riding down it, all the time tightening then loosening her clearly powerful inner-pussy muscles. I just savoured this, and enjoyed playing with her vast and succulent breasts and rubbing softly around her hugely distended clit.

Gradually, she increased her pace, humping up and down on me like a wild animal, literally fucking like crazy, moaning, shouting and screeching out obscenities. Eventually, Sylvia went still and rigid, and threw her head back as she literally shook with a massive orgasm. Still hard, and on the verge of emptying my heavy balls again, I flipped her off, and jumped to my feet, where I finished off by quickly pumping my cock and shooting wave after wave of cum into her teasing sweet mouth.

We then lay down, entwining our sweat-drenched bodies. We kissed – long, slow and deep. After several minutes of embracing, I moved my face down her full, mature woman's body and spread her soft, silky thighs. I savoured the wonderful smell of her sated cunt, before slipping my fingers inside her. I slowly and deeply finger-fucked her gaping gash and licked and sucked her large proud clit. Sylvia soon came good, then came again as I carried on with my enjoyable task, each drop of her pussy nectar stirring my cock and balls in the most delightful of ways.

My heightened senses took it all in, this was heaven. With a cock like iron and a head full of lust I gently kissed Sylvia's mouth, and asked her to lie on her stomach. I positioned a cushion around her pussy – raising her ass. The sight of her big, hard and round rear-end drove me nearly crazy. I got behind her and licked and lightly bit her sweet, soft cheeks, before zeroing in on my target. I pulled her cheeks apart and saw a wonderful, crinkly and puckered butt-hole. Nuzzling up close I probed her opening with my tongue, lapping her bowels, literally drinking in the musky horny odour. When I was ready I juiced my fingers up with her pussy's steaming juice, and slicked up her rear rosebud.

Without further ado, I turned her back over, positioned her long legs up on my shoulders and slammed my big cock right up her ass, all the way in. Initially Sylvia stiffened up her body and moaned as if in some pain, but these cries soon turned to those of lust as I screwed her butt full-on, fucking her sweet shitter like a train, deep and fast, real fast. I reached out with one hand to play with her big breasts and those wonderful big nipples, and with the other hand first milked her clitty, then slammed her pussy in sequence with the thrusts up her ass. I built up to the cum of my life, shooting my hot semen up that beautiful rear hole, emptying my balls so much that I felt light-headed, almost giddy.

I slipped my cock out; we hugged each other tight and kissed deeply with raw feeling, before reluctantly my princess had to leave.

Well, me and Sylvia got in on regular after that, fucking each others brains out twice a week. Our affair lasted for about six months, then a combination of me getting a better job in another town and her becoming increasingly guilty over her husband and kids put a stop to it. Last week, after five years away, I moved back to my old home town, and the first day back…. Yep you guessed it, I saw her. We went for a drink in a pub last night and… well that's another story!

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