tagExhibitionist & VoyeurExposing Katie 002

Exposing Katie 002

byTom and Katie©

As winter turned into spring that year, Katie was in the market for a new car. She has wanted a Jeep ever since she was a little kid and decided that it was finally time to treat herself. Car buying seemed like the perfect opportunity for some exposure to me. Unfortunately, Katie did not initially agree. Her point was that she did not want to set a precedent for when she had to bring the car back in for service. It was that commitment thing again. We were finally able to compromise. Although she did not plan on buying from them, she wanted to check out a dealer nearly an hour from us to compare prices. If he did give her a better deal, the local dealer had already told her he would match any price that she could find.

Since a car dealership is fairly public, Katie made it clear that she wanted to keep this pretty tame. I figured that since this was the most public situation that she had been willing to expose herself in, I would take what I could get. We settled on her wearing a tight white sweater with no bra and a short plaid skirt with white thong panties. I suppose that I should give a brief description of Katie. She is about 5’-3”, petite, with small but full breasts, tawny light brown hair that reaches down between her shoulder blades, green eyes, and a cute face. The sweater showed off the curves of her breasts and the skirt was short enough to show off a lot of leg and thigh when she was being good and her ass cheeks and panties when she was being naughty. The thong panties were nearly invisible in the back, the strip of material could barely be seen between her cheeks. It widened to cover the bulge of her pubic mound, covering it but showing it off nicely. Our plan was that in looking vehicles over, Katie would have to do a fair amount of bending over and sliding in and out of the vehicles.

We went out on a Friday evening, figuring that there would not be too many people out and the salesmen would probably be a bit bored. We planned to liven up their evening for them! The dealership was pretty quiet when we went in. There were four salesman, a couple managers, and a few other support people around. Another couple and a family were looking at cars and there were two people waiting on service for their cars. One of the salesmen came up to me to see if he could help me and I told him that he had better impress the lady, she was the one buying. He realized that he had made his first mistake and immediately began sucking up to her to try to make up for it.

Katie told him that she was interested in a Jeep and we moved over toward the one on display inside the building. Mind you, Katie has dreamed of owning a Jeep for a long time. The first thing that she had done was to pick up a brochure at the local dealer and spent a number of evenings pouring over all of the options and specifications. The salesman made his second mistake when he started talking about colors and the interior accessories. I had to feel sorry for him when she launched into questions about the different axle packages, the heavy-duty alternator, and such. I have a 4x4 truck and she had picked up enough from being around me that she knew that she wanted more than just a freeway cruiser. Heck, even without the flashing, she was going to leave a path of devastation through this dealership! I just hoped that she did not forget what our “other” plans for being here were.

Not to worry. The salesman opened up the driver’s door of the Jeep for her to get in and check it out. She boosted herself up into the seat and as she swiveled herself in, her legs gaped wide, pulling her skirt practically up to her waist and flashing her white panties directly in the salesman’s face. This caught him completely off guard while Katie just kept on like absolutely nothing happened. He turned toward me to see if I had caught him looking and I pretended to be looking at the window sticker on the Cherokee next to the Wrangler that Katie was in. Nobody else was close by, so Katie did not even bother to pull her skirt down. I could not see her panties from where I was at, but I was sure that the salesman could since he was standing right next to her.

They talked about the Jeep for awhile before she got out. Again, she let her legs swing wide apart, clearly showing her panty-clad mound to both of us. The salesman was completely flustered by this point. Between his numerous mistakes in handling Katie as a customer and worrying about her husband catching him stealing glances at her charms, he was pretty nervous. I am 6’-3”, 185 lbs., with a beard and mustache and can look fairly intimidating when I try. Honestly, I was not trying at the time, but he still was worried.

Katie moved around to the front of the Jeep to look under the hood. He opened it up and she started poking around, looking at things. Let me give you a brief description of the dealership. The showroom had the vehicles on display at the front of the room so that people could see them through the windows from the street. There was a Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee on the one side and a Chrysler minivan and sedan on the other. Behind the displays was a row of cubicles along the wall for the salesman. Behind the wall were the administrative offices with a few windows out into the showroom. Behind that was the service department and service bays and such, but you could not see in there from the showroom. We were over on the side with the Jeeps (obviously), the other couple had left, the family was looking at the minivan on the other side, and a man and a woman were waiting over on the other side of the showroom for their cars from service. One of the other salesmen, with no customers around, was leaning back in his chair at his desk on our side of the showroom. With Katie’s attire, he was not quite staring but definitely paying attention.

Her salesman was pointing things out under the hood and seemed to be getting his concentration back without Katie’s panties on display in front of him. Katie is fairly short, though, so she was having trouble seeing some of what he was pointing at. She solved this problem by putting one foot up on the bumper and leaning forward into the engine bay. Her salesman had his head under the hood too, so he did not benefit from her skirt riding up her legs and showing off her naked ass cheeks. The salesman at the desk nearly lost his balance in the chair, though. I was still trying to maintain that I was not paying attention and did not know what my wife was doing, but it sure was hard to stifle my laughter. He made enough noise, though, that Katie and her salesman turned to look at him and Katie brought her foot down off of the bumper.

They continued around to the passenger side of the Jeep and Katie wanted to check it out as well. He opened up the door for her and she repeated her show from the driver’s side. I was still over on the other side, so I did not get to see the show but Katie assured me later that she was sure to spread her legs for him when she got in and out. After checking out the passenger’s seat, she said that she had to check out the back seat as well. She got back out and flipped the seat forward. Now, getting in and out of the back seat of a Jeep is not something anyone could do in a short skirt and maintain their decency. You have to step up to clear the doorsill while bending over to clear the roof and squeeze yourself between the seat and the doorjamb. The salesman was holding the door for her, so her naked ass was practically in his face while she performed this maneuver. I went over and leaned in the driver’s side window to ask what she thought of things. She said that the back had plenty of room and demonstrated by spreading her arms and legs out while sitting in the middle of the seat. Of course that gave the salesman and me a clear view of her panties again. She looked around a bit more before climbing out again. Going out forwards did not give the salesman much of a show, but I am not sure if he could have taken it at this point.

Katie talked to the salesman a bit longer before thanking him and saying she had to get on her way. He was sure to give her a business card and say that she could call him any time if she had any more questions (I am sure of that!). We got in our car and headed home. On the trip, we laughed over the whole experience. Katie admitted that at first she was a bit upset with me for setting her up to be ogled by these creeps. Then she began to realize the power that she had over them. At that point she had found the humor in the situation. Truthfully, it meant a lot to me that we were able to share this together and laugh together about it afterwards. I was sure to tell her that I loved her and was proud of her for her little show.

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