tagNovels and NovellasExstacy! Ch. 06

Exstacy! Ch. 06


The flames of the open fire danced hypnotically in the fireplace of the large living room. The warmth she was feeling wasn't coming from that direction, though. Her whole body was glowing as she sat on the floor next to her sister, her back against the white leather sofa, and watched as the older woman fingered the top button of the white blouse she was wearing. Her beautiful older sister, with short dark hair, a sprinkling of freckles and a chest that Amber remembered having in her early teenage years.

"You can have me, if you want," Imogen said, as she crawled closer, slowly releasing the button she was playing with from its hole. Amber stared at her older sister as, with a suggestive smile, she slowly lowered her fingers to the next button. She popped it open, revealing the smooth, pale flesh of her collarbone and the top few centimetres of her chest, and moved on to the next. Amber swallowed as she felt her clit twinge. Yes, it looked as if Imogen was indeed offering herself to her younger sister. More tender, soft flesh came into view, as Imogen continued to open her blouse. Her breasts, the small, tender breasts of a girl in her early teens, emerged from the confines of their prison. Only her delicate white bra prevented her younger sister from viewing her gorgeous tits in all their glory.

"So, where do you want me? Here, or in the bedroom?" With the hand that wasn't unbuttoning her blouse, Imogen leant forward, reaching behind her sister' head and releasing her long, red hair from where it was tied back. It tumbled down, cascading down her back and round her face like a fiery fountain.

"Right here will be fine," Amber murmured, as Imogen's mouth found her lips. Opening them with her own tongue she slipped inside and began to explore. Amber returned the kiss, her own tongue caressing Imogen's and lighting the fire in her pussy. As her desire continued to rise, her hands came up and pushed Imogen's fingers away from her blouse, hurriedly pulling apart the final buttons and tugging the tail from the waistband of her skirt. The two women worked together to pull the sleeves from Imogen's arms, turning the blouse inside out as they did so. Their tongues continued to explore each others mouths as Amber helped undress her older sister. At 26, Amber was four years younger than her thirty-year-old sister, though Imogen had the body of a much younger woman.

Amber stood up and, pulling Imogen to her feet as well, reached behind her back to unsnap the clasp of her bra. The straps fell away, dangling at her back, and Amber reached for her shoulders to slip off the straps there. The bra fell away, and immediately Amber's hands were on the small, delicate tits as she rubbed and squeezed them, her tongue attacking the pink areolas and tiny nipples as it drew them into her hungry mouth.

"You're mouth is so soft," Imogen whispered, looking down at her sister and tenderly stroking her hair. The younger girl looked back into her eyes as she used her tongue to press the nipple into the flesh of her breast. "So much gentler than Kieran. He always seems to want to use his teeth." Without responding to her comments, Amber began to kiss her way down Imogen's body. Each time she placed her lips on the bare skin, she opened her mouth a little and gave a quick lick. This brought wriggles and giggles of delight from the older girl, as the rough tongue glided over her body.

Amber's descending mouth finally reached Imogen's belly, and the top of her dark blue denim jeans. She reached out for the buckle of the large belt, ready to undo it and drag the jeans down her sister's legs. Imogen bit her lip and swallowed nervously, trying to prevent any sign of her apprehension from showing. Amber's attention was now on the button of her jeans, so Imogen knew she wouldn't be able to see any signs of fear in her eyes, if there was any there. It had been her idea to offer herself to her younger sister in this way, but she had never considered herself to be a lesbian and even now didn't feel that she was interested in girls that way. She was getting highly aroused by her sister's oral administrations on her body, her pussy was extremely soft and wet and her hardened clit was beginning to throb, but that wasn't a reflection on her sexuality, was it? When her husband was out at work and she was alone in the bedroom masturbating, it was to the thought of a man's cock in her pussy or in her mouth, not a girl's tongue at her clit. So she wasn't really a lesbian, was she? This was just the excitement of a new, previously untried, sexual experience, wasn't it? A sharp flash of pleasure suddenly interrupted her thoughts, and she looked down to find that her sister had undone her jeans and slipped a hand into the crotch of her panties. Imogen shuddered as the younger girl's fingers probed at her clit and round the entrance of her moist pussy. Imogen whimpered as they began to dance through her wet folds, and she spread her legs wider to allow her sister better access.

Amber threw a naughty smile at her sister as she ran her figures through the older woman's furry pussy. Imogen looked down at her as she crouched on the floor between her legs and tried to smile back, but at that moment the tips of Amber's fingers dipped inside her entrance. Imogen shuddered and collapsed onto the sofa behind her, unable to remain on her feet any longer. Her head went back over the top of the chair and moans of delight began to flow from her lips. Still prodding at the slick, oily opening with two fingers, Amber put her other hand on Imogen's leg and opened her wider, crawling nearer as she did so. With her head so far back, and her eyes staring up at the ceiling, Imogen had no idea what the younger girl was doing until she felt the tongue fluttering over the hood of her clitoris. The shot of electricity through her pussy made her gasp, and she involuntarily drew back for a moment. Before Amber could move forward to resume her munching, a hand came up behind her head and dragged her back into Imogen's steaming pussy. Opening her mouth wide, she engulfed her sister's entire pussy into her mouth, her tongue working its way all round her swollen clit and her puffy lips. Imogen squealed, her whole body gyrating and one hand squeezing at her small tits. Her other hand was still clutching at Amber's head, making sure the younger girl didn't move until Imogen came in her face.


Kieran turned the key in the lock and turned the handle, slowly pushing the door open. The house was in darkness and all was silent. Guessing that the girls had already gone up to bed, Kieran quietly closed the door behind him and relocked it. Then he crept up the stairs to the first floor landing, past the guest room that his sister-in-law would now occupying and reached the bedroom at the end, which he shared with his wife. Pushing the bedroom door open he slipped inside, and looked across at the sleeping form of his wife on the bed. He felt his cock twitch as he stared down at her body, slightly illuminated in the twilight. The young woman was lying on top of the bed sheets, wearing a pyjama shirt that was wide open, exposing her delicate breasts and her smooth belly. Below the waist, she was totally naked. Her legs were spread apart, one out straight and the other slightly bent at the knee. In the dim light, Kieran couldn't make out the covering of fur around his wife's pussy, but he knew it was there. He'd touched it, tasted it and rubbed his hard cock through it on numerous occasions. Tugging at his tie and pulling at the top buttons of his shirt, he advanced on the sleeping woman. Part of him knew it was selfish of him to wake his wife at this time of night simply to satisfy his own lust, but seeing her lying there so welcomingly was too much for him. He had to have her, right now.

Pulling off his shirt, he tossed it into the corner of the room and crossed the distance between the door and the bed in three large strides. Crawling onto the bed, he leaned forward between Imogen's spread legs, dipping his tongue into the folds of her pussy. She wriggled slightly, whimpering softly in her sleep and unconsciously opening her legs wider to allow easier access to this unexpected intruder. Kieran grinned, licking her flavour off his lips and tugging off his trousers and underwear as he crawled up her body. He nibbled softly on her neck for a few moments, and then drove his hard cock between her pussy lips and deep into her wet, velvety depths.

Kieran wasn't sure at what point he realised that he had made a mistake, because so many things happened at once. He guessed he should have realised that the taste on his lips after eating the woman was not that of his wife, but he was to overcome with lust to think about it. The first thing he noticed upon thrusting his cock into the woman below him was that she did not in fact have any fur, or hair of any type, around her pussy lips. This girl was completely shaved. At the same moment he realised this, there was a scream of something between pleasure and pain as the girl suddenly woke up and realised that someone was screwing her.

"What the hell's going on here? Kieran, what are you doing?" Kieran looked up, blinded by the light that had come on in the en suite bathroom and spilled into the bedroom. As his vision began to return, he saw the figure of his wife standing in the doorway, wearing a nightdress and robe. In shock and surprise he looked down at the young woman he was lying on, and in the new light he recognized her as his sister-in-law.

Leaping up from the bed, Kieran pulled his trousers back up and backed away.

"What's going on here?" he asked in alarm, his eyes flashing from one woman to the other. "What's Amber doing in our bed?" Kieran saw that the shock in his eyes was mirrored in those of the young woman lying in the bed, but he guessed that was just the surprise of waking up to find her brother-in-law's cock buried in her pussy.

"Amber just had a bad dream," Imogen replied calmly, coming over to sit next to her sister, and tenderly stroking the girl's hair. "I said she could get into bed with me for a bit. She must have fallen asleep and not realised you'd come in."

"I ... I'm sorry," Amber mumbled nervously, her head lowered with embarrassment. "I should have stayed in my own room. I'll go back ..." Climbing from the bed, she headed for the door.

"It's my fault," Imogen said, as the girl pulled away from her. "I should have remembered that Kieran can be quite ... amorous when he gets in late at night." Kieran, still a little shocked at what had just happened, didn't say anything until the young woman had left the room.


Stacy lay naked in the bed, Sean curled up beside her. She thought back to the two highlights of the evening, the two orgasms she'd had. The only two orgasms she'd ever had with Sean, if you could call them that. She'd gone through all the motions, the throbs and convulsions and her body had shaked and shuddered. But had she really enjoyed it? And was it really an orgasm if she hadn't? It hadn't felt anything like the experience she'd had in the sex clinic, when Fiona had rammed the dildo into her pussy, making her think it was the head of a hair brush. She realised that the thought of that earlier experience, and the anticipation of the one that was due on Monday morning, was arousing her much more than any of the evenings activities had done. She looked over at the dark shape in the bed next to her. Why wasn't this man exciting her sexually? He was an extremely adventurous lover. How many other people would have eaten her in the toilets of a public restaurant? But for some reason she just wasn't enjoying the sex she had with him.

She turned to look at the radio alarm clock on the cabinet next to her. It was 7.30. The alarm would be going off in half an hour, so there wasn't really any point in trying to get back to sleep. When it went off, Sean would wake up in a horny mood and would want to have his way with her again. Taking care not to wake the sleeping form next to her, Stacy pushed back the covers and climbed out of bed, pausing to slip Sean's dressing gown on over her naked body. Picking her clothes up from where they had unceremoniously been thrown and tossed the night before, she slipped out the room, down the hall and into the bathroom.

In the privacy of the small bathroom, where she could dress comfortably without worrying about waking Sean, she slipped back into the clothes she had been wearing the night before. She could still smell herself on her panties, though they had dried long ago. Stepping into them, she slid them up her legs and adjusted them against her pussy. She found her bra, slipped it over her chest and fastened it round her back, then slipped her tits into the cups. She stepped into the sparkling, low cut red dress she had worn the night before and pulled it up her body, pulling the straps over her shoulders. Not the kind of thing you normally wore out on the street at 8.00 on a Saturday morning, but other than going naked it was all she had. Rather than going back into the bedroom to return the dressing gown, Stacy slipped it over the hook on the back of the bathroom door, then crept across the landing. She paused briefly to peer into the bedroom in order to make sure Sean was still asleep. He had turned over since she had gone out, but definitely looked as if he'd still be out for hours. Or rather, forty-five minutes, as it was now quarter to eight. Stacy hurriedly crossed the landing and crept down the stairs, thankful that Sean had never decided to have a burglar alarm fitted. She let herself out the back door, and headed home.


Imogen and Kieran spent the day showing Amber some of the many attractions of the area. For a small rural village, there was quite a lot to see. Her sister and brother-in-law showed Amber round various cathedrals and other historical buildings, and they stopped for lunch at a small coffee shop on the bank of a canal running through the village.

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