tagNonConsent/ReluctanceExtra Credit Ch. 05

Extra Credit Ch. 05


Chapter 5: Conclusion

The following Monday she dropped the tape off at the professors. He told her that her last tape was excellent. She explained briefly what he would see on the tape and it was clear that it was more than he had hoped for. She saw the rise in his pants and knew her A was in hand (so to speak).

It was the beginning of finals week on campus and she hardly had time to look for her Master (as she now thought of BJ-boy) with studying. She had to keep at least decent grades in her other classes. When exams ended she left campus, wishing she could stay and find Master. But, she had to return home. Her parents were strict and she would spend most of the holiday with them and other family members. It was, after her adventures, a very boring 3 weeks. Her grades came. The A in the professor's class offset the remaining C's and was good enough to let her return for Winter semester.

When she returned to campus she found a note in her mailbox from the professor. "See me immediately upon your return to campus." Oh shit, what could he want. She had the A, the deal was sealed. She knew, from experience, that it was harder for them to change a grade down, and most wouldn't bother. More importantly, if he had wanted more, he could have filed an incomplete. It was puzzling.

She knocked at his door. He beckoned her in and she could see all four tapes on his desk. "Please, sit" he said invitingly. "You are probably curious about why you are here." She nodded. "Did you get your A?" Again, she nodded. "Good, I'm glad, and obviously this kept you out of trouble with your strict parents?" She nodded. "Excellent. So you are here at least for another semester." It was a statement not a fact. "Now I want you to suck my cock and swallow my cum." He said, in the most matter of fact way.

Puzzled she said "But, you already gave me the A, you're not going back on our deal are you?" she said, with rising anger. "I don't have you for class, so I don't need another grade from you." She added.

"Oh dear, you seem to fail to understand your situation. This is no longer about classes. This is about these four tapes. I'm sure you wouldn't want these sent to your parents, would you?" He smiled. As she dropped to her knees in front of his chair, he slipped his rigid dick out of his pants. She immediately bent to the task.

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