tagBDSMFallen Angel - Rendezvous

Fallen Angel - Rendezvous


I receive an electronic note with Your signature instructing me to meet You in a certain hotel on a certain day and time. When I get there the door is already open, the curtains are drawn and it is completely dark. As I reach for the light switch, a disembodied voice speaks "No... leave the lights off". The voice is a deep, strong, masculine one. You tell me to approach the middle of the room. I do so and there is nothing for a few seconds. Then I hear the door close softly, and a hand touches my shoulder. Another hand falls on my other shoulder and they push me down to my knees. I am trembling with fear and excitement; I have no idea what You are wanting of me and am terrified of disappointing You somehow

As I kneel there in the dark, I can feel Your eyes upon me, piercing the darkness. You tell me to remove my shirt and I do so, I am not wearing anything underneath and my nipples are hard. You pinch them, tug on the nipple ring, smile at me and tug harder. I moan and get my face slapped. You walk around me, undo my belt buckle and tell me to take of my jeans and underwear... they come off, along with my boots and then I return to my knees in front of You. I reach for your belt, thinking this must be what You are wanting, but You push me hand away and laugh, telling me to be patient...

There comes a knock at the door and You call out, "Welcome... join us". The door opens and a second man walks in and strolls over to us. You go to a sidelight and turn it on... shadows fill the room. You sit in an armchair and tell me to make the other man hard through his pants. I take his cock in my hand and feel it jump. I rub it gently with both hands, feeling it harden... I am frustrated by the fabric between us, but when I reach for his zipper, You walk over to us saying "No, I did not tell you to do that!" and You whip my ass with your belt 4 or 5 times... I whimper and go back to rubbing his cock, fondling his balls through the rough fabric... he throws his head back and a low groan escapes his throat. "Now", You hiss at me, "undo his zip with your teeth..."

I take the zipper between my front teeth and tug and pull it all the way down. He is not wearing underwear and his cock springs free - lunging towards me... he slaps it against my face... I take his hard cock in my mouth, sucking on it... I leave his cock and fill my mouth with his balls, sucking hard on them, but he pulls me off them and rams his cock into my mouth again, down my throat and starts pumping hard... I reach around with both arms to hang on to his ass when suddenly he spurs into me, pumping cum in my mouth, my throat. When he's finished, he pulls himself out and wanders off to the bathroom.

You leave Your chair and come toward me... You grab my wrists and pull me to my feet... You lead me to the bed and push me face down onto it... I feel restraints being placed around my wrists and ankles, and I am stretched out, spread eagle, on Your bed... my entire body is covered in goose bumps... I am getting very wet, horny from sucking that guy off and more than a little frightened... The next thing I feel is Your belt landing hard on my ass... aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh goddamn that hurts... You hit me with Your belt over and over, and I am screaming and begging You for mercy - which is not forthcoming.

You continue to use your belt on me until Your arm tires and then I feel You climb up on the bed behind me, kneeling between my legs... You pull my ass cheeks apart and begin to push Your hard, hot cock into my ass, slowly at first, but further each time... until at last You are all the way inside me. You stop for a second, and then start gently sliding in and out, getting faster and faster, pumping Your hips grinding them into me, thrusting up into my ass... and I can feel You coming in me now, spurting into me, pulling out and cumming over my ass, my thighs, my back... When You are finished, You laugh and make me clean Your cock with my mouth... You release me and tell me to go get cleaned up...

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