tagIncest/TabooFamily Fun Begins Ch. 04

Family Fun Begins Ch. 04


Paul had spent the day after lunch thinking about the story he had read. It had kept him distracted all day. Every time he thought about it, he had thought "Lucky bastard!"

Given a chance he would fuck his daughter Samantha, just as the father in the report had fucked his daughter... How had he fucked her, he wondered. Had he made her suck his cock? Swallow his cum? Had he taken her virginity? Had he fucked her from behind? Had he rammed his cock in her ass? As each question ran through his mind; he imagined Samantha doing each act in turn, sucking him, swallowing his cum, and taking his cock into her pussy and ass. By the time he was on his way home, his cock was hard as rock and throbbed in his pants.

When Paul got home there appeared to be no one home, he quickly decided to take care of his needs. He went to his private lounge to watching a private video. As soon as the video started Paul had his throbbing cock out a slowly jerking it. He didn't knew he someone was watching.

Peeking through the open door crack Samantha saw her father sitting in his favorite chair his hard cock in his hand, rubbing his dick and breathing hard as he watched. He was watching a video of a young woman and older man fucking the volume was up enough for her to hear.

"Oh fuck me daddy... Fuck your bad little girl's pussy... Fuck me hard and fast... Make me cum daddy.. Slam that big cock in my cunt... Ohh fuck me daddy." Rang out from the TV.

The more the young whore on the screen moaned the faster Paul's hand flew over his cock. Then all of a sudden he stood up and grabbed a towel. Holding it front Samantha watched as a stream of cum shot from his cock and into the towel.

Samantha waited a few minutes to give him a chance to clean up before joined him and kissing him on the cheek. Paul asked "where is everyone?"

"Harry and Nancy are out." She replied Paul eyes watch as Samantha sat down cross legged on the carpet, leaning back against the sofa. He suddenly realized that he and Samantha were alone in the house. Samantha was in an old cotton shirt her nipples pressing against the material of her shirt. Paul stared at her breasts and wondered if they were as firm and full as they looked. His cock throbbed as he wondered what she looked like naked.

Samantha yawned and flipped channel of the TV hoping that the porno was on and her father had just changed the channel. She felt her father's eyes on her and smiled, he was always staring at her these days. It was obvious that he had ideas of fucking her.

She turned and smiled at her father; He was not a bad looking man at all. His graying hair added distinction to his appearance. He was a fit man, he had a small pot belly, but otherwise, he was in good shape.

She suddenly felt wet between her legs, her nipples hardened and she felt a strong physical attraction for her father. She stood up and looking into his eyes, she asked "We are all alone, Father?"

Paul nodded; His eyes staring back into hers reading something, but not too sure what. Samantha walked over to her father and sat on his lap. Her arms going around his neck she said "Father, I show what you were watching before I came in."

Then Samantha kissed her father on the mouth and as his lips parted, she poked her tongue inside and moaned. Paul too groaned. This was a dream come true, his hot daughter was kissing him and teasing his hair, ears and neck with her soft hands and slim fingers. He grabbed her buttock with one hand as his other pressed her hard against him. Kissing and moaning they moved down onto the carpet, where Paul rolled Samantha onto her back and moved between her legs.

Samantha wrapped her legs around his waist as he kissed her face, mouth, and neck and rubbed his hard on against her pussy.

"Father, please turn it back on and fuck me." She whisper "Quickly. Before anyone returns."

Paul moaned "Anything for you." before his mouth descend onto his daughter's tits. The whore being fuck on the TV moaned loudly as the man she called daddy fucked her from behind.

He tugged his pants off and rubbed his now naked cock against his daughter's pussy.

"Do it like that Father, fuck me." Samantha whispered pointing to the TV, her hand taking hold of the hot hard shaft of her father and squeezing it. Paul smiled as Samantha got in her hands and knees like the whore on the TV. She had only panties on under her long shirt so Paul pulled them off her hot young body; her cute little butt in his face, her hairy pussy before his eyes.

Taking hold of his cock he rubbed it through her bush and then placed it at her entrance to her pussy. He felt the hot slick wetness of her opening ease apart to allow his cock head in. He pushed his hips forward watching his cock disappear into Samantha's pussy and feeling the tight muscles of her cunt grip and hold his prick. He eased himself in slowly, until his balls slapped tightly against her pussy lips and his cock was deep in her pussy.

Samantha was panting heavily; it was barely 24 hours since her brother had busted her cherry, now her father's massive cock, rammed hard, up her newly opened cunt to the hilt.

She moaned and groaned as her father pumped her and taking her firm ass in his hands began to fuck her slowly in and out his cock sliding in to her full and deep before moving back out slowly, his balls gently slapping against her pussy lips. She felt her pussy cum with her first orgasm of the evening. Her juice oiling her hole up and encouraging her father to move his cock in faster.

Paul felt the sudden contraction of her pussy and the wetness of her cum wash over his deeply buried cock, Samantha was no virgin but she had not fucked too often, his experience told him. He felt the hot stickiness of her cum soak his balls and as they slapped against her.

His hands held tightly to her butt, as his pace increased, his cock ramming faster and harder with each stroke into her.

Samantha moaned "Oh Father! Oh Father yes! Harder do it! Harder!" she maoned hotly. Paul became rougher, his daughter was begging him to fuck her hard... what man could resist such a request?

"You like it?" He asked his voice hoarse "You like your Father fucking you? Tell me you love it, Darling. Tell me to fuck you. Beg for your father's cock."

"Yes Fuck me. Oh fuck me Father... Fuck your bad little girl's pussy... Fuck me hard and fast... Make me cum daddy.. Slam that big cock in my cunt... Ohh fuck me. Fuck your daughter." she moaned repeating the lines from the porno as he fucked her harder and harder

"I am cumming aaahhhh!" Just as Samantha came. Paul let out a cry of triumph and flooded her cunt with his cum. It rushed and throbbed out of his balls, up his cock to deep into his daughter's cunt.

As Samantha lay panting on the carpet, her father Paul, pulled his cum smeared cock out of her pussy and began to play with the cum filled cunt, his fingers dipping their tips into the sticky insides of his daughters cunt. Paul moved back so that he could see his fingers move in and out of her wet hole. The combined juice of her pussy and his cum coated his fingers.

Paul had always been an ass man, and the sight of his daughter cute little ass in his face was helping to keep his cock hard. He rubbed his wet fingers against tight butt hole. Then he leaned in and licked her butt hole. Tasting his cum and Samantha's pussy juice with the musky scent of her butt filling his nose. The feel of her father's tongue on her ass, sent a thrill through Samantha's body. Although weak from her own orgasm she could not help responding to her father's ass licking.

She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wider to allow him better access to her back passage. She felt his tongue press into her butt hole.

"Oh Father" She moaned "That is so good."

Paul sucked his index finger and coated it with spit then he licked her anus and pushed his saliva coated finger into her tight ass hole, watching as his finger wriggled its way into his daughter's ass.

Paul smiled as he fucked his daughter's ass with his finger, then turning his attention to her pussy, he slide two finger into her wet pussy. Samantha was moaning and groaning in pleasure, her father's finger was pumping her ass and twisting and turning in her as his fingers fucked her over flowing cunt.

Paul's prick throbbing as he thought about his favorite sexual turn on. Anal sex with a young girl. Nancy his wife was always co-operative and willing to take his cock into her ass; she had willingly taken it on her wedding night and every night after that, but naturally, years of taking a fat cock up her butt had widened her a lot. It just was not the same anymore. Paul had even had affairs with some of the secretaries at work, to help take care of his need for anal.

Samantha's ass had perhaps only probed by a boyfriend's horny finger but not his cock and the thought of her virgin ass excited him. That his finger was busy fucking his daughter's butt hole was an added to this unimagined turn on. Getting to his knees behind Samantha, he pumped his hard cock with his hand and fingered his daughter's cunt, watching her groan and moan as two then three fingers stretched her pussy lips apart and fucked her.

Then he pressed his cock head against the opening of her anus and pressed it forward. The oiling his fingers had given it helped, the tip of his cock pushed past the muscled sphincter and into her ass hole.

"OHHHHH!" Samantha gasped.

Paul moved a bit more, sinking an inch into her butt as she panted breathlessly. Sweat beads broke out on her forehead as her breasts rose and fell in her struggle to catch her breath. Paul savagely he thrust his cock hard into her. His third thrust sinking his prick fully into her rectum. Samantha gasped as he filled her back passage with his cock.

"Father!" She whispered "Take it out! Take it out! Please."

Paul kissed her shoulders and back and soothed her with his words "Relax baby! It will be alright. Try and relax."

As Samantha felt his monster cock throb in her ass, a wave of relief suddenly washed over her as she felt her muscles slowly relax. Paul felt the muscles relax and began to gently softly and expertly move his hips, his cock sliding back and forth in his daughter's ass. It was at that moment that Harry and Nancy opened the door and came in They stared in wide eyed amazement as Paul and Samantha began to move. They watched mouths open, as Paul butt fucked his daughter on the lounge carpet.

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