tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFantasy Cums True Ch. 01

Fantasy Cums True Ch. 01


This is a joint story with LillyO and myself. Please send your comments to me.

On a balmy Friday night in a strange city, I was sitting at the hotel bar watching a few couples on the dance floor, gyrating to music. I was in town for an accounting. It had been a grueling week and I wanted to take a few days off and relax.

I decided to wear my baby-blue thong panties under the shortest skirt that I could find. My low-cut blouse highlighted my firm 36C boobs and I could feel the stares. Occasional drafts of cool air made my nipples hard even through my Victoria's Secret baby blue bra.

Looking around the bar I noticed mostly couples. This made me realize how lonely I was. It has been months since I had had a hard cock inside me. Tonight I just needed to have one.

Suddenly a hush fell over the crowd and everyone was looking towards the dance floor. Curious, I looked as well. A beautiful, tall woman walked towards the dance floor. Her short skirt revealed her tanned, well-toned legs. As she walked, her wrap-around skirt parted, revealing her thighs. A gorgeous emerald studded ring hung from her navel. A short back-less top showed no tan-lines. The sheer material showed off her magnificent breasts, which shashed as she walked. A yin-yang tattoo filled the valley between her gorgeous boobs. A pair of smiling green eyes framed by short blonde hair completed the picture. Her arm rested on a handsome well-dressed man. Even his well tailored clothes did not hide his athletic frame.

The couple walked to the dance floor and started to dance. Everyone else just gawked as the pair danced to some Latin tunes. Their fluid moves inspired the watchers as they broke out into frequent applause.

My eyes were riveted on the man, wondering, almost hoping, if I would get to dance with him. Inevitably my thoughts also wandered to his loins. If only I could get my hands and mouth on his cock...

A tap on my shoulder broke my reverie. I looked up and the couple was standing in front of me. She leaned forward, "Can we sit with you? The place seems to be full." I was so surprised that no words came out of mouth. I just nodded.

He helped her to a chair and ordered drinks for all three of us.

"I am Jill and this is Josh," she said introducing herself.

"I am Lilly", I replied shaking hands with both of them. My hand lingered on his for a few extra seconds, feeling his strength.

We made small talk. I told them where I worked and that I stayed at the hotel. They were also from out of town, staying at a nearby hotel. I complimented them on their dance skills, commenting on how wonderful they looked together. "Would you like to dance with Josh? I could use a bit of rest", Jill asked taking me by surprise.

"May I have a dance with this beautiful lady?" Josh asked me taking my hands in his.

Laughing, I agreed after Jill nodded in agreement.

Dancing with Josh was an exhilarating experience. When the DJ put on an intimate tune, he held me close. I could feel his muscular body through my clothes. His presence combined with the music was a potent combination. I could feel an erection rising in his pants and that just sent me to cloud nine. When the music stopped for a break, I let him go reluctantly. We headed towards our table.

Jill was watching us with a smile. "You dance very well with Lilly too", she said kissing Josh in the mouth. I blushed. I noticed that Josh was sitting between the two of us.

Jill reached into her purse and took out a cigar, offering me one. I declined. Josh held a light to make sure that the cigar was lit. I watched in fascination as Jill blew out clouds of smoke. We talked a bit more, sipping our drinks slowly. Jill and Josh seemed quite oblivious to the bunch of gawkers. Very casually I saw one of Jill's hands move beneath the table and stay there. I could imagine what was happening, seeing the look on Josh's face.

My imagination was running wild, when I felt Jill's hand on my thigh. I brought my hand down and she grabbed mine in hers. Slowly, she guided mine towards Josh. His fly was open and I could feel a throbbing erect cock in my hands. She held my hand and our hands massaged the erection, slowly and deliberately. I could not believe that she and I were giving a hand job to this stranger.

As we massaged, squeezing the massive cock, I felt it tense, getting ready for an explosion. Jism squirted warm over my hands. I pulled my hand away, not knowing how to handle this. Jill bent down, as if looking for something. She left the cigar on the ashtray and went under the table. A few seconds later, she came up, eyes shining and a slight smile on her face. Traces of a whitish liquid around her lips told me the tale.

I had just masturbated a complete stranger and his partner had sucked his cum. I could feel the wetness in my pussy.

Josh excused himself and walked over the rest room.

The music started up again, with couples heading back to dance floor. "Wanna dance?" Jill asked me.

"With you?"

"Of course! I love this song and you are a wonderful dancer," Jill offered.

"Why not" I thought as we both got up. We got to dance floor and started o dance. The music changed to a slower tune and I thought we would head back. Jill held my hands and continued. I could feel the excitement coming from Jill as we continued. My hand brushed across her nipples through the thin material of Jill's blouse. I felt them stiffen and also felt something metallic.

"Nipple rings", Jill said nonchalantly, "they keep my nipples hard!" We kept dancing.

"Would you like to fuck him?" Jill was direct. Caught off-guard, I nodded.

"Why don't we all go to our room later. I don't mind sharing and I know he has the hots for you" Jill said.

My mouth fell open, and I was speechless.

"Lets keep dancing" Jill continued as the song changed. This was a more intimate song and like other couples on the dance floor, she held me tight. My right hand was holding her lovely ass cheeks. Because of our movement, my hand somehow ended up under her skirt. I could not feel the fabric of a panty and I looked her in amazement. As my hands moved across her ass cheeks, her legs parted slightly. My middle finger was a willing prisoner between her thighs.

I made a move to remove my hand. "Shhh", she whispered, "leave it there and just enjoy the moment".

Soon I found my finger probing her smooth, wet pussy as we moved ever so slowly to the music. I could not believe that for the first time, I was finger-fucking a woman in a crowded dance floor.

Her wetness increased as the song was getting close to the end. The song ended, before I could react, she kissed me on my mouth. Her warm tongue explored my mouth ending with a deep kiss. The audience burst out into applause. There were a few catcalls and I blushed. She bowed to crowd and I quickly withdrew my hand. My finger was soaked with Jill's juices and the musky aroma of sex emanated from my hand.

My panties were soaked and I could feel the mess. I needed to relieve myself. I excused myself and Jill and I headed to the restroom.

Inside the stall, I hands shook as I cleaned my soaking wet pussy with a tissue. I shook my head wondering what I was doing in this place with two strangers. I was excited, but also a bit scared. One thought kept playing in my head, “Why doesn't Josh ask me if he wants to fuck me? Why is Jill doing all the talking?”

I thought I must be having a wet erotic dream. Jill's knock on the door," Are you ok there Lilly?" brought me back to the present.

I lifted up my damp panties and adjusted my dress. I opened the door and there was Jill, puffing on a cigar.

"It's getting late and this place is a bit boring" Jill said, "Why don't we head over to our hotel."

"Sounds wonderful," I agreed. The need to have Josh's cock inside me was something I could not turn down.

"Common honey", Jill called to Josh. "Lilly is coming with us to the hotel."

She kissed Josh on his mouth and reached over and whispered something in his ear. His eyes lit up.

"Sounds great", he said throwing down a $100 dollar bill. "That ought to cover the tab!"

He reached out to me and took my hand in his, kissing it gently. His touch was gentle, yet firm.

Jill took the other arm in hers and the three of us headed out...

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