tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Campus Visit Ch. 2

Father's Day Campus Visit Ch. 2


Chapter 2

I just shot gobs and gobs of thick creamy load deep inside my gorgeous horny daughter’s tight little pussy as she rode on top of me. As we both calm down we realize we have been caught by Shelly. We didn’t know what to say or do at first. I mean how do you explain daddy coming to visit his daughter and ending up pounding his fat cock deep in and out of her tight little pussy. When I heard “Can’t wait to share the family” it made me relax a bit. My ears perked up in no time though when I thought about “share the family” I wonder what she meant. I was soon to find out.

Shelly was standing by the door with her hand in her panties moving fast, a very naughty smile on her face, and a very strong sexy smell coming out of her obviously soaked panties. Her nipples were very hard and erect and showing through her see-thru white tee shirt. I instantly started to get hard again. Partly because I was still feeling my daughters pussy contract around my cock and partly because I was looking at another gorgeous and horny teenage girl rubbing her clitty in front of me.

She walks over and starts to massage my daughter’s nipples and breasts as she starts to kiss her on her mouth and cheeks and neck. She then moves over to her nipples and starts to suckle on them and knead them and lick them and making them even harder. “Why don’t you take some rest – its my turn to ride this stud” – my daughter gets off of me. Shelly gets down on her knees and softly takes my semi hard cock (coated with Maggie’s pussy juices) in her mouth and sucks on it and licks it and sucks my balls in her mouth. Maggie gets turned on by the site of Shelly sticking her ass out bent and licking and sucking daddy’s cock drenched in her own pussy juices and starts to rub her clitty. “Come here sweetheart sit on daddy’s face and let daddy taste his babygurl’s gorgeous little cunny.” She squats down on my face and shoves her gorgeous shaved pussy in my face as I am forced to shove my tongue down her cunt.

I notice Shelly is now stroking and kneading my cock and balls as she has her mouth wrapped around my swelling cock getting fatter, harder and thicker. I look in the mirror on the left side and I see an incredible site of a gorgeous girl squatted down on my face feeding me her pussy cream and equally gorgeous girl with a cute butt sticking out as she sucks on my fat hard cock. After making my cock hard again and back to its 8” long and 4” thickness, Shelly gets up slides her panties off licks her lips gives me a very naughty smile and asks me “will you fuck me in my pussy now if I bounce up and down your lap?” All I can do was nod. She gets up, puts her legs on my either side and squats down onto my thick fat swollen cock. As she lowers her tight little cunt onto my thick fat cock I can feel her tight little pussy getting stretched to accommodate daddy’s fat thick huge cock. She starts to bounce up and down as my balls start to grind against her cunny.

Both girls are facing each other. One sitting on my face feeding me her cunny juices and other fucking my cock by bouncing up and down and grabbing my cock with her pussy lips. I look in the mirror and notice that both girls are now very close to each other and are kissing each other’s lips and cheeks and touching each other’s breasts. I get even more turned on by watching the two in the mirror. My cock gets harder and harder inside Shelly’s pussy hole. “I am gonna cum honey its coming …” and soon after I start shooting thick creamy white cum inside Shelly’s tight little pussy – “oh daddy I wanted to taste your cum this time” is what my daughter said. Shelly gets up off of my lap lays on her back spreads her legs wide and says to my daughter “there is still lots of your dad’s cum right in my pussy, come and get it. The next site pretty much made my balls explode. My daughter gets off of my face, bending over she licks and sucks my cum coated cock and balls and continues to slide down even more until she reaches Shelly’s pussy spread wide. I saw my daughter slide her tongue inside her pussy and start to lick suck and taste daddy’s cum in Shelly’s pussy hole. I cannot believe how horny my daughter was for a pussy and how gorgeous she looked licking and sucking on a horny young girl’s pussy. I could not take it anymore watching my daughter’s gorgeous butt sticking out in front of me and wiggling.

I was hard again. I got up positioned myself behind her, spread her legs wider and shoved my fat cock all the way deep down inside of your gorgeous pussy. She screamed and whimpered but it got muffled as her face was buried in Shelly’s cunt. I grabbed on to her waist and butt cheeks and started to pound my cock deep in and out of her tight little pussy slapping my balls against her clitty. I fucked her hard and pounded my big fat hard daddy-cock harder and harder inside her pussy forcing her tongue to go deeper in Shelly’s cunt. I looked down and watched her puckered anus open and close with every hard thrust of my cock. I slid a finger in her anus and she screamed whimpered and bucked making me shoot another load of hot cum down her pussy. I let some of my cum drip down her pussy and thighs. I pulled out and crashed on the bed with two gorgeous sexy naughty girls on my either side.

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