tagIncest/TabooFather's Day Present Ch. 3

Father's Day Present Ch. 3


The dream-like morning is not over yet for daddy. He is having the best morning of his life - with the way he woke up and found his lovely daughter slurping on his cock and then been taken into the shower where daddy daughter explore each other with their hands and tongues. But there is one thing that daddy now craves after being teased so much by his gorgeous cute perky daughter. He wants to burry his cock in her tight pussy. He wants to feel her sweet wet puffy lips wrap around his massive mancock. He wants to feel his fat cum-filled balls to run against her ass and her pussy.

He follows his daughter back into his own bedroom. Standing at the side of the bed she turns around and gives him her sweet naughty-girl smile. Unwraps the towel from around his waist and starts to dry the rest of the water droplets off of his body. She slowly slides the soft towel over his chest, his neck, his back and finally his ass cheek and his cock and balls and moving down to his thighs and legs and feet. She puts the towel aside while still on her knees and looks up into daddy's eyes as he looks down at his babygurl - lust filled in his eyes. She gives him her best smile, bites her lower lip looks at her daddy with those gorgeous eyes and sticks her tongue out to touch the tip of his swollen cockhead. She then slides half of his cock in her soft mouth and starts to suck it softly and then harder milking his balls and stroking the base shaft up and down as her mouth sucks on his cock knob and swirls her tongue around his shaft.

Daddy is hard again and her pussy has been creaming moist at the idea of feeling her own daddy's fat hard thick cock in her tight little babygurl pussy. While she is sucking on his cock she slides her other hand down between her legs to prepare her cunt for daddy's hard pounding - she starts to frig her hard clitty, pat her swollen puffy pussy lips and slides a finger or two in and out of her soft hot pussy. As her pussy gets hotter and wetter she starts to finger herself harder and deeper -and the more she gets horny the harder she sucks on daddy’s cock. She starts to feel herself cum and she shoves 3 fingers inside her moist pussy and shudders as she cums once, then again, over again and again - in tiny little orgasms.

As her orgasms subside she realizes that she has caused rather hard feelings from daddy who's cock is getting Fatter and bigger and more swollen and thicker and his balls are becoming bigger and heavier as more and more cum gathers in them. She knows he is ready to shoot his daddy load in her soft sweet young sucking mouth. She decides to stop and take his cock out of her mouth and get up. Daddy is in pain - he wants to cum and cum soon and he wants to drop a load of hot white creamy cum in her mouth but why did she stop? And what is she doing?

He stares at his daughter as she guides daddy onto his bed and asks him to lay on his back. She is smiling all the while creating more mystery than daddy can handle. She finally sits on his legs with his waving fat cock in front of her and she starts to stroke his cock up and down with one hand and massaging his balls on the other. He can feel that she has placed her swollen clitty against his legs and she is grinding her cunt against daddy's legs making her hotter and wetter. Daddy can't take it anymore and tries to pull her over towards him - on top of him - by grabbing her arms. She smiles and knows that its time for daddy to make love to his sweet babygurl inside her tight pussy with his FAT huge daddycock. She lifts her body up over his crotch and says "Daddy can you hold my ass cheeks open please - I want to sit on your cock daddy" as she smiles naughtily at her daddy. His cock twitches at the thought as he slides his hands around her ass cheeks, grabs them and spreads them wide open. His emotions hit high as he watches his gorgeous sweet daughter lower her tiny sweet body over his fat cock as he holds her ass cheeks apart - he feels her tiny pussy hole stretch around his fat hard cock to accommodate her daddy’s massive fat hard mancock. As daddy watches her lower her ass onto his cock her eyes start to widen up as she feels the hugeness of her daddy’s fat cock sliding into her inexperienced tight tiny sweet little pussy hole with puffy pussy lips and harder clitty.

Daddy lowers her down onto his cock and starts to grab her ass cheeks and massage them and guide her up and down motion onto his cock. "Oh God honey this is incredible - you are so tight and sweet wet and so hot down there - you are gonna make daddy cum inside you" She wants more - the up and down is not enough - so she starts to grind her cunt onto his crotch and rubs her clitty against his fat cock and leaning forward she presents her nice soft breasts and hard erect nipples into his face - which he gladly accepts and starts to nibble suck and lick on her nipples and her breasts. She is grinding her cunt in all four directions and experiences many tiny orgasms she lost count. Her pussy juices are flowing out of her tiny pussy and dripping down onto his balls and down his thighs and her ass crack. His hands roam from her waist and her ass cheeks as he holds his cock steady inside her pussy while she wildly fucks her daddy with her tight horny pussy hole. After 10-15 minutes of her bouncing on top of her daddy's cock and cumming several times she now wants to find out what it feels like to have a real man pound her cunt. As she feels her daddy’s massive hands fondle her breasts and pinch her nipples and his cock is shoved up her tiny little pussy she smiles at daddy and asks "daddy would you like me to get doggie style for you? Daddy can you fuck me from behind - "

How can a daddy deny his sweet babygurl the experience of feeling a huge fat daddycock inside her sweet pussy lips grinding his cock against her horny clitty and a chance to perhaps slap his big heavy balls against her pussy and ass hole. He lifts her up gets her on his side and she gets on all fours bent over with her ass sticking out cute tiny round bubble butt wiggling in the air for daddy teasing him to come fuck her very good. Daddy holds onto her ass cheeks spreads them wide open exposing her pussy hole and nudges the crack of her pussy hole with his huge mancock knob. She looks around at him, smiles at him but that smile turns into the look of pure lust pleasure and the incredible feeling of getting filled up in her cunt with a huge cock. She asks "Daddy - would you please hold my hair from my ponytail and pull it hard while you fuck me in my pussy doggie style" Just hearing her say naughty things like that and begging him to fuck her makes his cock swell up and he shoves it deep inside of her cunt making the balls slap against her cunt. "That’s it daddy please pound your cock in my pussy please daddy" that’s it he can't take it anymore as he lets go of her ass cheeks so now the warm flesh of her ass wraps around his huge cock and provides warmth and wetness as the rest of his cock slides in and out of her cunt. He grabs her waist with one hand and yanks her hair with the other as he starts to pound deep into her pussy hole grinding his balls and sliding his cock in and out of her tight little pussyhole. He can feel her tiny pussy just engulfs his cock around her pussy lips and she is milking his cum out of his cock by working her pussy muscles.

"God that’s it honey fuck daddy's cock with your pussy baby - please make daddy cum inside your gorgeous cunt - ah ah" bang bang fuck fuck shove shove slap slap pound pound "oh fuck me daddy please oh god daddy I love it daddy please keep fucking me" As his speed and force of his pounding the shit out of his babygurl's tight little pussy hole he can feel his cock getting shoved up her tight little pussy. He can feel the tip of his fat cock bloat and swell up inside her pussy and he can feel his cock grinding against the inner walls of his babygurl's horny pussy. Daddy closes his eyes and pounds into a tight pussy hole deeper and deeper, pulls her hair by her ponytail, slaps her ass cheeks and spreads them wide. As he is pounding he opens his eyes and looks down at his gorgeous daughter's round white ass wiggling with every thrust he puts into her pussy - and massages her ass cheeks his eyes feast on the most gorgeous pink puckered ass hole of a very gorgeous sweet babygurl. In the heat of the moment he wets a finger with his mouth and slightly pokes her tight little butt hole with it. The affect that had on his daughter incredible - she uncontrollable screams and yells "oh God daddy yeah fucking finger my ass hole daddy - oh shit - " as she screams these words daddy couldn't take it anymore - he slides a tiny bit of his finger in her ass and shoves his fat cock deep in her pussy as he starts to shoot gallons and gallons of hot creamy white cum gushes out of his horny fat cock into her tiny pussy hole - her sweet pussy can't take all of daddy's cum so some of it has to seep out of the sides of her pussy as its packed with fat daddy cock. his cum and her pussy cream overflow out of her pussy and onto his cock shaft and his smooth shaven balls and his and her thighs. He grabs onto her waist harder as he empties his final load of gushy cum inside her cunt.

They both fall forward and to their sides facing the same way - Daddy realizes that he has not taken his cock out of her pussy but he is too tired to move. So they fall asleep spooning with each other and his cock still buried up her pussy hole. She smiles at the feeling of his cock now getting smaller and softer inside her pussy but she keeps working her muscles to grab his cock and not let it go. She accomplishes that by keeping still but working her cunt lips and muscles. They doze off into a satisfactory sleep with is cock buried inside his babygurl's sweet pussy and his balls resting against her cunt hole. Daddy has a big smile on his face because he got to have his own sweet princess babygurl suck his cock and then take his cock up her cute tight cunt. He hears a soft moan from his daughter- "happy fathers day daddy" as they both dose off.

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