I passed by the basement laundry room as I walked by in the corridor, and caught a glimpse of Fatinah. Without loosing pace, I continued down the corridor with the box I was carrying, but my mind went berserk with thoughts of my incredibly sexy neighbor. Each time those thoughts occurred I felt a massive wave of guilt come over me as well as a noticeable stiffness inside my pants. It was always the same, but I couldn't help to dream about her, even though she was older than me. Then again, dreaming about her was not unnatural. She was little short of six feet, had a long thick and shiny black hair that fell in waves over her shoulders. Her dark brown eyes had just the right size, shape and position to perfectly match the frame her hair created, and her lips were always delicately painted red. Her tanned skin always looked perfectly silky smooth, and her hands and nails always seemed to be newly painted with either red or clear nailpolish. Her body was slender, athletic rather than curvy, but when I had the chance to see her walk, the motions were always cat-like graceful as her long legs and slender feet took steps with determination wherever she went. I couldn't remember ever seeing her wearing the same clothes two days in a row, and she had a real talent of wearing just the right items to enhance her presence, often in earthly colors of brown and gray with a hint or dash of intensity from red, yellow or blue.

At 19 years my sexual experiences was limited, or honestly none. The only thing I knew anything about was masturbating while I read men's magazines or if I was incredibly bold, watched a movie that I rented from the nearby videostore. Other than that, my sexuality lived an enormously vivid life in my dreams and fantasies. So again, after seeing her in the laundry room, my naughty thoughts escaped from the back of my mind, causing my heart to beat harder, and my pants be filled more. Finally reaching my intended destination, the apartment storage, I put the box on one of the shelves and grabbed my crotch and squeezed, hoping to reduce the growth that way. But the thoughts of Fatinah remained. Finally I knew nothing else to do but to actually pull out my cock and masturbate, but only after checking out in the corridor to see that noone was near. It felt so good to stroke my cock with long quick strokes, but I had to stop. My heart was racing faster from the risk of being caught masturbating in the basement then from the pleasure it was to do so.

With some difficulties, I managed to get my clothes right and walked the corridor back to the elevator. As soon as I would get back to my apartment on the eleventh floor, I would be safe and ready to stroke my massive boner. Passing the laundry room again, I took a peek to see if she still was there. Just a little glimpse of her gorgeous body, would be enough in order for her to become my masturbatory fantasy of the hour, but she wasn't there. I stopped and saw that all three machines were running, so she must have gone up to her apartment while the washers did their hourly cycle. A little disappointed I was about to continue to the elevator, when it caught my eye, a pair of pink silk panties on the floor with a pile of other items that was waiting to be washed. If my thoughts had been wild in the past, they were nothing in comparison to what my thoughts were now. I stood still staring at them, and realized that I was just a few steps away from taking them and having the chance to sniff them, to sniff her. It was an opportunity I couldn't resist, and I took quick steps to the pile and the waiting panties that laid there. I picked them up and they felt so warm and smooth between my fingertips. Not that I could say that I knew much about makes of panties, but they looked gorgeous, and they would probably look amazing on her. I raised the panties to my face and inhaled deeply. Her scent was intoxicating, and I felt my cock grow to a stiffness that was harder than I had ever felt before. I was so aroused by her panties that my cock grew uncontrollably, larger than I could ever remember, and involuntarily I took it out and stroked it while my face was covered in her silky scent. My God, I never knew it could be like this.

"What on Earth are you doing?"

The voice was stern and came from behind my back, but I knew without a moments hesitation who it was, and I wanted to sink down through the darkgray concrete floor and disappear. The pure pleasure that I had felt just seconds earlier was now equal to the embarrassment I felt. I removed the panties from my face and turned around. Fatinah stood in the doorway and her deep dark brown eyes were pitch black in anger. I handed her the thin fabric that for a moment had been my world in silence, and she jerked them out of my hand.

"You're coming with me right now. I'm calling the police and pressing charges."

She pulled me in one hand and her hamper in the other, and we walked to the elevator. She pressed the button, and the door immediately opened, and before they were even fully opened I felt her pulling my arm and throwing me into the corner. She stepped inside and pushed button 12 as the door closed behind her. I didn't actually see her pushing the button I just knew that she would since she lived on the 12th floor.

"What kind of pervert are you? Can't a woman be safe from pervert in the very building she lives in?"

And suddenly I started to realize what my desires had taken me to, and I pleaded to her as the elevator shook and started to raise in the surrounding shaft.

"Oh please, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, I just couldn't help it."

She looked at me in silence, while I continued my pitiful plead.

"I didn't mean it to happen, I don't know what came over me. I just..."

All my strength had rushed from my body and I could barely stand. She asked:

"I just, what?"

Dying in shame I whispered the truth about what had driven me to my actions.

"I just find you so incredibly sexy that I get stiff every time I think of you or catch a glimpse of you."

My reply was apparently something that made her think twice, and then suddenly to my great surprise, she threw her panties into my face and said.

"So show me. You know how slow this elevator is. It takes almost a minute to reach the twelfth floor, so show me just how stiff you are now that you're standing in front of me. Do you really find me so sexy that you get stiff?"

My cock was standing straight out in front of me, and I pushed her panties into my face as I took my cock in my hand and quickly started to stroke it.

"Yes, absolutely. You're so incredibly gorgeous that I can't help myself. And the scent of you is amazing. Just see how hard I am."

"Yes I can see that." she said with a smile "but will a minute be enough for you?"

Stroking furiously, I panted "Yes yes yes" in reply to her question.

"Really? Wrap my panties around it before you mess up the elevator."

I did as she told me and continued while I looked at her. She was absolutely stunning, much more beautiful than I had ever noticed before. Her thick black hair fell well below her shoulders, framing and her toned face with the perfectly applied makeup which made her glorious in my eyes. Her everyday shirt and trousers seemed like the most expensive designer clothing, clinging tightly to her body which made them reveal more than they were hiding. Her long legs ending in two perfectly shaped bare feet, with toenails just as elegantly painted as her fingernails. I filled my lungs in one last breath and grunted as I started to cum in her panties, all while she smiled slightly. The elevator started to slow down, and she took her panties from my cock, and said with a cold voice.

"Now come disgusting little pervert. We have a phone call to make."

With dim eyes I watched her and panted.

"But you said..."

"Who do you think they will believe, now that I have evidence in my hand?"

Again without showing any signs of leniency she pulled my arm and forced me to walk with her down the hall. My pants were inconveniently around my knees so walking meant a whole lot of skipping to keep up with her. There were noone else in the corridor, which at least was something to be happy about. It was not open of those moments when I would have wanted to meet Mrs Harris, the old hag who complained if there was any noise at any hour of the day, or Mrs Stone, the other old one in the building that would unannounced start jabbering about how bad the youth of today was, and how it was better in the old days. Finally at Fatinahs door, apartment 1241, she picked out a key, unlocked the door then opened it before pushing me in so I fell to the floor inside. I heard the door close, and the click on the lock being turned, the rattle of a securitychain before my eyes could even adjust to the darkness in her apartment.

I tried to get up, but heard her say with a degree of kindness in her voice.

"No you don't. Pervert stay on the floor."

She sat down and picked up the telephone followed by quick fingers dialing.

"So you have any last words before I report you to the authorities?"

She turned her face away as if she knew that whatever I might have to say still wouldn't be worth listening to since it wouldn't change her thoughts about calling the cops. I desperately tried to think of something to say, but all that came out was.

"Please, I'll do anything."

She smiled and looked at me on the floor and said.

"Yes I imagine you would do anything, but what makes you think I want to have a pervert running around in the building? No, you must get your punishment ."

She again turned away her face and spoke into the phone.

"Yes I have something to report."


"So what would you do? Would you promise not to go and steal panties anymore?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes I won't go stealing panties."

"Good. Would you promise not to masturbate in the elevator?"

Suddenly it dawned on me again what I had done in front of her.


She looked at me without saying a word.

"Yes, I won't masturbate in the elevator."

"Perhaps I should just give you a warning? Is that what you think?"

My first instinct was to say a simple yes, but something in her eye made me uncertain. After a little while I still decided that would be the way to go. It was without a doubt more safe than saying no.

"Yes, please."

"Perhaps I could come up with a proposition for you? Hm? Let's see. Would you promise not to masturbate in your apartment either?"

What? What I do or don't do in my own home? Why would I promise anything like that?


"Okay, then it's the police."

She turned away, holding the receiver in her hand next to her ear. After a while I realized that she had the upper hand, and finally agreed to her suggestion.


Again she simply looked at me, and I replied.

"Yes, I won't masturbate at home either."

She placed down the phone, and hold me to stand up. Leading me to what appeared to be her bedroom with an kingsize bed.

"I don't want you to masturbate at all." she whispered. She took one of my hands and raised it so that I would hug her. Her warm body against mine was an incredible rush, and my cock naturally rose to the fullest. I could feel her lips against my neck, and her lovely hair tickling my face and filling me with the sweetest scent of apple blossom.

"I want to cum over and over, but I don't want you to stroke your cock like you did in the elevator. I want you to come to me every Monday and Thursday evening at 7PM and place your cock in my hands. Would you do that for me..."

She looked in my eyes, and whispered.


My heart and other parts of my body were pounding hard, and I nodded.

"Yes, that's right, you want to place your cock in my hands just to get to know what it's like to be liberated from your sticky cum by a real woman. To have your virgin seed shooting out over and over again. Yes you want it, you need it, you crave it so bad, don't you..."

She stood closely to me in silence for a moment and then whispered.


I nodded once more. She couldn't see it, but I knew she felt my head moving and knew that I was nodding.

I felt her moving, I heard sound like crickets, and before I knew what had happened, I saw her pull a rope which securely drew my hands to the ceiling. I looked at her utterly surprised and speechless, but as if she could read me like an open book, she simply said.

"No hands..."

She looked at me, this time looking almost innocent with blinking deereyes.


At the same time I felt her take hold of my cock, and slowly squeeze it in her warm hands. I moaned, equally surprised as the moment before, and she smiled back while looking into my eyes.

"Yes, it's time to come once more, but this time I'll do it for you. I'll do it so good, that you'll be counting each minute until you can come back here and let me stroke your cock. Feel how wonderful it is to have a woman hold your cock. My hand feels different, right... my little pervert."

She began to slide her hand back and forth, and the sensation was incredible. Although I quite often could have the need to jerk off, making me a more than just a beginner, and therefore had felt my hand around my shaft more than once before meant nothing right now. Fatinahs hand gave unexperienced pleasures through my body. She move the hand slowly back and forth for a while and then let go, tugging violently at my shirt and ripping it apart.

"Let's see if this is your weak spot." she said, and took hold of my cock once more, but leaned forward at the same time and gently licked my right nipple. It was amazing. I could feel my orgasm coming like a steamtrain, and so could she, because she looked up at me smiled and said with hissing voice that felt as a shiver down my spine.

"Come pervert in my talented hand."

and then I felt her free hand move over my shoulder and push her used panties in my face, and she screamed.


My entire body moved in waves, pumping cum in her talented and demanding hand, and it was so intense I simply couldn't keep my eyes open. Somewhere in my scattered mind appeared images of strings of cum propellering out and landing onto the bed. The bedsheet stained by my cum over and over again, but I couldn't help it. Her hand just kept pumping and pumping and pumping until it began to feel uncomfortable and I motioned her to stop. She just didn't. Her warm hand wouldn't stop the motion of masturbating me, and I let out a moan of a hurt animal which only seemed to encourage her to keep on stroking.



I heard her voice so close to me as she held her head against my shoulder.

"Yes Fatinah, please keep stroking my cock. It's the most amazing thing I have ever felt in my entire life. I never want you to stop. I give you all my cum if you only keep stroking me, giving me this much pleasure."

She continued to have a conversation with herself while continuing to let her hand stimulate my rock hard cock, never ever giving it the chance to soften.

"Yes pervert, I love to hold your cock in my hand, to guide it back and forth and jerk you off like the little pervert you are. I wouldn't think of quitting while you are enjoying it so much. Oh your cum looks so great, so fucking great. My own little cumpump giving me all that I want.

"Oh Fatinah, don't ever stop. Your masterful hand drains me completely. Only for you will I cum, only for you."

And finally she slowed down and stopped completely. I heard her voice inside my head like a song which was fading away in the end.

"I don't want you to masturbate ever again. I want to masturbate for you, twice a week, and give me little presents like this little gem. Virgin seed from my own source will give me much money. You will do this for me, my little...

I sat up in bed. It was night and a pale moon tried hard to light up the room with at least a little luminance. I was soaking wet and thirsty, just as I always was when I got a high fever, and my thighs was incredibly sticky and wet. The intensity of my dreams had reached a new high, and if I wasn't careful I'd end up wishing I would never wake up again. I laid down again, the bed was damp and cool, and closed my eyes just for a moment to see her gorgeous face and her delicate mouth whisper.

"... pervert."

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