‬Your small hands undo my belt while I watch,‭ ‬lightly stroking your hair with my fingers while you slide the jeans down my waist and thighs,‭ ‬to the floor.‭ ‬I step out of them,‭ ‬and my body is even closer to where you sit on the edge of the bed.‭ ‬You look up at me with naked eyes,‭ ‬asking for permission.‭ ‬My own eyes drink in your lust as I pull myself through the opening in my boxers.‭ ‬Your eyes are on it now,‭ ‬hungry.‭ ‬But you're not allowed to do it unless I tell you to.‭ ‬You're not allowed to do anything unless I tell you to.‭

With one hand in your hair,‭ ‬I pump myself to hardness.‭ ‬Inches from your mouth,‭ ‬my swelling tool pulses,‭ ‬warm and smooth and stiff for you.‭ ‬Your mouth is open slightly.‭ ‬I watch your tongue move.‭ ‬My hand in your hair holds you while I tease you with my prick.‭

"Touch yourself,‭" ‬I whisper,‭ ‬and you look at me again with pleading,‭ ‬watery eyes.‭ "‬When you're ready you can have it.‭"

I see your hands at your sides,‭ ‬floating with uncertainty.‭ "‬Take off your panties,‭" ‬I say,‭ ‬and you push them down around your sitting hips with a slight squirm that makes me want to throw you back and nail you then and there,‭ ‬but I don't.

‭ "‬Put your hands between your legs.‭"

You tuck your fingers into your lap,‭ ‬anxiously finding the dampness‭ ‬of‭ ‬your sex.‭

I step forward,‭ ‬putting my legs between yours,‭ ‬spreading them wide.‭ ‬My erection brushes your cheek.‭ ‬I pull your hair back gently to make you look at me again.‭

"Do you want to suck me‭?"

You whimper and nod.‭ ‬I grasp myself tightly,‭ ‬relishing the tight feeling of arousal jutting from my body.‭ ‬I put it close to your lips,‭ ‬and your tongue dances over them in anticipation.‭ ‬I release myself for a moment,‭ ‬reaching out to touch the pretty face I want to fuck.‭ ‬Wrapping my fingers‭ ‬back‭ ‬around my thickness,‭ ‬I guide it toward your waiting mouth.‭ ‬I take my hand from your hair to‭ ‬pull your chin down...your mouth opens wetly,‭ ‬and I hear your breath coming heavily from an empty throat.‭

With one hand cradling your cheek,‭ ‬I feed you my manhood piece by piece,‭ ‬savoring the feeling of your pretty lips around my candy cockhead.‭

You open and close your mouth around the thick tip,‭ ‬then slide your lips down the shaft.‭ ‬I feel your tongue flutter around me,‭ ‬slipping deeper,‭ ‬until you swallow me whole and I fill your throat with cock.‭

I stroke your neck with my hand,‭ ‬feeling my hardness.‭ ‬I touch your lips with my fingers,‭ ‬feeling where I end and you begin.‭ ‬For a while I let you blow me,‭ ‬watching your wonderful head twist and bob and suck around my rigid‭ ‬flesh.‭ ‬I look down on you,‭ ‬your legs spread wide,‭ ‬your hands between them,‭ ‬fingers curled inside yourself,‭ ‬wishing they were me.‭

Your pussy wants me and you moan for it,‭ ‬and my breath comes deep and hard as your slutty sounds excite my flesh.‭

I want it harder now.‭ ‬I put my hands on your head and thrust.‭ ‬Your breath rushes against my skin as I‭ ‬curl my fingers in your hair.‭ ‬And I stop letting you suck me and I fuck your mouth with long,‭ ‬slow thrusts.

‭ ‬Your body quivers while I use it.‭ ‬Your hands are on my legs,‭ ‬on my waist,‭ ‬up your shirt,‭ ‬between your legs.‭

And then I pull it out,‭ ‬and you gasp a little when the wet,‭ ‬glistening length leaves your open mouth.‭ ‬I let you gasp,‭ ‬and then I firmly lay you‭ ‬back,‭ ‬spread your legs around my waist and take you,‭ ‬all of you.‭ ‬I stretch your arms above your head and bind your hands in mine.‭ ‬I crush your flesh into the bed with heavy strokes,‭ ‬my body taut and hungry,‭ ‬muscles stretching hard and humping crazy rhythms on your curves.‭

I fold your fuck doll body like a paper flower,‭ ‬opening and closing,‭ ‬opening and closing till it bursts into confetti pleasure,‭ ‬piñata deathstrokes bursting sharply in your loins,‭ ‬the joyous heat of you bringing me to boiling.‭ ‬I express the thrill inside you,‭ ‬stuffing your ecstasy with my bliss.‭ ‬My excited boy explodes between your legs,‭ ‬pumping liquid lust through solid flesh,‭ ‬into your clutching womb.‭ ‬And I have my high moment above the world,‭ ‬while my body confesses to your depths.‭ ‬Hot waves crash loudly,‭ ‬then recede.‭ ‬I pant and sigh and rest my spinning head against your neck,‭ ‬and my mind feels light and clean.‭

And when the tremors cease,‭ ‬we sleep.

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