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Fifteen Questions


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Copyright Oggbashan November 2008

The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

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The following are 15 fifty-word essays with a Christmas theme. Each title isn't counted.

01 Where?

There is a place where you can go,
Free from hatred and free from woe.

Love thy neighbour rings true
For all of whatever hue.

Happiness is there to stay,
Spirit of Christmas everyday.

Where is this place? You should know.
It’s in your heart – if you make it so.

02 Looking?

Where is Christmas to be found?

Is it in shopping mall, supermarket or on line?

It depends on you. You cannot buy Christmas.

You might do better looking in school nativity plays, in carol singing, in Church.

Or perhaps find something only you can do to help your fellow man.

03 What’s it about?

Christmas is celebrated all over the world but how many know what they are celebrating or why?

Do they care that it has become the saviour of the retail trade?

Do they care that greed drives people to buy?

Do they know, and should they care, about Mary’s blessed child?

04 Respect?

Muslims honour Jesus Christ. They respect him.

They see nothing wrong in honouring “the peoples of the Book”.

Why cannot we honour them for their faith, their beliefs, so similar, yet different to ours?

Why should a few misguided fanatics blacken the millions who serve God in their own way?

05 Turnabout?

Muslims should see Christians and Jews as believers in one God, as equally dedicated to righteousness and service.

Most do. Some few don’t.

The few that preach hatred tarnish the lustre of those who respect their fellow man.

Turn that around. It is just as true for Christian and Jew.

06 When?

We celebrate Christmas Day on the twenty-fifth of December.

But no one really knows if that was the date of Jesus’ birth.

We’re not really sure of the year either.

Purists may debate. Who cares? It doesn’t matter.

Christmas and the Nativity are celebrated when we want them to be.

07 Why play Santa?

Why do I pretend to be Santa?

Should I reinforce traditional stereotypes of Christmas based on a Coca-Cola advertisement?

Should I intentionally deceive young children?

Am I detracting from the real spirit of Christmas?

Am I encouraging them to expect something for nothing?

No. I’m enjoying myself. So are they.

08 Carols

Some celebrate Santa Claus and presents.

Some sing of the winter season’s snow and ice.

Some record the delights of special food and drink.

Many are traditional. Some are modern.

Many recount the Nativity story. Some ignore it altogether.

Christmas is a time for singing.

Whatever you sing – enjoy it.

09 Family love?

Christmas is a time for families.

But what if you don’t get on with your family?

Why should every family Christmas be the excuse for argument and confrontation?

For some, visiting their family is an ordeal they would rather avoid.

Peace on Earth? Peace within a family can be impossible.

10 Alone?

We expect to share our Christmas with family and friends.

If you can’t? Your family might be too far away or you might have fallen out with them.

Your friends might be busy with their families and you are left alone.

Christmas is a peak time for suicide and depression.

11 Charity time?

Most of us are bombarded with charity appeals in the weeks before Christmas. The letterbox bulges with unsolicited begging letters.

Are we more charitable at Christmas? Or should we think more about less fortunate people all year round?

Don’t wait for Christmas if you want to help. Do it now.

12 Expecting too much?

Do we expect too much of Christmas?

Do we want family, friends, neighbours to be happy?

Do we expect expensive presents?

Do we buy too much because we can’t disappoint the children?

Should we enjoy some of the simpler pleasures of Christmastide? Christmas carols, Christmas lights, can lighten our hearts.

13 Debt?

Are a few weeks of Christmas worth months of worry about the debts?

Traders rely on us to buy almost anything in the weeks before Christmas. Do we need all the Christmas-themed rubbish loading their shelves?

How often can you wear a holly-decorated item?

Remember that debts must be paid.

14. Message?

A simple Christmas can be enjoyable.

An open fire, a good meal with family and friends, presents given with careful thought instead of careless rush – these can bring pleasure.

Remembering and celebrating that Christmas is the Nativity and not just the exchange of presents – Isn’t that what Christmas should be?

15. Hope?

Is it worthwhile to ask yourself what we understand about Christmas? The Christmas message of hope can be lost.

If these short messages made you think; if they gave you ideas to celebrate Christmas as a Christian time to remember the birth of Christ – then I have achieved my purpose.

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