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First DP


One day in the middle of August 2002, my younger sister Tina and I were hanging out at the mall. I was adopted so we did not look anything alike. Tina has blue eyes with long dirty blond hair. She had also brought along her ex boyfriend, Chris. Tina met Chris from school back in May. She started to like him when she found out he was in a band, but they only dated about a month, things didn't go well because of Shawn- Tina's other ex boyfriend. He always stood in the way, and she never did anything about it. Anyways, Chris is not the best looking guy. He's about 6ft tall, very skinny, has a lot of acne, and has long brown hair.

The day was kind of boring, none of us had any money so we just walked around. I couldn't believe how mean Tina was being to Chris; she was being such a bitch. Then again, Tina was never really nice to him. Tina's the kind of person who knows she's hot, and who can get a lot of boys. She's one of those stuck up snobs.

The next day, Tina started telling me how much she hated Chris. "Yeah, I'm only hanging out with him until I can meet Eric."

Eric is one of Chris's best friends who lives in Jersey, he's coming down to visit Chris in about a week. I have Eric on my yahoo, Chris and him are pretty much the same, he's a really funny guy too, but the best part is that Eric is sex crazed like me! Eric and I have talked about fucking when he comes down. Chris and Eric are also bisexual. Eric told me so.

On Friday, Eric came down. I was talking to him from Chris's house online. I told him my parents were going to be gone all day tomorrow... but there was a problem. That Friday, I had just started my period. So, now I thought the whole thing was off. Then Eric told me he didn't mind, and he would still be up for it. Well... that was a relief. I been waiting for this for a long, long time. I'd be really mad if it wasn't going to happen.

The next day Chris and Eric showed up at 7:00pm. Tina and Shawn were home as well. Shawn had answered the door to let them in; I was sitting on the couch kind of nervous. Chris came in first followed by Eric. Eric was much taller than I had expected. He also looked different from the pictures I seen. He looked almost like Chris. They were the same height, very skinny; Eric had short brown hair with less acne then Chris. They both just stood in the middle of the living room. Ever since they came Shawn got really close to Tina, and wouldn't leave her.

He was like a dog saying, "Stay away from my toy, or I'll kill you."

Well to me that's what it looked like... Tina seemed to be getting very annoyed with Shawn, and like always Shawn and Tina started to argue. Chris and Eric were still standing there talking to each other. I was sitting silent on the couch. Tina had said she wanted to meet Eric so much, but she barely said a word to him... maybe it was because Shawn was with her, I don't know.

About 15 minutes later Tina said, "Okay, I'm going to Shawn's house for a while, be back later."

We heard them leave on Shawn's motorcycle. I had music playing on my computer, I didn't like the song that was on so I went to change it. Eric came over and sat down on the stool beside me. Then Chris came over. That's when we started talking. We were talking about music, while they went through my songs.

Then I said, "Hey, let's look at porn!"

"Okay," Eric said, and then started typing in some websites. I was really only joking, but didn't say anything.

I was getting a little bit horny from looking at the porn sites. I got up and walked near the stairs, trying to give Eric the hint to follow me. Chris and Eric had stopped looking at porn, but were going through more of my songs.... I guess Eric finally did get the hint, and came very close to me. Eric pulled me toward the couch we sat down; Chris went to sit on the other couch. I was still a bit shy but then I got closer to Eric, and sat on top of him. He pulled off the sweater I was wearing, and we started to make out. Eric was a really good kisser. Not very long before Eric pulled away, then yelled over at Chris.

"Hey, come over here."

Chris came and sat beside Eric, I got off of him. They both smiled... then they started making out. Damn. I'd never seen that in real life before. It kind of got me exited. It was about 7:30pm.

Eric un-zipped his jeans and pulled them down. Chris started rubbing his cock through his boxers. I could see Eric getting hard. I was just sitting back enjoying what I was seeing, when Eric looked at me.

"Well get in here."

I had never been in this kind of threesome before, and I wasn't really sure what to do. Chris had stopped rubbing his cock, and was sucking on Eric's neck. Eric gave out a low sigh. I then started to rub his cock, then pulled it out. I'd say it was about 6-inches, but was it ever thick. I was jerking him off when he pulled off his gray T-shirt.

I leaned down and put Eric's hard cock into my mouth, holding the base of his dick with my hand, and then started sucking him off. I was going as deep as I could, and with a fast motion. Chris and Eric were sucking on each other's necks and making out. I didn't suck off Eric for too long, it was kind of hard because he was so thick. I sat back up, and watched Eric and Chris continue to touch, and kiss each other. Chris now had his shirt off also. Not too long after they stopped Eric looked over at me.

"Okay, I'm fucking you now."

Chris sat at the end of the couch. While I was un-zipping my jeans, Eric was taking his off, along with his boxers. Eric came over and pulled off my T-shirt. Then he got behind me, so I got onto my hands and knees.

Eric pulled my jeans down, I looked down only to see Chris's crotch in front of me. I then felt Eric push his cock inside of me. Oh, it felt great! I moaned loudly. Eric grabbed onto my hips, and pushed his cock in and out with a fast and hard motion.

When he was going fast, it hurt a bit. I was loving it though, so I took the pain. I was moaning quite loudly. Still just staring down to see that there was another dick in front of me, I couldn't take it any more, so I tried to un-zip Chris's jeans, but it was a bit difficult with one hand.

Chris did the rest and pulled out his cock. It was a bit hard, but not fully. I slid his cock into my mouth. It was a great feeling, sucking cock while being fucked at the same time. Eric put his weight down on me, and started fucking me harder. I heard him moan then say,

"God, you're so fucking tight."

A few minutes later, Eric told me to get on my back. I took Chris's cock out of my mouth, which was damn hard now! Turned over and lay on my back, now looking up at Chris.

Eric grabbed my pants and took them off, I had a bit of blood on them, and Eric had a little bit of blood on his dick. Not a lot, I wasn't bleeding heavy. Eric then swung my legs over his shoulders, pushed his cock inside me, and started fucking me hard.

About 3 minutes later, I looked up at Chris and said, "You should fuck my ass."

Once I said that, Eric pulled out and looked at Chris waiting for an answer. There was a long pause....

Then Eric said, "I'll do it."

Both Eric and Chris had never done anal before, so this was Eric's first time.

I turned over on my side, Eric tried putting his cock in. "You do it." So, I grabbed onto his cock and led him to the right spot. He pushed until he finally got it in. It stung going in, but once it was in, it felt awesome! Eric was fucking my ass slow while Chris lay beside me, trying to put his cock into my pussy. It wasn't working- there wasn't enough space for us in the position that we were in. Eric took his cock out, Chris and I both stood up. Eric sat down, and pulled me onto him and pushed his cock into my ass again. Chris put his hands on top of the couch, leaning down a bit, and pushed his cock into my pussy.

Eric grabbed my hips, and was pulling me off and pushing me back onto his cock. It was an amazing feeling. I was moaning really loud. There had been no lights on, so now it was dark. Eric and Chris were still fucking me. Chris kept on sliding out, I felt Eric's cock more. Then Eric gave out a loud sigh... I felt the flow of Eric's cum in my ass.

"I'm done."

Chris pulled out, and stood up. I got up next, and then Eric. I was a bit disappointed, I wanted them to keep going, or at least Chris. Eric was the only one who said he was done.

Eric and Chris picked up their clothes, and went into the bathroom. I turned on some lights and looked at the clock, it was 8:40pm. Then I started looking for my clothes. I put on some pj pants since my jeans were full of blood. Then I saw some blood on the couch, so I had to clean that up right away. I gave Chris and Eric rags so they could clean off the blood that was all down their legs... It wasn't a pretty sight. I never had to clean so much after having sex.

For the next half an hour, we just ate some food and talked. I gave them both some bus money to get home. They left at 9:15pm. That was my first dp, and I loved it. Although, it could have gone better if I wasn't on my period.

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