tagLoving WivesFirst Swing

First Swing

byEnglish Bob©

Michael and Cherry Masterton sat opposite each other quietly in the hotel bar. Two glasses of chilled Chablis rested untouched between them; tiny rivulets of condensation rolled slowly from the outside of the bowls and down the stems forming damp rings on the old wooden table. The full majesty of the setting sun reflected in the still waters of the Pacific behind them and the palm fronds wafted gently in the falling evening breeze. But neither were interested in the sights, both were deep in their own thoughts.

"Nervous?" Michael asked, at last breaking the silence.

"A little."

"There's still time, sweetheart. If you want we can just stop this now and .."

"Oh God, they're here!" Cherry whispered in a gasped voice.

Michael looked around and saw the couple walking unhurriedly towards them. He guessed that they were maybe a little younger then he and Cherry and both looked very attractive. Oh, well, he thought as he rose from his seat, it was now or never!

Michael effected the introductions and quickly learned that their guests we called Steven and Lisa. Both seemed extremely pleasant and attentive and, as Michael introduced his wife he saw a sly grin widen Steve's face.

"Such a sweet name, Cherry!" He laughed, "soft, juicy and delicious. And ripe for plucking, perhaps?"

Both Michael and Cherry laughed. The ice now well and truly broken, Steve seemed to take charge and suggested that they all adjourn to Mike and Cherry's room.

"You okay?" Michael whispered as he and Cherry entered the room.

"I am now! Steve is very sexy and Lisa is too. I think we are both going to enjoy this!"

"All right then! Damn we are actually going to do this, aren't we?"

Cherry smiled back broadly and giggled as she nodded her head. Michael was right, they were about to get involved in their very first swing!

After everyone had showered and settled down, Cherry was the last one out of the bathroom. As she walked into the room with a white towel wrapped around her tingling body Steve once again commented on how attractive she looked. Cherry preened herself and smiled. It felt wonderful to be receiving so many compliments.

"But I think you'd look even better without the towel!" Steven continued. "Why don't you hop up on the bed and I'll see if I can make you feel even more special?"

Michael watched his wife wordlessly obey a man that she had met only a few minutes ago. And clamber up onto the large double bed that dominated the centre of the room. Steve joined her quickly and as their lips met in a passionate embrace his hands deftly unravelled the towel from around her to reveal her pink, freshly washed body. Slowly his hands began to roam; caressing and gently fondling her womanly flesh. Mike watched as Cherry's nipples stiffened visibly as Steve touched them and heard a quiet moan of satisfaction escape her lips.

As was the previously agreed arrangement for the evening, Mike sat back in a comfortable armchair and simply watched while Lisa sat at his feet with her head resting against his leg. She was a petite, almost oriental looking woman and as her long black hair cascaded over Mike's leg he could feel his erection pressing urgently against the inside of his pants.

Both Mike and Lisa looked on while Steve struggled out of his clothes and then joined Cherry back on the bed. Gently and slowly he gripped her ankles and spread her legs wide.

"Relax, baby. He murmured quietly. I'm going to make you feel so good!"

Lisa gasped out loud as Steve's head dipped between her open thighs and his tongue snaked out to lap gently between her moist folds. Mike could see the way that his wife's body reacted to the younger man's oral caress; her legs seemed to tense up and her back arched. He watched closely as the man dove his tongue deeper into her vagina and as he used his thumb to rotate slowly over her visible clit, Cherry's toes curled and she let out a long, low groan of ecstasy.

"I think she's cumming."

Mike glanced down at Lisa and realised that this was probably the first thing that she had said all evening. She had a low, husky voice that sounded incredibly sexy and Mike felt the blood surge through his throbbing penis once again.

But Cherry was cumming. In deep, moaning throes of ecstatic excitement her body quivered and trembled. Her legs shook as the climax crashed through her and Mike could see that his counterpart was having a tough time just keeping Cherry still long enough for her to come down.

Virtually the moment that cherry had regained her breath and composure she was up on her knees and looking for Steve's long, hard cock. The younger man kneeled in front of her and proudly displayed his manhood. Mike could see that it was as stiff and rigid as a metal rod and from the look of unadulterated lust in Cherry's eyes, he knew that she was about to devour the man.

"Mmmm! That looks so nice, doesn't it?" Lisa murmured again from Mike's lap.

He was torn between looking down at the pretty oriental face and from staring straight at his wife as she started to swallow Steve's tool.

"Would you like me to do that as well?" Lisa continued in her Little-girl-lost voice.

Mike nodded his head vigorously as he felt her fingers clawing at his zipper. It was down in a second and he gasped suddenly when he felt the girl's long cool fingers wrap themselves around his pulsating manhood. Somehow she managed to ease his pants and underwear down and, as the glistening head of his tool pointed directly towards her mouth, he felt the warm wetness engulf him absolutely.

Mike closed his eyes for a moment as the glorious sensations coursed through his loins. This girl knew how to suck and she was an expert. A professional. Mike suddenly realised how true these thoughts were; of course she was a professional and, as their previous arrangement had dictated, both Lisa and Steve would be well remunerated for their professional services.

By the time Mike looked back up at the bed, Steve – with hands placed proudly on hips – was thrusting his tool in and out of Cherry's abused looking mouth. Her hands were cupped under his hanging balls as she swallowed him and he grunted every now and then as the head of his cock nudged against the back of her throat.

Lisa's head bobbed up and down in Mike's lap deliciously. The head of his penis felt turgid and swollen and his thighs were being tickled by her long, dark hair as she fellated him.

"Can I see you fuck her?" Mike managed to gasp out. "I know it's a bit soon but I want to see it before I cum."

Lisa's head bobbed back up again and she released Mike's cock with a slurping sound.

"You gonna cum soon, baby?" She cooed, "You wanna cum in my mouth?"

Steve and Cherry took a moment away from their oral administrations and glanced over at Mike and Lisa. Steve grinned.

"Sure, man. I gotta say that I've been looking forward to fucking Cherry since the moment I saw her! Be a real pleasure!"

"My pleasure too I think!" Cherry commented as she carefully lay back on the bed.

"Now, we got to do this so that Mike and Lisa get a good view," Steve said, "so just relax and let me do the work, okay?"

Mike saw his wife nod her willing agreement and then gasped again as Lisa's soft lips returned once again to his raging erection. Slowly Steve moved behind the completely naked Cherry and lifted her foot high into the air. She held her leg straight and Mike quickly realised that he had the perfect view of Steve's hard cock and Cherry's dripping pussy.

"This okay Mike?" Steve asked, virtually presenting Cherry's vagina for all to see. "Can you see her cunt okay from there?"

Mike grunted and nodded his head again as Lisa swallowed him down to the balls.

"Yes! Oh God! Just fuck her will you? Just fuck my wife hard!"

And then, with a guttural grunt, Steve was inside Cherry's hot, wet pussy. One hand kept her leg up high to provide the best display while the other pumped and squeezed almost brutally at her breasts. Mike could see her nipples clearly as they stiffed under the other man's touch and suddenly felt a warm rushing feeling from his balls.

"Oh Christ! I'm gonna cum!"

Mike tried to pull back before her shot his load, as he thought that Lisa would have wanted – he seemed to remember from somewhere that "professional" girls didn't like to get cum in their mouths. But Lisa was different – very different. As Mike attempted to withdraw so he felt her fingers claw at his buttock and drag him back in. he couldn't hold out any longer and with a cry of satisfaction suddenly began pumping his thick seed into the younger woman's mouth. As she eventually drew back a long trace of cum mixed with saliva swung from her chin.

Mike was gasping for air but had to turn his attention back to his wife and her lover. Steve was by now slamming his throbbing tool deep into cherry's hot pussy and pinching hard on her nipples.

"She's a sweet, hot little slut, Mike!" Steve grimaced as he rammed up into her body over and over. "Want me to shoot inside her?"

"Both Mike and Cherry answered a definite "No" in unison. They had thought a lot about the final "showdown" and both had decided that Cherry would finish the proceedings off with her mouth. Mike now gasped this decision to Steve who seemed only to happy to comply.

Quickly changing positions, Cherry lay on her back while Steve straddled her face. The view wasn't so good now and so Mike found himself being taken by the hand as Lisa led him closer to the bed.

Both Lisa and Mike watched avidly as Steve eased himself back between Cherry's painted lips. Her mouth opened as wide as it could stretch as she accepted the throbbing tool deep into her throat.

"Time to cum!" Steve almost cried out. "I'm there right now!"

There was no other warning for Cherry. As soon as the words were out of Steve's mouth, so his cum was in hers. Mike watched great spurts of thick, creamy seed surge from the head of Steve's twitching member and flood into cherry's wide open mouth. But, inevitably there was too much. Far too much. Cherry swallowed deeply just as another long burst of sperm covered her face. Her tongue lapped up as much as she could but the residue dripped – almost obscenely, Mike thought – onto her hard upturned nipples and down into the deep valley of her cleavage.

Steve and Lisa didn't leave that night and the sex flowed like cheap wine. At one point, when Cherry was taking a well earned rest, Lisa showed her how to take two cocks into her body at the same time. The oriental woman stood up between the two men and their stiff erections and guided Steve into her dilated pussy while urging Mike to fuck her up the ass. It was a sight that Cherry hadn't seen outside of a sex film.

Can I try that next time?" She asked girlishly as Lisa's body was thrust back and forth by the two men.

"Just have to wait until I get my breath back!" Mike laughed. "This first swing has really taking it out of me!

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