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She looked around. Fog shrouded buildings. Odd noises in the shadows. Then the shadows. Then the shadows enveloped her. She was wrapped in darkness, damp tendrils on her face. Something pulled at her clothes. She opened her mouth to scream. The damp tendrils filled her mouth, feeling like soft damp cotton, stopping her voice.

Her clothing was tugged harder. Something tore. She heard the rip and felt her blouse pulling away from her body. Then her bra was tugged and twisted and eventually ripped to free her breasts. Cool dampness on her skin, sliding over her breasts. She moaned and tried to twist free of the confining darkness. Something sharp brushed against her nipples. Her moan was louder as the stimulation shuddered through her.

Now her skirt was being tugged. Soon it too was ripped and removed. Her panties were no barrier to whatever had her. The cool damp made her tremble, raising goosebumps on her body, hardening her nipples. Something rough moved over her as she twitched. She was breathing harder. Whatever was moving over her body was stimulating her.

Then it went between her legs. She shuddered as the roughness moved over her clitoris. Again. The sensitive bit of flesh swelled. Again. She groaned as her body went rigid in orgasm. Her head whipped back and forth in denial as the roughness mover over her clitoris again and again, fueling her orgasm, intensifying it, making it go on and on. Her groans were a denial of the sensations flooding her body.

Now something hard and hot pushed at her labia. It rubbed from her clitoris to her vaginal opening, back and forth, pushing, seeking entrance. Then it found the opening and pushed into her. She jerked and thrashed. Whatever had entered her was huge, burning hot. It spread her, expanded in her. Her moans were now whimpers as her body quivered and shuddered. Pain surged between her legs as the thing pushed further into her. It was thick, hot, and rough. It pushed further and further into her. Her muffled screams tore her throat, and she sobbed as the pain grew with each push into her. The burning tip pushed against her cervix and then seemed to curl in her as the huge rough shaft pushed further and further into her. Something now pushed against he hips, rubbing rough and hot against her skin.

Then it started to withdraw, pulling slowly with equal pain out of her. She shuddered in pain, moaning, trembling. Then a hard, fast thrust into her, the invading shaft curling tight in her. She spasmed, jerking, trying to scream. Again and again. Harder. Faster. The tearing pain soared and exploded in a massive orgasm. Her body arched, rigid, as the convulsions went on and on. The thrusting shaft swelled and pulsed. She thrashed in the grip of the darkness as the fiery ejaculate poured into her, searing her, mingling intense pain and exquisite pleasure into ecstasy. The intense climax finally released her. She was limp, sobbing, her body quivering.

“Ssssssss. I liked that,” hissed a harsh voice in her ear. “Sssssssss. More.” And the huge shaft began moving in her again. She moaned, shuddering, as the pain began and the pleasure poured through her. Again the rough shaft pushed into her, curled in her, filling her, rasping hard in her. She writhed, moaning in pain, her hips jerking in spasms as the long, hot shaft curled in and out of her, harder, faster, burning friction that had her trying to scream, panting, sobbing in pain and pleasure.

Her body arched as her climax burst. Her body spasmed hard, convulsing around the huge shaft thrusting in her. The thrusting did not stop. She thrashed, screaming against the muffling tendrils. The rough shaft thrust and thrust, curling and uncurling in her, creating a tearing, painful friction that had her trembling, jerking, moaning. And another orgasm claimed her. She convulsed hard and long. Then the huge shaft pulsed another fiery flood of ejaculate deep into her. She sobbed, thrashing, moaning, her hips jerking in response to the fiery climax pulsing into her. Again limp, moaning, he body shuddering as the massive, rough shaft uncurled and slowly pulled out of her.

“Ssssssss. Very niiiicccce,” hissed the voice. “Sssssssss. More.” Her groans of denial grew louder. She writhed as the darkness and fog closed tighter around her. Something rough moved over her face and throat, down to her breast. She twisted and writhed, moaning. The thing that held her was stimulating her. Her mind had numbed and her body trembled at the rough touch.

The hard, rough, massive shaft rubbed her clitoris again, back and forth, harder and faster. She jerked and climaxed. Then the penetration began again. She threw her head back, neck corded with her effort to scream. She struggled against the roughness pressed to her body as the shaft pushed into her curled against her cervix, hot, thick, painfully filling her. The thrusting began. Her moans and sobs seemed to fuel the arousal of whatever was thrusting into her. On and on. The pain had dulled but the ongoing sensations still had her writhing. She again arched in climax, convulsing around the thick shaft thrusting in her. She jerked against the thrusts, her body shuddering. Another flood of burning ejaculate poured into her as she thrashed, sobbing in excruciating pain and exquisite ecstasy that went on and on.

Finally all was still. The darkness still held her quivering body. She was moaning softly. “Ssssssss. You are ssssstrong,” hissed the darkness. She trembled. Roughness caressed her breasts, sharpness touched her hard nipples. She moaned louder as she arched into the raspy touch. “Ssssssss. More.” The hot hardness rubbing her clitoris. Her hips moved with the pressure. It again sought entrance. She whimpered at the pain of the rough penetration. The invading shaft was thicker, hotter. Again it pushed and pushed into her, pushing against her cervix, then curling in her, spreading her, searing hot, gravel rough. And the thrusting began. Hard, fast, curling and uncurling in her shuddering, writhing body. She wanted to scream. She whimpered, moaned.

And her body now responded to the ending pain. “Ssssssss. Good,” said the harsh whisper as her hips pushed back against the hard thrusts. On and on. Pain and pleasure. She arched in climax, rigid, convulsing as the rough shaft thrust in and out, on and on. Another massive climax. Fiery molten ejaculate poured into her, fueling her intense orgasm. She was limp, breathless, her body quivering, throbbing around the huge thing curled in her. “Ssssssss. More.” She moaned softly, trembling, waiting. Hot, rough penetration, long and thick. The damp tendrils moved away from her mouth.

“Please,” she whispered hoarsely, her mind and body now totally consumed by the darkness and fog holding her, “please, more…” A sharp thrust into her. She arched to the pain. “Aaaaaahhhhh!”

“Sssssssss. Much more,” agreed the harsh voice. The thrusting began. She writhed and thrashed, her screams sounding faint to her ears. On and on, bringing her to climax again and again, pulsing fiery floods of ejaculate into her convulsing body.

The faint light of dawn. The darkness slowly, painfully withdrew from her throbbing, quivering body. She never saw what had taken her. The growing light showed her torn clothes. The panties and bra were shreds, but she was able to cover herself with her skirt and blouse. She stumbled and staggered home. Safe. She frantically tore off her clothes and threw them away. She looked at herself in the bedroom mirror. Her nipples were swollen and sore. Red streaks ran down her legs. At first she thought it was blood. Then she felt the tenderness. Burns. From the fiery ejaculate that had poured into her and leaked out. She took a long, cold shower. Finally, exhausted, she fell into bed. Her sleep was haunted but darkness and pain. And exquisite ecstasy.

She awoke at sunset. She reached for a bedside light, then hesitated, trembling. If she didn’t turn on any lights, would the darkness possess her again? The thought made her tremble. She laid back, naked on her bed and waited as the room got darker and darker. Something cool and damp touched her body. She quivered.

“Sssssssss. Ssssstrong one,” hissed the darkness. Roughness rubbed her body. She moaned. The hot hardness again rubbed her clitoris, seeking entrance. It pushed into her. She jerked as the pain began. Again, the slow, painful push into her, curling in her, filling her. She trembled and moaned, her hips arching up to the pain. “Sssssss. Yessssss.” The thrusting began. Hard, deep, roughness tearing at her. She bucked and thrashed against the heavy darkness on her, plunging in her. Her screams muffled, as she arched in climax. On and on. Fiery ejaculate pouring into her again and again.

This night there were no pauses. The thrusting continued, hard, fast, bringing pain and ecstasy. All night long. Release again came with the dawn. She moaned in protest. The darkness now owned her body. She wanted more of the exquisite pain and pleasure. Sleep claimed her.

She awoke in the afternoon, restless, aroused. She pulled on minimal clothing and went out. Her restless wanderings soon took her out of town into the woods. She went deeper and deeper into the trees to a hidden cave. Inside, dimness merged with ebony shadows. She went deeper into the cave, lost in the passages. She wandered until she found the darkness. She stripped and waited. The darkness caressed her, urging her to the ground. She lay down. Waiting. Wanting.

“Ssssssss. Mine,” said the darkness. The hot hardness pushed roughly into her. She arched and screamed as the painful penetration wen on and on. The thrusting began. Hard, rasping, tearing deep into her. Something sharp fastened to her nipples, pulling, hurting. She writhed and screamed. Her orgasm began. On and on, fueled by fiery ejaculate.

The darkness possessed her.

Pain. Pleasure. Ecstasy. Forever.

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