tagBDSMFor the Sake of Motherhood Ch. 02

For the Sake of Motherhood Ch. 02



William, fed up with his stepmother's outrageous behavior, takes drastic action.

If you're offended by explicit depictions of physical discomfort this story probably isn't for you.


He untied her cords and she remained perfectly still in the bed, her ass up and cheek resting against the smoothness of the sheets, until he turned her on her back.

She ran her fingers through his deep coffee colored hair while he lovingly ministered to her body, alleviating her suffering by baptizing her injured nipple with the sweet fluids of his hot virgin mouth. He then bathed her entire breast with his tongue, and then did the same to the other.

"Oh William you're so sweet when you want to be," she breathed softly.

Julie raised his head looking in his eyes before she kissed him. The light of his passion pulsed hotly there sending a strong shiver done her spine. She parted his lips with her tongue and probed the burning sweetness of his tissue, as one hand dropped to fondle that sweet, vulgar hardness, between his legs. She felt it lurch against her hand as she softly stroked, she swore she could feel the rhythm of his heartbeat there, as it labored for his blood.

She lowered her face to his groin and began to work her mouth around his heavy muscle. Drawing in, as much as she could to coat it with the moisture of her mouth, then pulling back, sucking as hard as she could while she pulled sliding off with a loud pop.

It became even firmer and achieved even larger proportions as she manipulated him. His body's cringing reaction to her manipulation of his giant organ, made her smile with a sense of pride. She continued to tease his raging, stiff, masculinity with her sweet warm mouth and gentle lips, until he was shivering fiercely and calling her name urgently.

He disengaged from Julie's wanton revelry and pulled her up to kiss her mouth. He had discovered his mother was quiet good at this, and he enjoyed it tremendously. He leisurely necked with her, savoring the sweet fruit of his evil act. He then laid her back beneath him, and looked down on the glorious temple he was about to enter and lusted for it.

He laid his massive hardness on her crotch and began to move against the folds of her body, and ran the big monster back and forth in the moist valley of her crevice, lubricating it with the sweet, oozing dew, of her body.

He slipped the head between the swollen lips of her opening slowly, then shoved forward into her deeply, to her intense satisfaction, and full joy. She groaned deeply in her throat, and thrust her glistening pelvis upward in a rotating fashion, seeking to slam her cunt fully against pubs. The sound of her sensual orchestrations reverberating around them thrilled William nurturing the energy of his lust.

"God Bill, what you do to me!" Julie whispered to her son.

Bill placing his mouth near his mother's ear whispered back, "You're a shameless slut Julie, a woman that has to be controlled before she can come, dominated before she can care. You love the way my cock feels in you don't you slave?"

"Yes Bill, and I'll be anything you want me too!"

He hammered his impatient mass into her body, as she twisted, and contorted underneath him. He went at Julie like a sex starved maniac, ripping into her wet clutching organ. Until she cried out, spewing hot fluid all around his hardness, clutching the sheets tightly, and quaking fiercely against his hard lean body.

Looking up into her master's eyes, she smiled with a peaceful light in her own. She felt more wonderful than she had in ages, like she use to all the time, so very long ago.

Placing her lips close to his ear she spoke softly to her lover, "Tell me you love me William, please!"

He didn't reply but moved from the bed before speaking. "Remain here Julie, until I return."

Her eyes misted as he moved away. Watching him go she questioned if she had killed his affection toward her for good. God she would die if that were true. She had somehow lost sight of the most valuable things around her without even knowing how, or when. He was so handsome now, tall with broad shoulders like his father, and she adored him.

When he returned he stood beside the bed looking down at her coldly. An ornate black satin choker in one hand, a single golden colored metal ring at its center. In his other a long fine chain with golden loops at both ends, one large the other smaller.

You will wear this whenever I request it Julie. After I tether you, you will speak to no one. You will not speak to me unless I address you directly. You will not venture off by yourself; you will do nothing, say nothing with out my permission. You will not use my given name when chained; I am "Sir or Master, always!" Do you understand me Julie?

If I tell you to kneel, you will sit with your bottom resting on your calves underneath you. Your hands will be folded in your lap and your eyes lowered to the floor, you are to remain in this position until I tell I give you permission to move.

She wanted to cry, there was ice in his eyes as he looked at her. She knew he was dead inside and would never be her dear smiling son again. The knowledge of it pained the most private region of her heart, and the pain of that wound sprang radiant in her eyes, bleeding them moist, as she trembled at the verge of tears.

"Yes sir, I understand, and will obey," their was pain in her voice as she spoke, softening both her inflection and features.

"You will now prepare a bath for me as I rest here. When it's ready you'll return and stand by the bed waiting for me. When I go you will follow and you will bath me. Do you understand me Julie?

"Yes sir," she replied, when she turned away to attend his biding, there were tears rolling down her cheeks.

So far, so good, William thought, she'd had her first orgasm and been softened up a bit. It looked as if it may work after all. He hoped so; he didn't want to see the family break up.

She returned and stood quietly by the bed, her hands folded in front of her.

"Bend down woman," as she complied he slipped the satin choker about her lovely neck and fastened the golden chain to it. Then with his hand at the back of her head he drew her down for a kiss, and for a moment she forgot the pain in her heart, as she lost herself against the tenderness of his kiss.

He then rose from the bed saying, "You will walk in front of me, that I may admire the sway of your hips. Proceed!" William did just that, as he surveyed the gentle roll of her full hips, and the movement of her awesome creamy cheeks.

Half way across the room he tugged on the chain, she stopped immediately in her tracks. He turned her, and sought her lips with his. She raised her hands holding the back of his head, and passionately probed his young mouth with her tongue moaning with the pleasure of his sweetness.

His fingertips slid smoothly over the satin skin of her breasts. They stood in this embrace for some time, enjoying the titillating sensation of each other's lips and tongues. Both, feeding a rising hunger in their respective bodies, as their hands caressed and fondled every sensitive area they could reach.

"Proceed," he commanded, somewhat breathless now!

"Yes Master." She looked into his eyes briefly before turning, searching hopefully for some sign of tenderness, but seeing nothing but lust she moved on. She desperately needed him to love her, but could not say so. She deliberately sashayed her hips deliciously before his eyes, hoping as she did, he enjoyed the scene.

"He stopped her again speaking in her ear his body pressed against hers, "You have the most wonderful swing Julie!" He whispered.

Reaching back she placed her hand behind his head and drew his face forward next to hers. Turning her lips she kissed his cheek and whispered back, "Thank you Bill."

"Get in Julie, I'll bath you first," he said.

The movements of his hands over her body were the gentle touch of someone caring, and considerate. His touch was a caress of love, by a heart that held deep and profound feelings for her, "Was it imagined and born out of her own need for approval, or was it in fact a true indicator of his feelings for her ... she was in agony to know the truth!"

Whatever the case, his hands were soothing and full of comfort, with a tenderness she hadn't felt in years. But his eyes 'Those damned lying eyes' said otherwise, they were cold, lifeless pools of color when he watched her, her gift to her son. Once again her heart broke, and she felt like crying, and this time she did.

"Woman, what is it?"

"Nothing sir I just, its nothing at all," her voice laced with deep emotion as she spoke.

His finger traced her cheek, turning her face to his, their eyes locked, and he saw her pain. He stroked her cheek and the side of her neck gently. She cried the more as she stretched herself to his lips, finding the sweetness of his mouth. And consoled her breaking heart in that place.

Her arms about his neck clinging to him, desiring the emotional closeness their bodies now shared. He held her that way, like a little girl that had scraped her knee, until her pain passed.

He desperately wanted to say the words she longed to hear. To tell her he loved her deeply, both as a mother and a woman. But knew after tonight he could probably never do so again. Not if he intended to save her marriage, and his family.

He finished bathing Julie's beautiful body. Then holding her hand steadied her as she gracefully dismounted from her bath. Taking the large towel and kneeling in front of her he began to briskly dry her off. The scent of her musk and vanilla soap was heavy around him, pleasing his nostrils, seducing his senses.

She looked down and watched the muscles ripple in his back as he knelt and vigorously toweled her body. He was so considerate of her, so gentle. She wouldn't believe he didn't love her, he must; in spite of the signs she read in his eyes. And if not, he would again, because she would find a way to restore those feelings in him.

Kneeling there at eye level with her mons, he couldn't resist just one little venture into the recess of her vulva to gently bath her clit with his warm tongue. Once the taste of her body was on it, he continued, not wanting to stop, even plunging it deeply between the sweet lips of her warm passage.

Her fingers finding his hair, softly urged him to continue his gentle feeding. Her voice whimpering as she moved her body softly against his face. She was so fucking adorable; he wished he could tell her so. Finally, not really wanting to, he relented before he lost complete control, as he knew he surely would.

He slipped into the soapy water, letting its heat penetrate and soothe his body. Her hands were on him instantly, as she began to massage his chest. It didn't take Julie long to find her way to his massive hardness. He could measure the softness in her eyes, as her hands moved lovingly over him. Her touch was like a gentle spell, cast lovingly against his skin, the softness of her fingers penetrating to the center of his soul drawing him steadily to the glowing warmth of her heart.

"Sir, I'm loose, may I speak?"

"Yes, my dear."

"I know you didn't achieve satisfaction with me before. I would be happy to accommodate you in any fashion you might require, if it pleases you my Lord."

"Right now you please me very much Julie, and yes when I'm finished I'll take refreshments in your bedroom, and you as well! I wont tether you again tonight Julie, I want you free to speak and move."

Joy sprang up in her with such intensity, that she feared she might burst. And enthusiastically she kissed his mouth again. She rushed to finish his bath so she might spend time pleasuring him. When the bath was over he stepped from the tub and she rushed to buff him down.

"Master, may I touch it?"

"Of course you may."

She gulped it, or as much of it as she cold handle, her small hand softly squeezing his stones. She went at him like someone possessed of a dark lecherous spirit. Bill knew he had to stop this but pronto, or he would soon blow the back of the poor woman's head off. She was incredibly intense.

"Julie stop! And go ahead downstairs, get my drink and wait on the bed for me." He could see the disappointment, in the flash of her eyes as she looked up at him.

But she stood, and moved immediately to fulfill his wish.

He finished in the bathroom and headed for Julie's bedroom. She was already there with his soft drink, lying to one side of the bed on her back. He reclined on his side looking over at her sensational body, reaching out and stroking her proud nipples as he did.

"I want you to straddle my face slave, I want your taste on my tongue again! I want your mons shaved clean of body hair Julie, you have such a beautiful, high prominent mound, it's a shame to cover its glory," still teasing her nipples.

"Yes master, will tomorrow be soon enough?" She asked, excitement at the prospect of pleasing him in any way, evident in her voice.

"Yes Julie, that will be fine."

He placed his hands behind her ass and his mouth over her clit. Then began to softly flick her hard little nub. She began to rock gently against his mouth in time with the movements of his tongue on her. His finger sneaking over, to lightly nail dance over her sensitive anal opening, teasing it playfully to make her body jerk. He loved the little jerks, and gasps it produced in her.

"Oh Master, you're so good for me!" she sighed.

She was heating up under the continuous flirtations of his mouth, moving a little more aggressively now, her sweet spicy fluids more abundant than they had been. Reaching back, her small hand wrapped around his rigid mass and began to temptingly squeeze, and stroke, the lurching monster she adored so.

"What your hand is doing, feels good Julie!"

She was shaking almost uncontrollably now. Bill quickened his oral movements stabbing at her tiny opening urgently, like a small penis on the verge of its climax. It drove her to a continuous low wail, waiting ... he patiently held back for the right moment. When he felt it arrive, he shoved his finger deeply into her anal slit, and Julie instantly drove forward on his face and cried out.

"I'm coming my Lord, o-oh G-God!" She writhed intensely above him, shuddered fiercely, her gasps sporadic, and impassioned!

The intensity of her cry made him chuckle with delight. And he enjoyed immensely being smothered with her charms, as she wiggled and moaned. The little quakes, and shakes, and salty whimpers, teased his ego and made him rock hard below.

When she regained her wits she looked into his eyes searching for some shred of approval. "Do I please you master?" She asked, as her delicate hand gently squeezed his burning organ.

"Yes Julie, very much."

"Moving to his ear, as if sharing some deep, vital secret, she ask, "Do you love me then Master?"

He placed his arms around her, running his hands to the cheeks of her bottom, then gently squeezing her there said, "You please me Julie!"

"Damn you Sir, damn you, you opened my heart forcefully and called up its tenderness, now why won't you love me as I love you! You created these feelings in me, now you act as if you don't want me to care. Please Bill don't be this way!" She was on the verge of tears, her heart breaking inside, but at last she quit the fight, in the face of her disappointingly futile effort to reach him.

Her heart sank within her as she pulled back to look into his eyes, her own veiling with the mist of her disappointment. And for an instant, as he watched her he faltered. The wall of ice that had served him so well until now, shielding his feelings from her, melted suddenly, leaving him defenseless and vulnerable. And he was forced to look away. Before her cunning eyes could know the truth, that he was more of a slave to her, than she to him.

"Now move closer and kiss me," his voice low and unsteady as he spoke, as he tried desperately to hide the truth in his heart from her.

"I love you Master," her inflection soft and rent, as she voiced her endearment!

Her lips softly touched his and he was instantly flushed with her wonderful warmth. Her tongue trailing a path of sweet fire in his mouth that fell directly on his manhood making him flinch. Her hands roamed to the hardness between his legs, its throbbing heat stirring her exciting.

She loved how it twitched as she stroked it. They necked that way, exploring one another completely, thrilling at the sweetness of the lust they shared, and the closeness of the moment.

Reaching between their bodies's she aligned his hardness for entry to her sex, and then slowly lowered her body to meet his, his stiff mass, parting the shapely folds of her enraged vaginal lips. It felt as if they were sucking at the head of his cock, coaxing him deeper into the pit of her fire. He groaned at the sudden sensation of her rippling warmth, and the clutching tightness of her passage.

He could clearly see when she rose on the upstroke; his shaft was covered with her cream, the sight was awesome, the fragrance even better. She rocked and wiggled; clutched and rotated, making him delirious with the sensation of her moves.

She was a demon from the dark-side, an automated fuck machine from hell, pulling his life force out of his body through the thin slit in the head of his own cock, and making him love it as she did so.

He began to pound upward against her slight form, fucking himself into her like a wild man. Like some animal breeding his bitch, nearly tossing his mistress from the bed. He understood her smile when she knew he was at the edge, he knew she was joyful at what she had brought about in his body.

He knew, that the urgency she had created in him was validation of her sexual prowess, a reinforcing affirmation of her sexual abilities as a woman. He knew the feeling of power it instilled in her, He knew... he loved that smile... and everything it stood for!

Then it exploded from his bag, burning its way in sweet agony along the underside of his cock, as it traversed his length. Like a thunderbolt burned into his brain with a blinding flash of light, rushing madly to its exit, his fire catapulting itself into the hot receptacle wrapped around his pumping hardness. His voice booming like thunder, as he filled Julie with his hot seed, his body twisting fiercely in the sweet painful fire of his release.

He pulled her down and held her next to him, holding her there.

"The master slave game is over for today Julie, perhaps we'll play again tomorrow."

"Tell me you love me sir, please!" she begged him.

Bill diligently considered the scope and depth of his response, but it was the gentle plea in her loving eyes that defeated him, his fortifications stormed, and laid waste, by the tenderness of woman's heart.

He did "after all" love her deeply, he only hoped it wouldn't turn out to be a mistake! "I'm wild in love with you Julie, I never stopped caring about you not for a single moment!" he whispered.

Impassioned by his response both hands went to his hair where she held him, as she forced her lips to his exuberantly, and sealed the commitment of his statement with her kiss.

"Sleep with me tonight my Lord ... here, please!"

She was soft, warm, and crying again, the woman was gone, and the confused little girl had come home once more!

"Julie, you couldn't keep me away tonight!"

He turned on his side and drew her into his arms!

Exhausted the two lovers took refuge in the silence of sleep, she, as close as possible to him, sheltering herself in the security of his arms!


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