Fragments Ch. 04


“Hey, partner, wake up!”

The soft female voice causes me to stir. I don’t want to wake up because I know where I will find myself. Back in that damned room. Back in that white prison I have been placed in and I don’t have the slightest clue why. I still don’t know who I am except for my name…

“Jake! Wake up!”

The hard nudge convinces me to open my eyes and I am surprised to see that the room is gone. I find myself leaning back in a car seat.

“About damn time…” the driver mutters.

I look at her and am happy to find that it is the woman from my previous two dreams. She looks at least five years younger and is very flat chested . Memories of her huge tits come to my mind and I wonder if she had surgery at some point.

“…are you ready?”

“I’m sorry,” I say. “My mind is a million miles away.”

She laughs.

“The way you staring at my breasts, I don’t want to know. Save all that sick stuff for Cindy, I hear that you two have been spending a lot of time in the office supply room.”

I pause. I don’t know anyone named Cindy. I don’t even know who she is but I play along.

“Well,” I grin, pointing to my crotch, “when you got it…you got it!”

This causes the woman to laugh and punch me in the arm.

“That’s just it though,” she snickers as she opens her car door, “I hear you don’t even have that! Come on, let’s go.”

I hear her laughing as I exit the car and walk around to where she is standing. I look at the crowded parking lot and at the full moon above us. She begins to head to the entrance of a very fancy hotel and I follow.

We step through a sliding door into a very quiet lobby. She turns and looks at me.

“Considering who we are interviewing, let ME do all the talking.”

I am relived.

“Okay,” I agree and we walk to the desk.

A young man greets us and asks how he can help us. My companion speaks.

“We are here to visit your guest in room 804.”

The clerk types in the room number and I watch as his eyes go wide.

“One second, “ he mumbles and picks up the phone.

As the clerk dials the room, I glance at my companion. Her outfit is very conservative. A black pair of dress pants, light blue blouse, and black dress shoes. She catches my glance and begins to speak when the clerk interrupts.

“Let me see your ID’s and then you can go up.”

My companion reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a small wallet. I reach into my own pocket and find a similar tri fold. She and I hand it to him, he opens them and looks at us.

“Very well, you may proceed. Have a good evening.”

He hands us our wallets back, my companion slips hers back into her pocket and thanks the clerk. I open mine to look at the ID card. Finally a picture, I think as I study it. If this is me then I am not very bad looking. I have more hair in the picture and reach up to feel that the picture is accurate. My companion is younger in this dream so maybe I am also.

The header of the ID is very plain and says only…The Agency. My name, Jake Stafford is below my picture. I feel a poke on my back and look at my companion.

“Are you okay?”

“Sure,” I say as I tuck the wallet into my pocket and proceed to follow her to the elevator.

As the floor numbers start to tick away I am glad to have at least a full name.

“This will be interesting,” my companion says.

I look at her.

“Yep,” I agree.

“You think she is telling the truth?”

I shrug my shoulders, trying to act like I know what is going on.

The elevator chime tells us that we have reached our destination. My partner steps out first.

“Well, let’s hurry up and leave.”

I nod in agreement and begin to walk down the hallway. As we approach the room we see two big guys standing outside. They look at us and both step in front of the doorway. My partner says nothing and reaches for her ID. I do the same and they look at our images. When they are satisfied with who we are they step aside and open the door. One of them whistles at my companion. She stops, gives him an evil stare, and walks into the room. As I enter I hear the other bodyguard snicker.

The room is dark.

“Hello,” my partner cries out.

A lamp flicks on and a woman steps out of the shadows.

I may not have any of my memories intact but I do recognize Jenna Jameson standing in front of us. Her blond hair is done up in a pony tail and her tank top hardly contains her breasts and I find myself staring at her cleavage. Her attire is only highlighted by that of a very short mini-skirt. Mini, being the key word.

“Thank you for coming,” she says as she motions to the living room. The suite is huge and I do not spy any luggage lying around.

We sit on the couch while Jenna sits in a chair across from us. I watch as the skirt rides up until I can see the white thong she is wearing. I feel a familiar stirring in my crotch but pause for a second when I realize that something doesn’t feel right.

“I am Carolyn Bennett,” my partner says and she points at me, “and this is Jake Stafford. When the Agency heard of your case, we were picked to try and help you.”

“Start from the beginning,” I say and Carolyn looks at me.

Jenna sighs.

“Okay, you see how big my tits are?”

I begin to answer but Carolyn glares in my direction. I close my mouth.

“Well,” she continues, “they did not use to be this large.”

Carolyn sighs.

“People think I had surgery because of my films and that is the story that I do perpetuate but that is not the case.”

“What did happen, then,” asks Carolyn. I can tell by her tone that she is starting to just humor Jenna.

Jenna stands up and I lose sight of the white laced panties. She walks over to a desk, picks up an object, and holds it in the lamp light for us to see. Carolyn and I rise and walks over to where Jenna is standing. In her hand is what looks to be a crystal triangle. Someone put a lot of work into it because there is no obvious flaws.

Jenna looks at us and continues her story.

“I was at a convention several months ago when a good looking man walked up to me, wanting an autograph. I gave him one and then he gave me a sealed box, saying that he wanted to give me a present as a tribute to my beauty. I thanked him and placed it in a box with the other presents that guys had given me during the day.

I had forgotten all about the gift until late that night. I was alone in my bedroom and couldn’t sleep. I walked to the box of gifts and sorted through them. I found his present and opened it. I stared at the crystal, just like you are doing , when it gave off a flash of light. I suddenly felt very warm and very horny. I began to masturbate and could not stop myself. I came so many times that night and collapsed from sheer exhaustion.”

I look over at Carolyn and, somehow, I know that she is thinking that Jenna must be on drugs or something. She glances at me with a look that says I am correct. I turn my attention back to Jenna.

“…and when I woke up the next morning,” Jenna touches her chest, “my breasts were this huge.”

She looks at us. Carolyn tries to be professional.

“Interesting,” she says, looking at Jenna. “How can we help?”

“Well,“ Jenna answers, “about a month ago I began to get strange letters saying that they knew I had an unusual item. I ignored them. Some horny men and women will say anything to have sex with me. They think that because I am a porn star I will sleep with just anyone. A week ago I received a disturbing phone call at the studio. It was a male’s voice, real deep voice now that I think about it, saying that if I don’t give ‘it’ up , I will wish that I would have. I asked him what he meant and he hung up.

After that, I haven’t answered any phones but I have been getting a lot of weird messages and I am scared. This is the only thing I can think that he is after. I mean, my tits were nice but this thing was able to give me larger ones, there has to be something to this crystal.

A co-worker suggested your agency, he said that you dealt with strange things like this.”

Carolyn nods and looks my way. I can tell she doesn’t believe her at all.

“Okay, Ms. Jameson. We will investigate this,” she says. “However, we will need to borrow that crystal.”

Jenna sighs.

“Good,” she says, “ I don’t want it anymore, your agency can have it.”

Jenna begins to hand it to Carolyn. As the base touches Carolyn’s palm she begins to speak when a bright flash of light surrounds the two women. Jenna begins to tremble and her grip at the top of the triangle weakens.

The triangle falls and I rush over to catch it but I am unsuccessful. It falls to the floor and shatters. Another bright light envelopes me and I fall to the floor.

Carolyn stumbles and looks to be sweating.

“Damn, it’s hot,” she says as Jenna catches her before she falls.

“Thanks,” Carolyn says as she stares into Jenna’s eyes.

I notice that the room is also beginning to get warm. As the heat grows I feel a stirring in my crotch once more. This seems very familiar and I begin to think of the brunette. My thoughts are interrupted when I hear the sound of fabric ripping.

I look over and am surprised to find Carolyn and Jenna in a very passionate embrace. Jenna’s ponytail has come undone and Carolyn is running her hands through Jenna’s blond hair as they kiss. The sound of ripping fabric was that of Carolyn’s blouse. The torn blouse is on the floor and Jenna is quickly undoing Carolyn’s bra.

Carolyn pulls away only long enough so that Jenna can raise the bra over her head. When the bra is on the floor, Carolyn roughly pulls Jenna’s face to her small tits. Jenna begins tolick the very small nipple and moves over to the other one.

“Yes…”moans Carolyn. “Suck my small titties!”

Jenna gladly responds and I watch as she devours what little breasts Carolyn has.

My cock continues to grow and begin to press against the fabric of my pants. Something does not feel right and I begin to remove my slacks. As I unzip I hear Carolyn giggling to Jenna.

“If you think I am small, look at him.”

I pull my pants down to find my erect penis but I am very confused. Staring back at me is not the ten incher that I possess, I would have to guess it was more like six inches. I hear Carolyn laugh and soon that laugh is muffled as Jenna shoves one of her tits into her mouth.

I just stare as the two women rips each others clothes off. Soon they are standing, passionately kissing, and completely naked. I too tear the rest of my clothes off and begin to stroke my cock. I watch Carolyn stumble and Jenna gently pushes her to the couch. Carolyn speards her legs and I can see her dark pubic hair that she keeps neatly trimmed. Jenna bends down and begins to lick Carolyn’s pussy.

“You taste wonderful,” Jenna exclaims. “Has anyone told you that?”

Carolyn moans.

“Not another woman.”

I watch as Carolyn begins to play with her tits and my mind begins to cloud up. Maybe it is just the light, but I could swear that her breasts looked a little larger.

A wave of ecstasy washes over me and I begin to jerk off as I watch Jenna eat my partner out. Carolyn continues to runb her breasts until she orgasms in Jenna’s face. She then sits up and kisses Jenna, licking her juices off the porn star’s face. It is Carolyn’s turn to play. She pushes Jenna back onto the couch and starts to run her tongue down the smooth, tan stomach. As she progresses I notice that it was not my imagination, Carolyn’s breasts are bigger. They are up to at least a B cup.

Carolyn spreads Jenna’s legs apart and grins evilly at the naked pussy before her.

“Oh yes, Ms. Jameson,” she says seductively. “ I do believe we can help help you with your problem.” I watch as she slowly descends her head and begins to lick Jenna’s pussy.

Jenna begins to squirm on the couch.

“Yes,” she moans as Carolyn licks her. “Suck my clit, you little bitch!”

I look down at my cock and realize that, while Carolyn’s breasts have grown, so has my cock. I continue to pump it as the warm feeling from before begins to slowly pass away. So Jenna was telling us the truth.

Jenna’s orgasmic scream echoes through the room and I look over at the two women. Jenna Is now lying, breathing very heavily and Carolyn is still crouched above her, grinning very wickedly with Jenna’s juices dripping from her face.

I just stare at her and Carolyn follows my gaze to her tits. Damn, she mutters as she takes them in her hands. The double D’s she now possess hardly fit into her hands and she moans as she touches them. She caresses them and pinches her nipples.

“Damn, “ she mutters, “they are so sensitive!”

Jenna takes one in her hand and squeezes it. Carolyn moans.

“That’s not all,” replies Jenna, “ look over there.”

She and Carolyn look my way and I look down at my swollen cock. It has also continued to grow but it has stopped. No longer am I holding the six inch dick, instead I am now pumping my ten inch cock.

Carolyn rises from the couch and approaches me.

“Cindy doesn’t have these, does she,” she says as gets nearer, holding her new breasts.

I shake my head as she crouches above me. She releases them and I am looking up at her tits and her big nipples. She leans one down to my mouth and I take it willingly. Carolyn moans with approval and reaches down to my cock.

“Oh yes, partner! I knew you would be handy someday!”

With that, she positions her pussy over my dick and impales herself on it.

Pleasure that is only equal to what I experienced with the brunette engulfs me as I slide through her tight lips. Carolyn moans, pulls her nipple out of my mouth and begins to ride my cock. I stare at her tits as they bounce up and down. I glance over at Jenna, who has propped herself on the couch and is fucking herself with three fingers.

“Ride him, cowgirl!”

Jenna’s comment only spurs Carolyn on and her pace quickens.

As she fucks me, Carolyn takes one of her breasts and lifts to her mouth. She licks the hard nipple and then bites it. She takes her other tit and does the exact same thing. Watching this performance and the pounding she is doing to my cock, causes me to cum. I shoot into her and Carolyn cries out in pleasure.

Carolyn stays on top of me until I finish cumming. When I am done she rolls off and lies next to me.

“Damn,” she says. “That crystal is hot. Where is it?”

In the heat of passion she must not have noticed that it had shattered so I begin to tell her until she interrupts me.

“Here it is, “ Carolyn says and reaches over to pick it up. I notice that it is whole once more but I could have sworn that it had broke. I begin to realize that Jenna was right to be worried.

I look at Jenna who has fallen asleep on the couch. Carolyn begins to yawn and soon a wave of drowsiness sweeps over me. As I begin to doze off, I think back to the first time I had fucked the brunette. As I had orgasmed a few clips of memories surfaced. One clip in particular was a girl with big tits riding me and playing with her breasts. That just happened! Carolyn was that girl! So maybe these dreams are not really dreams but flashes of memories.

I ponder that as I fall asleep once more not sure where or when I will wake up next. The crystal, the brunette, Carolyn, the deep voiced man, so many questions, so few answers.

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