tagLoving WivesFran Johnson Ch. 01

Fran Johnson Ch. 01


My name is Fran Johnson, and I've always thought of myself as just a normal housewife. I'm 45 years old and have been married to my husband, Bill, since I was 18. We're just ordinary people; until all this happened, Bill was the only man I had ever slept with. I had our second son at the age of 21, and they are both grown and out of the house. I think that's what caused all this. I think Bill saw our empty nest as an opportunity. After the kids were gone, I went to work mornings as a sales clerk for a major retail chain, and Bill is a produce broker, so he is at his office by 5:00 am each day, and usually home by noon.

None of what I'm about to tell you was ever in my wildest imagination before it actually happened. I was raised in a fairly strict religious household, and was brought up to be a good girl with manners. Throughout the years of our marriage, Bill always wanted to try new things and I, being the dutiful wife, reluctantly agreed to just about anything he wanted.

Even though I have always tried to be good and do unto others as I would have them do unto me, I do have a fairly hot engine down between my legs. I know they say men can't think with their two heads at the same time, but I think that it is true of women as well, as it seems that once Bill gets that engine running, I'll agree to just about anything.

Sometimes when the kids were still home but staying at friends' or grandparents' houses, Bill would bring home porno movies. I really didn't want him to, but he would just tell me I was being an old fuddy-duddy. He would tell me to take a bath, and trim myself up and put on a sexy negligee or teddy that he had bought me. When I would come out to the living room, he would have the sofa bed pulled out and candles lit around the room. I really didn't like the idea of watching these movies because it made me feel kind of dirty, but when I saw all the trouble Bill had gone to, I would cave in and agree to watch.

I must say that with most of them, I would get quite excited by the time the first half hour had passed. The scenes where there were two men and one women got me especially aroused. The very thought of two men doing things to me would send shivers up my spine and I would get very squishy down below. We would watch for a while, and Bill would be asking me questions if I was getting turned on. I would tell him no, that I didn't really like these kinds of movies. Then he would put his arm around me and feel my nipples. He would comment on how stiff my nipples were for not being turned on by the movie.

Bill would play with my nipples for a while, then he would start rubbing my legs. I would keep them tight together because I didn't want him to know that I really was turned on by the movie. He would pry my legs apart and feel my pussy, and when he felt how drenched it was, he would comment on how the movie must be working on me. Then he would usually finger fuck me or find something around the house to put in me, while I watched the movie for a while. I would often reach over and play with his penis while he did this, as it felt very, very good. I would always be afraid though, that someone might come to the door or call on the phone while we were doing this right our in our living room.

Bill would finger me or stimulate me with an object for a while, then he would usually lick me down there. I usually found it embarrassing for him to do that, especially with the lights on, but by this time I was so turned on by the movie and him fingering me that I would have begged him to do it. He really knows what he's doing down there, and I would usually have a pretty hard orgasm after only just a little while.

Bill would want me to lick and suck on him after that, and he deserved it after what he had just done to me, so I would usually go ahead and give him a blowjob for a while. Sometimes if I was in the right position, he would finger me while I did it. I would lick up and down his shaft, then take his penis in my mouth and suck it and swirl my tongue around the head, just like he had taught me. I could tell Bill really liked this, as he would groan while I did it.

Sometimes he would have an orgasm while I did this, and he always wanted to do it in my mouth, but that was one place where I drew the line. I usually had him squirt onto my chest, but there were times that a little bit did get in my mouth, and I really didn't like the taste very much.

Then we'd watch the movie for a while more, and when Bill got hard again, we'd make love. Bill insisted that I get my tubes tied during my Cesarean with our second son, so I could just let him come right inside me with no worries. I always liked it when my husband spilled his seed into me, even though they couldn't take root. It just seems so much an act of love between two people.

Also over the years, Bill has inserted just about everything in the house into my vagina. I can't look at the mantle, or any knick-knack shelf without seeing something he's stuck in me. I can't open a drawer in the kitchen, take a shower, or open the refrigerator without being reminded of him working a cucumber, or a shampoo container or a soda pop bottle, or a smooth glass figurine up my vagina. It never hurt, really, and actually sometimes felt quite good if the object was just right. There was one hand cream plastic bottle I had, where the top was large, and you would store it upside down, on the lid. It was tapered from the opening, which was about as big around as a rolling pin (had one in me, after he unscrewed the handles), down to a couple of inches at the bottom. Bill would put it in small end first, and push it all the way in, so it felt that I was being stretched near my opening, but inside, it was just nice and snug and deep. I quite liked that one, and even used it on my own once or twice when Bill was at work and I was home alone.

Bill went to an adult shop and bought two dildos for me. I really don't like them very much, I think it's kind of gross to own things to stick in your vagina, but Bill likes to use them on me. If I complain, he just tells me that they sell millions of dildos every year, so someone must be using them. He makes me feel kind of guilty or prudish, so I give in and let him do what he wants. It doesn't hurt anybody to do so, and I fear sometimes that if I don't give in, Bill may try to fill his needs elsewhere.

So I think you pretty much get the picture. I still consider myself somewhat prudish, but I am a good wife to my husband, Bill. I am by no means a beauty, but I am fit for 45 years old, and my largish breasts are still firm and shapely. Bill has all kinds of wild desires that I try my best to fill, and we have had a happy marriage for 26 years.

About two years ago, Bill started wanting me to do more and more unpleasant things. It seemed like he was trying to take our sex life, which I considered sacred, outside our home. For instance, he started talking about me being on a bus and "flashing" other men. At first I just listened, because I didn't think he could be remotely serious about what he was saying. But he kept on and on about it until I asked him if he was really serious. He told me he was absolutely serious, that it would be a huge turn-on for him for other men to see my vagina!!! I told him I could never do anything like that, but he started in on me.

Day after day, he would tell me his "plan". He would get on a public bus one stop ahead of me. When I got on, I was to act like I didn't know him, then sit across from at least one man, more if possible. As the bus progressed, I was to let my short skirt ride up my thighs and slowly spread my legs until the man, or men, sitting across from me could look right up my dress and see my freshly shaved pubic area, as I wouldn't be wearing any underwear.

At first, I told Bill that there was no way I could ever do that. I would be mortified! But after weeks of hearing his plan, and listening to him complain that I was a prude, I finally gave in. I told him I would try it.

So one Saturday morning, we got up and I took a long hot bath and shaved the sides of my vagina completely clear of pubic hair. Bill often insisted that I do this, so I had quite a bit of experience in making it look nice and pink and fresh, with just a small patch of hair at the top. I got dressed in a very short skirt with thigh-high stockings, and I did put on panties. I thought perhaps it would be the same for Bill if I was wearing panties and that's what they saw, so long as he didn't think I was wearing them.

We got in the car and drove into town and Bill dropped me at the pre-arranged bus stop. Before I got out of the car, he said, "Let me have them."

"Have what?" I asked.

"The panties you're wearing. I know you put some on."

I flushed completely red. I just couldn't bring myself to take off my panties wearing such a short skirt.

"Look, you said you'd do this," Bill told me. "Now's not the time to chicken out. I'll be right there in case anything happens."

So I slipped my panties off over my stockings and high heels and handed them to Bill. He put them in his jacket pocket, then reached over and ran his fingers up my vagina. "Already wet," he said. I blushed crimson red at the embarrassment of Bill knowing this was actually turning me on.

I got out of the car, horrified that the wind might blow my skirt up or that I might see someone I knew. I sat on the bus bench with my knees clamped together, holding my skirt down. A man walked up behind me and stood there, waiting for the same bus. I almost jumped when I realized he was there. Finally the bus pulled up, and I got on, putting the money Bill had given me in the fare box. I walked right past Bill without even meeting his eye to the back of the bus, where the seats face each other. I sat down across from two men, one who was in his early 30's, the other about our age.

Before the bus pulled away, Bill got up from his seat, walked right in front of me, and plopped down on the seat at the very back. He had a clear view of me and of both men.

I sat with my knees clenched together, almost in a panic. Part of me wanted to go through with it, but I was too scared. I was staring down at my lap, holding my skirt tight to the outsides of my thighs. I finally took a breath and looked around. Bill smiled when I looked his way. Finally I looked at the two men across from me. The younger man had been looking at me, but looked away quickly when I caught his eye. The older man was looking at me also, but smiled and held my eyes when I looked at him.

I quickly looked away. He was quite attractive, actually, and I could see from my peripheral vision that he was still looking at me. I inched my knees open just a bit. Everything was fine. I took another deep breath. I opened my legs just a little more. I looked up at the older gentleman of the two, and he was still looking my way, sizing me up and down. The younger man was looking at my legs, and wasn't even aware that I was looking at him.

I looked over at Bill and caught his eye. Looking directly at him, I took another deep breath and let my legs fall open enough that I was sure that both men had a clear view of my vagina. Bill was glancing back and forth between me and the men, and he smiled. I suddenly felt very excited, and I spread my legs even further. I could feel the cool air on my private parts, and when I looked back at the men, the younger man was virtually gawking at my spread legs. The other man was looking right up my dress, and when he realized I was looking at him, looked up and said, "Wonderful view, isn't it?"

"Yes," I said. "It is." I left my legs spread open for another few minutes, and let the men feast their eyes on my open thighs and vagina. I stood up when the bus stopped. I saw Bill get up as well.

As I began to leave the bus, the older of the two men said, "Thank you very much."

I blushed. "Any time, " I answered, and walked down the steps with Bill right behind me.

"Could you believe the looks on those guys' faces?" Bill exclaimed as the bus sped off. "I thought that younger kid was gonna come in his pants, the way he was staring at you! Let's do it again!"

I tried to bow out, but Bill wouldn't hear of it. He told me we had to take a bus back to the car, anyway, so we might as well. I told him that I'd do it one more time if it would make him happy. I was actually feeling a little bit juicy, knowing that the two men had been looking right at my vagina. It seemed so naughty. And so harmless.

We crossed the street and waited for a bus coming the other way. When one pulled up, we both got on, and Bill went right to the back of the bus, and I chose a seat next to a very old woman, but across from two boys who couldn't have been older than 23. They were dressed in sports apparel and were obviously on their way to a game.

I sat down across from them and immediately let my knees come apart a few inches. Part of Bill's plan was that I should tease the man. So I opened my legs just enough for the boys to see up my legs a bit, but not all the way up. I looked around, much less nervous this time. I took a breath, shifted in my seat a bit, and opened my legs a bit more. I didn't know if they could see all the way up yet, but I had their full attention. Both of them were staring at my parted legs with rapt attention. I looked over at Bill and let my legs fall way apart. I could hear the sharp intake of breath from one of the young men as he obviously saw my shaved vagina for the first time. I was sitting with my legs splayed, my bare vagina completely visible to these two strangers.

Suddenly one of the young men got up and came over and sat next to me.

"I'm John," he said. "We're on our way to our rugby game. Do you like rugby?"

I blushed and told him I didn't really know anything about Rugby. He suddenly put his hand on my bare thigh and told me that they would really like it if I came to their game. I was feeling uncomfortable and I looked over at Bill for help, but all I saw in his face was a ghastly look of panic as he stared at something past me.

I looked over as the young man began rubbing my thigh, and to my horror, saw that our priest was on the bus and was walking towards us.

"You could come over for a beer afterwards," the boy was saying. I pushed his hand away and stared straight ahead, acting as if I didn't know him.

Finally I heard, "Bill! Fran! What the heck are you two doing on this bus? Car break down?" Bill immediately shot up and walked towards Father Mick with his hand out.

"Hello, Father Mick! "Yes, yes, our car broke down. We're just on our way to pick it up at the auto shop. Next stop."

I had stood up as well, and the young man, sensing that something was horribly wrong, had returned to his seat. Evidently Father Mick hadn't noticed the young man, or the fact that I had been sitting with him, not Bill, on the bus. He was quite effusive and jovial.

The bus began to stop, and Bill exclaimed that this was our stop, and led me off the bus. I felt completely mortified.

"Bill," I said. "I am never doing anything like this again. That was horrifying!"

"He didn't think there was anything wrong, stop worrying so much!" was Bill's response. I've never been so embarrassed in my life. I felt like crying.

We walked the rest of the way to our car, and as soon as we got in, Bill started groping me.

"Those boys wanted to screw you, Fran," he was saying as he reached under my skirt. I was still so embarrassed and shaken, but those words caught me by surprise. I felt a surge in my vagina. I had a sudden vision of both those strong young men taking me at the same time.

"He wanted you to go to his game, then they were going to take you somewhere and have sex with you, Fran. That's what he was trying to get at." Bill ran his fingers up the length of my moist vagina, and suddenly plunged a finger into my juicy hole. I came hard as soon as he did, right there in the car. I didn't realize how turned on I had been at those men seeing me almost naked. I bit my lip as the orgasm ripped through me, and then composed myself.

"Well, I'm never doing anything like that again!"

And I truly meant it at the time I said it.

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Asian wife exposed

Yes, love the way she exposed herself.
Husband and I are doing this for many years.
I am exposed on the escalator at the mall or airport while wearing a tiny micro skirt barely cover my ass and pussymore...

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