tagErotic HorrorFresh From the Grave: Day 01

Fresh From the Grave: Day 01


Caution this is a strange story with strange language. If you perhaps have played Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines you might notice a certain similarity. All persons living and dead with a resemblance to said game are unintended and purely residing in your mind, I swear.

Fresh from the grave, sounds like something someone would tell a necrophilia lover doesn't it. Well if you happen to be one sorry but I am and I'm moving, well sitting, darn taxis never give you any room to stretch out anymore.

Ah look we are off the darn highway and onto regular roads we must be close to my destination, now if only I could remember what it was. I guess he remembered because we've stopped and he's looking at me. Grabbing up my things I open the door and step out into the night.

Well out into the night is a misnomer, I stepped out into total chaos. There is a club across the street, apparently there had been something of a bloodbath there are police and news cameras all over the place, some arguing with each other. A microphone attached to a rather attractive young lady is shoved into my face followed by a barrage of questions and a rather bright light behind her shining into my eyes.

"Pray tell us little miss fake blonde what you are prattling on about." Are the first words out of my mouth since that room where I had that undying.

She gets a shocked expression on her face, looks back over her shoulders at the lighted man before turning back to me.

"I was asking what your opinions are on the massacre that happened here at Club Meteor just two hours ago. Did you know anyone that was inside when it happened?"

"I fear I missed out on the massacre that must have been a quite red experience. I do not think I knew anyone inside likewise the likelihood of me knowing anyone inside there now is slim to none. Now if you would kindly excuse me little miss fake blonde I really must be about my own affairs that have no bearing on yours."

She turned a few shades of red as I turned back to the ever helpful taxi driver, his grin from ear to ear as he points me to where I am going he even knew which room I had a key for. I would have asked him to join me inside, I'm quite sure there would be a bed, except the expression on his face at my question was not a nice one.

As I walk to my destination, finally knowing it is such a relief, it dawns on me I never actually asked him to come to my room with me. I suppose there are nice perks to being a living dead girl.

Inside my room, well rooms there is a separate bathroom, a fact I giggle over as I look around. Overall it's a nice place, there is a kitchen with a nice stove and big fridge, great big old king size bed with a lovely dark blue bedding set. A TV is against the far wall with a loveseat before it, a cheapish stereo adorning the wall besides the doorway to the bathroom. The other side of the doorway is where the important thing is, a computer.

I turn the TV on and flip channels as the computer powers up, ah there we go, a news report. Not on this massacre that I missed, instead it is about an abandoned freighter that was spotted earlier today. Turning back to the computer I find a note on the screen telling me the email address I was given and the password to access it. I guess they do take care of their own living dead people, the emails are all sorts of great information, some warnings about things to avoid, massacres being one, more's the pity a great blood spurting massacre sounds rather appetizing at the moment.

Among all of these large emails about things to do, and not do there is a small little blurb of an email, saying to meet this person at a location tomorrow. I guess I will have to do the old Google map bit, but not right now, now I think would be a good time to find a companion for the rest of the evening since I'm not needed anywhere tonight.

After a quick search on the yellow pages I open up my luggage to put something on, always best to not wear what you died in if you can avoid it. Finding a teeny tiny little miniskirt with a matching top I quickly shed my clothes, before donning the mini and heading out sans panties of course.

Outside I sidestep the reporters and coppers before walking my almost merry way to another club, open of course. The bouncer outside takes one look at little miss me decked out in a lovely tiny little red top and mini and waves me right in. Many of the men waiting outside giving whistles and cat calls, though not sounding like cats, they really must be working on their cat calling.

Inside the club I am awash in the music, and smoke, the smell of alcohol and vomit under the almost overpowering aroma of deodorant, perfume and after shave. Eyes darting about looking for someone, anyone to spend time with, at least part of it in a way they wish, my hungry little peepers alight on a most striking specimen.

Companion spotted, my feet swiftly steer away from their original path toward the bar and instead straight at him. My companion, though he does not know it yet watches my approach with eyes alight in hunger of his own. I reach him and pull him close to me while beginning to dance with him, against him, into him. The powerful aroma of his interest and health almost drive me to do something most not good, but I manage to hold on, partly because he wraps his arms about me and begins to whisper in my ear his name.

I pull back a little, finger pressed to his lips with a wicked little smirk to my lips and begin to seduce him. As the music changes to a more sensual nature I dance my seduction, hips moving to and fro with the music, shoulders dancing back and forth gently, breasts swaying, my top somehow keeping me covered. He grins from ear to ear as he moves closer to me, putting his arms around me but not touching as if to protect me. I undulate to a crouch looking up at him, smirk still plastered to my lips as the song comes to an end.

The next is equally sensuous, perhaps the same song I wasn't paying attention. My hands reach out for his crotch, touching him lightly, trailing my fingers up and down the length of him, appreciating the size, the way his hips jump at my touch, his eyes never leaving mine as we both sway, him jerky, me smooth and sensuous. I move back up him, hips swaying arms undulating making my breasts bounce more for him. When his eyes dart lower I know I have him, my lips are on display, he is practically drooling.

I reach up to caress his cheek as we begin dancing together, my hip glued to his crotch as we move to the rest of the song, his hands roaming my back, almost moving around to cup my breasts before they alight on my rear where he pulls me into him.

As the song ends I grab his hand and pull him toward the exit, thankfully he did not resist or ask questions until we are outside. No more than five feet from the bouncer who had ushered me in, the look on his face making it clear I could take him home with me anytime.

"Hey listen I'm Brian and you moved so well in there I would love to get to know you better but I came here with my friends and they..." He stops with my finger to his lips.

"Please words no more, this proposal is most serious, you leave with me for enjoyment most divine, or stay here with your friends." I say to him, my eyes taking on the seductive tone.

His eyes get wide at my words then dart up and down me for a second before he smiles and begs me to stay for just a second. I watch his rear as he darts back into the club, glad with my choice. The bouncer beckons me closer, ignoring the people waiting to get inside he leans close to me and puts a card in my hand.

"Listen if you don't like the way he moves give me a call I am out of here at one and I have tomorrow off." He whispers into my ear as I look down at the card in my hand.

"Your words will be considered most seriously, though we are sure we shall not call tonight, perhaps tomorrow."

His eyes smiling as I look up only to see Brian coming back out, his eyes also smiling. I can't help but giggle at this I am surrounded in smiling eyes, and many more, all with a hunger while they stare at me. Brian hooks my arm in his and asks which direction we are going. I am forced to tell him to slow down his long legs eating up ground faster than my legs can swallow.

We reach the place I have a key for finally, where Brian gives me a raised eyebrow as if asking if I really stay here.

"Time being this is where I sleep yes it is nice inside with a great bed of the big persuasion." I say in answer, his grinning face suddenly getting closer.

I squeak as he picks me up, though nothing more than is done than to point him to the door we shall use. Once inside he takes me to the bed, places me on then grabs my head to pull me up to him for a very long wet kiss.

My hands grapple with his waist for moments before pulling his shirt up. As his skin is revealed my tongue traces over him, feeling the ripples of his muscle, tasting the sweat deposited there from his dancing, the anticipation of taking me home and of the hot sex I had promised him. Under it all I can smell his blood, hear his heart beating, and feel the heat coming off him in waves.

He is making me very hungry I want nothing more than to raise up turn his head to the side and bite. I want to taste of him, I want to feel his life ebbing and flowing into my mouth. I want to taste him, I want to feel his hot blood washing past my lips, pooling on my tongue before I swallow it down.

I even began moving for his neck, but am foiled by his lust for something besides blood. As I move higher he grabs my head and kisses me, hungrily he pushes his tongue into my mouth, our lips mashing together in an ebb and flow of their own. My hunger changes, I still wish to suckle at his life, but now I also wish to suckle on his cock, I wish to get him hard and inside of me.

My lust is stronger than my hunger so I am able to avoid his neck on my way down, at least avoiding biting at him. I simply kissed my way down his body, sucking at his neck softly on the way before I reach his waist and pants. These are swiftly undone and pushed down. I am stopped from suckling on his member by him stepping back and kicking his shoes off before dropping his pants the rest of the way and stepping out of them.

I drop to my knees before him hands outstretched grasping at hips before pulling him closer. Careful to not bite my lips and tongue trail up and down him before taking just the end into my mouth happy that I can still taste hot man flesh my head begins to bob on him, taking him progressively deeper. His hands in my hair saying all I need to know, guiding me, holding me still for his pumping hips.

I taste his pre juices when he takes himself from me, his wet glistening cock bobbing in front of me for a moment, so delectable, so tasty, so full of hot man juice, and life. I am drooling in hunger, for his juices of both varieties, I even try and lean closer but his hands go to my side, pulling me up and back. I can't help but groan as he climbs atop me, his hot member brushing against my legs, then my skirt. He is barely brushing against my hungry pussy when he leans in for a kiss.

As our tongues dance I can't help but reach between us and grab at his cock, guiding the hot flesh between my lips, pulling at him, trying to get him inside of me. He denies me though, our lips part and he pulls himself back down my body, shaking one finger at me as he goes.

"Not yet little miss eager, I'm going to make sure you are ready first." He says as his face lowers between my legs.

Anything I would have said dies on my lips as his lips part and his tongue traces my folds. Head falling back in a gasp as he licks me up and down, his tongue traveling all over my folds before his lips fasten on my protruding fun spot. As he sucks on me wonderfully a finger enters me, moving back and forth, side to side, sending me closer and closer to an orgasm.

As I get closer to that orgasm, I can feel it inching its way up from my rhythmically clenching toes my hands travel down and cup his head. I begin guiding him, to the spots so hot they just need his tongue there, my orgasm coming closer, it's almost here I am going to scream his name. My breath is coming in short gasps, moaning head tossing side to side, it's coming so close, I'm going to have it, then his tongue is gone, his fingers are pulled out.

I moan as I open my eyes, the orgasm fading, to see him climbing atop me. His impressive cock bobbing as he lines it up with me, my legs spreading wider to give him access, my orgasm rushing back with the mere thought of him in me, he rubs it up and down me before putting it in just the right spot. As he slides it into me I have my orgasm, the feeling of being split wide over him combined with the hunger for his flesh sending me screaming over the edge.

When my thoughts return to some semblance of order I find he is fucking me. This is no loving sex, this is rutting animals taking pleasure with each other and I revel in it. My thrusts soon match his own the power he is using to pound me sending us sliding across the bed. Each of my thrusts is met by his and shoved back into the bed, each masterful stroke of his cock sending me closer and closer to pummeling off the deep end of a toe curling screaming orgasm into cosmic bliss. Eager to make such a fall I move with him, screech encouragement and pull at him by the cheeks.

My feet alternate between wrapping around him and helping him thrust at me to perching on the bed giving me enough purchase to thrust back with wanton abandon. A vein on his neck is standing out, beckoning to me, I can feel him swelling up, his thrusts are losing all tempo.

When he cranes his neck and looks up to groan his pleasure I take my chance. As his swollen cock is spurting into me my fangs bite into him, almost as one his fluids shoot into me in spurts as his other fluids fill my mouth. It is not long before I take my fill of both his reaction is almost comical he falls on me almost as a dead weight thanking me for the incredible lay.

"Unless our memory has suffered a loss most dire, there was no lying about there was however lots of fluids sharing of a most divine nature. We would be most happy to accommodate you at any time. Though at the moment a fluid of a warm and wet nature would be in both of our interests, if you would be kind we could use a hand in walking that far." I manage to gasp out, my eyes riveted to the trickle of blood still evident on his neck.

"You aren't whistling Dixie sister, a shower sounds good." He says laughing as he gets up.

My protests of not knowing this Dixie, we aren't related and I can't whistle are stopped in my mouth with his finger as he pulls me up with him. His arms about me we both head into the bathroom, where we get the shower started moments before he falls in dragging me with him.

Water cascading down over us, him atop me I think perhaps I took too much when he moves. At first all he does is pull up to me for a kiss, then two and three before he stands pulling me up with him. His hands explore my body as we keep kissing, pulling me closer his hips thrusting. Wanting what he is offering I offer no resistance when he spins me, his hands going directly for my breasts my back arches to give him a better line to my pussy.

I can't help but groan as he sinks into me again, my hands reaching over to pull him closer for a kiss as he thrusts at me. Almost animalistic is his passion for me, as is mine for him. Our bodies thrust and retreat almost in unison, the passion rising up in our lungs to cascade out in moans and groans. The feel of him moving inside sends my toes into an almost permanent curl, his insistent pumping driving me against the wall. At the end the water is cold, my face and breasts mashed up to the tile, my rear presented for his passion.

He releases his fluids again, arms wrapping around me as his hips jerk upwards into me again and again. His strength flies from him as the last of his orgasm is released. He half falls half sits on the edge of the shower a yawn causing a raised hand to cover his mouth, almost making him fall backwards in the process.

Somehow I manage to get him to the bed, his passion spilling out of me yet again, though that is a secondary concern. All of my thoughts consist of getting him to bed without anything taking a damaging spill. Once he is safely atop the bed I head back into the bathroom for a cold shower. Giggling about the frailties of men after two orgasms I quickly remove the last of his fluids from myself before searching for a hairbrush. I finally find one under the sink, of course the last place I look in the bathroom.

Freshly brushed wet hair cascading down my back I find the computer and make my google search. Very nice this particular place is easy to find. Secure in the knowledge of where I need to be tomorrow, my hunger satisfied along with my lust I shove him to one side of the bed and snuggle right up to him. His somewhat sleep disturbed arms roam around before finding me and wrap me up in his warmth.

The questions of what I am to be doing tomorrow quickly vacate as sleep overcomes me and I sleep the sleep of the freshly risen living dead.

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