From the Start


From the Start:

Driving around on a Sunday afternoon somewhere between Dallas and Ft. Worth on Highway 114 in around 1969. Driving around surely exhibits being raised in the country where just driving around was the objective for many a Sunday afternoon. First wife and I were just kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the bright sunny autumn day in north Texas.

My beautiful, slender and sexy wife seemed to enjoy playing sexually almost as much as I did. So I had no qualms about suggesting she take you bra off while we were riding around.

She said," Someone might see me."

"Naw, no one can see inside the car (68 Cougar)."

"Things like this scare me," she says looking around in all directions to see if anyone is near us on the highway.

"What are you scared of?" I say.

"I don't know. You know doing something like that in public, out in the open, in the car, you know." She says.

"Isn't that kind of exciting now that you are thinking about it?"

"I don't understand! You act like it would be OK for someone to see me."

"Hmmm, not only OK but I would find it terribly exciting. For someone else to know how lucky I am to have someone as good looking and sexy as you."

"Oh, how sweet." She says leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. Which allows me to reach up and pinch her nipple through her top and bra. "Euww, that feels good."

"See if you had taken you bra off already it would have felt even better."

Again, looking all around, she smiles, leans back against the door in deep contemplation.

"You know I can help you take off your bra without ever taking off your blouse."

"Ohh, you think so, do you?"

"I know so!"

"Show me, then."

"Lean forward."

She complies. I reach around to her back and unclasp her bra.

"Opps!" she cries grabbing her breasts with both hands, as they swing free.

"Ok now you gotta move your hand if you are going to let me do this."

Smiling slyly she removes her hands from her breasts.

I reach in to her sleeve closest to me and pull her bra strap down her arm. Then I gently pull the strap over her elbow and off her wrist and hand. Again she moves to grab her breast again.

"Now, now don't be grabbing those beautiful tits again."

She smiles and drops her hands back into her lap.

I ask her to turn and face me. When she does this, I reach up her other sleeve, grab the other bra strap and pull the bra free from her blouse. In one motion I hang the bra on the rear view mirror. Confusion is apparent, unsure whether to grab her boobs or her bra, she finally covers her nipples with her right hand and grabs the bra with the left hand. "I don't believe you, sometimes."

As she rolls her bra up and starts to put it in her purse, I check out her nipples. As I thought they would be, they were hard as rocks and very obvious under the thin blouse with no bra to cover them. "I see you are enjoying this also."

"What, what do you mean?"

"Your nipples look great trying to poke holes through your blouse now that you do not have a bra to cover them up."

Looking down, growing red and again reaching up to cover her nipples she looks at me and asks, "Do you really like the way they look?"

"Absolutely! If I had my way you would never ever wear a bra again in this lifetime."

"I couldn't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Everybody would know that I was not wearing a bra."

"And what, my beautiful, sexy wife, would be wrong with that."

"Well..., well..., I don't know. I know taking my bra off has already starting to make me horny."

"How wonderful. Because I have had a hard-on since we started talking about taking your bra off."

"Really?" She reaches over and grabs my swollen cock. "Why don't you take me home and use that thing on me?"

"I'm sure that is where this is going to go before the day is over. But right now why don't you turn my dick lose, before I cum in my pants."

Giggling she turns me lose and leans back against the door. Looking down at her nipples, which were still trying to poke holes in the thin blouse. She notices I am trying to drive and look at her nipples at the same time. With a sexy smile she reaches up and begins to touch her right nipple with the index finger of her left hand. "Going without a bra makes me really horny. See how hard my nipples are right now?"

"It makes me very horny also, as you just felt."

About this time a 12 wheeler pulls beside us on the right side of our car. She is so wrapped up in what she is doing to her nipple; she never notices when he slows down to my speed. It dawns on me he can see what she is doing.

"Why don't you pull your blouse up so you can be really nice to that hard rock of a nipple?"

Having reached a level of desire where she was no longer thinking about anything but how good she was making her nipple feel. She slides her right hand to the bottom of her blouse and slowly pulls it up and uncovers the breast she was manipulating. She then takes the nipple between her index finger and thumb and starts to roll in back and forth. Closing her eyes, leaning her head back against the window, she forgets anything but how much what she is doing is exciting her.

"Honey, why don't you just take your blouse off, so you can play with both your nipples without hindrance?"

She without thinking or looking around grabs the bottom of her blouse and rips it over her head. Immediately, she begins to roll both her nipples between her index fingers and thumbs. Totally lost in sexual excitement, she lets out a low guttural moan.

About this time the driver of the 18-wheeler blows his horn and begins to pull off the freeway onto the exit ramp.

My wife snaps her head around, trying to slide down into the seat and cover herself at the same time. "What was that?"

"Well, I think it was the driver of the truck showing his appreciation for you showing off your tits in such an erotic manner. I guess you made his day. He will most likely go home and give his wife the best fuck in years. Of if he is going to a motel room, jack off thinking about your beautiful tits."

"Why didn't you tell me he was there? Why did you let him look at me like that?"

"Because what you were doing was making me very horny and I did not want you to stop. And when he pulled up and slowed down I realized he could look down and see what you were doing. This just about made me blow my load without even touching myself."

"Do you think he liked what he saw?"

"I have no doubt he did. You heard his horn when he pulled off didn't you?"

"All this is really making me extremely wet and horny. You aren't mad that someone else saw me naked from the waist up doing what I was doing?"

"Not only not made, you see that truck up ahead of us? I think I'll pull up next to him and let you give him a show just like the last guy got. What do you think about that?"

"Oh, no, I'd be too embarrassed."

"Ok, why don't you lean back against the car door, close your eyes and start rolling your nipples again. Like you were doing before."

Without another word, she leans back, starts to pinch her nipples again and as we come up on the truck, closes her eyes. Her breathing is audible over the radio as she is really getting into this erotic scenario.

I pull up beside the truck, slow down so the driver's window in right above her. She whispers, without opening her eyes, "Is he looking?"

"I don't know. I can't see him. I guess you will have to open your eyes and look up to find out for yourself if he is looking or not."

She stops rolling her nipples and cups her breasts with both hands and starts to gently flick her nipples with the fingernail of her index fingers. She turns her head, facing the truck driver and opens her eyes. Again a low guttural moan comes from deep inside her. Again surprising me beyond all belief, she moves her left hand down her stomach and begins to rub the palm of her hand over her cunt mound.

The truck driver shows his appreciation by blowing his horn, which causes her to smile while still looking straight at him. "I think he likes it!"

"No shit! He is not the only one who likes it. I know I am loving it and unless I'm wrong you are enjoying yourself immensely."

Again all I get is guttural moans and she stares the guy down. She then spreads her legs to allow better access to her cunt mound. Slowly growing bolder and hornier as this scene progresses she moves her left back up to the top of her shorts and slides it under the waistband. Squirming around trying to get her hand back on the good spot she finally gives up. With both hands she grabs the snap of her shorts, stops and looks straight at me and asks, "Are you going to hate me if I take my shorts off and make myself cum while this cute guy watches me?"

"Certainly not. This is the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my whole life. Please, go ahead and do it."

"Your sure?"


"Ok, here goes." Turning her eyes back to the truck driver she unsnaps the top of her shorts.

Again the truck driver blows his horn in appreciation.

"I think he likes the idea, too."

Slowly she grasps the zipper and gently pulls it down. Looking back at me then hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts and begins to slide them down her legs. Gracefully stepping out her shorts she moves her hand back to her slit and starts to rub herself again. Taking turns pinching each nipple as she watched this guy watch her show off.

"Well I guess it would be rude for me to stop now."

She moves her hands to the top of her panties, hooks her thumbs in the elastic and starts the absolutely most erotic action I had ever witnessed. Very slowly she pulls the panties down over her stomach, stopping just before her pubic hairs came into view. "I don't believe I'm doing this. It is making hornier than I have ever been in my whole life. You better not ever get mad at me for doing this. It was all your idea."

"I'll only get mad if you don't talk to me about it in the future."

She raises her ass cheeks off the seat with both feet on the floorboard and slides the panties down over her thighs, over her knees and off her ankles and feet. She looks at me and sees my state of excitement, then turns and looks up at the truck driver. Who again showing his appreciation blows his horn long and loud.

She giggles, turns in the seat with her back to me. Then lays back with her head on my lap, brings her right leg up and leans it against back part of her seat. Leaving her left foot on the floorboard, she is now totally open for both our new truck-driving friend and me. She reaches down and spreads her cunt lips with her left hand. Then with her right hand she begins to push two fingers over her clitoris into her pussy and back. She kept this up until she was raising her hips up and fucking herself for our watching pleasure. But I don't think we were having nearly as much fun as she was.

Then with loud scream she grabs herself with both hands squeezing and rubbing herself to orgasm. Wave after wave of orgasmic convulsions rack her body as she finishes herself off before slumping into the seat exhausted.

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