tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFrustrated Stephanie Ch. 13

Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 13

byblack saphire©

Stephanie sighed as she opened the wardrobe door. Tony always left his clothes in such a mess. For a brief moment, she contemplated rearranging the shelves for him – again. Instead, she just placed his t-shirts and shorts on top of the already cluttered pile of clothes.

She was almost starting to hate Tony. Not only was he never around, she blamed him for the whole situation she was in now. She couldn't believe that she had fucked her husband's brother-in-law, then his sister too and now his brother and father! Worse, she had loved being a slut for Dave and Brenda. Now, even though she hated to admit it, her father-in-laws big cock had caused her many a sleepless night.

Still, she hated how he had forced himself upon her. She hated even more how he had whored her out at the club. Thinking back to the night where she had been forced to suck and fuck a bunch of depraved old men send a shudder through her. A shudder that was mixed with a little bit of lust as well.

She turned away from the wardrobe when she heard her phone beep, signifying a text message. She hoped it was from Tony, maybe he'd be back early for a change. Her heart did a small dance when she read the message.

Get ready to go out. Just you and me. Back soon.

She smiled softly to herself as she wondered where Tony would take her. Dinner and maybe dancing she thought to herself as she did a little pirouette. She really did love Tony, its just that he hardly made time for her and that made her get into all this trouble.

She stepped into a little black dress that she loved and quickly put on just a touch of lipstick. Dangling earings completed her look. She was brushing her hair out when her phone beeped again.

Steph picked it up gleefully. Maybe Tony was flirting with her. Her smile quickly faded as she noticed the text message was from Mathew, her father-in-law.

Come to the study. Now.

Stephanie frowned and quickly made her way to the back of the house where the study was located. She sighed as she pushed open the large oak door.

"You really should learn to knock, Stephanie." Mathew said from behind the door.

Stephanie swallowed hard as she saw Vincent sitting in one of the large chairs to the right of the door. Mathew sat on the sofa across the door.

"I'm sorry." Stephanie mumbled, gazing from one man to the other. "Y- you wanted to see me?"

"You could say that." Laughed Vincent. "Or maybe we should say – see More of you?"

Both men laughed loudly as Stephanie blushed, wringing her hands defensively "I told you things were going change around her Stephanie." Mathew stated, matter of factly. "So since Vince wants to see more of you, why don't you let him?"

Steph shifted her weight from one foot to the other, her eyes dropping to the swell in Vincent's pants. Her cunt was starting to tingle slightly at the knowledge that her brother- in-law wanted to see her naked.

"Go on, Steph." Mathew said gently. "Don't keep us waiting."

Stepanie slowly unzipped her dress and let it fall at her ankles. She was wearing a dark blue bra with matching lace panties. Whisps of her pubic curls peeked out of the lace.

"Take it all off girlie." Mathew commanded.

Steph reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She unfastened it and slipped the straps off her shoulders, dropping the bra to the floor. She then wiggled her hips as her hands rolled the thin lace down over her ass and down her legs. She made a bit of a show as she stepped out of her panties.

"Lovely!" Vincent commented. "Even better than I imagined!"

Stephanie felt a slight flush of pride that Vincent found her attractive. After all, Jane, Vincent's wife was a very attractive woman with curves in all the right places. She often felt that she was the ugly duckling in the family.

"Now come over here and suck Vincent's cock." Mathew commanded.

Stephanie began to protest. "Oh no, please. Tony said that he'll be home soon. Please!"

"Do as I say!" Mathew barked. "You don't want to make me angry now do you? You don't want that at all."

"N-No... Not at all." She managed to mutter.

Vincent laughed as he gave his cock a squeeze through his pants. "Besides, the faster you suck, the faster you'll be finished before Tony gets home."

Stephanie walked naked over to Vincent and knelt in front of him. She unbuckled his belt and pulled the zip down. Vincent raised himself slightly as Steph pulled his pants together with his underwear down to his ankles. Vincent's cock was already semi hard, lying upward against his thighs.

Vincent reached forward to grab Stephanie's creamy tits. They weren't very big but the large nipples turned him on. He teased them slowly as he rolled the hard buds between his fingers. Stephanie fought from moaning as the twiddling of her nipples sent desire flowing to her cunt.

Stephanie quickly lowered her mouth as her tongue played over Vincent's glans. She gazed at the cock and remembered how full she had felt when she had taken it into her the other day. It was long and thick, just like his father's, but she thought it may have been bigger. She inhaled deeply before taking the cock into her mouth. She caught the musky aroma of his cock and balls and it was very manly and in now way unpleasant.

"Oh Yes... This slut knows how to suck cock!" Vincent moaned as Stephanie bobbed her head up and down the shaft. "I thought she was a good fuck but she gives head just as good!"

Stephanie looked up at her brother-in-law, feeling a sense of satisfaction at the power she had. She moaned softly around the cock as she tasted the pure manly flavours of his prick. Vincent stroked her face, pushing her hair out of her eyes.

"Suck it baby. Let me see my cock moving in and out of your face." Vincent groaned.

Steph hollowed out her cheeks and sucked voraciously on the hard piece of meat in her mouth. Her nipples were being pinched and her breasts mauled as she bobbed her head faster over Vincent's cock. She could feel the spongy mushroomed knob pressing firmly at the base of her throat and she quickly drew herself up to take another deep breath.

She pushed her face down firmly, feeling her throat muscles spasm as her gag reflex took over. Her eyes began to tear slightly as she adjusted her throat muscles to swallow the head of the cock albeit briefly.

"OOOhhhhh" Shitt!! Shes taking it all in!" Vincent groaned. His wife had never managed to deepthroat him before and he thrust his hips upward. Stephanie swallowed the cock again, feeling it go past her throat muscles. Her face was pushed into his musky pubic hair and she groaned as she felt the throbbing meat in her throat.

Stephanie place her hands around Vincent's cock, trying to speed up his cumming by jerking on the large pole of meat as she sucked on it. Vincent quickly removed her hands and pushed them behind her.

"Only your mouth baby." He hissed. "Only use your mouth." Vincent lifted his hips as he slowly fucked his cock in and out of her mouth. His hands continuing to play with her breasts. Stephanie felt another pair of hands on her breasts and she moaned lustily around the cock in her mouth. She felt a hand move between her legs and she knew her cunt was leaking hot pussy juice.

"Raise up that ass." Mathew said. "I'm going to fuck you."

Steph pulled her head of Vincent's cock. "Please, I don't want to fuck on the floor and Tony will be home soon!"

"You'll fuck wherever I want you too!" Mathew boomed. "And you'd better pray that Tony doesn't find you taking his brother and fathers cocks into your holes!"

Stephanie felt a bolt of fear go through her as she heard Mathew control her. She was also afraid of what he had said – what if Tony found her skewered at both ends by his brother and father.

She felt Mathew pulling her thighs apart and his cock prodding at her ass cheeks.

"Wait.. please wait a minute!" She pleaded as she tried to get into a more comfortable postion. Mathew pulled her by the ankles, twisting her as he did so. He was remarkably strong for his age and he turned her and pushed her back onto her ass. His thigh wormed between her legs, forcing them open as he fought against her flaying hands.

"I told you not to give us any trouble!" Mathew hissed. "Gimme a hand Vincent!"

Vincent straddled her upper body, using his knees to pin her arms at her sides. He leered down at her as his cock waved in her face. Stephanie felt Mathew's bulbous cock head press again the rose petals of her cunt.

"P-P-please! Don't do th...!"

Stephanie was silenced by Vincent's cock ploughing into her mouth. A split second later, her cunt was spread wide open by Mathew's cock as he legs were lifted high.. As both cocks ploughed deep into her, she wished her hands were free.

Vincent thrust his cock deeply into her warm mouth. Without the use of her hands, she couldn't control the depth of his penetration and she felt his cock ram into her throat. Her hot cunt was already starting to spasm with the walls stretched by the thick cock. She opened her knees, placing her feet on the floor to allow her father-in-law to thrust deeper into her.

The fear that Stephanie had felt earlier disappeared as she felt two large long rods of flesh driving deep into her. One filled her mouth and throat while the other stretched her cun and teased her pulsing clitoris.

""Unnnh... what a tight pussy!" Mathew moaned as he rocked his hips back and forth, driving his steely cock deep into his daughter-in-laws wet cunt. His balls smacked loudly against her ass cheeks and he could feel her hot cuntal juices leaking out and searing his balls.

Stephanie's cheeks hollowed out as she sucked even harder on Vincent's cock. She felt the cock throb and then Vincent heaved on her chest as he fucked his cock deep into her mouth. She felt as if her tits and chest were being crushed under the weight of Vincent but the pain only served to send tingles down to her ravaged cunt.

Suddenly the cock in her mouth started to spurt and hot milky cum blasted against the back of her mouth. She swallowed quickly trying hard not to gag and choke on the thick salty cum.

"Ohhh YEaaahh... Suck it! Suck me!" Vincent cried out as his cock pulsed and throbbed hotly. Stephanie kept sucking, drawing out the last remnants of hot cum from Vincent's balls as he raised himself off her and continued to slowly fuck his cock in and out of her mouth.

With the cock in her mouth spent and slowly shrinking, Stephanie was finally able to concentrate on the hard hot cock in her cunt. She wrapped her thighs around Mathew, drawing him even deeper into her. With her hands now freed, she gently pushed Vincent so that he lifted himself off of her, his cock leaving a trail of cum from her mouth up to her eyes as he pulled his cock out of her. Vincent stumbled to the chair and collapsed into it, as if every ounce of energy had been drained from him.

Stephanie started to moan incoherently as her cunt was brutally reamed out with hard, quivering cockmeat.. Mathew plunged deep into her, ravaging her depths. Her pussy lips felt swollen and distended with the harsh pounding she received. Her ankles drummed against Mathews back, urging him harder and faster into her.

Mathew let out a low howl as his cock plunged one more time deep into Steph's cunt, splashing her cervix with thick blasts of his cum. Stephanie screamed out in ecstasy as her body trembled and spasmed in orgasm. She felt her pussy clench tightly on Mathew's cock, milking the shaft as she felt her own insided flooded with hot cum.

Mathew slowly pulled out of her, rubbing his cock clean on her thighs. Stephanie felt her body tingling with pleasure as she lay back, basking in the aftermath of a mindblowing orgasm. Her pleasure was shaken when she felt her clothes being thrown on her.

"You better get dressed. Before Tony gets home." Vincent said, almost mockingly, emphasizing the name Tony.

Stephanie pulled her panties on, as she was still lying on the floor. She flinched as the material came into contact with her tender cuntlips. She stood up, feeling the cum starting to leak out of her and spread into her panties. She quickly picked up the bra and put it on, followed by her little black dress. Vincent walked over to her and with a lewd grin, wiped some spunk from her face.

Stephanie's heart was beating a mile a minute both from the fucking she had just received as well as how she was going to appear nonchalant to Tony. She quickly made her way out of the study and walked toward the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of water and quickly drank it down, washing out and swallowing the remaining cum in her mouth. She heard the car door and thinking quickly, she popped a candy bar into her mouth.

Tony came in not a minute later and looked at her appreciatively. "You look just lovely!" He leaned in for a kiss and Stephanie gave him a peck on his lips.

"Someone's been eating candy!" he laughed as he licked his lips.

Stephanie felt a mix of guilt and at the same time a little kinky as she thought that her husband had just kissed her mouth that only a moment ago was filled with his brothers spunk.

"I'm sorry, you know how I like something sweet" She smiled weakly.

*** ** ***

Stephanie could hardly focus on dinner although Tony had taken her to a fancy restaurant. The food was good but Tony kept talking about how much he wanted her and how he was going to try and stop working so hard. She knew he wouldn't change and she knew that a lot of his sweet talk was to get some good sex but she wanted to enjoy it that night.anyway.

Her pussy was humming both from the earlier fucking as well as the thought of Tony fucking her again. She leaked copious amounts of cum into her panties and her thighs were coated as well. She hoped that her panties would dry up a little by the time they got home as she knew she would find it difficult explaining why her panties were soaked with thick cum.

The more she thought about Tony fucking her used pussy, the more horny she became. She imagined his cock slipping into her already battered pussy alongside his fathers cum. She was a little worred that he would notice that he was having sloppy seconds. Yet, in a strange kind of way, she felt very kinky knowing that his cock would be gliding together with his father's own cum.

By the time they got home, she was feeling really randy and obviously so was Tony. As soon as they made it to their room, Tony was kissing her and feeling her up. She had the presence of mind to take control of the situation and she pushed Tony back on the bed.

"Lie back honey." She teased, enjoying the control she felt over Tony.

Tony lay back on the bed and started to pull his shirt and pants off as she pulled her dress off followed by her soaked panties, tossing them at the side of the bed. Tony's cock was already at full mast and Steph crawled over, placing one leg over him and positioning her pussy over his cock. She leant forward and fed him one breast, moaning softly as his tongue swirled around her aroused nipple.

Stephanie wriggled her hips downward, using her hand to position his cock head against her bruised cuntal lips. She inhaled sharply as the cock slid into her, her lips still sensitive from the brutal fucking she had received earlier that evening.

"God you're so wet!" Tony remarked.

"Just horny for you darling." Stephanie replied, with just a tinge of guilt. She felt so kinky knowing that her husband was getting sloppy seconds and it was this thought that fired her lust and passion. Her pussy was hardly stretched by Tony's cock but it still felt good inside her. She rode his cock hard and she groaned as his cock made wet slurping sounds inside of her. She felt her pussy start to tingle furiously and she shuddered as an orgasm washed over her. No where near as intense as what she experienced earlier, but good nonetheless.

She leaned forward and cuddled against Tony as she slowly fucked herself up and down on Tony's cock. He hugged her tightly and rolled her over, kissing her hard as he fucked her missionary style. Stephanie wrapped her legs around him, remembering how she had been fucked by her father-in-law. She pounded her ankles against Tony's back, just as she had with Mathew. She came again, hard this time.

"Unnnh...Unnnh... Ooohhh Godddd!" she cried out. "So good! Oh Godddd yesss!"

Tony stopped fucking his cock into her, alarmed at how loud her cries were.

"Whoa honey! Don't wake up the neighbours!" Tony whispered to her. "Mom and Dad will hear you!"

With her body still trembling in orgasm, Steph reached over the side of the bed. She grabbed her soaked panties and held them up.

"I'm gonna suck on my panties while you fuck me. That way I wont wake up nobody!" she spat out in a craze of lust. "That excite you honey?"

"Umm.. I'm not sure." Tony replied, somewhat dumbfounded. "It kind of makes you look like a slut."

"Then fuck this slut wife of yours!" She hissed at him. "Fuck me hard and make me cum again!"

She stuffed her panties into her mouth, slurping on it as she tasted her own juices mixed with the cum of her father-in-law. Tony's eyes opened wide and he started to fuck his wife hard and fast. Stephanie sucked hard on her used, soiled panties, enjoying the flavours held in them. She came hard again as Tony tensed above her and his cock jerked its creamy lava deep inside her, mixing up with his own fathers cum.

Stephanie's thighs were still trembling as she slowly pulled her panties out of her mouth and felt Tony's cock shrink inside her. She felt his cum dripping out of her as he pulled his cock out.

"That was so good Tony." She moaned softly against him. "Why don't you fuck me like this every day."

"Uh...that thing you did Steph... I mean that panty thing... your panties in your mouth. That was pretty weird Steph," Tony said softly. "I'm not sure I liked it... it's kind of what a slut would do."

Stephanie felt deflated all at once. This was the best fuck she had ever had with Tony but he didn't seem to think so. She knew it was only good because her mind had been taken over with lust and kinkiness. Tony was still the same boring fuck but she had managed to spice it up with lascivious thoughts and her used panties.

She got up, almost in tears, and made her way to the bathroom to wash up. She made sure she took her panties with her and gave them a good rinse. Tony was such a bum, she thought to herself. He just didn't appreciate what a hot wife he had.

Stephanie wanted to tell him that it didn't really matter what Tony thought not what he liked. Tony's father and brother – hell his whole family with the exception of his mother and sister-in-law knew what a slut she was and had experienced her sluttiness. The whole damned family knew and appreciated her but not her own husband. Maybe that was why she ended up fucking the whole family.

Stephanie bit back her tears and washed her face. She went back into the room and cuddled up to Tony. "I was just trying to be a good wife Tony. I had read somewhere that men like a little bit of dirty talking and kinky stuff like panties."

"Well, I love you just how you are darling. Don't go reading all sorts of funny things." Tony kissed her softly.

Stephanie fell asleep thinking how maybe she should take charge with either Vincent or Mathew and see if they loved panty sex as much as Dave and Brenda did. Or maybe she should go look up Dave's brother – after all, there was a better chance of the same family liking the same thing....

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