tagErotic HorrorFullmoon Wedding Ch. 01

Fullmoon Wedding Ch. 01


The clacking of computer keys could be heard echoing through the hollow walls of the house. Katrina was working late again on a college project that needed to be complete upon the next Monday, which was actually a week away but Katrina could care less being one of those that got things done as early as possible. With a heavy sigh she realized that it was time to stop for the night and have to continue the next day though she was supposed to go to the wedding rehearsal for her younger sister Amelia.

"Who has a rehearsal on a Tuesday during school?" Katrina grumbled absently to herself while she put away her things.

Pulling on her heavy coat Katrina swung the strap of her bag over her shoulder, grumbling her way over to the door. Swinging open the heavy slab of metal Katrina was met with a cold blast of wind to her exposed face and head. Winter semester had never been her favorite, she liked the cold and the longer nights, also the snow was very beautiful to her but sometimes it was just too cold, or too, dark etc. As she headed to her car Katrina was cursing soundly under her breath, and under the howl of the wind, until she realized that it was not the wind howling around her, but a beast in the dark.

Katrina was smacked against the cold steel of her black Chevy van, a present from her parents, the air completely leaving her lungs. A large furry body pressed against her shoving Katrina's face roughly into the snow as hot breath flowed over the back of her neck. Shivers of fear and cold started to over take her body as the beast released a strange pleased purr from it's chest. The creature's rough tongue ran over the back of her neck as though it would eat her up at any moment. Suddenly Katrina felt the press of something hard and hot under her shirt which had ridden up along with her jacket. She released a cry of surprise and fear realizing that it was in fact the beast's cock against her back.

"No, don't you dare! Bad dog! Get off my back you fucking beast." Katrina's voice squeaked as she shouted the words at the creature who just released another pleased purr as though it were happy that she was fighting back.

The shivering of her body grew worse, but strangely the beast grabbed her keys and unlocked the back of her car. Katrina froze, realizing what the creature's intentions were for the back of her van, which was lacking the rows of seats because her sister had demanded Katrina deliver the tables and chairs to the rehearsal hall. Katrina would be paying her sister a visit if she lived through this. Picking her up the creature took Katrina to the back of her van opening it up and tossing her inside, following her quickly and closing the door just as quickly.

Jumping back from the creature now that she was free, trying to escape out the side door of her van. The thing was a blur as he slammed the door closed while catching her around the waist to pull her back against his hot form. His voice was never a growl and hard to understand but Katrina understood them clearly.

"Do not run from me lovely." Another deep intake of breath against her neck while she rested limp against him from shock. The purring coming from his chest again "Fertile, so ripe and ready for me."

"No fucking way! I don't wanna have your puppies!"

"Werewolves, not puppies.... No choice... Can't hold on, smell so good...."

Claws shredded Katrina's clothing as though they were paper, but he was more gentle with her bra and panties, leaving her jacket mostly in one piece other then the fact that all the buttons were gone. Once she was nude the creature handled her even more gently, claws moving away from her skin as he pulled Katrina back against his body while she was on her hands and knees, rubbing the head of cock against the lips of her pussy.

Katrina was suddenly wetter then she had ever been in her life, drawing another purr from behind her. He worked his cock into her pussy with short slow strokes since he was so big in wolf form. Licking up her spine he sank his cock in to the base, his furry balls slapping against her thighs while a cry fell from her lips. Digging her nails into the carpet of her van Katrina held on for dear life as he started to pump into her body ever so gently. Grunts and moans filled the air from both of them as the head of his cock rubbed her g-spot, causing more of her juices to come forth and coat his cock.

A low growl rumbled up from his chest as he leaned over her back opening his muzzle wide. Sinking his teeth into her shoulder he began to slam his cock into Katrina's soaking pussy making her cry out in both pleasure and pain. Blood dripped down her shoulder and breast as pleasure overran the pain in her shoulder. As he fucked her senseless he pulled back from her shoulder licking the wound he had left behind to show as his mark, show she was his alpha female. When the smirk crossed his muzzle the orgasm tackled them both, casing their backs to arch and moans to come forth, his ending in a howl of triumph.

While Katrina still shook from the orgasm he had given her she felt a strange shifting behind her, human arms coming around her waist. Feeling herself starting to slip into unconsciousness she felt him pull her close almost protectively. Before she could sleep Katrina looked over her shoulder to find a tan well muscled man laying beside her, long black hair spread out behind him.

"Who are you?" Katrina asked in a dreamy voice.

"Donovan Blacroad.... Prince of my clan, and you are now my alpha female Katrina Remington. Sleep."

She did not want to believe his words but somehow found them true as she lay in his arms, drifting off to the deepest sleep she had had since her father died. Donovan snuggled against her back, burying his face in Katrina's thick red hair while running hands over her pale skin like looked almost vampires he had grown up seeing. With another happy purr Donovan slipped into sleep himself.

After many hours of sleep Katrina woke with a jolt, her body protesting the movement as she looked to the dash board of her van seeing it was only an hour before her sister's rehearsal. Not only on a Tuesday but early in the day as well. When she tried to move Katrina found two things, she was naked and there were arms wrapped around her waist. Turning to look she shrieked when she found the man who had raped her still sleeping against her back.

"Too early for screaming Katrina. Go back to sleep."

"Let go of me you bastard!"

"Well since you are kind of mine for the rest of eternity.... No."

"The hell-?"

Donovan went from laying to sitting up with his face less then an inch from hers in less then a blink of the eye. A sly smile slipped across Donovan's lips right before he pressed them against hers, almost biting at her mouth before pulling back.

"With that bite on your shoulder your fate is connected to mine for the rest of my immortal puppy dog life. Lucky you that you get to stay human Katrina."

"How do you know my name? You been stalking me or something?"

"Once a wolf finds his mate it is an automatic exchange of memories, you have mine as well deep down. You can see them now can't you?"

Katrina's eyes widened, she had had strange dreams through the night of places she had never been, times, people she had never met but joked and drank with. Then there were things she had not wanted to see, her- no Donovan's cock driving into other women besides her, and these memories brought instant rage since one had not even happened a week ago.

"Go fuck one of your whores Donovan!"

"No, I will only have you from now on Katrina. I can take more then one female into my bed and my life but your fire, and your memories have captured me. Besides, if you look deeper you will see those females were merely breeders, used to keep the line alive. Our children will be the heirs to my clan."

His hand went to her lower stomach rubbing over her flesh with an extremely smug smirk on his face that she really wanted to slap away with all her might but could not seem to bring herself to do so.

"I hope our first is a son..."

"Wait, I can not be pregnant after one fuck."

"You can and you are, and please stop cursing at me love, it does not become your beautiful features."

"If I am... Pregnant, what do you plan to do"

"Take care of you and our child the rest of my life, which will last forever unless certain things happen."

"We'll have to get....... Married."

"As you wish, whatever will please you and your family."

"Yea well, since I was looking for a date anyway, would you come with me to my sister's wedding rehearsal?"

"Indeed I will, but first. I need to have you again."

"We've got less then an hour, no time!"

"Plenty of time."

With that Donovan silenced Katrina with another breath taking kiss to her pale lips, a soft growl coming from him.

To Be Continued!!!

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