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Fun in Dallas with a TS


This is the story of one of my first experiences ever with a TS. All of my stories are 100% true

It is my goal to one day be able to tell all of the sexual escapades I've had, largely thanks to the Internet. I am an average looking, slightly overweight guy. I am no stud or jock by any means. . I'm about 6'0 and just over 200lbs. Slightly overweight, definitely not a jock and I have a shaved head and a goatee and I am pale. But with determination, and motivation, I've managed to scrounge up quite a number of interesting sexual encounters..

One of these sexual adventures consists of my first time with a transsexual . I was living in Dallas at the time and I had just moved into the area from Nowheresville, USA. I am a straight man and have never been attracted to women, but a few years ago I began to want shemale porn and became interested in the idea in being with a transsexual and trying the different things I had seen in the movies. As time went by, I grew more and more excited by the idea. There were no transsexuals anywhere other than escorts where I lived in the small town where I was, so the fantasy went on the back burner until I moved to Dallas..

For those of you who don't know. Dallas has an entire section of the city pretty much dedicated to the LBGT community. I was of course ecstatic when I learned this and began searching online through personal ads hoping to find a hot TS that would be interested in a guy like me. With a bit of effort I finally got a reply off Craigslist.

Her ad showed that she was in her 30s, white, brown hair and about 5'10 (Just shorter than me which was acceptable). We chatted over yahoo and texted over the phone for a couple of days, before we both decided that I would come to her apartment.

I didn't have a car at the time so I caught a cab down to her apartment one night about ten o'clock. I have to be honest I was a bit nervous about meeting up with her. This was coupled with the fact that the apartment neighborhood she lived in looked a bit shall we say..suspicious. I wouldn't have called it a full out ghetto but there were definitely young Hispanic children probably under the age of 12 outside in the middle of the night. Luckily. I quickly found her apartment after I got out of the cab and made my way towards her door.

When she opened the door she smiled and greeted me as we quickly went inside and she resumed her previous perch upon the couch with a blanket wrapped around her body. She was watching a reality show on television which was nearly over with and I did not mind waiting. During the wait I looked around her apartment, which was well kept and not particularly small. It was after Thanksgiving and she already had a Christmas tree in the corner of the living room beside the window.

After the show went off I scooted a bit closer towards her, we embraced and then began to kiss. We started rubbing our hands up and down over our bodies. I admired her large 36C tits, man handling and groping them with my hands and then moments later we both pulled down our pants. We were both fully rock hard within an instant.My cock grew to about seven inches and she looked to be about the same size as we gripped the bases of our cocks within our hands and smacked the swollen mushroom shaped head together, smearing and swapping precum while grinding our hips together

Moments later we were in her dimly lit bedroom with our clothes off, laying turned on our sides with our lips near each others cocks. I began to lick and suck on her throbbing shecock as she did the same to mine, putting her horny cock inside my mouth and bobbing my head over it while she groaned and suck my cock within her hot mouth

A few minutes later we sat up and she went to the drawer and pulled out a condom and some lube. I had told her earlier in a previous conversation I wanted to get fucked and she was eager to oblige.

I could feel the cold sticky lube brushing over my tight asshole as she rubbed the fluid over the entrance, she then rolled the condom down over her cock and rubbed the rest of the lube over the skin of the condom. She got up on top of me and spread my legs, slowly forcing the fat head of her cock past my tight puckered hole and I growled up at her as her big she cock began to stretch open my tight asshole as she sunk inside. I groaned up at her to go easy as my hand quickly fumbled down to my cock and slowly I began to jerk off as she didn't pay much heed to my cries and began thrusting her she cock in and out of my tight ass, fucking harder as our flesh began to slap together with her balls smacking off my ass. She was groaning and her tits were bouncing off her chest as she pulled my legs up and held them against her shoulders while she pounded her cock into my ass, forcing my tight hole to spread open around her cock. At first it was painful, but then as her cock continued to pound my ass I relaxed and began really enjoying the feel of her cock slamming up my tight, virgin ass.

A few minutes later she pulled back her cock out of my ass, with my walls clinging to her meat as she withdrew. She offered to let me fuck her and I eagerly agreed. She got up ontop of me and slid my cock up her ass after placing a condom over my cock with lube. She slowly bucked her hips over my lap as she rode my cock up her tight ass. Within a few minutes I knew I couldn't take anymore after being fucked and having my cock up her ass, so she pulled off me and we laid down on our sides on her bed facing each other jacking off with the tips of her cocks together. She came first and emptied her thick sticky load all over my cock while I was beating off, her cum lewdly squelching around my palm as I worked the added lube into the skin of my cock, the sound filling the room as I began to cum over her cock as well. It was quite a sticky mess.

After we both came I got up and got dressed and we went back out to the living room while I called the cab which arrived a few moments later. I haven't seen her since and I no longer live in the area, but it isn't soon an experience I will likely forget.

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