Gender Bias Ch. 01


So I started dating this girl recently...a cute little twenty year old. You know the type, little tinny girls with perky tits and fuck me lips. Punk rock spiky hair, stilettos, black mini skirts and the sort. Needless to say, when she invited me back to her house that first night that I met her at the bar, both of us three martinis to the wind, I was excited. I mean here was this much younger punk rocker looking chick, with those pouty lips, that inviting stare behind the layers of black mascara, she looked like a world class fuck. I mean to tell you, if anyone was a cant miss, it had to be her. But when we went back to her place, despite her surprisingly erotic choice of lingerie, the sex was less than spectacular...not exactly the sort of thing that I would've expected. She sort of laid there and just let me fuck her, without so much as a hip swivel from her. I chalked it up to her and I both being drunk, or at least new to each other, and decided I would try her again before dumping her and giving up.

Needless to say, lying in the aftermath of another unspectacular performance I was highly disappointed. So as she was washing up in the shower, probably scrubbing the faux hooker makeup off her face, I decided to snoop. I'd seen her before, in that dark bedroom, I'd seen her go to her dresser to retrieve her I got out of bed, my flaccid, unsatisfied cock thumping against my thigh as I crept across her room. I opened the drawer in the near darkness, the sound of her bathroom shower distant, but evident, and plunged my hand inside. Amongst the lacy under things, my hand closed around an object. Curious, I enveloped the object and pulled it from its lacy home. And there in the lowlight of her room, I was shocked to see that I pulled a perhaps nine inch long plastic cock from her underwear drawer, a pink lacy thing wrapped around its bell shaped head.

This fake cock was gigantic, if I'd known this was what I'd had to live up to, I'd never come back to her place. My hand didn't even fit around the entire base of it, and even the fake balls molded onto the bottom of it were as large as softballs. I stared at it in wonder, it was so large it seemed a novelty, but its reality was clear. Someone had taken great care in crafting this plastic dick, the head looked realistic, the balls stood frozen in time, even a few plastic veins ran along side it. Did she fuck her self with this? Did she lie on her bed dressed in her lingerie and ride this plastic dick with a carefree recklessness that he'd yet to see her exhibit? And how could suck a fairly boring sexual partner hide such a curious kink? He thought of the innocent young girl with the spiked red hair, lying on her bed, her tiny hips thrusting the giant plastic cock, riding it, relishing the feel of it. He pictured these things, and the lacy around her, and suddenly he wasn't sure he was quite ready to leave her. He pulled the pink thong off of the cock's head to examine it further, and that was when the door opened behind him, or perhaps it had been opened much sooner than that, but that was when he became aware that he was being watched.

I turned around with her plastic cock in one hand, and her pink lace panties in the other and was shocked to see her standing in the doorway...smiling.

"Oh, hun...I see you found my cock." She said bluntly with words I'd never thought she'd use.

"I''m sorry..." I fumbled for words, looking to explain.

She took a few steps into the room, her hair still wet from her shower, a towel wrapped and tucked between her tiny breasts. "It's ok really...I understand. It's cool. I've run into a lot of guys in my day, and some of them have been real into this shit, so I'm not new to it, I just never took you for the type."

Confused, "What do you mean."

She raised an eyebrow and glanced down at my naked body. I followed her eyes and was horrified to see that my own dick was hard, sticking out in front of me, drizzling at the thought of her and her dildo.


"No really, it's ok Steven. I told you I've met a lot of guys that like dildos, just not many that pull out the monster on the second date." She said laughing.

I was completely embarrassed and at the same time slightly aroused still at the concept of her using it on her. I was desperate, our sex had just left me unfulfilled, and yet, all I could think of was her using the dildo on herself. So I took a shot.

"Well, we could try a smaller one...I mean if your interested..."

"Oh your god damned right I'm interested...I'm telling you I totally love this shit. Here you give me Mr. monster there...and go lay on the bed. I'll find something a bit smaller for our first time."

My stomach was in knots, my dick was rock hard, my mind was racing. I had to see her use that dildo on herself. I just had to! So I gave her, her monster, and went to lie on the bed.

She killed the lights and in a few seconds she joined me in bed. I'd hoped she would leave the lights on since I'd wanted to see what she was doing, but I could really give a shit less at this point. Then I felt her grab onto my arm and wrap something lacy around my wrist, was it the thong? I wasn't sure, but she pulled my arm as far as she could and used the lace to hold it to the bedpost.

"What the fuck are you do...?" before I could ask, she had started kissing me into silence, and as she straddled me and tied my other arm into position, I could feel the soft hair of her pussy rubbing against my stomach and I was suddenly silent. She broke her kiss and whispered in my ear...

"Now I want you to lick my pussy..."

And she turned and lowered her soft mound onto my mouth and I began licking the already moist folds, and as I did I could feel her lips finding my dick. And as I licked her and she sucked me, I could feel her tying my ankles to the other bed posts, and I was beyond caring, let her do what she will, as long as I get to see her use that dildo, that monster of hers. And with my legs tight, and my cock hard and wet from her mouth, she pulled her pussy from my lips, my tongue chasing it to no avail.

"Where are you goin-?" I started to ask, but I felt her lips wrap back around my cock and I once again lost the words. And I could feel her spiky hair tickling my thigh as she suckled me, and her hand was fumbling with my achingly full balls. I was reaching ecstasy, I could feel my will letting go, my release nearing, but then, things changed.

As she continued to suck me, I felt her fingers slide away from my balls and down toward my buttocks, down they slipped into my crevasse, her nimble, slender fingers, snaking their way toward an area that no one had ever ventured. And then I flinched as he fingers found my anus, and began tickling the hole, teasing it.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I tried to scramble backwards, to pull away, but her restraints were snug.

She pulled her mouth from my cock, "just relax hunny." And she was back on my dick, devouring it, taking it all in her mouth, so much that I almost screamed in ecstasy, but then as I was lost in delirium, I could feel those intruding fingers, those fingers that I dreaded, I could feel them prying, pulling, coaxing, I could feel them entering me. I wanted to run...I wanted to scream, but she was driving me to ecstasy with her mouth, god damn her fingers, let them do what they will, but I will cum in her mouth. She will taste what she has driven me to, despite those god dammed fingers. And as I thought that, as I relented to their intrusion, they were inside, I could feel them, and she worked them around slowly at first, and as the pain subsided, she was fucking me with them. Slipping them in and out, in and out, as I'd just done to her earlier. She was fucking me now. The tables had turned it seemed. And yet my balls were still full, and my cock was still hard. She touched something inside and I felt like I was going to explode. She's neared a pleasure center that I'd never known, and I wanted to cum, and then just before I erupted, she yanked her fingers away, and I couldn't believe it, but I felt empty without them, it was as if they'd belonged there, no matter how disgusting that may sound. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than for her to return them to me as she continued sucking me off.

And then things got a little weird for me at the time. I felt something much larger, bigger than her fingers, more rigid and unforgiving, I felt it press against my anus. I felt it trying to enter, and impossibly, I relaxed, I relented to its advances, moreover, I begged for it, I needed it. Soon, the object was inside and it was guided straight to my pleasure center and I wanted to explode. And she was fucking me again, in and out, in and out, achieving a perfect rhythm, one that I could never achieve when I was fucking her. As she fucked me, my cock filled with semen, and I readied myself for erupting, and I barely had time to notice that she wasn't really fucking my with the object, but I was fucking it. I was moving my ass onto it and off of it, she was holding it still and I was fucking it. And then I exploded, a full orgasmic release into her mouth. She pulled the object from me and I again felt empty, but I was lazy enough in aftermath to really notice. She collapsed in bed beside me and laid the object on my chest for me to see.

"My god Steven, I had no idea that you would like that so much! I mean god fucked the hell out of that dildo."

I looked down at my chest and there sat a very realistic looking fake cock...similar to the other yet smaller, this one alas was smaller than my dick. I smiled, even at the site of the fake cock on my chest, and I could feel Sarah grinning beside me.

"Oh Steven, we are gonna have loads of fun together..."

And I feared that she was right, after this, things could never be the same.

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