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Genie Chronicles - Make a Wish 01a


A big thanks goes to Joe Brolly for the original Genie Chronicles. As many people have done, I'm simply taking his original story format and giving it a twist. Fair warning, lesbian and futa (shemale) sex will feature heavily in this storyline. Special thanks to Ultrafem, Stickymon, and Ninjakitty for drawing this and many other pictures of these two characters for me. All pictures are original concept art I commissioned from these artists.


Vick woke slowly on her loveseat, the TV quietly running a new episode of Comic Book Men in the background. She expected her head to hurt for some reason, maybe because the only time she had ever passed out was from drinking too much, but she oddly enough she felt fine. Her laptop was still open but on the floor with the screen saver bouncing back forth while the lamp was in the kitchen, tipped over on the floor.

Vicky stood up and stretched her arms and legs, making sure all her digits and limbs worked accordingly, and almost screamed when she noticed a curvaceous woman in silks kneeling before her on the floor near her loveseat.

"How may I serve you Mistress?" The woman asked, not looking up from her bowed position. Vicky instantly blushed at how attractive the woman was and how much skin showed under her quasi see-through silk garments. She had long dark hair and wore ornate wrist and ankle bracelets with matching earrings and choker necklace. All of the jewelry looked like it was made of gold, but Vick thought that was impossible. She'd be a walking bank with that much on. The silks barely hid her skin and it was obvious she had shapely hips and a busty chest, curvy and smooth, as if she embodied everything a woman should be.

It took a moment for Vicky to realize she was gawking again, just like Katherine had warned her about, so she shook off her stare and bent down to address the woman. "Uhh, excuse me, how'd you get in here?" Vicky asked, both scared and excited by her presence.

"I am here because you released me from my vessel. I am to serve you Mistress for as long as you please." The woman responded, still not looking at her. This was starting to annoy Vick, as she was sure the woman was nuts.

"Uh, can you stand up please? It's starting to feel like I'm talking to the floor." Vick asked.

"Of course Mistress, I was merely showing you my deepest respect for opening my vessel." The woman explained as she rose off the ground. Her body was even more impressive that she had originally thought and suddenly Vick felt very flushed.

"What's this vessel you speak of?" Vick asked, trying to compose herself.

The woman pointed to the lamp on the table. "You solved the riddle, which released me from my vessel. You are my Mistress until you either return me to my vessel or bond with me." The girl explained, as if it made perfect sense.

Vick looked at the lamp, then back at the girl, then back at the lamp. Her bullshit detector was ringing loudly and she was starting to get annoyed. "So wait, I'm to believe that you're...a genie?" She asked with a hint of indignation.

"A J'inn actually, bound to a vessel to be provided to the ancient queen Cleopatra. From the evidence in the room, I believe that time has come and gone." The girl explained matter-of-factly as she quickly surveyed the small apartment.

Vicky started laughing hysterically, her face turning bright red. "Okay, you can tell Katherine she got me good this time. I thought giving me the lamp was a little suspicious, but it all makes sense now. I appreciate her even playing up my lesbian fantasies, but this has just gone too far. Is she outside my door waiting for a signal or something?" Vick asked, confident she was being tricked.

The girl appeared hurt and looked back down at the floor, apparently shamed. "I'm sorry I have offended Mistress, I meant no deceit or harm." The girl replied.

Vicky gave the girl an exasperated look and sighed heavily. She didn't want to hurt the girl's feelings, she just wanted the facade to be over so everyone could have their laughs. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude or anything. You just can't expect me to believe you're a genie, that's impossible."

"J'inn actually Mistress, and while I'm not sure who Katherine is, I can assure you this is not a joke. You have opened my vessel, and as such you can make as many wishes as you desire, so long as they are within my limitations." The girl replied.

"Wait, I'm confused. If you are a genie, and I'm not saying you are, but if you are a genie I thought I only got 3 wishes?" Vick asked quizzically.

"Sometimes powerful J'inn were caught and trapped by sorcerers, forced to provide wishes. In those cases, even the most powerful of sorcerers could not force a J'inn to provide more than a mere few wishes. I was not trapped in my vessel, I went there freely as a gift to the Queen. As such, I do not have a numerical limitation on my wishes." The genie explained.

"But you mentioned that there are limitations?" Vick asked, becoming more engrossed in the details.

"Yes," the genie stated proudly, "I can grant you any number of wishes, but they must all be of a sexual nature." She finished with a blush.

Vick scoffed again and rolled her eyes, annoyed that she was allowing herself to be drawn back into this ruse. "That's ridiculous, I've never heard of anything so outrageous." Vick exclaimed loudly.

The genie flinched at her words and stared at the floor, rejected. "If I displease Mistress I will return to my vessel. I did not intend to insult you, and since we have not bonded yet, another may still claim me should they choose to release me." The genie said solemnly as she started walking to the lamp.

Guilt washed over Vick and she rolled her eyes, realizing she had somehow insulted this girl in the middle of an obvious prank. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings, it's just all too unbelievable. And what's this bonding you keep talking about?" Vick asked.

The genie lit up and bounced back towards Vick, happy she was interested again. "As it is, I can only grant you wishes at this time, and if I were returned to my vessel I would have to serve the next person to release me. If you were to bond with me I would be able to protect you from physical and magical harm, as well as make you immune to all diseases and illness. You would also be immortal with additional passive protections. Also, only you would be able to make wishes, no one else could control me."

"Wow," Vick said, "sounds very cool, but what about your freedom?"

"My life would be fulfilled by giving you pleasure. I would be happy to please you in any way you desired, or provide you with anyone else you desired. You would be able to experience any kink or person you desire." The genie answered with a smirk.

"Yeah, but all of this is dependent on bonding. How would I...bond...to you?" Vick asked carefully, trying not to get sucked in too deeply into the tall tale.

The genie blushed deeply and avoided Vick's eyes. "You would have to take my virginity."

"Wait, you're a virgin, hymen intact and everything?" Vick asked in astonishment. The genie simply nodded while biting her lower lip.

"While I believe lesbian sex is really sex, would it count towards the magical laws for bonding a sex genie?" Vick asked with heavy sarcasm.

The genie didn't pick up on it and she closed her eyes for a moment in thought, the snapped them open with a reply. "So long as my hymen breaks during the act of sex, no matter what sexual act is being performed, then bonding would be complete."

"I wish I had a big cock. That would make all of this a lot easier." Vick said to bring some humor to the conversation. The genie closed her eyes again, and suddenly Vick felt a tingling in her head and crotch.

"As you wish Mistress, it has been done." The genie beamed with pride.

Vick's eyes went wide as she suddenly felt...something, in her pants. She could feel the fabric of her panties pressing tightly against oddly sensitive skin, and every time she even shifted just a little the fabric would rub against it in a very pleasurable way.

Vicky unzipped her jeans and dropped them around her ankles, unafraid of exposing herself to the genie if what she felt was true. Under her baby blue panties throbbed the semi-stiff erection of a 9 inch cock, with a pair of hairless balls snuggly held under the panty fabric. She tugged the panties down, and gripped her cock. The sensation felt magical and her cock throbbed under her grip, growing larger and stiffer.

"Holy fuck, I have a cock!?" Vick exclaimed in equal parts fear and excitement. Without even thinking she idly stroked her member, watching it grow larger in her hands while feeling her pulse beat through the heavy shaft.

"Yes Mistress, it is what you asked for, so I granted your wish." The Genie replied, proud of her work.

"But, how is this even possible, am I still a woman?" Vick asked, still gripping her cock, unconsciously pointing it towards the genie who couldn't help but stare at it while licking her lips.

"Yes Mistress, you are still a woman. You still have ovaries and your body still generates estrogen. Your reproductive systems now work in conjunction to create semen, which has the ability to impregnate a woman if you so wish. Consider it like being a woman, expect you now are capable of making someone pregnant instead of becoming pregnant yourself. I know it may be slightly confusing, but if you wish I will remove the cock and return your vagina." The genie explained carefully.

Vick thought about that for a moment and couldn't help but idly stroke her huge dick as she looked back and forth between it and the genie. 'Holy shit,' she thought, 'this girl really is a sex genie!'

"I'll probably want my pussy back...but for now..." Vick said, her words heavy with lust at the magical creature in front of her.

The genie blushed and met Vick's passionate gaze. "I am here to serve you, Mistress."

Vick took the genie's hand and pulled the woman close to her body, their lips locking quickly. The two girls explored each other's mouth, feeling the wetness of their tongues as they playfully danced together in a deep French kiss. As they made out their hands explored their bodies, Vick's roaming over the genie's breasts as the genie started stroking Vick's cock. The sensation of someone else's hands on her new sex organ made Vick inhale sharply, her arousal instantly spiking. She could understand now why men seemed to have a hard time keeping themselves under control, because all she could think about was penetrating the genie deeply with her pulsating dick.

Sensing Vick's growing desire the genie broke their kiss and slowly sank to her knees, paying proper attention to Vick's breast and tummy on her way down. Vick was frantically removing more of her clothing, tossing her bra and shirt onto the bed which left her standing naked in the living room except for her panties that were still halfway down her thighs. Once the genie was on her knees Vick's cock pointed at her, aching for attention. The genie softly kissed the tip before engulfing the crown with her mouth. Vick inhaled loudly and moaned, feeling her entire world suddenly shrink into something warm and wet. She couldn't stop her hips from bucking, trying to shove more of her cock into the genie's welcoming mouth. Vick ran her hands through the girl's hair, and then starting pushing gently on the back of her head, trying to get her to take more of Vick's thick cock down her throat.

After covering Vick's entire cock in her saliva, the genie broke from her blowjob and lovingly stroked Vick's cock as she looked into her eyes, smiling as she could see the amazing pleasure her mistress was feeling. "I take it Mistress approves of her new delicious cock?"

Vick was gasping in between moans, appreciating the difference in sensations from the blowjob to the hand job. "It's amazing, no wonder guys always want to fuck. Too bad most of them are one shot wonders." Vick lamented.

The genie smirked again, and spit on Vick's cock, working it in with her fist as she continued to pump it slowly and lovingly. "You need not worry about that Mistress. You will be able to get erect as many times as you wish, and you will always produce copious amounts of semen, enough to fill up any woman you please."

Vick locked eyes with the genie once again, and her mood became primal yet passionate. "I wish to fill you with my cum my beautiful genie."

"Then you wish to bond with me Mistress, to make me yours forever?" The genie asked as she rose to her feet to address Vick.

"If this is just a preview of what you can do, then absolutely. I need my cock inside you now." Vick declared.

The genie squealed loudly in excitement and leapt into Vick's arms, covering her in kisses. Vick couldn't help but smile at the genie's enthusiasm, cupping the magical girl's ass and feeling her curvy cheeks. Vicky felt the tip of her cock brush against the genie's extremely wet pussy and it made her gasp sharply. Wrapping her arms around the genie as she had her legs wrapped around Vick's waist, the genie lowered slowly onto Vicks cock as the girls gasped into each other's mouths during their passionate kiss. Vicky could feel her cock slowly sliding into the genie's wet pussy, opening her lips and penetrating her slowly. Her head was swimming with new sensations she had never felt before, and Vicky knew she wouldn't last very long. Having an orgasm with her new cock both frightened and aroused her. Soon the crown of her cock was pressing against an obtrusion and Vicky knew that was the genie's hymen. The girl was starting to feel a little heavy in her hands and she wasn't sure she could hold onto her in this position much longer, but she didn't want to break their unison just yet.

"Genie, I wish to be strong enough and have the endurance to hold you like this so we can continue to make love." Vicky asked. The genie grinned and nodded and suddenly all the aching and strain left Vick's body. It felt as though she was holding a basketball or something, and the renewed strength pushed Vicky's resolve. With a clean and hard thrust Vicky shoved the rest of her cock into the genie, breaking past her hymen and taking the magical being's virginity. The genie gasped loudly, her eyes going wide in panic and pain at first, but Vick left her cock there and didn't move for a while, allowing the genie to adjust to her size. After a few moments Vicky felt the genie rocking in her arms, her hips rolling against her cock.

Vicky continued to kiss the genie with a fever as she continued to invade the girl with her engorged member. Her brain was fogging with newly discovered pleasures and she felt a pressure growing in her new scrotum, building to what she could only imagine would be her first orgasm with her new dick.

"Genie, I feel like I'm going to cum soon, I wish for you to cum with me and twice as hard." Vicky gasped heavily. The genie nodded as she moaned out loudly, almost screaming in pleasure as her new mistress fucked her deeply. The feeling of Vick's thick cock invading her virgin pussy was driving her crazy as the crown rubbed perfectly against her g-spot.

Then it happened, Vicky felt something plateau in her groin and knew it was a matter of seconds before she'd orgasm. Vick gripped the genie by her hips and slammed her down hard, thrusting deeply into her pussy just as her cock exploded. Vick didn't know why but she wanted to flood the genie with her cum, to fill her as much as possible.

As Vick's orgasm peaked so did the genie's who was experiencing an orgasm with twice the intensity. She screamed loudly, making Vick concerned that her neighbors might complain. The genie's pussy clamped around Vick's invading cock, not wanting to let it go as it quivered delightfully.

Soon the girls collapsed together on the floor, breathing heavily as the genie rested on top of Vick with Vick's cock still buried inside the genie as it slowly deflated. Vick felt light headed from the intensity of her first orgasm with the amazing cock the genie gave her, and soon her heavy eyes closed as sleep overtook her a second time.

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