tagIncest/TabooGetting Gina Pregnant

Getting Gina Pregnant


The following is a true story - I hope you enjoy it.


I'd had a vasectomy after my kids were born. Since then, I'd gotten divorced then remarried. My second wife, Gina, was wanting to have kids of her own. We discussed attempting to reverse the vasectomy, but had pretty much decided against that. Reversal wasn't likely to be successful, anyway. What we didn't know was that Gina was sterile. Had we known that, this might never have happened...

We had fooled around with a single man on occasion. But, Gina tried to be careful. He had a rather distinctive appearance and had she gotten pregnant from him, it would probably have been obvious that the baby wasn't mine. So we decided to ask my brother, Jim to step up and try to get Gina pregnant. We called him and asked him, point blank, if he'd come over to our house and fuck Gina ... try to get her pregnant. He couldn't believe we were asking him that. After asking several times if we were serious, Jim agreed to come over the following weekend.

When he arrived, we just hung out together for awhile - drinking beer (at least Jim and Gina did - I stayed pretty sober.) After we put the kids to bed, we hung out a little longer to give them time to get to sleep. Then, we all went to our bedroom and got in the bed; Gina in the middle, Jim and I on either side. We still had our clothes on at this point.

Gina started kissing me and I was fondling her tits through her top. Then, I started pushing her top up to expose her tits. She rolled over and started kissing Jim. I kept pushing her top up and then pulled it off over her head. Jim put his hands on her bra - and started fondling her tits through the lace of her bra. I was pressed against her back. My cock was already hard and I was pressing it into her ass, humping her ass through our jeans.

I unhooked her bra, and slipped it off exposing her tits to Jim. They were kissing each other and he started kissing her neck, shoulders, and working his way down to her tits. She gave a satisfied moan when he took her nipple into his mouth. At this point, I thought I'd be the first to get naked so I wouldn't miss anything as we went along. So, I rolled off the bed and stripped. Then, I got back into the bed and snuggled up to Gina's back. This time, my bare cock was against her jeans.

Jim and Gina were still kissing. Jim was fondling, sucking, nibbling on her tits. I put my hand on her shoulder to guide her to roll onto her back. I took over fondling, kissing, sucking the tit that was on my side. Jim was concentrating on the tit on his side. He noticed I was naked and decided it was time to get Gina that way, too. He slid his hand down to the button on her jeans and undid it. Then he slid the zipper tab down and slid his hand into her panties. From her reaction, I could tell his hand was busy in her panties. Gina attacked my mouth with a ferocious kiss - so I looked down to see why. I saw where he had his hand and started pushing her jeans down. Gina raised her hips from the bed so I could get her jeans and panties pushed down. While I was working on this, Jim got off the bed and stripped. When he got back in the bed, her jeans and panties were down to her knees and I was still working on getting them off of her all the way. He helped me until she lay naked on the bed between us.

Jim resumed kissing Gina and fondling her tit. He slid his hand down to her pussy again. I raised up to see what he was doing - this was such a turnon. This time he inserted a finger into her pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jim and I were taking turns kissing Gina and I was focusing on her tits while Jim played with her pussy. Gina bit my tongue when he did this; not too hard, but it was obvious she liked what was happening. I slid my hand down to Gina's pussy but Jim's hand was still there. I felt movement on the bed and backed off a bit to see what was happening only to see Jim start to slide down the bed. He was kissing/licking/nipping her skin along her belly and around her belly button. He was still working over her pussy and clit with his hand.

When he got his face down to her pubic mound he shifted to get between her legs so he could lick/suck her pussy. Gina was loving this. Her eyes glazed over and she grabbed his head and pulled his face into her pussy. I couldn't tell exactly what he was doing, but I could see where his face was and that she was obviously enjoying herself.

I got on my knees beside her and played with, sucked, licked and nibbled on her tits. Kissing her and really just enjoying the visual stimulation and enjoying her enjoyment. I could tell from her movements, and the flush of her skin that she was very close to an orgasm. (I think this was her second one already, but I'm not certain.) Jim kept going. Gina was moaning and pulling his head into her pussy. Directing him to the spot she needed stimulation to cum. She squealed in delight and her chest flushed as she came - hard. She was struggling to catch her breath - but, as she was gasping for air, she said, "Come on, Jim, FUCK ME! FUCK ME, now!!"

Jim wasted no time sliding back up her body til his cock was almost lined up with her pussy. Gina and I had talked about this and since this was to give us a baby, she wanted me to be involved ... not just be there. So, when Jim had his cock almost in place, she reminded us of our agreement that I would be the one to put his cock into her pussy - at least the first time. So I got off the bed and went down to the foot of the bed and grabbed Jim's cock and guided it into Gina's pussy. I held on to the shaft as he started to thrust inward until I felt no more gap between his pubic bone and hers. He was buried to the hilt in my wife's pussy. I stood at the foot of the bed watching this and sporting a massive hard-on. This was the best porn I'd seen in a LONG time.

He started thrusting in and out, slowly at first then picking up speed. Gina wrapped her legs around his ass and started pulling him into her driving her pussy further onto his cock. She'd already come at least once before they started and I know she came at least twice more while they were pounding each other. Then she matched Jim when he came deep in her pussy. She held him tight in her pussy until he unloaded completely deep into her womb. As they came down from their orgasm, he rolled off of her and onto his back beside her. I climbed onto the bed between her legs and my cock went into her sloppy wet, cum-filled pussy all the way in one thrust. I was on the verge of cumming before my cock even touched her pussy. I came on the second or third thrust and held my cock buried to the hilt in her pussy enjoying the feeling of her pussy around my cock.

After a bit, I rolled off to her side and we all three just lay there resting and recovering. We might have even dozed off a bit - I'm not sure.

An aside is needed here to explain why no words were needed to discuss what happened next. As teens, Jim and I experimented with male-male sex. We had engaged in mutual masturbation, giving each other hand jobs and oral sex. So we were comfortable with each other in ways that other men might not be. Also, Gina did not really like giving blow-jobs, but, I really liked getting them. So this next part was the result of my orchestrating things to get a decent blow-job. It exceeded my wildest expectations.

We started slow, again, with some fondling, kissing, stroking. We had both cum in her pussy but that didn't keep me from licking and sucking her clit and fingering her sloppy-wet pussy. I probably got a little of our combined cum in my mouth, but it was very exciting and was causing my cock to rise to the occasion, again. Using words and gestures, I got Gina into a 69 on top of me. She was kissing my cock and balls, but not taking my cock in her mouth. In this position, our cum was dripping out of her pussy into my face and mouth. It was amazing.

While this was going on, Jim was just watching with his cock as hard as could be. I told him, "Come on, Jim fuck her doggie-style." He wasn't sure I was serious - I could tell because he hesitated. I told him I was serious - I wanted to watch him fuck her up close and personal. If we were successful in making a baby, I wanted to be as much a part of it as I could be.

He hesitated no more and promptly positioned himself at her butt rising up in the air. She and I are in a 69; my mouth is on her clit and my nose is right in the opening of her pussy. Jim is behind her with his cock bobbing up and down as he tries to get into position without falling over. I reach around Gina's thigh and grab his cock and line it up with her pussy as he begins to thrust forward. The head of his cock is rubbing over the end of my nose. My lips are latched onto her clit. Jim pushes his cock forward into her pussy, deeper and deeper until he is buried to the hilt. His balls are resting on my nose. Gina is going wild - multiple orgasms - over and over.

She grabbed my cock and started sucking it. This was wild. Then, Jim started thrusting in and out, in and out. His balls hitting my nose on the in-stroke. His cock rubbing on my nose as he pulled out. On one out-stroke, he pulled out too far, and when he thrust back in, his cock went into my mouth a little bit. He apologized and withdrew it. I lined it back up with Gina's pussy and he shoved it in her, again. I told him it was alright; that it didn't matter to me. But, we were trying to get Gina pregnant, so he had to come in her pussy not my mouth.

We kept going like this. Every third or fourth stroke, his cock would go in my mouth and I'd have to grab it and line it up with her pussy again. I was quickly reaching the point of no return so I warned Gina that I was fixing to come. Normally when she's giving me head, I warn her and she either finishes me with her hand or we fuck. This time, she was so excited by the whole scene, and the fact that I was sucking her clit while Jim fucked her, she just kept sucking until I came in her mouth. (Only time she ever swallowed my cum.) Jim heard me groaning my climax and that was the tipping point for him. He thrust forward to the hilt and started cumming. I could feel his balls contracting on my nose and my lips felt the cum moving through his cock. Some of it dribbled out of her pussy and ran down onto her clit. I licked it all up. As he started to soften, he pulled back and his cock fell into my open mouth. I cleaned him up and he backed out of the picture. Then, I cleaned her up a bit as she came down off her orgasmic high.

We got comfortable in the bed, still naked, and went to sleep. I woke the next morning to movement on the other side of the bed but, that's another story.

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by Anonymous

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by luvanuki07/22/17

Not fiction

And I am delighted.
I've been there, done that, but my ex had her tubes tied so it was just for the delight of threesomes.
Good on you.
Hope you do it again.

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