tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGhost Whisperer Ch. 02

Ghost Whisperer Ch. 02


This is a new series of television shows that I watch. These are fantasies of the shows as I wish would appear on television. I will list the cast members and their television show names at the beginning of each episode that I write about. I hope you enjoy and join in my TV fantasies.

Cast of Ghost Whisperer; Jennifer Love Hewitt (Melinda Gordon); David Conrad (Jim Gordon/Melinda's husband); Camryn Manheim (Delia Banks/Melinda's new partner); Aisha Tyler (Andrea Marino/Melinda's old partner); Jay Mohr (Rick Payne).

As I stated in my previous story, I am an author of sexually explicit fantasies. I never claimed to be a "so called writer". If you are looking for a perfect composition please stop reading now. There may be grammatical and spelling errors (even though I do use spell check). So if you love sexual fantasies involving television stars, please read on. If you are an English teacher leave now!

The following morning, once Jim was out of sight, Melinda returned home. She took a long relaxing bath, taking her time dressing. She wore a black dress that showed a lot of cleavage. It had a plunging neckline in the front and the back. Her back was bare nearly to her waist. She wore a wide patent leather belt and the skirt was very tight about her ample ass and shapely legs. Below she wore black suede knee length boots. She took a long time applying her make-up. It was perfect and her long dark brown hair was curled and bounced about her shoulders and cascaded halfway down her back. She left the house for the university. She figured out exactly how she was going to repay Jim for fucking Andrea in the ass.

She tapped lightly on the door of Professor Rick Payne's office.

"Come in"; Rick yelled out as he busily combed through stacks of papers on his desk.

As Melinda entered she smiled weakly as she saw how unorganized he was.

Rick was a professor at the university. He specialized in phenomenons, myths and Para-normal activities. He got involved with Melinda over a year ago when she came to him to discuss a spirit she could not convince to crossover. After about three months she had built a trust with Rick and she told him about her being able to see spirits. At first he was skeptical, but once she saw the spirit of his deceased wife, well Rick became a believer.

Without looking up he started; "Hi Melinda, what's up?"

"Oh Rick, I need your help!"

Standing he looked at her and knew she was terribly troubled; still he couldn't help notice just how gorgeous she looked today. She was wearing a knee length black coat belted at the waist, causing her chest to show off prominently. He held out her arms and she came into them,

She rested her lovely head on his shoulders and poured out her heart about what occurred last night, as she finished her story she said; "Rick, I don't know if I can ever forgive him for what he did. It was so personal and should have been done with me, not Andrea!"

He let out a half hearted chuckle; "Melinda, don't you realize that even though he thought it was Andrea, he really did all of those things last night to your body, not Andrea's."

She looked confused; "What are you talking about, I saw what he did and I KNOW it wasn't me."

"Melinda, do actually believe that when Andrea entered your body that your body was turned into hers? Melinda it wasn't you spiritually or mentally, but physically it was you. Even though Jim saw and THOUGHT it was Andrea, in reality he made love to your body. You were repulsed that he put his penis in your, or as you say Andrea's rectum, he ejaculated his sperm into your anus, not Andrea's."

"You make it sound so clinical, why don't you just say what he really did?"

"Okay Melinda, Jim put his cock up YOUR ass and fucked it really good and when he was done, he shot his cum deep in your gorgeous ass."

Her eyes were wide; "You think I have a gorgeous ass?"

"Duhhhhh! What do you think? Let me ask you another question Melinda. You say he fucked Andrea in the ass, and in his mind, he probably did, but here's the question, how does you ass feel this morning? Is it sore? Does it tingle from a cock being up it last night?"

Melinda blushed as she wiggled her tender ass on the sofa; "Well it does tingle when I wiggle it."

He smiled; "That means you were fucked in the ass last night, and seeing it tingles means you loved it. Did you have a bowel movement this morning?"

She looked puzzled at him; "What does that have to do with anything?"

"Simple Melinda, if you didn't have a bowel movement, then unless it leaked out, Jim's cum should still be in your ass."

Talking about this caused Melinda to wiggle about on the sofa again and she responded in little more then a whisper; "Rick, could you please do me a favor and help me check and see of the cum is still there?"

Melinda stood up and looking down at Rick, her hands went to the buckle at the belt about her coat. Pulling it open she slowly undid the three large buttons. As the coat parted she slipped it off her shoulders and caught it in her hands. She tossed it onto the couch and tossing her hair off her shoulders stepped over to Rick. "Well Rick, will you help me check? I need to know for sure."

Turning so her back was to Rick, she belt over at the waist, placing her hands on the arm of the sofa, she turned her head back towards him, her long flowing hair cascaded off her shoulder and brushed across the arm of the sofa. She wet her lips and with one hand reached behind her and slowly slid the tight skirt up her thigh and up over her gorgeous ass.

"Please Rick; I need to know for sure. I know I can trust you to tell me if I was fucked in the ass." As she said this once again she licked her full red lips and looked at him through heavy lidded eyes. She widened her stance and waited.

All of a sudden she felt his hot fingers slide slowly across the firm tight butt cheek. His fingers slid beneath the panty line and the crotch area was sticky and wet with her juices. Rick slowly pulled the black lacy panties away from her asshole and the sticky juices from her pussy seeped out of her steamy cunt. As he reached for her asshole the panties slipped away and snapped back in place.

Through her heavy breathing she whispered lustily; "Rick, I think it would be easier if you took them off."

Rick knelt down behind her and grasping the waistband of the panties he slowly drew then off her firm ass. As they began to slide off her, strings of her thick juices clung to her pussy and her panties. About halfway down her thighs the stringy cum finally broke loose and covered the back of his hand. Rick, with lust in his eyes bought his hand to his mouth and licked the juices that covered his hand.

Seeing this caused Melinda to let out a tiny whimper and tried to make contact with his hand against her dripping pussy.

Rick finally lowered the panties over her thigh high boots and she slowly stepped out of them. Raising them to his nose he inhaled their musky scent and his tongue slipped out and ran his tongue over its sticky patch.

Melinda looked back and thought about telling him to taste it directly from its source, but waited to see what his next move would be.

Sliding his hands over her lush bare ass, he spread her ass cheeks and stared at the shiny red puckered hole. He could tell it was swollen from a recent fucking, but he wanted to confirm his assessment as his right index finger slowly slipped past the tight ring of her asshole.

She let out a groan and wiggled her ass against his invading finger.

His finger went in past the first knuckle and wiggled it around. Rick could feel the slimy cum that was trapped in her bowels. Slowly he withdrew the finger; it was shining with the white sticky cum from Melinda's husband. He showed her his finger and Melinda grabbed his wrist and slipped her tongue around his finger.

She drew the finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. Letting the finger slip from her lips she ran her tongue across her full red lips; "Mmmmm, that's Jim's cum alright, I can tell that musky salty taste anywhere. Ohhh, I can feel some leaking out of my ass, can you catch it please?"

Without thinking twice Rick knelt up and licked away at her dripping asshole. Spreading her cheeks with his hands he lapped away at the puckered hole. Stiffening his tongue he stabbed away at the hole, slipping his tongue past the tight inner ring of her asshole. He drew in his cheeks and with a loud sucking sound vacuumed her hole of her husband's cream

Melinda let out a loud groan and pushed her ass harder against his sucking mouth.

Rick let go of her ass cheek with one hand and cupped her pussy from behind. Raising first one, and then a second finger he slipped them easily into her sopping pussy.

She shook violently and came all over his fingers.

Rick continued to finger her pussy as his palm slapped away at her juice laden cunt. His entire office was filled with the sounds of his slapping palm; she was in a constant state of cumming. Cum oozed out of her freely as Rick found her G stop and tickled it. Once again she shook and collapsed against the arm of the sofa causing her ass to lift even higher in the air. Melinda's entire lower body was covered in her juices as every thrust of his fingers in her quaking pussy caused her juices to splash out around her pussy, legs and ass.

"Please, please Rick let me rest a minute, oh my god I needed that. Thank you so much."

Rick slowly pulled out of her cunt and her pussy made a sucking sound. His entire hand and the cuff of his shirt were covered in her juices. He moved over her and placing his dripping hand at her mouth, she licked and sucked at his cum covered hand. Turning her head toward Rick he covered her mouth with his and they licked the cum from each other's lips and chins. Their lips covered one another's as they traded the cum in their mouths. When Rick broke the kiss he stood up and drew Melinda to her feet. With her back to Rick's she leaned against him on shaky legs and Rick brushed her disheveled hair from one shoulder. He lowered his mouth to her neck and began raining kisses on her neck, ear and bare shoulder.

He slowly moved along her bare back and did the same on the other side of her neck. Goose bumps covered her entire body as every nerve ending on her body was electrified. As Rick rained kissed on the bare skin of her neck and back, his hands were busily opening the belt about her waist. When it fell to the floor Rick's hands slid up the front of her body and covered her huge tits. As he squeezed they nearly burst from the low scooped dress. With every squeeze they fought to pop out of they confinement. Letting go of those firm globes of flesh, Rick found the zipper at the base of her back. Tugging down the zipper the material slipped from her shoulders and her huge white orbs tumbled free.

Melinda turned her head back towards Rick and caught his mouth with her own. They crushed their mouths hard against one another's as they became more and more excited.

Melinda reached back and ran her hand back and forth across his straining cock. She was surprised with its length, noting it was considerably longer than Jim's but not as thick. This made her happy thinking a slimmer cock would be a lot easier to take up her ass.

She came to Rick's office with that mission on her mind and now was welcoming his stiff cock in the palm of her hand.

With her dress about her waist, Rick fought to lower her skirt from her waist. Once he had it pulled down, her entire dress fell in a pool about her boot covered feet.

Melinda kicked it away and breaking from Rick's grasp she turned around and sat at the edge of the sofa, dressed only in her boots she looked like a slut in heat. Pulling Rick by the belt to her she worked feverishly at the belt of his pants, tugging it open and yanking down the zipper she pulled his pants down.

Rick pulled his tie off and tore off his shirt. Kicking his shoes off and stepping out of his pants, he stood there before in his boxers.

She pulled them down and tossing them aside she gripped his long slim cock in her tiny hand. Starting at the base she licked upwards like you would a sweet Popsicle. Reached the swollen head she ran her tongue around and around the hole, licking the pre-cum that seeped out.

Letting out a low groan she dropped her head on the shaft and enveloped his entire shaft down her long graceful throat. With her nose buried in his pubic hair, her tongue rolled around and around his shaft. Her hands played with his tightening balls and ass cheeks. Her hand on his ass pulled him harder against her slurping mouth as a finger tickled his asshole.

Rick dug his fingers in her luxurious hair as she began bobbing up and down on his cock. Saliva dribbled freely from her mouth, slid down her chin and bathed her chest.

She looked up at him with those twin pools of lust and she smiled and let his cock slip from her mouth. A huge gob of spit slipped out and slid between her tits.

Rick pushed her back and placed his cock between the twin globes of flesh. Pushing them together to began fucking her tits. Twisting at the huge nipples and dollar sized aureoles, this drove Melinda crazy.

She leaned back, he followed and continued fucking her tits. With every upward thrust his cock slid into her mouth and made a loud popping sound when he pulled back. Over and over again he slammed into her mouth and out again. Her swollen lips wrapped around his cock and worked hard to draw the cum from his balls.

Rick wanted nothing more then to paint her face and tits with his cum, but resisted because he wanted to fuck her pussy and ultimately her gorgeous ass.

As he stood she let out a groan in protest. He flopped down on the sofa next to her and grabbing her by the arms swung her over his body. Straddling his legs she reached back and ran the head of his cock back and forth, up and down her dripping slit. Lowering her body the head slid between her tight wet lips. Lowering her body, she firmly embedded his cock fully in her pussy.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and covered his mouth with her own. Their tongues dueled with one another's as she began riding his cock. Skin again skin slapping filling the room. Melinda oozed juices from her cunt as thick milky fluids ran from her body. She shook as she started and continued to cum. Her dark mane of hair covered both of their upper bodies.

As Melinda arched her body, grinding her clit against his pelvic bone, Rick latched his lips to one of her stiff nipples. Sucking hard she began squirting all over their lower bodies.

She collapsed against his lapping tongue and mouth; her entire body glistened with sweat. Her ragged breathing began to become more regular as she rested against his sweaty body.

His stiff cock still embedded in her dripping cunt twitched as she slowly rolled her hips.

Pulling her off his cock he placed her on the couch, climbing behind her Rick ran his cock up and down her puffy cuntlips. Pushing forward, they parted and he slipped into her pussy. Reaching around he cupped her swaying tits as she gripped the arm of the sofa and pushed back against his cock. He bottomed out and began plunging deep and hard into her sloppy cunt. With every thrust, her juices squirted out from around his cock. Her ass was covered in her juices as he let go of her tits and smeared her pussy juices all over the firm globes of her ass. Spreading her ass he began slipping a couple of fingers in her tight asshole.

She let out a growl and pushed against his invading fingers. She was finally going to get what she came to Rick's office for. She turned her head and through clenched teeth moaned out; "Now Rick, please now, fuck my ass. Let me know what I've been missing. I want your cock in my ass and I want you to fuck my ass hard. Come on, fuck my ass. Ohhhhhhh Shhhhhhhit! Yes oh my god, it hurts, no, no don't stop, fuck meeeeeeeeee!"

Rick had his cock deep in her ass, his balls were slapping against her clit as he plowed into her ass. It was a lot easier then he thought, with all of her lubrication, it slid in easily and even though she was tight it felt incredible. Rick kicked it into overdrive as he gripped her hair and pulled her hard against his pistoning cock.

Her entire body was slick with sweat. His body dripped with sweat as he felt his balls boiling with an impending orgasm. He pulled hard on her hair and slammed hard into her. He let out a loud groan and began shooting his cum deep in her bowels.

Feeling him bathe her inner walls sent her over the top and she nearly passed out as her eyes rolled back in her head. Letting out a high pitched scream she came and fell to the couch.

Rick followed her, his sweaty body slid around on her back. Trapping her body between his and the couch. The two of them lay there as she felt the last of his cum spurting from his cock as it twitched again and again.

After about five minutes Rick slid from her asshole, with her asshole gaping, his thick hot cum slowly oozed from her asshole. She rolled over and trapping her cum from coming out plugged her hole with her finger. She moaned and looked at him for assistance.

Rick moved to the desk and picked up a box of tissues. She shook her head no and pointed to the thing next to the tissues. He picked up the drinking glass and motioned to her. She nodded and he brought it to her. She took the glass and let the cum flow out of her ass into the glass.

Rick reached down and spread her ass cheeks wider and his massive load, along with the remnants of Jim's from the night before seeped out.

When it stopped dripping Melinda looked at Rick through her smoky dark eyes. Opening her mouth and holding out her tongue she tipped the glass and sucked all of the cum in and down into her mouth. A little dribbled onto her bottom lip and she licked it in and swallowed.

Seeing this drove Rick crazy, after such an intense orgasm he just had, he was stiff as a board again. Taking the glass from her he tossed it aside. He pushed her onto her back and spreading her thighs drove fast and deep into her pussy.

She let out a loud moan and wrapped her sweaty legs around his back as she tried to hold on. He was crazy with lust as he fucked away at her foaming pussy. She was moaning and groaning with each and every thrust. He pounded into her and she rolled her head from side to side as she experienced the fucking of her life. Jim was good, but he had nothing on Rick, even though she knew this was a revenge fuck and loved only Jim, she loved the way Rick fucked and didn't want this to be a one time fling.

He picked up the pace and knew he was about to cum. She felt his expanding.

Through heavy breathing she rasped out; "Cum all over my face and tits Rick. I want to feel you bathe me in your cum, hold on, I'm cumming tooooo, yes, yes, now please cum on me!"

"AHHHHHHH, Melinda, take my cum you fucking slut, eat my cum!"

He shot his load; it hit her tits and went up towards her chin, shot after shot hit her and covered her gorgeous face and into her hair. Covered in sweat and cum she looked like a porn star who he wanted a repeat performance from in the future.

As they laid there trying to catch their breath, standing in the doorway with the look of shock and pain on his face was Jim. He turned and slowly walked away.

Out of the corner of her eyes she caught his figure and closed her eyes and began to cry silently.

Jim was crushed, yes he wanted to fuck Andrea, but not if was going to chase Melinda into the arms of another man. He wished he'd never agreed to have sex with Andrea.

He drove around aimlessly and ended up at antique shop. When he walked in Delia could tell something was wrong. "Jim what the hell happened? You look like you've seen a ghost."

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