tagLoving WivesGinger: Training Thomas

Ginger: Training Thomas


I woke early that first morning after, had to get up to use the bathroom, and stepped quietly around the bed so as not to wake her. One foot landed on something a little stiff but also soft and smooth. I looked down, squinted in the soft gray light coming through the curtains, and realized I'd stepped on her panties from last night. I moved on to the bathroom, but that stiffness I'd felt underfoot clouded my mind. Trying to ignore it was useless. My cock began to grow as I thought about the mixture of her juices and a stranger's cum drying on the floor in our bedroom, stiffening the fabric of the panties I'd chosen for her to wear. I returned to the bedroom and sat on the bed next to her.

She sighed as I stroked my fingers over her bare shoulder, just above the sheet. I pushed the sheet lower, let my fingers drift up along her jaw line, down her neck, over her breast, tracing her soft nipple. She opened her eyes a bit, watching me. I traced a slow circle around her nipple. She shifted on to her back, set one foot on the bed and let her leg fall open. The sheet fell away, now covering only the leg that rested flat on the bed. My fingers moved lower, slowly, grazing her skin, leaving gooseflesh behind. I let my middle finger slip down between her legs, my cock jumped slightly as it passed over her thin streak of hair there, matted and stiff like her panties. She sighed, then squeezed her legs shut, clamping my hand in place.

"I gotta pee first." she whispered.

I pressed my hand between her legs, used my free hand to press on her shoulder, push her back on the bed. She giggled, squirmed away and slid off the other side, then trotted around the bed and past me.

"Save me some." I said.

She stopped, turned to look at me. "You bad boy." she whispered, smiling, then disappeared in to the bathroom.

I mentioned noticing an emerging theme as Ginger escalated our cuckold sex play to its apex, as I described in "Ginger Goes All The Way". She'd resisted being with another man for years since we'd started dating seriously, but over the course of months had given in completely. The prospect of my "cleaning" her after she'd been with someone else seemed to be the thing that pushed her over the edge.

Ginger and I met in an online chat room. We were both married to others at the time. She was so easy to seduce when we started talking that I first suspected she was a guy playing a woman. Thinking back though, she'd warned that her husband was sleeping in the next room, and initially resisted anything more than innuendo. That changed when she asked what I wanted to do. I replied that I'd like to lick her, for hours, and that had loosened her up. She asked for details, so I told her I'd need her out of the jeans she'd told me she was wearing before going on, and before I could blink she told me she had them off. Despite my doubts, it was a big turn on to think of her sitting there in her panties, touching herself as I told her what I'd do, all with her husband one room away. I'd thought to myself that if this was really a girl, then this girl is going to be some fun. I was right.

Much later, after we'd met live a couple of times and were getting to know each other better, I asked what she liked best about sex with me. She admitted that it drove her crazy the way I always went down on her. I really do love it, and especially love it with her, probably because she is so responsive and loves it so much back. We talked more and I was shocked to learn that no one had ever done it to her before she met me in person.

Her husband had been her first boyfriend and first lover. In high school when they dated, she'd given him blow jobs and liked doing it, but when she hinted for him to reciprocate, he'd acted disgusted and told her he'd never do that because she was dirty down there. Being young, she hadn't known better and thought that maybe she had something wrong with her, so she had just gone without. My telling her it was the first thing I wanted to do to her had peaked her interest in me from the start.

We were still fooling around, meeting when we could, when I turned her on to Literotica. She told me she was reading stories now and then. She was divorced and getting in to her wild phase. I was still married. Once, about a week before I was going to see her, she said she wanted to try something she'd read in a story, but she was afraid to ask me about it.

I thought, "Uh oh." I've read some wild stuff after all, but told her to just ask, and if I didn't want to do it then I'd tell her so.

She finally got around to telling me about stories she'd been reading where a guy would lick his partner after she had peed. I was interested and asked her to tell me more. She didn't want to pee on me she'd said, but the thought of me licking her just after she'd peed made her hot. I have always been all about making her hot, so said I was up for it.

I flew in to Atlanta the next Tuesday for a business trip and picked her up from work. I was there until Friday for a conference with a pretty easy schedule and planned on spending most of my time with her. She'd taken off Thursday and Friday.

I was anticipating doing what she'd asked, had been thinking of it and was pretty hot to try it, but she didn't mention it Tuesday night. In bed, after we'd worked off missing each other, I asked about it and she got all shy. She said maybe the next night and that she just wanted to enjoy me for the first night.

I picked her up from work again Wednesday and we went to my hotel. She went in the bathroom, I offered to follow. She was just freshening up, she told me, and had already peed before leaving work. I was a little bummed, but could tell she was still being shy about it.

We worked up an appetite, showered together and then dressed to go out. I got her drinking and loosened her up a bit, started touching her lightly, rubbing her legs, caressing her, while we sat at a bar listening to a band. She was getting worked up, told me she'd go pee and then we could go back to the hotel. I took her wrist, told her no, then got up and pulled her toward the door. We went around the back by some dumpsters. It was dark, a bit seedy. I pushed her against a fence, started kissing her and feeling her up. She was breathless, I was all over her, mouth on hers, then her neck, biting her ears, pinching her nipples through her top. I undid her jeans. She grabbed my wrist.

"I really need to pee Thomas." she said.

"I know. Do it here." I replied.

She kissed me hard. "Are you sure?"

I nodded and pushed her jeans down.

"This is so bad...so bad." she whispered, looking around, pulling her panties down over her knees.

She squatted, back braced against the fence. I slid a finger over her slit. She giggled.

"I can't go if you're going to do that.", so I stopped. She said "I don't think I can."

I knelt in front of her, kissed her, told her to relax. She sighed. After a bit I heard something wet hitting the dirt, just a dribble at first, then another, then a stream. A hot smell drifted up. She looked embarrassed, but the smell turned me on. I put my finger in to the stream, and she gasped and stopped. I looked in her eyes, brought my finger to my mouth and licked it. It tasted salty, it was hot, but it wasn't unpleasant. She shook her head, started again.

The slope beneath the fence took most of it away from us. I pushed her to her feet, leaned in, tried to lick her, but with her jeans and panties around her ankles I couldn't get close enough. I tugged off her shoe, pulled roughly at her jeans to get them off one leg. She stood above me squeezing my shoulder.

"Thomas..stop...let's go to the car."

I shook my head and got her jeans over her foot, pushed her legs apart, and ran my tongue over her slit. It was wet, drops of her urine still there. She gasped again. I licked at her more and she loosened up, pulled her leg up and put her thigh on my shoulder. I pushed my face in to her.

"Oh god...Thomas, that is so dirty...god I love it...lick my dirty pussy Thomas."

It seemed, I thought, that my willingness to have her after being "dirtied" by another guy was what pushed her over the brink to fulfill my fantasy then.

The bathroom door opened and broke me from my reminiscing. I'd stretched out, propped up on an elbow. She stepped to the bed, put one foot on it next to my elbow, put a hand on my head and pressed lightly, putting me flat on the bed. Lowering herself over me, she took command. Her slit glistened above me, then touched on to my lips. Her scent was strong this morning. I began licking greedily.

She moaned, then hissed "Yessssssss baby...yesssss." as she pumped her hips slightly back and forth on my mouth. Then I heard her whisper "Ready for it baby? Do you want it?"

A muffled moan was all I could manage in response. I pressed one hand flat against her stomach above me, locked the other down on her hip, steadying her, moving my mouth to cover her, then squeezed her hip. I felt her stomach tense, then relax, and a hot burst of urine gushed in to my open mouth. Another flex, another burst, hot, salty, her taste matching her scent.

She shuddered and moaned as I swallowed. Not quite a mouthful between the two quick bursts. She relaxed above me, finished. I locked my lips on to her clit then, sucked it hard between my lips, nipped at it once, then sucked on it. She cried out, pressed down on to me, riding my face as she dug her nails in to my scalp with one hand and shoulder with the other.

The events of the past day flashed through my mind as I furiously sucked her clit. Another guy's cock in her mouth, then later inside her, sliding in and out just below the clit I was sucking now. Another man empyting himself inside her. I pulled on her clit with all I could manage, heard her hiss my name once, twice, kept sucking through her orgasm as her hips bucked wildly.

Gasping, she leaned forward, raising herself slightly, gripping my cock for the first time this morning. I released my grip on her clit, ran my tongue along her slit, tasting her again. She pumped me a few times, brought her lips around my head, and I erupted suddenly. She closed her mouth around me, sucked me in until I was spent.

I collapsed beneath her. She slowly rolled off, then moved around and placed her head on my chest, both of us breathless. Her eyes found mine, a smile played in them, and she moved higher, tried to kiss me. I was in that state where my own cum grosses me out, and she knew it. I turned my head slightly. She shook her head, looking at me.

"Huh-uh. Kiss me." she commanded.

I nodded. She moved closer again, pressed her lips to mine, and we kissed. She pulled back, smiled, nodded, then moved in again. This time her tongue on my lips, pushing in to my mouth. I could taste myself on her tongue as we kissed deeply. She held me there, making out with me for a few minutes, pulling back now and then to look at me approvingly.

Finally satisfied, she whispered "Good baby...good.", then lay her head back on my chest. I drifted off to sleep again with the smell and taste of her new-found wicked ways fresh in my head.

We didn't talk about it the rest of the weekend. It was a slow, do-nothing couple of days. The silence built between us, it seemed we both wanted to say something but neither knew how or where to start. For me, it was plain fear that held me back. I loved what she'd done, and I wanted her to know that. I wanted her to love it too. But part of me was afraid to hear that she'd loved it.

The good thing is that both of us had come from relationships where deafening silence wrought ruinous results. Neither of us was interested in another relationship like that. These spells happened, usually because we didn't want to hurt each other. We both cared too much to let them last long however, and I knew it was just a matter of time.

Monday came and went, but Ginger broke the dam on Tuesday evening. It'd been a nice day, she had on a cotton sun dress and sandals. She'd painted her toenails Sunday. She looked great, as usual. We were in the kitchen throwing something together for dinner. She stood slicing a carrot at the island in the middle of the floor. I felt her eyes on me as I cut up some chicken breasts across the island.

"So...did you like it Friday night?" she asked.

I have a bad habit of trying to be funny in stressful situations, so I answered "Friday? Yea, sure...the client was kind of a dud, but dinner was great and they have good cappuccino there."

Her shoulders sagged. She looked at me plainly, eyes squinted slightly. She was biting the inside of her cheek, pursing her lips slightly. A small smile played at the corners. Very small.

I looked down. "Yea...I did. Of course I did, Ginger. It was....it was amazing. Seeing you like that. HAVING you like that. It's what I always wanted."

I was aroused just thinking about it.

"Hmmm." was her only reply as she continued to slice.

"How about you?" I asked.

She paused, looked up at me, then back down. "I did. I really did. I was scared...probably haven't been that scared since we got serious. But you made it OK. And the more I think about it, the more I realize how much I liked it. How excited I was. So...yea."

We were quiet again for a bit. I finally put the knife down, turned and washed my hands, then went around and put my arms around her from behind, pulled her to me. I knew she could feel my arousal, but I didn't care right then.

I whispered to her. "Maybe I'm not being totally honest. I loved it, Ginger. But part of me is afraid to hear that you loved it to, I guess."

She turned around in my arms, smiling softly. We talked it through then, going through it as we cooked and then ate, and by the end it felt like we'd be OK. She even offered me my favorite desert, right there on the kitchen table.

Wednesday, in the kitchen again, and she asked "What are we doing Saturday night?"

"No plans that I know of, why? Something in mind?"

She smiled. "Jaclyn got engaged, and her parents are having a party for her. She asked everyone in the office, I thought we might go."

"Jaclyn? Do I know her?" I asked.

"No, I don't think. She's had this boyfriend forever, she never comes out with us. I don't know her that well myself."

"So why would we go?"

"Well, she's almost 30, and her parents have money. We figure they're thrilled to finally be marrying her off and it should be quite an event. I thought it'd be nice. If you want. We don't have to go."

She was looking at me, I think a little nervously, like she really wanted to go, but didn't want to let on. I shrugged. "Why not? Nothing else going on."

She smiled. Looking back, I guess she had an ulterior motive in mind.

We headed out about 4:30 Saturday. I wasn't thinking that anything might happen for a couple of reasons. First, she didn't tell me to pick her outfit. Second, it was a work thing. We'd agreed, as we talked things through Tuesday, that people we know and people at work would be off-limits.

The house was huge, gorgeous. They had kids out front to valet the cars as they pulled up. We walked in and were greeted with champagne flutes. We stepped in to a great-room.

A woman looked up from across the room, then squealed "Ginger! Oh my god...thank you for coming!" as she rushed across the room.

"Hey Jaclyn! Congratulations again! Thanks for the invite." said Ginger as they did one of those fake girl-hugs.

"I didn't think anyone would come." Jaclyn said. "I know I'm not the "party-girl" type like you all are at the office. Oh my god! It's so nice that you came!"

"Jaclyn, this is my husband, Thomas. Thomas, Jaclyn."

"Hey. Nice to meet you, and congrats." I said, offering my hand.

She hugged me, a little awkward as she pinned my arms to my sides in doing so, so I just sort of patted her lower back.

"Nice to meet you!" she squealed. "I have to run around and see to others, but make yourselves at home and I'll see you later!" And she was, thankfully, off.

Ginger turned to me. "Well, that's Jaclyn."

I looked around, didn't see anyone I knew. But it was a big place, and a lot of people were outside. I saw people with beers and glasses of what turned out to be sangria. We went to the patio, tossed back the champagne. I went in search of, and found, a beer for myself and a glass of the sangria for Ginger.

"Whoa." she said after a sip. "A little kick in this."

I took a sip. She was right.

"Drink up, then, baby-doll." I said with a smile.

We strolled around, checking out the place. Again, I recognized no one. After we'd made the rounds, I asked "Is anyone else from your office going to be here?"

"Well, Sarah said she would try to come, if she could talk Jeff in to it."

I looked at her.

"A few other people said they would when she asked. Maybe they're coming later." Then she chided, "What...you need someone else here? I'm not good company?"

"No...of course...it's cool. Jaclyn just seems...well...seems like not the kind of person you'd hang out with. I'm happy to enjoy the scenery and free eats. And the company, of course."

She gripped my hand. "Smart-ass."

We wandered around, tried a bunch of food being walked around on trays. I made sure to keep Ginger's sangria glass full as as I sipped my way through a couple of beers.

Jaclyn found us again, introduced us to her parents and fiancee'. Nice enough guy I guess, although he gave Ginger a good once-over up and down as she and Jaclyn looked away at some gardens across the yard. I couldn't blame him. I suspected he hadn't gotten a moment to enjoy himself the way his wife-to-be was running him around. And Ginger wore another sun dress, this one shorter, just above her knees. Pale yellow with flowers. She had a nice tan working, it looked good against her skin. Spaghetti straps over her shoulders. She'd put on some sort of tight thing beneath, not a bra, and the thing was strapless, so it gave the effect that she wasn't wearing a bra. But the girls stood out proudly. Nothing on her legs, and low slip on heels. Her clear polish on her fingers with the white tips. She'd re-done her toes this morning in a deep red.

Jaclyn offered to show Ginger the gardens and she accepted. I declined, stayed back. The parents and fiancee drifted away.

I could see the bottomless sangria glass was taking hold. Ginger stumbled slightly in the grass, giggled, took Jaclyn's arm and they walked away. I saw a few other guys watch them as they crossed the lawn, stares lingering. Ginger's laughter echoed back across the open space to me.

I went looking for another beer, heard a group of guys talking baseball, and elbowed in to the conversation. Ginger touched my arm after a bit and I introduced her around. I noticed her glass was perilously low, took it from her and left her there to top it off. She merged easily in to the group, and by the time I'd returned she was having a good time, being a little touchy with a couple of the guys.

She took her drink, gave me a thank you peck on the cheek, said "Thanks baby...you boys have fun talking sports now." and she wandered off. I watched her go. I wasn't the only one.

The group broke up slowly. I drifted over to a table, stood alone scanning the crowd for Ginger. She was in a mixed group chatting. She felt my eyes, looked back, gave me a wink. I took a chair, pulled out my phone, checked my fantasy baseball score, started reading some news. Ginger came over a while later, put her empty glass in front of me, half-fell in to the chair next to me.

"Hey babes." I said. "Having a good time?"

"Yuh...I am, Thomasssss."

That "yuh" told it all. She was soused. I'd teased her about her accent often, although I really love it. She's not crazy about falling back in to the slang of her youth though, which is where the "yuh" comes from. But she didn't seem to notice it just now.

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