tagInterracial LoveGirl's Night Ch. 1: Barbara

Girl's Night Ch. 1: Barbara


This series is actually my first attempt at erotic writing; I wrote it over ten years ago. It's based on a true story told to me by a woman I once worked with.

* * * * *

Maybe I just needed "it" really bad. That's the only explanation I have for getting involved in some of the things that I did with Marsha and Rebecca. I think it may have been almost four years since I'd actually had real sex.

I don't count "Big Daddy," his batteries need changing every other week.

The first sign of "trouble" took place on a Friday night about a year ago. There we were again, three middle-aged, single and divorced women hanging out in my apartment drinking.

How much more boring could it get?

We'd gotten together to watch a movie on cable which none of us actually paid much attention to. So instead the conversation, and the alcohol, kept flowing. The topics ranged from men to sex, from men to lack of sex, from men to good sex, from men to bad sex...(I think you get where this is going) etc.

Usually, our little girl chats get me so worked up that once the two of them leave, I make a dash for my underwear drawer, grab "Big Daddy" and work him in and out of my hungry, wet box until my toes curl.

Rebecca, who considers herself our in-house sex expert, has been married twice in the six years that we've been friends. She's secretary to the dean of the local community college. She's 42, black and rather petite with a very generous ass. Becky's definitely the most outgoing of us all, she'll try almost anything or anyone.

She claims to have had just about every type of man you can think of: black, white, Asian, young, old, rich, poor, crazy, you name it. We're very much inclined to believe her.

Marsha just recently divorced after almost 28 years of marriage to a real loser. She's a real estate broker. She's 46, white, a red-head, has very long gorgeous legs, and large, beautiful breasts that turn quite a few heads. Unfortunately for her, she ran off and married the first and only man she ever fucked. We consider her a kind of a sexual prude.

As for me, I never got married, although I've had quite a few intimate relationships. I'm a dental hygienist. I'm 44, black, very tall, and although my ass and tits can't really compare to theirs, I think I keep myself in damn good shape. The last man I was involved with was married and had kids, so I knew we were going nowhere. But the sex was incredible! This brother had a cock that was practically the length of my forearm and literally stayed hard forever. I was not too happy when we finally broke up.

Since then I've had to settle for "Big Daddy" on a Friday or Saturday night.

So anyway, the three of us have finished off a frozen pizza and two bottles of wine, and we're all feeling pretty mellow. Rebecca decides to entertain us with another tale of her many conquests. This one was about screwing her boss's brother at the faculty picnic.

"So I'm sitting there, eating some barbecue and watching everyone else," she bragged, "and this guy, Dean Langford's brother no less, has been givin' me the eye all day..."

Marsha winked at me and smiled. Rebecca likes to embellish her stories a bit, especially the parts about who was actually pursuing whom.

..."And so finally he motions for me to follow him over to the parking lot. I looked around to make sure no one was watching and I went. I figured, oh what the hell, so what if the guy's a little chubby, balding and married, he's pretty well-off, and this could be fun!" she continued, getting more excited as she went, "So we get over to his limo, and we get in, and get this...!"

We both sat up for the plot-twist.

"His wife was in the car, too! She was already undressed, and not at all surprised to see me." She stopped to take a drink and catch her breathe. "By the way, Barb, you got anything else besides this dry-ass wine?"

I pointed to the liquor cabinet, and Marsha and I waited while she poured herself a scotch an soda and sat down again.

"Well?" Marsha inquired impatiently, "What the hell happened?"

"Oh, well, I just got into the limo and..." she took another sip from her glass, before shrugging her shoulders and smiling slyly, "I said to myself, 'C'est la Vie!', you only live once!"

Marsha and I were dumbstruck. We couldn't believe what we were hearing. "Wait a minute!" I slurred, the alcohol was already taking effect, "You mean you fucked this guy AND his wife?"

"Yes." Rebecca said proudly. She was much better at handling her liquor than myself or Marsha, and looked at us as if nothing were unusual about what she just had said.

We were all quiet for a few minutes, and watched the television. I guess we were trying to absorb what we had heard. Marsha finally broke the silence.

"So, Becky?" she asked. I was too shy to ask the question, but I had to know as well. "What was it like to be with a woman?"

Rebecca made herself another drink before answering.

"Well, actually it was about the same as being with a man, only a little softer, more subtle, but definitely just as enjoyable..."

Rebecca went into more intimate details and described the entire episode. I don't think she left out a single detail. Marsha and I were glued to her every word. This Friday night was certainly turning out to be very interesting.

I thought that I would be squeamish or at least turned off by what she was saying, but it had the almost completely opposite effect. I was intrigued, and more than just a little aroused. By the time she was done, my nipples and my clit were all throbbing.

"Big Daddy" was calling my name.

We had a few more drinks and decided to call it a night. Marsha almost fell when she tried to get up, so I knew she was in no condition to drive. We helped her to the guest room and poured her onto the bed. Becky said that she was feeling a little tipsy as well and asked if she could crash on the sofa.

Once she was situated, I half-stumbled to my room and flopped out onto the bed. Somehow I was able to strip down to my underwear and climb under the sheets. The room began to swirl quickly, but the ride was over fast. But I still couldn't get to sleep. I kept thinking about Rebecca's story, and the throbbing wouldn't go away. The thought of two women, a man and a woman, or just two bodies rubbing together, was making me very wet. I pulled back the covers and reached over to the dresser next to the bed and got "Big Daddy."

I turned him on high and felt the nice, warm buzz in my hands. I had ordered him from a mail-order place just after my break up with Lloyd (the married brother). He's 10" long (an inch shorter than Lloyd), dark brown, made of soft, sturdy latex and has three speeds. I rarely use the slower levels, they just don't do it for me. I know that "B. D." can never replace the real thing, but for now he'll do.

I rolled him slowly over my face and lips, down my neck, around my nipples, and across my stomach before finally holding him tightly between my thighs. I closed my eyes and remembered how I used to hold Lloyd the same way. And I remembered how he used to lick and suck my clit, almost bring me to a climax, and then bring me back down, over and over, until I had to beg him to make me cum. And then he'd roll me over on my stomach and enter me from behind. That way we'd both get off.

I wrestled myself out of my panties and rolled onto my stomach. It was awkward, but I somehow managed to slip "B.D." over my ass and into my hot, dripping pussy. Slowly I worked him in and out, in and out, remembering how Lloyd's incredible cock used to do the same. I was so caught up in the moment, and still a little drunk, that I didn't hear a soft tap at my door. And a few minutes later, when I felt "B.D." slide out of my hand and work in and out on his own, and another small, soft hand began to gently massage and knead my ass, I continued with my fantasy. Maybe it was the alcohol.

I turned my head and opened my eyes a little, expecting to see Lloyd and instead I found...Rebecca?

But no, that wasn't right, I mean, it felt good, damn good, but she wasn't supposed to be there. It started to get up but she stopped me.

"Sshhh...!" she whispered, "Just be still and enjoy. You need this. Hell, we both need this!"

She was definitely right about that! I was certainly in need. Rebecca knew exactly what she was doing, too. She applied just the right amount of pressure, and she listened for me to moan or sigh to go faster or slower. So, I just said to hell with it! My body needed some hot, hard, wet release, and Lloyd, Rebecca, "Big Daddy," the pope, somebody was gonna give it to me!

In less than five minutes, I was cumming harder than I had in years. My toes were curling, my teeth were clenched, my ass tightened up, and wave after wave of pleasure rolled up and down my spine. As I collapsed into the pillow, trying to catch my breath, Rebecca slowly and softly massaged my thighs. I rolled over and she just sat there, with a sly, devilish grin on her face.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" I panted.

"I thought I heard a really funny noise," she smiled, "and I came in to see if you were OK."

"What 'funny noise'?" I asked. I really didn't believe her.

"You should try the slower levels, they aren't quite as loud " she said, holding up "Big Daddy" and finally switching him off. "Aren't you gonna introduce us?"

I introduced them and added, "The slower speeds don't have the same effect."

We both laughed until our sides ached.

"So, now what do we do?" I asked her.

"Well, if my memory serves me right," she grinned, turning "Big Daddy" on again and handing him to me, "you owe me one." Then she leaned back against the headboard, pulled off her bra and spread her legs wide.

I smiled at her and helped her pull off her panties. I placed "B.D." softly against her clit to warm her up, which she didn't need very much of. She placed her hand behind my head and slowly pushed it to her crotch.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'll tell you what to do."

But I actually had a pretty good idea. Becky tasted and smelled almost sweet. I slipped "B.G." inside of her while I lapped at her stiff clit with my tongue. She closed her eyes, held my head with one hand, and played with her small, firm breasts until the nipples were standing tall at attention.

"Hold on a sec," she gasped, as I continued to suck her off, "I think this is a moment we should share."

I had no idea what she was talking about. How much more could we possibly share?

She got up and left the room, with me tagging along, my eyes locked onto the delicious curves of her beautiful ass. I realized that I was sobering up pretty quickly, but I always had when sex was involved. We paused before the door of the guest room and slowly peeked in.

Marsha was flopped across the middle of the bed, and had managed to semi-undress herself. She had removed her blouse, all but one leg of her jeans, one sock and one side of her bra. Rebecca's story obviously had had the same effect on her as it had on me. Marsha moaned softly as her left hand was still active inside her silk panties.

"Marsha. Marsha, baby!" Rebecca whispered into her ear, as we climbed onto the bed on either side of her. I helped her remove her jeans and sock and then finally removed my bra. Both of my nipples were rock hard and still throbbing.

Becky continued to whisper into her ear while she gently rolled "B.D." across Marsha's lips and chin. Marsha, still half-asleep, instinctively kissed and licked the head. I slipped her hand out of her panties and licked her fingers. She tasted about as sweet as Rebecca. I pulled off her panties, spread her lips and began rolling my tongue up and down her wet snatch. Rebecca had managed to remove her bra and began sucking hungrily on her large, soft breasts and cherry-red nipples.

Marsha reached an almost immediate climax, and sat up gasping for air. She opened her eyes and stared at us like a deer caught in headlights. We smiled back at her and shrugged our shoulders.

"Wha-What's goin' on?" she asked shyly.

"Oh, nothing," I said from between her thighs, "just three lonely, horny women keeping each company." And I began to lick at her clit again.

"C'est la Vie!" Rebecca grinned at her, and went back to her breasts.

Marsha started to say something, but never got it out. For the next several hours the only sounds you heard were soft moans, the buzz from "Big Daddy," and slurping and sucking as we licked and fingered each others pussies, breasts and asses. It was almost 4:00 in the morning when we all finally collapsed from exhaustion, and slept wrapped in each others arms.

We got up the next afternoon and hung out some more, and fucked our brains out again until late in the evening. When we woke up again on Sunday morning, I made us all breakfast and we finally said our good-byes later that afternoon. I can't wait for our next Friday night get-together.

This all took place about a year ago. We've had quite a few adventures together, and apart, since then. Thanks to Rebecca, we all have a new and open expression of our sexuality. I still very much like men, though, and I can't wait until I find some guy to screw with reckless abandon.

In fact, right after the girls left, I gave Lloyd a call.

We've only seen each other twice since we broke up four years ago, and that was by chance. We chatted for a while, and I was happy to learn (although I tried not to make it so obvious) that his wife had left him for another man. We made plans to get together in a few weeks later.

Oh, well, "C'est la Vie!"

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