tagAnalGive Us a Lift, Mister!

Give Us a Lift, Mister!

byJack Gates©

Two youngsters joined me at my table in a roadside truck stop. Two girls in their late teens, I guessed.

'Give us a lift, Mister!'

'Hi, when did you two last eat? You look perished.'

'My name is Wendy. We had a meal bought for us down in Dover yesterday dinnertime. Last night a driver gave us his sandwiches.'

I take it you have no money then?'

'We don't need it, Mister, we live on the road. On what the truck drivers give us.'

'I bet some of the drivers make you earn what they give you, yes?' I looked questioningly at her companion.

'This is my brother John, he dresses in drag because it makes it easier for us to get a lift, Mister!'

'He has got nicer legs and bum than you have.'

She looked at me if I had smacked her face, 'How far are you going, Mister?'

'All the way to Inverness, where are you two going?'

'John and I have never been to Inverness. Will you take us there?

'Wont your Mum and Dad miss you?'

'No, don't think so. They are dead!'

'Oh! Sorry to hear that, your foster parents then? Looks like we are going to be together a long time. My name is Trevor. I bet you have had some escapades with your brother dressed like that. Don't he talk?'

'He's shy, Mister. He gets by, he helps to pay his way. You can have either of us or both of us. We only ask for food when you stop for yours.'

'Do you mind me asking how old you both are?'

'That's easy. We are twins, Finished our education when we were eighteen and now we are enjoying what we like to do for a bit.'

I bought the twins some breakfast and told them to come out to my truck when they were finished. I know I was taking a risk, but the few quid I had spent I would have given them anyway, if they were coming with me or not. I am a soft touch. It would be interesting company on a long journey.

I'm thirty-six years old. Got made redundant from an engineering job and used my redundancy to buy my truck. Being freelance, I shift all kinds of loads all over the country, sometimes abroad. Today I was going North to pick up a load of antique furniture to load onto a ship which would be at the Liverpool docks by the time I got there. The guy asked me if I would go to America with the load, At the time I said no, but when my wife left me to go off with a neighbour. I phoned the company and told them I would ship the load home as long as they organised all the legalities and the paperwork. They were pleased as punch and gave me a fat bonus. I even splashed out on a heater and a new mattress for the sleeping berth in my truck. I was travelling with just a small amount of furniture which included a Queen Anne four-poster bed with mattress and original bedding. The rest of the consignment was at my next destination. So, at the moment so there was a lot of room in the container-flat, I could make it real comfortable for the kids back there.

I saw the twins looking for me so I hooted my horn and their faces lit up. They jumped in and we were off.

It was warm in the cab so they took off their anoraks and got comfy. I was amazed how much like a girl John was. His hair was long and blonde like his sisters and he had fantastic long legs. They were dressed quite well for roadies. Wendy was showing a fair amount of leg which was passing messages to my You-cant-bend-it.

'You don't have to be polite to us, Mister. We are used to drivers talking dirty to us. They are always asking to see Johns cock or his asshole and they want me to take my knickers off. That's a laugh, I don't wear any, look!'

She turned towards me and lifted her skirt up. I was surprised to see her pussy was shaved.

'Jeepers! Wendy put that a way! I am trying to drive this thing.'

Another movement caught my eye, when I looked, John had dropped his trousers and he was kneeling on his seat displaying his ass, balls and cock to me. He was well built even though it was dangling soft. This was promising to be a journey to remember. His asshole looked like a small pussy. My cock's erection forming tissues were working overtime. I opened my flies and put my hand in to make myself comfortable. I zipped back up and heard Wendy snigger.

'I will stop when I have caught up with my quota-mileage, Wendy. We can have some fun then, it is obvious you are looking for some. I am ten miles down on my time schedule just now. If you are desperate there is a bed behind me, go in there and strip down and have fun together. I will come in with you both when I pull over.'

John giggled and threw off his trainers and trousers and turned and flashed his cock at me. It was a good eight inches and it wasn't fully hard. Then he wriggled over the back of his seat onto the bed. Wendy knelt over near me, leaning over into the bed space. I could not resist running my exploratory fingers into her crack into her wet pussy. She wriggled her ass and cooed, 'That feels lovely, Trevor.'

She disappeared and I put my stinky finger into my mouth to suck off her juices.

She leaned back through and whispered into my ear, 'You like the taste of my cunt, yes?' Before I could answer I felt her fingers playing at my lips and then she pressed them into my mouth. They were seriously coated with her cunt-juice. The aroma was making my nostrils twitch.

'John is oiling his ass with your Baby-Oil, Oh! Now he is fingering some into my ass, Trevor! John! You Pig! That hurt! He is trying to get his cock into me. In my ass! Oh! You bastard! Oh! Trevor, he is fucking me in my ass!'

'You tell him I will fuck him in his ass, if he don't stop it!'

'I am not telling him that! I don't want him to stop, Trevor.'

Every one of the catch up miles was torturous. I was ticking them off my mileometer. I could see the truck stop ahead which was ideal it lay off the road in an avenue of trees. I pulled the truck over and drew the cab curtains and switched on the bed-space lights. I slipped out of my trousers and underpants and slid over the seat right onto a naked Wendy. She quickly grabbed my prick and held my foreskin back as she guided it into her pussy. I sighed into her mouth as my cock was sucked fully up her hot juicy cunt. I felt a hand tracing my anal crevice and pressing into my rectum. The finger was oiled. I knew it was John. I wagged my bum to tell him I didn't mind and he pulled me back between them and pressured his knob against my asshole. It hurt when it popped in. I sighed deeply as I felt his cock dive-bombing my depths. He was licking my neck, ears and shoulders. His fingers scissoring my hard nipples. I really do like to be fucked. I often picked up boys or young men, because I loved what they could do for me. Most of them were as keen as mustard. A few had been virgins and left my truck minus their cherries. Only one lad has left me without fucking me, although I had given his bum a good reaming.. I talk, cajole them all into slipping me a length.

John was ramming his prick up me now, like there was no tomorrow. So, the three of us were really getting it on together. It didn't surprise me when Wendy pulled off my cock grabbed it into her hand and transferred into her asshole. It slipped up her as if she had been rebored to my size. It was still well oiled with her brothers cum juice. She certainly loved it up her bumkins.

All truck-drivers like their ass fucked. Quite often there are no women to fuck. The few women truck-drivers there are, seldom do night work. Although I have fucked a few of them. They have to take it up their asses to stay in the Union. If it is in your head to ask if all truck drivers are like me, then the answer is yes. Ninety-nine percent of us are. The remaining one percent are just being converted. If any of my readers who are truck drivers and are still awaiting conversion, let me know and you can co- drive with my Mate Willy.

When I finally got round to getting my meat up Johnny boy's ass, he suddenly found his voice, 'Oh, yes! Trevor! Yes! Fuck my tight asshole. Do it good, Mate!' I was in back in Wendy's bum before I finally dosed off.

I woke up to discover John in the driving seat trying to start my motor. Wendy was dressed and holding a knife to my throat. I wasn't worried about the truck I had kicked in the Dead-Man Starter lock. I looked up and winked, she fell for it and I hit her throat with a chopping blow, she crumpled up in a heap. I told John to get out of the truck or I would kill his sister and to take their baggage with them. I bundled her out into his arms and drove off leaving them in the middle of nowhere to find another sucker.

I was that angry I drove through the night before I stopped at a M6 truck-stop. It was here I met Greta. A German girl who spoke quite good English. She was trying to get to her Parents place at Carlisle. She was very warm and friendly. I found her staring into my eyes and smiling at me if I was along lost lover. I was deeply attracted to her. When I told her that I had driven through the night and I was tired, she smiled and said she would keep me warm and help me to sleep. After a good breakfast she climbed into the truck and curled up within my embrace on the bed. I must have dosed off, because when I awoke she was naked and kissing me lightly on my lips. I had been asleep for three hours.

'Trevor, you have slept well, yes?' I switched on the light and looked at her beautiful body.

'You are very beautiful, Greta!' I pulled her into my arms and impulsively kissed her lips and nose.

'You are strong enough to have me now, yes?' My cock was pushing into her warm, moist groin.

'You do not have to do this, Greta!' Same time, rubbing the palm of my hand ticklingly light over her turgid nipples.

'You not like German man? You nice Englishman. I have never been fucked by an Englishman. I want it from you - I like you.'

My hand rested on her right tit and she lifted it and offered it to my lips. I drew it deeply into my mouth and gently scraped the nipple with my teeth. She used her hands to pressure my head to her breast.

Her hand got busy in my genital area and she moved down and started to lick my cock. I tried to stop her, but she pushed my hand away and slurped on it almost greedily. The fact that it had been in the twins backsides had me quaking. I had had no time to bathe. I need not have worried for in seconds she had every centimetre well licked and tongue cleansed. When I moved her into position to fuck her she was more than eager to consummate our friendship. My first thrust was firmly met by a counter-thrust of her own. We fucked like lovers. When I pulled into Carlisle she clung to me and said she wanted to see me again. We exchanged web addresses and I felt a heart tug as I drove on North. When I looked in my mirrors she was still standing waving to me. I gave her a truckers salute on my horns as the night and distance separated us.

So, if you are thinking of travelling by using your thumb, just remember that you get nothing for nothing these days.

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