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Giving Head


We were the only ones in the elevator that morning, and he intimidated me. But, I hid it well. I held my head high and displayed none of the nervousness that was tying my stomach in knots.

"Good morning, how are you?" I asked.

"Fine, and you?" He glanced my way, distractedly, still fumbling through the documents he held in his hands. I could tell he wasn't really interested in my response, so I merely smiled and waited while the elevator continued on its course. "Damn!" he muttered.

"Is something wrong?" I asked, glancing at him curiously. Then, noticing his paperwork, I grinned. It seemed I would have the upper hand in this conversation.

"Nothing you could help me with." He had no patience at all. Plus, he wasn't used to being addressed in such a familiar manner by someone so low on the professional totem pole.

"Oh, really? If it's a problem with those documents in hand, I reported the calculation error to the database control guys yesterday."

He looked at me with renewed interest. And even though his comment earlier had me on the defense, I knew I couldn't afford not to be civil. He was the owner of our business, wealthy, attractive, powerful, and currently unmarried. Plus, I was breathless just being near him. He had an aura of danger that piqued my interest.

"Explain the error to me, please." I think that was the first moment he noticed that I was an attractive female.

The elevator stopped and the doors opened. He motioned for me to follow him. I took an indecisive step, "I really have to be in my office in a few minutes. My boss is a stickler for punctuality."

"No problem. I'm sure he'll understand. So come with me, please." How could I argue with that?

I had to hurry to keep up with his long strides. His frustration was still evident as he told his secretary, "Please call down and tell…" he looked at me.

"Mr. Staton," I quickly filled in.

"Please tell Mr. Staton that I have…" he looked at me again.

"Karen Beasley."

"Let him know that Ms. Beasley is with me."

Then we went into his office, and I proceeded to dazzle him by pointing out the overlooked but important calculation details. He asked me to accompany him for a drink that afternoon. And that is how it all began. He admitted to me once that it was the confidence I had portrayed on the day we met that caught his attention. I've never told him that it was all an act.

And now, even though he and I have been dating for well over a year, I have never seen him totally lose control. In his profession, he has never answered to anyone. Everyone, from upper management to mailroom personnel, caters to his every whim. He is always the one in charge. That is what I wanted to change.

I quickly scanned the room making sure I had left no evidence of my being there in plain view. I knew he'd smell my cologne lingering in the air. But the heady scent of my particular brand only helped to create the mood I wanted to achieve. I was extremely nervous, but somehow I knew my performance today was detrimental to our relationship. Our sexual life had always satisfied me, yet I wanted more. I wanted unpredictable. I needed to control him. For once, I wanted to see him beg. I wanted to see him aching for me.

It was early morning, too early for anyone else to be in the office. Being the boss' girlfriend had certain perks, though. I had keys to his private quarters but had never thought to use them before now. I stepped out of sight and waited for the object of my obsession to arrive.

Within minutes, I heard him fiddling with his keys in the hallway. He unlocked the door and stepped into the room, looking sexy as ever. His body was great even hidden underneath the starched, crisp white shirt and paisley tie. He must have been in a hurry this morning because he was pulling on his coat as he entered. No need for that, I thought to myself, I've got plans for you.

He settled into his chair (or throne, as I always called it). He had begun to scan his mail and play his voice messages when I revealed myself to him.

"Karen, what are you doing here?" he asked and then he realized. His precious, innocent, predictable Karen was only wearing a lemon-chiffon bra and panty set, bought new for the occasion. His eyes widened and for the first time, I saw him at a loss for words.

Disguising my nervousness, I sauntered over to him. I watched his eyes feast appreciatively on my exposed flesh. Seeing that sign of interest gave me all the courage I needed.

"Seth, I thought our relationship lacked spontaneity. I was feeling a little spontaneous this morning. Do you mind?" I looked at him innocently, not waiting for a reply. I leaned over to take the papers from his hand, deliberately giving him full view of my breasts, which seemed a little too voluptuous for this particular bra. I saw his eyes glance downward, and my nervousness disappeared. Suddenly, I knew, he was going to enjoy what I had in store.

I began to loosen his tie. He placed his hand over mine and halfheartedly said, "Karen, we'll have visitors in a few minutes." I could have left then, but I knew from the bulge in the front of his slacks that he was just as turned on as I was.

"I know. Won't that be exciting?" I gently nipped his neck breathing in a scent that was all his own. "You smell edible, and I haven't eaten yet this morning."

I turned his swivel chair to face me, and after unbuttoning his shirt, I leaned in to stroke my tongue down his muscular chest. I had never told him how his body made me wet with desire. But now, I whispered in gasping breaths exactly how excited I was as I continued to the button on his slacks. His stomach muscles clinched and rippled as I left a wet trail of kisses.

He was really quite beautiful. His form was perfect, and the time he spent in the gym was evident in his washboard abs and muscular arms. I had always noticed his excellent physique, but here in the privacy of his office worrying about the thrill of being caught, I was that much more appreciative. He moaned softly, his voice husky in the stillness of the room. I loved the sound of it. I continued to whisper my every fantasy and his moans grew louder. Finally, Seth was fulfilling my every dream. He was losing control.

"Baby, do you realize how wet you make me? Your body is gorgeous and your eyes are so expressively beautiful. I like everything about you. And even when you're so totally trying to control all that is around, your eyes still give you away. I know, Seth. I know you want to fuck me. I know you want to be dominated. I know you want to lose yourself in me. Give in to me. I can be your ultimate fantasy." I had never spoken to him like that before, and I could tell he loved every minute of it.

I unzipped his pants and leaned in to suck the tip of him, which was already wet with his body juices. I grazed my teeth over the soft skin, teasing him, taunting him. I knew, at this point, pleasure was pain.

"Please, Karen," At last, he began to beg.

"What do you want, Seth?" And even though physically, I had not done much to arouse him, I knew the whole situation, so out of character for the both of us, was playing a huge part in his excitement.

"Suck my cock," his voice was rough and husky and almost unrecognizable. His hands tangled in my hair and pressed suggestively at my nape.

I laughed softly. Seth was definitely out of control. He had used the "C" word. I replied, "You have to need, Seth. Not just want." Instead of sucking him in, I began to kiss him in wet, slow kisses all the way to his base. I buried my face in his sack and breathed. He smelled of pure aroused male. His state of arousal exhilarated me.

And that is when we heard her. Seth's secretary was at the door with his morning cup of coffee. Instead of feeling the embarrassment I would normally, for some reason, I felt very bold and daring. At the exact moment Seth was frantically buttoning his shirt, I slid his maleness deep into the dark recesses of my throat.

"Karen, please baaaaaaby, please, stop. Just for a minute," he growled in a voice thick with desire. I didn't even recognize the man before me.

She knocked at the door and entered. I almost laughed out loud, but my mouth was too full to make a sound. I wasn't particularly worried because I knew Seth would have to handle the situation. I was hidden from view. He casually swung his swivel chair (and me positioned between his muscular thighs) under the front of his massive, mahogany desk.

"Good morning, Mr. Jordan. How are you today?" Ms. Ridel asked.

Seth merely cleared his throat for a moment and replied, "Hi, Judy. It's a little warm today, isn't it? I don't think I'll need that coffee this morning."

Under his desk, I continued my ministrations. Dammit, he didn't have a problem answering her. How could he be talking about the weather while his cock was shoved six inches down my throat? With that thought, I suctioned his entire length and used my hands to massage his balls. I shifted until my wetness was brushing against his calf. Somehow, in my move under the desk, his slacks had ended up around his ankles. I slid my dripping flesh down his bare skin. His hair tickled my outer lips, and I almost moaned but quickly stopped.

"Are you sure? It's decaf," she replied.

"I'm sure," he barked impatiently, "I'm going to be fairly busy today. Please lock the door on your way out, cancel my morning meetings, and hold all calls."

"Of course, Mr. Jordan." She quickly hurried from the room.

I reached down to touch myself, and Seth slumped in his chair. It was terribly HOT in here. And he had lost his temper with poor Ms. Ridel. I could only smile.

"Now to deal with you! What has gotten into you today?" Seth muttered under his breath. He reversed in his chair and pulled me back into view. He roughly grabbed me and pulled me up into his arms. "Get up here! I've got to taste you."

His lips covered mine. He bit into my lower lip, punishing me. I moaned and grabbed his throbbing maleness. "Oh, no baby, you've had your fun! Now, it's my turn."

I whimpered, my eyes widening. Perhaps, Seth was a little too out of control! I couldn't wait for what happened next.

Seth grasped my chin firmly between his fingers and pulled me closer. His other hand tangled in my hair. His blue eyes searched my face, and only when his lips covered mine could I break his spellbinding stare. I could sense his confusion, frustration, anticipation, and pure animalistic lust. Seth definitely wasn't used to feeling this way. He devoured my mouth as his tongue tangled with my own. I knew he would do whatever it took to gain the upper hand. That knowledge exhilarated me. I moaned when he slid his muscular thigh between my legs. I eagerly brushed against him desperately needing him to touch my wetness. Finally, when I was breathless, he trailed his tongue down my neck. His hands moved to the clasp of my bra. I clung to him, weak in my excitement. My bra was quickly discarded as he began to feast on my exposed nipples. His hands cupped my full breasts, lifting them to his mouth. I urged him on with my sultry voice and excited moans. Suddenly Seth reached behind me and swept the contents of his desk onto the thickly carpeted office floor. His hands grasped me around the waist, and I whimpered as he moved me from my perch atop his thigh.

"Seth, please, I want you! I need you inside of me."

He merely laughed, his deep, sexy voice echoing. He knew he had me! When he dipped his mouth into my wetness, I lay back across his desk and eagerly lifted my hips toward his stroking tongue. He kissed me through my thong, lapping up the juices that had already soaked the silky material. I could feel his tongue brush against my swollen lips, and I used my hands to pull him closer. Needing more, I desperately shifted so that I could remove my panties. I needed to feel his tongue against my bare skin. Breathing shallowly, I held my lips open so he had better access to my clit.

I felt his tongue push forward a few inches, circling the heat within. I thrust upwards, bucking wildly. His hands grasped my ass helping me in my effort to get closer. Just as I felt a climax building, he removed his tongue, and I angrily bucked against him again. I could tell he was punishing me for my earlier actions.

"Calm down, baby, we'll get you there. I can feel your muscles clinching against my tongue. You want to cum, don't you? Your pussy is so tight, all hot and wet! Your smell and taste is enough to make me explode. I could stay down here all day, but don't you want my cock? Don't you need something filling you up? Think of how tight you'll grip me. Think of how hard and thick I will be. Imagine my cock stroking you." He used his voice to excite me even further as he began to kiss my clit again. His whole mouth suctioned my fattening pink flesh. I pushed against his shoulders and reached for his cock.

He allowed me to grasp him, and I wasted no time in placing him against my dripping entrance. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I pulled him into me, very quick and fast. I screamed at the sensation. Then, needing to watch him, I opened my eyes and found him watching me. Seeing me this way pleased him. I wanted to arouse him even more, so I reached my hand down to my clit. His eyes followed my fingers. I stroked myself as he watched.

"You're beautiful. Touch yourself, baby. Oh, god, to see you like this!" Seth murmured.

He lifted my waist and began to stroke harder. I clenched my muscles against him, squeezing even tighter. I reached around with my free hand to cup his balls. I stroked them, urging him to a climax. Each time he entered, I pulled his balls firmly into the rounded cheeks of my ass. Feeling his skin against mine only heightened the pleasure. I could hold out no longer. I had to cum! I felt my whole body jerk in reaction to this one orgasm. My nipples hardened, my clit throbbed, my insides quaked, and I somehow needed to release all that had been building inside. Able to withstand it no longer, I screamed. Seth's whole body shook as he joined me. His warm juices filled every crevice. The hot feel of his squirting cum increased the vibrations inside of me. My muscles clenched involuntarily against him, as I climaxed again. My cries quieted, and Seth fell against my chest, soaked with perspiration, breathing heavily.

"How many personalities do you have in there, Karen?" he finally panted, "And where in the hell have you been hiding her?"

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