"Too easy," Dylan laughed. "I don't think there is a woman that could stand a chance against any of my men, but I'll agree to your terms."

"Great! Just line your men up for me and I'll choose one."

The men in the training hall stood in a line in front Tameer. She slowly walked down the line looking each of the men up and down. She took time touching them and feeling the firmness of their muscles while they stood at attention trying not to react. She stopped in front of a gorgeous stud wearing nothing but a supporter strap. He had medium length dark brown hair that had golden streaks from time in the sun. Tameer slowly ran her fingers down his rounded pecs and let them glide along the ridges of his muscular abs. His chest was smooth and clean shaven. She liked the fact that he had a bronze tan over his whole body. She walked behind and cupped his butt feeling how firm it was.

"I think this one will do fine," she said to Dylan.

"That's Valyn Gellantra. I'll have him ready for you within the week." Valyn was one of Dylan's best wrestlers. He tried to suppress a smile as he thought about how easy this was going to be.

A week later, Valyn arrived at the arena the evening of his scheduled contest. He patiently waited in the lounge until Mistress Tameer arrived. She entered the room wearing a tight fitting black dress that was slit all the way up one leg and had a neckline that plunged nearly to the navel. The dress accentuated her curves and the fullness of her breasts. Normally, Valyn would be aroused at the sight of such an alluring woman but he was focused on his upcoming contest.

"Thank you for arriving as I requested. Please remove your clothes," Tameer ordered.

Valyn replied warily, "A little bit of privacy would be nice."

"Please, do as I ask," she said more firmly.

Valyn reluctantly stripped down to his brief underwear while she watched. "I haven't received a wrestling uniform yet."

"I have it right here." Tameer dangled the costume from her finger. It was nothing but a shiny G-string that consisted of a few inches of silvery fabric. He took it from her and looked at it dubiously.

"Where's the rest of it?" he demanded.

"That's it," she replied with a mischievous smile. "You'll have boots and knee pads too."

"I can't wear this," Valyn complained. "There will be ladies in the audience."

"And I assure you, they'll love it," she replied with a hint of glee.

"I am not putting that on. It's not dignified."

"I've never heard the men from your establishment complaining about the dress code of women. Now put it on."

Valyn knew the penalty of disobeying a headmistress and had no choice but to follow her instructions. She gave him the rules of the contest as he dressed and tried to tuck himself into the skimpy piece of material.

"This contest has some extra features to make it more interesting. You've read the rules but I'll go over them again. Each contestant will have a partner that will remain behind a magic force field. There will be an orb by each partner. When the orb is broken, your partner will be released to assist you for ten minutes. When the time is up, the force field will surround your teammate again taking them out of play. There are also traps in the arena which you'll need to be careful of so consider yourself warned."

Sierra and Tessa stood in the wings waiting for the contest. Several arena girls were entertaining the crowd with sensual belly dances.

"I thought the standard wrestling uniforms were bad but this thing is absolutely humiliating," Sierra complained. Her barely-there costume was held together by a couple of flimsy strings and it only covered her most intimate places. Her hair was pulled back in a clip leaving some loose bangs and curls dangling by her ears. Her dark streaked blonde locks cascaded to her neck from the clip. She wore shiny red boots, which came up to her thighs and theywere the same color as her skimpy costume. Her body had a glittery sheen from an oil that a servant girl had just applied. Her silver collar which signified her rank added to the sexiness of her outfit.

"I warned you about these midnight shows," Tessa replied. "The fans pay a lot of money for their guilty pleasures and I must admit that you have the ultimate killer bod for the costume. You're the very definition of erotic right now."

Sierra glared at Tessa. "At least your costume covers your ass."

"The show is all about you. It's not my fault that Mistress Tameer chose you to represent us. I'm just there for the assist. Anyway, you're her best wrestler."

Mistress Tameer came up the hallway to greet them. "I hope you're ready for the match, Sierra."

"As ready as I'll ever be," she replied nervously.

Tameer handed Sierra a flask that had a mysterious liquid in it. "Here, drink this. It's a sweet nectar from the Venus fruit. It helps channel Saebra's energy. It will also help you relax."

Sierra eyed the concoction cautiously. It had a luminescent pink tinge to it and smelled exotically sweet. She took a small sip and found it to be delicious. She downed the rest of it. Amazingly, her nerves subsided and she felt a pleasant tingling sensation all over – especially in her loins.

Tameer spoke to her in a low voice. "You've seen how the male gladiators have been humiliating our women in the arena. I want you to give them a dose of their own medicine and show them what it's like to be humiliated." Her words seemed to have an enchanting effect on Sierra.

When the dancers finished their erotic tease they exited the arena. A cute female herald in tight leather pants and ruffled blouse entered the middle of the floor.

"Ladies and gentleman, now entering the arena, give a warm welcome to the gladiatrix, Sierra Waycross!" Trumpets sounded as Sierra entered the arena but the crowd soon drowned them out with their cheers. Sierra felt a little self-conscious the way the men in the audience were eyeing her like she was a tasty treat.

"And now ladies, you may need to brace yourself this," the herald announced with a sexy lilt in her voice, "her opponent, Valyn Gellantra!"

Sierra's heart skipped a beat when her opponent entered the arena. He was a sensational specimen of a man with a perfectly sculpted body. She was also pleased by the fact that his costume was just as scarce as her own if not more so. There were more women than men in the audience and they seemed to enjoy it too as they had lust in their eyes and started whispering to each with naughty giggles. Many of them gave catcalls as he entered.

The trumpets continued their fanfare as one of the arena girls who had just danced approached Valyn. She had a flask of oil and poured a liberal amount in her hands. She eagerly started applying it all over his body not missing a spot until his body glistened. Valyn was unfazed by it and just stood there studying Sierra.

Sierra wasn't sure what was in the potion that Tameer had given her but she was starting feel incredibly horny. Just the sight of this hunk of man squeezed into a tiny G-string was causing her nipples to become erect and visibly showed through the thin fabric of her bikini top. His boots, knee pads and gold collar made him look even more erotic.

Tessa took her place in the corner next to a glowing orb and a force field encircled her. Valyn had chosen one of his fellow gladiators as a teammate. The man wore a small pair of wrestling briefs and took his place in the opposite corner from Tessa. A magical field lit up around him.

The bell sounded signaling the beginning of the match. The two fighters circled each other and then grappled. It was hard to get a hold with their bodies so oily but Valyn got the advantage and lifted Sierra above his head in a body press. He then tossed her several feet to the floor.

This knocked the wind out of Sierra but she got to her feet quickly. They tangled again and rolled. He had her in a painful lock that she couldn't muscle out of. She had one free hand. She reached between his legs and found his crotch. She squeezed it until he gave a yelp of pain and released her.

Valyn restrained her arms and dragged her towards a large red X on the arena floor that marked a trap. Sierra had no idea what the trap was and wasn't about to find out. She kicked and clawed until she broke free. When she backed up, she noticed that she was standing right next to her opponents force field. Valyn saw the advantage and broke the orb releasing his partner. Both men smiled as she was backed into a corner with Tessa still trapped on the other side of the arena. The men would have ten minutes before the force field reactivated.

Sierra made a desperation move and ran straight for her opponents. At the last second she slid on the floor right between them. They made a grab for her but she slipped out of their hands on the oily surface. She made a mad run for Tessa with the men in hot pursuit. Valyn made a dive for her but his hand just missed the heel of her boot. She smashed the orb and Tessa was released.

Sierra turned and both men backed her to the wall and pinned her arms above her head. Sierra looked around for Tessa but she was nowhere to be found.

Valyn turned to his partner, "Where's the other one, Quint?"

Quint looked behind him and couldn't see her. "I don't know. Maybe she bolted."

"Doubtful. Go find her."

Quint crossed the arena floor but she was nowhere to be found. There were shadows in the corners where she could be hiding but he didn't see her. From out of nowhere a boot connected with his head and he was out cold. Tessa had used her thieving abilities to hide and climb the arena wall. She had waited on a shadowed ledge for the right opportunity to jump and take out Quint.

When Valyn noticed that his teammate was passed out on the floor he released his grip on Sierra and took evasive action as both women charged him. Sierra made a flying tackle. Tessa pinned his arms to the ground as Sierra straddled him.

"What are you going to do now, big guy?" Sierra asked with a sexy smile. Her crotch was pressed up against his. He wasn't erect yet but she felt firmness and potential there. Being that close to his manhood was causing a hunger in her loins and she was getting very moist. That potion Tameer had given her was really having an effect.

Valyn escaped the women by arching his pelvis and throwing Sierra off. He got up and started backing away trying to figure a way out of his predicament. The two women just smiled as they casually walked towards him. He backed up to a wall but didn't realize the red X that was on it. He had set off a trap and magic ropes lashed around his wrists and legs holding him firmly against the wall. The fans were in a loud frenzy over the exciting turn of events the match had taken.

"Hmm, what should we do with him now?" Tessa asked with a naughty grin.

"I don't know. He looks so helpless," Sierra teased. Both girls started teasing him and letting their fingers roam his body. Sierra drew a finger down his chest and belly and then ran it along the string of his costume. "Why don't we see what's underneath?" She started circling the thin fabric with the tip of her finger teasing the head of his penis. She then started to pull the tight g-string, straining the thin threads holding it together.

"Hey, stop that!" Valyn exclaimed. He started to squirm, desperate to escape his bonds. He wasn't about to have this bitch strip him naked in front of an arena full of women, but he couldn't break free.

"Unfortunately for you, we're in control," Sierra teased. She pulled even harder until the string up his ass was starting to hurt. Then the flimsy fabric could take no more and snapped. "Oops," Sierra said with an evil smile as his penis flopped out. There was a distinctly feminine cheer from the women in the crowd.

Tessa looked at Sierra in wide-eyed astonishment. "Wow, I thought I was the wild one, Sierra."

"It must be that potion that Tameer gave me. I'll have to remember to ask her for more," she laughed.

Sierra lifted Valyn's five inches of semi-erect penis and started to stroke it. "Let's see what we can make this little guy do," she giggled. Tessa laughed and joined in by gently squeezing it. Sierra had some oil on her hand that came off his body and started rubbing it on his organ.

Valyn closed his eyes and tried to block out what she was doing. He was the master of his own cock. He wasn't about to let this vixen give him an erection in front of a crowd of people if he could help it. He continued to focus on unraveling the ropes that held him.

Sierra got on her knees to get a closer as she stroked his manhood. The women in the audience were actually chanting for her to go down on him. The men just sat there with their jaws dropping scandalized by it all. They had paid for and expected to see salacious activity but not like this. Sierra looked up at Tessa, "Should I?"

"Sounds like a plan to me," Tessa grinned.

Valyn had done a good job of showing restraint up to that point, but when he felt Sierra's tongue circling the head of his penis it was more than he could take. Sierra then put mouth around the tip and slowly started sucking. She could feel him growing in her mouth. Valyn was now breathing heavily.

She looked up at Tessa, "Mmm, do you wanna try?"

Tessa knelt beside Sierra and started flicking her tongue on the tip causing Valyn to moan. Both girls then ran their tongues up and down his shaft at the same time. Sierra then put him back in her mouth. He let out a loud groan. When he started to pulsate rapidly she pulled off of him. His cock was purple and throbbing with a little bit of juice oozing from it. He let out an exasperated gasp when she didn't finish him off.

"Ooh, you're mean, Sierra. The poor guy's about to explode," Tessa said with a wicked smile. At that time, the force field reappeared around Tessa. "Oh, damn, just when it was starting to get fun," she pouted.

Valyn had been working on his bonds the whole time. He had been able to loosen them and the spell was now weakening. He finally broke them and was free.

Sierra backed away as Valyn slowly approached her with his massive erection dangling between his legs. She had lost her advantage and now had to face him one-on-one. They grappled fiercely and Valyn savagely ripped her top off. Now it was the men in the stands who were cheering. Valyn maneuvered behind Sierra. She could feel his swollen cock pressed between her butt cheeks. She was squirming to get away but he had a firm grip. Great, it looks like Tameer's scheme has backfired, Sierra thought. She's going to be pissed and I'm going to get publicly raped.

Sierra tried to squeeze her ass cheeks together but his hard penis was oiled enough to easily start to penetrate her. She made one last desperation move by lifting her legs and kicking off against the wall. They both fell backwards and rolled. Sierra did an acrobatic twirl and clamped her thighs around his head. They rolled until she was upright and practically sitting on his face. She had her crotch pressed into his face to where he was unable to breathe. They rolled again but she kept her thighs clamped on him. She squeezed as hard as she could until he finally passed out. The stadium erupted in a frenzy at her victory.

The rest of the female gladiators in attendance poured onto the arena floor to congratulate Sierra. After a short celebration they lifted the naked and unconscious Valyn onto their shoulders and carried him out of the arena.

Tameer was leaning against a corner smiling as headmaster Dylan approached her. "What is the meaning of this, Tameer? I demand to have my gladiator returned right now!"

"He lost fair and square," Tameer smiled. "And remember the deal? To the victor goes the spoils. He is Sierra's prize for the evening."

Dylan stood with his jaw dropped. He had never considered the possibility of his gladiator losing, let alone becoming a sexual prize.

Sierra and Tessa exited the arena leaving the cheering crowd behind them and made their way to the showers. Tessa took off her wrestling gear and Sierra peeled out of what was left of her costume. They both relished the hot water that removed the oil and sweat from their bodies.

"I can't believe we just did that," Tessa said. "That poor guy was like putty in your hands. I was getting incredibly horny watching it all."

"And you didn't even have any of that nectar that Tameer gave me. I have a feeling that it's not over yet." Both girls laughed.

They got out of the shower and put on short skirts and blouses. They entered their lounge and Valyn was tied to a massage table by his arms and feet. The women who had tied him up thought it would be cute to put a pair of tiny pink panties on him that were even smaller than the wrestling costume he had worn and barely contained him. Sierra smiled at this bit of creativity. The rest of the female gladiators cheered when Sierra entered the room.

Valyn finally regained consciousness. He struggled against his bonds and looked down in alarm. "Who put me in women's panties?" he demanded.

Sierra smiled at him. "That's the least of your worries," she said as she ran her hand seductively down his body and started letting her fingers play under the string of the panties that clung to him tightly.

Tessa came forward with a bottle of spirits and poured it all over Valyn. She bent down and licked the sweet alcohol off his nipples.

"Save some for me," Sierra joked. She slurped the puddle of spirits that had formed in his belly button. Then she let her tongue travel lower until reaching the panties. She started blowing on the mound that was tightly packaged beneath the flimsy silk. Valyn closed his eyes trying not to respond, but his penis had a mind of it's own. He had gotten soft while he was unconscious but now it started to grow again against his will. His erection was painful as the panties barely contained him and the restriction was crushing his balls.

"Oh, our poor guy is in a predicament," Sierra giggled as she petted the bulge. The rest of the women laughed. His penis was painfully curled up in the tight panties with the tip trying to peek out the top.

Sierra pulled out a knife and slid it under sting that held the panties together. "Maybe we should let the poor little guy in there free." She lifted the blade and everyone cheered as his erection popped out. She then took a silk scarf and let it glide over his swollen cock. She continued to tease as she lifted his meat with the scarf and let it twirl around it. Valyn gasped as Sierra tied the scarf tightly around the base of his organ just underneath his balls.

"Have you ever mistreated a woman?" Sierra asked inquisitively. Valyn didn't respond.

"Your silence speaks volumes," she continued. She crawled up on the table and straddled him. Sierra wasn't wearing panties under her skirt and his engorged penis rested against her warm, moist nether region. "Now you're going to find out what it's like to be on the receiving end." She lifted herself and allowed the length of his manhood to enter her. The rest of the women cheered with each thrust as she gradually started building speed.

"Oh, gods," Valyn moaned involuntarily. He couldn't believe that he was literally being raped by a female and he couldn't believe how good it felt. His mind continued to reject it even though his body hungered for it. He felt like he was on the verge of an explosion but the damn scarf was tied so tightly that it prevented it.

Sierra continued to work a steady rhythm on him. His penis was hitting her magic spot perfectly and her body started to shudder with a massive orgasm. After catching her breath she dismounted and said, "Tessa, do you want a turn?"

Tessa gave her a devilish look as she crawled on the table. She slid him inside her and started fucking him hard. "Yeah, you like that don't you?" she said through gritted teeth while breathing heavily. "You really wanna be fucked don't you?"

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