Happy Birthday! Ch. 02


I looked up at the ceiling, and saw some added lights there. And then I looked around some more and found some more small ones placed around us. They blended in real well, and just set the tone. I looked over at Kevin, and he smiled and mouthed 'I got friends' at me. Boy, I guess he did. I just gave him a thumbs up and a smile.

But while I was looking around at the lights, my eyes fell on something else different in the room. There were two blowup dolls hanging from the wall! They looked like they included batteries, so I'd bet they did things back to you. How the hell did I miss those?

One was a male, the other female. A tag above the female one read 'Iny', and one above the male said 'Outy'. Get it? Wonder who's sense of humor named them? I'd bet on Candy or Jill, not that it mattered.

But it did get my mind working a little bit again. Now I was wondering what else they'd bought at the mall when we all went there. See, when a young guy gets around all that pussy, his head automatically transfers control to the alternate control station, just a bit south of his normal one. So we miss some things while we concentrate on getting something else. It happens to all guys, so just be aware of it, gals. Use the knowledge to your advantage.

I'll get to the action that took place that night in a minute. But first I want to mention one other thing. The cards. When we'd all taken our places in the circle on the floor, Jill set the bowl with the cards in the center. And that's when I noticed they'd had some new cards made up, and they didn't look hand made either. I picked one up and looked at it, turning it over a few times. They weren't homemade, that was for sure. Thicker card stock, and laminated like real playing cards.

"These are pretty cool. You didn't make these on the laser printer," I told everyone.

Tiffany smiled at me.

"You're right, we didn't. We wanted real cards. So I had them printed at Kinkos. Got two people there that asked to join us after they read the cards, too."

We all laughed.

"I bet they do want to join!" Jill said.

"I can just see their faces when they read them, too," Candy said. "Priceless!"

Anyway, horny guys at the local Kinkos was not my problem. It was time to start the game.

We rolled the dice and Candy won first pick. She picked a card out of the bowl and read it to us.

"Tell the group the last time you masturbated, and where. Then remove one article of clothing."

"Last night, in the shower," she told us. Then she took off her top.

Tiffany's turn.

"Tell the group whether you have ever made love to a member of the same sex, and if so where. Then remove one article of clothing."

She didn't even have to think about that.

"Yes. Here in this basement." She removed her top.

My turn, and I reached in the bowl and drew a card.

"Same as Tiffany's was. And the answer is no."

I pulled my shirt up over my head and tossed it behind me.

Over to Melody now.

"Describe your favorite position to masturbate in, and where. Then remove one article of clothing."

"Well, standing up in the shower," she told us, and then removed her top.

Now it was my sisters turn. I was hoping for something a little hotter for Jill.

"Tell the group who among them you most would like to make love to, and in what position. Then remove one article of clothing."

"Same as before. Jack. And doggy."

Off came her top.

Oh. Not a push-up bra after all. Guess I was wrong there.

"Back to you, Candy," Tiffany said after a minute of everyone just sitting there looking at each other.

"Oh! Sorry," she told us. Then she picked a card.

"Tell the group if you've ever accidentally seen your parents making love, and where. Then remove an article of clothing."

She actually blushed a little when she read it.

"Yes," she blurted out. "They left their bedroom door open one night, and I got up to go to the bathroom. They were really going at it!"

She took off her bra. There they were! I was happy to see those babies again. Didn't even know I missed them until they were here again, but boy oh boy did they look good!

Tiffany picked a card, and read it out loud.

"Tell the group whether you have ever been made love in the sixty nine position, and then remove an article of clothing."

"Yes, lots!" she blurted out, then looked around at us. She was blushing a little too. I loved it. She took her bra off. Not much for me to see, but they looked good to me anyway.

My turn again. I picked a card, and took a look at it.

"Why do I always get the same as someone else does? This is the same as Tiffany's. And the answer is no, I have not."

I tossed the card down beside the bowl, and stood up to take off my pants. That's when it dawned on me that what with me not wearing a bra, I was always going to be one step ahead of them. Got to do some thinking about that, Jack, I told myself.

I was sitting down when I heard someone, I don't know who, make a comment.

"Have to see about changing that," someone muttered. I assume they were talking about me never doing the 69. Well, I was willing to learn!

Melody's turn, and I was looking forward to seeing those tits of hers again. Wish she'd hurry it up a little.

"Tell the group how many times you masturbate every week, on average. Then remove an article of clothing.

She actually had to think about it for a few seconds. I was starting to wonder just how high the number was going to be that took her that long to add up. But it wasn't that bad.

"Average? I'd say four," she said, and off came her bra. Babies, come to poppa!

"Jill's turn, and then it's on to round two," Tiffany announced.

Jill pulled a card from the bowl and read it to us.

"Tell the group the wildest thing you've fantasized about doing some day. Then remove one article of closing."

She turned red. She really did! But it seems we were all playing it honest, because she told us what it was, and her face told me she was telling us the truth.

"Having a dick in both holes at the same time. Being Dped, in other words," she blurted out. Then she took her bra off.

"Have you ever had it up the ass?", Candy asked Jill.

"No! But it sounds like something I'd want to try. And two at a time? Damn, I get wet talking about it!"

All the girls laughed, but I didn't. I was thinking right then that I wanted to make that come true for her. Someday, anyway. Anything for my sister...

We took a bathroom break before we started round two. While the girls were doing their group thing in the bathroom, I went over and talked to Kevin.

He showed me a bit of what we had recorded so far, and it looked really good. Kid knew what he was doing. I really liked the guy, and I was starting to wonder why I'd never even talked to him before, even though he lived right next door. Weird.

The girls got done doing whatever it was girls did in bathrooms as a herd, and I took a leak and headed back to the game. Time to start getting to the good stuff. Round two it starts to get interesting, and no one will make it out of the round with clothes on. I hoped.

The cards got changed for round two, and we all got comfortable. So far we were all topless, except for me, who was missing my pants.

"Candy started round one, so the next person to the left starts the next. Which, as it happens, is me!" Tiffany said.

She picked a card and read it to us.

"Suck on the nippes of the person to the left of you for sixty seconds. If they are not bare chested they must become so before starting. Then take an article of clothing off if you are wearing any."

She looked at me and smiled.

"Well, it's kinda of a waste, but go for it," I told her.

So she did. I had to admit it felt a bit funny, but not all that bad. When time was up she sat back down and pulled her pants off and tossed them aside. I just smiled.

"Jacks turn," Jill said. I pulled a card out of the bowl.

"Suck on the big toe of the person to the left of you for sixty seconds. Then remove an article of clothing if you are wearing any."

"Well, this round really sucks so far," I told everyone there.

Melody really seemed to enjoy it while I sucked on her toe. For that matter, so did I. Sixty seconds never went so fast. Then I took my underwear off. So I was the first person naked. What of it? The girls all hooted and howled.

Melody reached in the bowl and came out with a card.

"Lick the ear and side of the neck of the person to your left for sixty seconds. Then remove an article of clothing if you are wearing any."

She did just that to Jill. Both seemed to be getting into it. I watched, with a little tingle starting a just a tad south of my navel by the time they were done. Then her pants came off. Now we're talking!

Jill's turn.

"Massage the buttocks of the person to your right for sixty seconds. If they are not bare below the waist, they have to remove clothing until they are. Then remove an article of clothing if you are wearing any."

All right! Love it!

Melody took her panties off, and flopped over onto her belly on the floor. Jill started in with the rubbing, and the others started the countdown. I had a good shot at Melody's bottom, and I was watching it move under Jill's hands so much I forgot to help with the countdown. Easily distracted by moving female body parts. Yep, that's me!

Before the time was up I swear I saw a glint of wetness down there. She was getting turned on. Honestly, so was I.

When they were done they both sat back up.

And then it was Candy's turn to pick a card.

"Remove all clothing if you are still wearing any, and then masturbate for sixty seconds."

"Wow. No toe sucking for me, huh?" she told us.

Naked, she did what the card said. I expected her to lay down on the floor, but she got up on both knees and parted her legs. Then she stuck two fingers in her cunt, and used that to lubricate her clit. Then she started rubbing it like crazy. She tossed her head back and closed her eyes, and really got into it. It was like she forgot we were even there!

Finally, she opened her eyes and, still looking up she asked us "Time up yet?"

We all looked at each other. Damn. Not a one of us was watching the clock. We had no idea how long it had been!

"Time," Jill said, letting Candy off the hook, so to speak. Then Jill shrugged her shoulders and grinned. We were all grinning, but Candy didn't ask us why. Good thing, huh?

Candy sat back down. Tiffany was up next.

"Rub the breasts of the person to your right for sixty seconds. Then remove an article of clothing, if you are still wearing any."

She grinned at Candy.

"Whats this, Candy's round?" Candy asked all of us with a grin.

"Looks like," Tiffany told her. "Lay back down, girl. I want those things now!"

When Candy was laying on her back, Tiffany started to rub her chest, making sure her thumbs ran across her nipples as they passed by. In about three seconds flat those nipples were standing up proud. The rest of it was about to drive Candy crazy, I thought. The girl was getting really turned on!

When time was up Tiffany leaned over and licked both nipples before she sat back down. Candy had to take a deep breath when she did it. I really didn't think it would take much more before Candy came.

We all were, after that round, naked. As I looked around and realized it, I had to take a few deep breaths myself. My current state wasn't a surprise to any of them. The flag pole had returned, flying high and proud.

That was the point we had our first error. I hadn't know about it, but the committee in charge of cards should have. And that was led by Tiffany! So we didn't feel bad that she'd had to do that to Candy for nothing, and for gods sake Candy sure wasn't complaining about it.

See, it was finally explained to us, there were two sets of cards for round two. We'd play once around the circle with the first set, then switch to one go around with the second. The idea is that after the first set everyone would be ready to pick it up a bit. I know I was!

When they'd remembered that, Jill changed out the cards for part two of round two.

Well, it was Tiffany that had done it, and it was still her turn. Gotta love it.

She picked one of the new cards and read it. Then she tossed it down in the center by the bowl. When we all looked at her, she grinned.

"Well, I wrote that card. Serves me right, I guess."

Jill picked up the card and read it.

"You and the person to your right first get naked. Then perform oral sex on that person for sixty seconds."

"Are you kidding me!" Candy exclaimed with a grin. "Only sixty seconds? Give me a break!"

It didn't take long for her to flip over on her back and spread her legs. Tiffany got down and went to work. Jill counted off the time, and that was a good thing. I wasn't about to. I was watching the action closely.

Tiffany ran her tongue around Candy's pussy lips, then closed in on her clit and licked like a mad woman. As a bonus I saw her slip two fingers into her cunt and work them in and out, all the while keeping up the tongue action. Candy was bucking up against her face by the time the sixty seconds was up.

They both sat back up, Candy breathing hard.

"Jacks turn." Melody said.

I picked up a card, and read it. What the fuck was this, I thought. Are you kidding me? Tiffany took the card from me and smiled. No, they weren't kidding me. She read it out loud.

"If you are not already, get naked. Then perform sex on the doll of the opposite sex for sixty seconds. The position will be you on top."

The girls all squealed in glee. They were loving this! Jill got up and retrieved the female doll, Iny. She set it down in the center of the circle and sat back down.

"Get to it boy!" she told me. 'You've got some work to do!"

The others squealed again. Sure, yuk it up, girls, I was thinking. The game wasn't over yet.

Candy held the doll in place as I positioned myself to fuck it. Jill gave me some lube, and I put some of it on my dick. Then I just did what I had to do. I fucked the damn inflatable doll for sixty seconds. And I wasn't about to admit it to them, but I actually enjoyed it some. I banged away at it like I liked it. Okay, so maybe I did some. They didn't have to know that.

For the last twenty seconds I felt hands on my ass, and when I looked I saw it was Jill, pushing down on my ass. God, can't a guy even screw a doll without getting hassled by his sister?

With that thought I laughed, out loud I'm afraid, and the girls knew right then that I was having fun. Damn it. Why did I have to give it away that easily?

When they called time, I stopped and got back to my seat. I may have been a bit red in the face, but I was turned on for sure, and they could all see it. Rather hard for a naked guy to hide, huh.

The doll got placed to the side of the circle, and it was Melody's turn.

"First, get naked if you are not already. Then lick the anus of the person to your right for sixty seconds."

Me? Oh, hell. They really had listened to me when I said we were going to push people just a little and take them where they were a little uncomfortable. Damn my big mouth.

Melody looked like she was going to pass, and I thought that was just fine with me. But then I saw her shoulders come up, and she shrugged them.

"I'm not loosing the points, big boy. So up on all fours," she told me.

I did. What choice did I have? I wasn't loosing to a girl! Wasn't going to happen.

I got up on all fours, and she did exactly what the card had said. She rimmed me for sixty seconds, and I'm going to be man enough to say I enjoyed every fucking second of it. I did. It felt pretty damn good, and my dick was quivering by the time she stopped. If anyone had so much as touched it right then, I'd have shot my load all over the carpet.

We both sat back down, and I looked at Melody and raised my eyebrows. She leaned it close and whispered in my ear "I loved it! Hot, baby. Hot. I so wanted to grab your balls."

I whispered back to her "I liked it too. Real turn on!"

We smiled at each other, and the other girls didn't ask us what we were whispering about. And I wasn't volunteering anything.

Jill's turn.

"If you are not already, get naked. Then perform sex on the doll of the opposite sex for sixty seconds. The position will be you on top."

Hah! The same card I got! Back at ya, sister!

Outy made his presence in the circle, and I handed the lub to Jill with a grin that threatened to split my face. She gave me nothing in return, nada. I had no idea what she felt about this.

She lubed up the inflated plastic penis, and climbed aboard. Jill lowered herself down on it, and I watched as it went up into my sisters wet cunt. She rode that thing like a cowgirl at roundup time. I mean she showed it no mercy. Really turned on by watching me, maybe. Whatever, when time was up and she climbed off I watched it pop out of her pussy. Even it looked like it was sorry it was over.

We had one more player still to go this round. Candy, who still looked turned on as all get out. I sooo wanted to go do her and put her out of her misery, but I wouldn't get any points for it, so she was on her own a little longer.

She picked a card.

" If you are not already, get naked. Then, perform sex on the doll of the opposite sex for sixty seconds. The position will be doggy style."

"How the hell do I do that?" she asked.

"I guess we get to help," Jill said, laughing. "Flip it over, sister. You're about to get it doggy!"

When Candy was ready, Jill and Tiffany held the doll up behind her and positioned it's dick to enter Candy. But before they put it in her Jill turned on it's inner vibrator.

As soon as it went in her pussy the girls started pushing it in and out of her. Candy went crazy in about ten seconds flat! The vibrator put her over the top, and she tossed her head back and let out a wail like I'd never heard before. She was bucking back into the girls forward thrusts, and I watched as her tits flopped back and forth. She let it all go, and screamed.

She only made it to the fifty five seconds mark, way I counted it. She had come so fast and so hard I about shot my load just watching her. Oh. My. God. Never seen anything like it!

Everyone sat back in their places with Candy and, I admit it, me, breathing hard. I really had about come all over the place. Not sure how I was holding it, to tell the truth.

Tiffany called another break before we started round three. I needed it, and I knew at least Candy did. She was still coming down from that little show she'd put on.

A few minutes later Jill was coming out of the bathroom when I was going in. She stopped me and whispered in my ear.

"How did you not come that time? Hell, even I did!"

"You did?" I whispered back, and she held up two fingers a little bit apart to show me it was a small one.

"Yeah, a little one. Damn! That was cool."

I just nodded my head I agreed. It was all of that.

I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I was trying to put it put of my mind enough to get rid of this hard-on so I could pee, but it took a little while. At least when I finally did and stepped out of the bathroom I didn't have a woody anymore. Took the pressure off at least a little.

Jill, being the type of person she was, was cleaning up the dolls and putting them back where they were on the wall. Such a thoughtful person, that sister of mine.

Everyone roamed around, went to the bathroom, got a drink, or just sat and talked for a little while. Then it was time to get round three started. You know, the one where I'd get laid for sure? Yeah, that one.

We all headed back to the circle.

The cards had been changed, and everyone was in position. Time to get it on!

It was my turn, so I pulled a card out of the bowl and read it.

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