tagSci-Fi & FantasyHaren's Folly Ch. 01

Haren's Folly Ch. 01


What do you get when you mix a Demon Prince who's favorite passed time is messing with people, a Sadistic Angel bent on revenge, and an unsuspecting human with Fay blood? A seriously funny mess.


Keelie was reaching her twenty-second birthday and she wasn't happy about it. What twenty-second year old would still be living alone with absolutely no love life? Plus you add one incredibly annoying immortal father constantly complaining that he wanted grandchildren and you pretty much had her normal day. For the love of all that is holy, why doesn't he just impregnate another human and make his own kid? He was immortal, He lived forever looking barely 30 years old. The damn bastard. She opened the locks on her small bookstore and continued to grumble. Besides her lack of a love life, the 22nd century was in the process of taking away her business. Those damn fucking computers and their digital books where ruining her. She was to young for this crap.

OK, OK so it wasn't the smartest idea to buy the small shop from the original owner three years ago. But how could she not? The small shop, covered in thick ivy vines and old brick settled so perfectly in the small town she called home. It had called to her like the sirens of the sea. Thus the name Dilthase was painted elegantly on the stores old wood door. Her siren ancestor would be flattered. She was cursing her sorry fate when young Bill, a delivery boy of about 18 carried in a new box.

"I got another one for you Miss Maine he said with a flirtatious grin. Every man in town had a thing for Keelie Maine. Her 5' 4" figure with large curves and long wavy sun-gold hair was not something seen every day in the small Bay Shore town. She flashed those bright yellow-green eyes his way and he felt a tingle of lust go up his spine. His grandmother had warned him about her, saying something like "That one has Fay blood in her, the eyes tell you." Being directly from Ireland, his grandmother was unnaturally superstitious. No one had any idea how right the old woman really was.

"Thanks so much Billie. Just put it down at the register." She was always excited when she got a new batch of books. To bad they didn't go out as quickly as they came in.

"Yes ma'am." He placed the heavy box down. "Miss Maine, the town's hosting it's annual spring day fair this weekend and I was wondering...If you had someone to go with." He blushed slightly but kept his eyes level with hers. His older sister had told him that women responded better when looked in the eyes. Miss Keelie was not a girl, but a woman.

She looked at the young man, startled at his boldness and started to laugh. "No Billie, I don't have anyone to go with. Would you like to take me?" She asked coyly.

The boy blushed but stood his ground. "Yes Ma'am. If you wouldn't mind..."

The boy was adorable. Besides, what was the harm? It wasn't like she had so many dates she was asked on. If the boy had the guts to do what most men shied from, how could she not reward him? She could use a little fun anyhow. "Alright then, come buy around 7 tomorrow night. I'll lock up and we'll walk over." She said with a smile.

Billie blinked, almost dumbfounded. That actually worked! His head raced with excitement. He was going on a date with Miss Keelie. Man wait till he told the other guys on the local baseball team. "Yes Ma'am! I won't be late!" He was to excited to remember to have her sign the slip for the package and hurried out to do the next delivery.

Keelie chuckled as he left. The boy had good manners and knew how to treat a girl. He was going to be one hell of a heart-breaker. She began to unpack her new books when she paused to look at a very old one, bound in black and white leather with the indentation of a glorious angel battling a demon.

"...This is pretty...I wonder when I ordered this one..." She examined the old cover some more. The book was titled "Haren's Folly" What type of book was called that? It didn't even have an author. Which character was Haren? The angel, or the demon? Questions raced through her head when the front door jingled. She placed the book down on her desk and went to great the customer. The book remained there; forgotten, for the rest of the day.


She was just finishing up in her office when 7 o'clock chimed from the old grandfather clock. She was wearing jeans that molded to her ass like a second skin and a soft green tunic top. It was a fair after all. The front door chimed.

"Is that you Billie? I'm just finishing up." She called back from her office. The old book still lay forgotten on her desk.

"Yes Ma'am." Bill could do nothing but watch as the tight jeans moved with her. He watched her bend down to pick up a fallen book and groaned in his head. You lucky bastard. Was all he could think.

She turned around and looked admiringly at her date. At 6 feet, Billie was well formed, with the sleek muscles of a heavy runner and an ass you could bounce a coin off of; she could definitely do worse. He wore jeans like herself with a t-shirt and his team's jacket. Reminding her that he was still in high school. What a pity.

"Alright then handsome, lets lock up and go have some fun." She said with a smile. The boy blushed and nodded. She closed her office door and walked with him to her front door, turning the open sign closed and locking the door behind them.

Back in her office, the angel's eyes glowed a cool white blue. In response, the Demon's eyes glowed a bright crimson red.


At the fair, Keelie kept her focus on the parade of floats going throughout the streets. She cheered along with the rest of the town, not noticing how Billie's eyes briefly glowed a cool blue before returning to their normal brown.

"Oh look at that one! Mrs. Grail from the flower shop must have done that one!" She called out with appreciation. The float was covered from head to toe in brilliant brightly colored roses. "She must have been working on it for weeks!"She looked over to the boy and he just smiled. She returned the smile and returned her focus to the front.

For another few hours they wondered the fair, eating cotton candy, ridding a merry-go-round. She felt like a teenager again. They were on their way back to her store now.

"This was fun Billie, I enjoyed it. I just need to get something from my office real quick and then I'll walk you home." She unlocked her door and entered. He followed her in. As she went to her office, she did not hear the click of the front door's lock.

"I'll just be a moment!" She called back to him. She stood with her back to the door as she went through some papers in her desk. She never saw it coming.

From behind, Bill had grabbed a bookend and slammed it into her head, knocking her unconscious to the floor. His eyes glowed with the same light-blue light as he undid the belt of his jeans.


When she came too, she moaned into a gag. Just under her B-cup breasts was Billie's belt,wrapped tightly around her, holding her arms securely behind her back. She was completely naked and struggled against her refinements.

"I wouldn't if I were you. You'll hurt yourself." Billie said in a cold voice. She struggled as he pushed her forward against her desk. "I've been dreaming of doing this for sooooo long Miss Maine." She screamed against her gag not hearing the water from a water bottle splashing to the floor. He laughed. "Don't worry, you'll like it Miss Maine." He said with that same cruel laugh. She struggled harder as she felt something pressed against her pussy and screamed as it was shoved inside her. Billie had pushed the empty water bottle face up, into her pussy.

"Now for the fun part." He picked up the case of Vaseline that he had brought over from her first aid kit and began to stroke his cock. Normally, it was 5" long and 4" thick, but something was unnatural about it now. It had grown 3 sizes longer and 3 sizes wider. Veins pulsed painfully as he rubbed it. He hissed at the friction, Holding her pinned down, he pushed his cock against her small ass hole. She screamed into her gag, knowing that she had never taken anything up there. He didn't hesitate. With one big push, he thrust his member deep into her ass.

She screamed from the pain. Her ass was burning and he wasn't letting up. He thrust into her tight ass like a man possessed. "Oh god yeah! You like it don't you! Feel me growing inside of you? You need this baby!" He called out as he pounded into her. With each thrust he reached deeper and stretched wider. Despite the pain, her body was responding. She felt her own cum dripping into the water bottle. She shut her eyes to the pain, whimpering like an animal.

"Your a slut Miss Keelie. A big slut. I bet you beg to get fucked all the time." He growled as he pounded her. "This tight ass has been begging for it all night. How long can you keep up Miss Maine?" He laughed harshly, picking up the pace. She was being pounded so hard into the desk that it had been pushed against the wall. He continued this for nearly two hours before cumming.

He was breathing heavily when he pulled out of her. Billie pulled the water bottle out of her and smirked. The bottle was nearly half full of her cum. "I expected more form you Miss Keelie...but this will do for now." With that, he caped the bottle and left her collapsed at the floor.

It took her several minutes to regain her strength. It took another few for her to realize he was gone. She closed her eyes with relief, swearing that she'll use all her power to curse Bill Mitchel. It took her a some time to notice the cigarette smoke coming from her desk.

"...Poor kid. Never stood a chance." A husky voice muttered. She shot up and pushed herself against a wall. "Relax woman. A forced woman never really turned me on." The voice said to her.

She looked up at the owner of the voice and felt like whimpering. Sitting on top of her desk was a man dressed all in military black. The only color was the red stars studding his collar. The man had a dark tan, well formed muscles stretched his clothing. It was, however, his face that got to her. A nice wide chin, dimples etched next to a sensual mouth. A long, strong nose, that seemed to be slightly crooked due to a bad break. Shaggy ebony-black hair, and piercing ruby eyes. The man before her was definitely not human.

Oran looked down at the woman with interest. She was stunning. Normally, he would love to woo such a creature to his bed, but like he had told her, he didn't like forced women. This one would come to him willingly. Unfortunately, that wasn't now.

"So...Hi" He took a long drag of his cigarette.

She forced herself to look directly at the man, not daring to move. She watched as he got up and rather nonchalantly, walked over to her. His feet where covered with tall soft leather black boots that made absolutely no sound as he moved. He removed her gag slowly, then unbound her arms. He backed up and sat against her desk, continuing to smoke.

".....who....who are you?" Her voice sounded ruff and unsteady.

"Call me Oran. And before you start cursing the very air that kid breaths, I suggest you wait a moment miss Fay."

That got her attention. Who the hell was this man. He was no Fay. How did he know she had Fay blood. Who the hell was he? She was about to ask him just as he interrupted her.

"The kid was under the control of one very big idiot. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty, so he took control of the boy. Personally, I could think of so many fun ways to retract a Fay's cum without force. But he lacks imagination."

"Wait....what? I don't understand...."

He held up the book that she had forgotten from the day before. "A couple of centuries ago, I trapped myself and the idiot into this book. Making it so only a being of immortal blood could release us. It wasn't my smartest move...but beggars can't be choosers."

"...so then this "idiot" is the angel?"

"Very good! Now I suppose you want to know why I'm here." She nodded. "Pretty much the same reason he used the kid." He watched as fear flashed into her eyes as she looked around for an escape root. "Relax. I told you, I don't force women. Look, I can't go any further then 10 feet from the book." He demonstrated and she watched as his body began to flicker and almost vanish. He took a step back. "Unlike the idiot...I can take my form outside of the book. I just can't go very far." he took another drag of smoke.

"...OK so you say you need my...my..." She turned bright red making him grin. "Well then doesn't that mean he beat you?" She asked.

"Nope...unfortunately for you...it will take several visits for him to take enough."

Fear flashed into her face. He bent down in front of her. Just inside his radius. "Look, you can cower all you want, but wouldn't you like some good old fashioned revenge?"

She looked up at him with those sexy eyes and he groaned inwardly.

"I'm listening."

"Unfortunately I can only manifest the same time Haren does, so I have my limits, but free me. If you free me willingly, I'll be twice as powerful as he could be from force." She looked up at him. "If you free me before he does, I can trap him inside there forever. If he escapes the same time I do, I will seal him. I'm not the demon prince for nothing." He grinned and winked at her.

In her head, she ran all the information she had on the demon prince. He could easily trick her into complying. It took her a moment but she remembered something her father had taught her about the demon race and smiled.

"Alright, but on one condition. You take a blood oath with me." She looked him straight into his eyes.

Oran blinked. The girl was smarter then she looked. "You do realize this will bind me to you for all time, till you, yourself releases me. All the trouble I could release into the world will fall to your responsibilities."

She grinned. "True, but you'll be forced to do my bidding, which includes keeping your oath to me. I'll promise to release you."

"...Don't make promises Fay. I'll give you the blood oath. But on the condition that you give yourself to me upon each visit. Now included."

She took a deep breath and nodded. He flashed her his smile and held out his hand to her. Despite her fears she took it and he pulled her into his arms. He felt warm, like a crackling fire.

"Tonight, I will please you. You deserve it after the night you've been having." He flicked his cigarette out and took her lips into his. She moaned against him. He gently picked her up and sat her up on her desk. Spreading her legs free, he lowered his head and nipped at her bud. She gasped, sliding her fingers into his silky hair. His tongue flicked over it several times before sliding lower to her entrance.

She let out a loud moan when she felt his tongue slide inside of her. Need built up as she rocked against his face. Pressure bubbled and her first orgasm hit hard. She watched, through heavy lids, as he drank every drop. He brought her to an orgasm several times before she lay panting on the desk. She found herself purring when he pulled away.

Now this was a site. She lay before him, with her chest heaving for air. If he had more time, he would lick her all over again. Instead he pulled out a dagger from his boot. She jumped back.

"Easy love." He slashed his palm and then hers. She hissed from the pain. He held his hand out to her as he took hers in his free hand. Bringing it to his mouth, he began to lick her blood. Shivering, she did the same. She found the action utterly intimate and found herself longing for more. This man would be bound to her for all eternity....Demented angel's aside...This was going to be fun.

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