Hawthorn Manor


"Impressive; I'll have to give it a try."

"Okay my turn." said Felicia as she grabbed the die and rolled it. "Ah, no." she said as it landed on Pass.

Claudia picked up the die and rolled it. "Yes." shouted Felicia, as it landed on Dare.

Quynh Mi picked up the card and read it out loud. "Without using your hands, remove an article of clothing from the person on your right."

"Wait a minute, that's me." said Felicia. "She gets the Dare card and yet I'm the one who loses an article of clothing? Let me see that card." She took the card from Quynh Mi and read it for herself.

"Hey you wanted to play the game, and got all excited that she got a Dare." said Tracy.

"Okay fine. Let me unbutton my shirt and you can slide it off." Felicia said as she reached for her the top button.

Tracy placed a hand on her to stop her and said "No, no, no. You can't help her in any way. She has to do it alone."

"What she's going to unbutton six tiny buttons with her teeth? It'll take her all night."

"Who said she had to remove your top? Your skirt only has a tiny zipper in the back; definitely much easier." Tracy said, her smile getting bigger by the second.

Felicia looked around for support, but seeing Oxana and Quynh Mi's smiles, said "Okay, what will it be?"

"I guess the skirt would be easier, so I'll remove that." said Claudia.

Felicia got up and stood backwards in front of Claudia, who raised herself on her knees, and leaned in. She grasped the zipper at the small of Felicia's back with her teeth and began to pull down. She only needed to pull it three inches down before the skirt was loose enough to fall to the floor on its own. Tracy grabbed up the skirt and tossed it into the corner of the room. Felicia sat back down, visibly embarrassed and trying to cover up as much as she could; but everyone could still see her white lace panties.

Quynh Mi was next and she rolled Truth. Oxana took a card and read "Describe your greatest sexual experience; be specific, age, location, gender of person."

Quynh Mi appeared to think for a moment before answering. "It was with my best friend Jonah Marie, a couple of months ago."

"Whoa there, your best sexual experience was with a girl? But you're not gay; I've seen you with several different guys." Claudia said.

"Right, I'm not gay; but I am bi. She's been my best friend since the time we were wearing diapers. We have done everything together; we've taken baths together, we've slept in the same bed, we both started developing breasts the same week, and had our first period on the same day."

"It was a Friday night and she was sleeping over, my parents had gone out, and we were talking about sex. She asked me if I masturbated, and not feeling shy around her, I told her that I masturbated almost every night. She told me that she had never masturbated and asked me if I could show her how to. So I took off my panties and lay down on my back with my legs open; she laid down on her side, to my left. I licked my fingers and started rubbing my pussy. She watched me for a couple of minutes and then she put her hand on top on mine, and imitated the motions; I was so into it I barely noticed. I didn't even notice when she started sucking on my nipples. Pretty soon, my hand was gone and she was rubbing me all by herself. Then she stopped sucking my nipples, and I could see her moving down between my legs. The next thing I knew she was eating me; I was already so horny that I didn't care and I came shortly afterwards. She climbed up on top of me and we kissed. I could taste myself on her lips."

"Eventually she rolled off me. She then removed her pajama bottoms and started rubbing her pussy. Feeling that I definitely owed it to her, I rolled onto my side, placed my hand on top of hers and started guiding her. It wasn't long before I could tell she had gotten the hang of it, so it let go and unbuttoned her top. I started massaging her breasts, and licking her nipples; it wasn't long before she came."

"We ended up spending the whole night in the same bed, completely naked, masturbating, or playing with each other."

The four other girls sat there in stunned silence; Quynh Mi noticed, however, that Tracy's right hand was on her left breast, and Felicia's left hand was squeezed between her legs. "It's your turn Oxana." she said.

This seemed to draw everyone back to the game, as Oxana rolled a Dare. Tracy read the card "Lie down in the middle of the room and pretend like you are having the most incredible orgasm ever. Feel free to scream and make facial expressions."

Oxana polished off her sixth glass in one gulp and threw herself down on her back on the pillows in the center. She immediately started bucking her hips in the air and moaning. She ran her hands through her hair and bite down on her lip. Then she started breathing heavily and screaming things in Russian. Before long she grabbed both her tits through her shirt, thrust her hips high in the air, and let out a loud scream, before collapsing back to the floor. She jumped up, went back to her place and filled her seventh glass.

Tracy took the die and rolled Truth again. Felicia read "Have you ever thought about having sex with more than just one person? When, where, and who; be specific."

"Of course I've thought of having sex with more than just one person. I think about it every now and then. I would like to be stranded on a desert island with Brad Pitt, Derek Jeter, and Gene Simmons from KISS." The girls all laughed.

"Okay my turn." Felicia said as she rolled the die. It landed on Double Dare.

Claudia took the next dare card and read the Double Dare section. "First you must choose one player."

Felicia chose Oxana.

"Now, you must act like you are a stripper and a bachelor party, and remove one article of clothing from your lower body for the lucky groom to be in an erotic dance. If you have no article of clothing to remove, then you must give that person a five minute lap dance."

"What?" Felicia asked. If it was at all possible, she looked even more embarrassed now.

"That's what the card says. You want to read it?"

"Come on, Felicia, are you going to tell me that after Quynh Mi just shared that with all of us you're afraid to take your panties off in front of four girls; and I've already seen you naked, so it's just three girls really." Tracy said.

"Okay I'll do it." She stood up and faced Oxana, who was finishing her seventh glass now. She started dancing slowly, until the other girls started booing and saying that this was the worst bachelor party ever. Finally she just gave up, shut her eyes and imagined that she was alone dancing for her boyfriend. The other girls shut up, as she drew closer to Oxana. When she was almost right on top of her, she hooked her thumbs into the waist of her panties and stared sliding them back and forth. Then she turned, bent at the waist and pulled them down around her ankles. She stood up straight and kicked her panties into corner with her skirt. She turned around to let Oxana see her neatly trim pussy, before turning around and resuming her place; this time not bothering to try to hide herself.

"I'm impressed. That was hot." said Tracy.

"Thank you." said Felicia.

Without another word, Claudia grabbed the die and rolled a Double Dare. Quynh Mi read the card "Pretend like your clothes are burning you and remove them all as fast as you can."

Claudia jumped up and started pulling at her shirt, yelling "Oww, hot, hot." It was still hanging from her left arm as she stared unbuttoning her pants. She wiggled out of those while she ripped the shirt off her arm, tossed it aside and started removing her bra. She had it off in no time at all and it had barely hit the floor before she yanked down her panties and kicked them aside.

There she stood, completely naked, with a heart shaped tuft of brown hair on top of her otherwise shaved pussy. The other four girls applauded, and Claudia took a bow, before collecting her clothes and dropping them in the corner, on top of Felicia's.

When she was sitting back down, Quynh Mi rolled a Dare. "First you must choose one player."

Quynh Mi chose Tracy.

"Now both players stand and face each other in the center of the circle." They did as instructed.

"When I say go, the two players have to make-out for sixty seconds. If the other players judge that one or neither player was trying hard enough, they will then have to roll the die to determine their punishment."

Tracy and Quynh Mi looked at each other. "I'm game if you are?" said Tracy.

"Okay, let's do this." replied Quynh Mi.

"Ready, and go!"

Tracy and Quynh Mi immediately locked lips and pressed their bodies together. Tracy cupped Quynh Mi's face with both her hands, while Quynh Mi placed her hands on Tracy's back. After about thirty seconds, Tracy slipped her tongue into Quynh Mi's mouth, and they started French kissing. Tracy then slid her right hand down and started squeezing Quynh Mi's left breast; at the same time Quynh Mi used both hands to grab hold of Tracy's ass, and start squeezing.

Finally they stopped and looked at Oxana. "How was that?" asked Tracy.

"I think that will do." she said. She then poured herself her eighth glass before rolling the die; this time she got Truth.

Tracy read the card "Have you ever had anal sex? If so be specific; if not, have you ever thought about it?"

Oxana swallowed down the whole glass before answering. "I have had anal sex, once. My boyfriend said he wanted too, and I thought if I didn't he would leave me for another girl. So one night, when we were fooling around in the back seat of his car, he asked me I we could try anal, and I said yes; I don't think I ever saw him get undressed faster. He already had a tube of lube in the glove compartment, and we got started. He was nice and took it real slow, first playing with my asshole with his fingers, before slowly putting his cock in. It was the oddest sensation I'd ever had; kind of like going to the bathroom in reverse. Eventually he got all three inches in." she paused there.

"Did you say three inches?" asked Felicia.

"Yeah, but his tongue more than made up for his shortcomings. Anyways, he started pumping slowly, and I started to feel my muscles relax more with each stroke; unfortunately, he was enjoying it so much that by the time I actually started to enjoy it, he pulled out and came all over my ass. I demanded that he at least eat me out, for having allowed him anal; instead he kicked me out of the car, tossed my purse on the floor, and drove off with all my clothes in the back seat. I stood there, naked, and crying, until I called one of my friends to come pick me up with some clothes."

"What an asshole." Tracy said.

"Yeah, I hope you got him back." said Felicia.

"Oh, I got him back, all right. You see, he used to like sending me pictures on my cell phone, of himself naked, or jerking off. Well, I had one of my friend's post them on a website, and we then went around, telling people to go check it out; pictures can't show how good your tongue may be. Pretty soon everyone had seen them, and he moved away three months later." All the other girls gave her words of praise for getting him back in such a way.

The game went on for three more full rotations, and another bottle of cognac, before the girls decided to call it a night. Claudia had to help Oxana upstairs while the other three girls carried the pillows. Claudia sat Oxana down on her bed and collected their pillows from Tracy. "Thanks." she said.

"Don't forget your sleeping instructions. I think Oxana might need a hand getting ready for bed." Tracy said, pointing at Oxana. "Goodnight."

Claudia turned around as Tracy closed the door, to find Oxana passed out on her bed. Claudia remembered that she was supposed to sleep naked, and realizing she already was, went over to help Oxana get ready.

Try as hard as she might, she couldn't wake Oxana up; so she decided to get her ready instead. She unzipped Oxana's pants and slid them off, followed immediately by her little, baby blue cotton panties; Claudia then noticed that Oxana was completely shaved. She started unbuttoning her blouse, and sat her up so that she could remove it. She kept Oxana propped up against her shoulder, while she unhooked her bra, and tossed it to the floor. She laid Oxana back down and searched for the nightie that she was supposed to wear. She saw it sitting on the dresser, and brought it back to the bed, where she struggled to put it on her. When it was finally on, Claudia laid Oxana down on the bed.

Oxana stirred, spread her legs just a little, and placed her right hand on her pussy; where she slowly started rubbing. Claudia sat there in wonder, for Oxana was obviously still unconscious. As she watched she couldn't help but think about Quynh Mi's story. This got her to thinking that she too, had sometimes wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. Before she realized that she had done it, she was rubbing Oxana's pussy with her left hand, while reaching up under the nightie with her right hand to fondle Oxana's breasts. She lifted the nightie enough to expose Oxana's tits, and started sucking on her nipples. After a while she decided that she might as well go all the way with this, and got on all fours beside Oxana. She placed both her hands on either side of Oxana's hips, lowered her head, upside down, between Oxana's legs, and started eating her pussy. She was getting so turned on that she reached down between her legs with her right hand and started masturbating. She finally stopped when she came; she readjusted Oxana's nightie, pulled up the covers, and went over to her bed to sleep.

Meanwhile, over in Quynh Mi's room, she had already stripped naked and was admiring herself in the mirror. She knew that she didn't have a models body, like Tracy or Oxana, but she still thought that she was pretty damn hot. Sure she was a little short, and she carried a few extra pounds, but that didn't matter, she knew that she had her share of hot guys lusting after her. The fact that she was currently sleeping with three different guys, regularly, and that she had never been single for longer than twenty-four hours, was all the proof she needed. She especially liked her enormous tits; they were round and perky, despite their size. They had earned her the adoration of many men, and the envy and hatred of many women. Other women contented themselves with saying that they were fake, but the truth was that they were one-hundred percent real.

Finally, she turned around and sat down on the bed. She picked up the only thing of interest that she had found in the whole room, a teddy bear, and held it out in front of her. It was black, about twenty-four inches tall, had flexible arms and legs, and a revolving head. She had taken it out if the closet because it reminded her of her childhood teddy bear.

Resigning herself to what she had planned, she put down the bear and reached for her bag of toys. She searched through it until she found what she wanted; a black strap-on dildo. This was probably the weirdest, and most embarrassing of all her toys; not because she was gay, but because of the story behind her acquiring it.

One night, two months ago, she had needed a dick so bad, that having failed to get one of her boyfriends, she called the only guy she knew would be free, a friend who lived two houses over from her; the only problem was that he was gay. She explained her situation to him and begged him to help her out. He finally agreed, but told her that he was going to bring a surprise. When he got there, she led him straight to the bedroom, and started undressing him, herself already being naked. She dropped to her knees and started sucking his dick. She was impressed with the length and was disappointed that this hot, hung guy was gay. Having gotten her fill, she threw him on the bed and climbed on top of him; right away she started riding him hard. After several minutes, she could feel that she was going to cum, so she sat back on his dick and started bouncing straight up and down. Finally she came, and collapsed on top of him, breathing hard. After a couple of minutes, when she had composed herself, she thanked him for it. He told her that's what friends were for, and said that now was time for his surprise. He stood up, and walked over to where his clothes were on the floor, he picked up a bag that was under them, and pulled out the strap-on. He told her that he too had really needed something, and had also been unable to find anyone to help him. He tossed her the strap-on, and said that he would appreciate it if she could help him the way he had just helped her. At first she felt a little awkward, but eventually got comfortable fucking him up the ass, while reaching around and jerking him off. It didn't really take long before he came all over her blanket. He had allowed her to keep the strap-on, saying that she never knew when she may need it.

And here she was locked in a house with four other girls, no dick for at least forty-eight hours, and hornier than she had been earlier that night; yet, she couldn't bring herself to ask one of the other girls to do it for her. So she had come up with this plan. She put the strap-on on the bear, and tightened the straps until it held securely. Then she laid it down on its back and climbed on. She positioned herself so that she was sitting facing the door, and so that she could grab both the bottom bed posts to support her. When she was satisfied that everything was good, she began bouncing up and down on the bear, fucking the strap-on; she kept riding it like that until she finally came. When she was done, she removed herself from the bear, and fell asleep almost instantly.

In the only other occupied room, Tracy and Felicia were getting ready for bed. Felicia had already slipped into her pajamas and was sitting on the end of her bed, while Tracy was still putting her clothes away. "So, what do you think?" asked Felicia.

"About what?"

"About everything. What do you think about the other girls?"

"I like them. Quynh Mi seemed like a total bitch when I first met her, but after sharing that story with us, I really feel closer to her; you know?"

"Yeah. Do you think she's really bi?"

Tracy closed the drawer and turned around. "I don't know. We've only known her for about a month, and we've already seen her with at least five different guys. Do you think she's gay?"

"Not gay, but I definitely think she's bi."

Tracy, now sitting on her bed, threw a pillow at Felicia. "Does that turn you on?"

Felicia threw it right back. "I should be asking you. You both seemed to really be enjoying your kiss earlier; almost a little too much."

Tracy actually got up and jumped on top of Felicia. When she managed to pin her down, she leaned in at whispered in her ear. "Jealous?"

"No. It's just that you've never kissed me like that." Tracy released Felicia, and sat up. Felicia sat up next to her, but didn't look at her. "I mean, how many times have we kissed? We've kissed several times on dares, and I lost track of how many times we've pretended to be lesbians to get guys to leave us alone. And never once have you ever tried Frenching me, let alone grab my breast."

"Oh my God; you are jealous. I can't believe you."

"Why not? I mean we've only been friends for thirteen years."

Without another word, Tracy leaned over, grabbed Felicia's face and kissed her. She immediately slid her tongue into Felicia's mouth, and then grabbed her breast. Felicia returned the kiss and even placed one hand on Tracy's thigh. After about a minute, they pulled apart. "There, happy?" Tracy asked.


"Was there anything else bothering you?"

"Actually there is. Do you feel weird?"

"Felicia, I just made out with two women tonight, and I'm not even that drunk; of course I feel weird."

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