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He Gets What He Deserves


Writer's notes: This is a story from the view point of Kelly, a 22 year old lesbian who stays with her 18 year old sister, Melanie. Kelly is just starting out in her career as a criminal defence attorney and her sister has just finished high school. Imagine Kelly to look like the typical lesbian in a lesbian porn scene. Young with the perfect body, hair and makeup to make them look absolutely stunning. Melanie is your typical punk/rocker chick, hot, tight body with piercings in her tongue, nose and several in her ears. Make-up (that black eye-liner) and clothing that just screams fuck me! There might be a teeny tiny bit of incest in this story, but it's just there to give a hint of taboo nothing more. It makes the incident that much sexier I think. Enjoy

Chapter one

22:00 on a Friday and only now coming home from work, after a 60 hour work week, is definitely not a joke, but I guess that's what you have to do if you want to make a success of an internship at one of the biggest law firms in the city. Luckily I have the house to myself, Melanie is out as usual and god knows what time she'll be back. This makes me smile as I've been looking forward to some R&R all week. I dump my suit case and jacket in a chair and head upstairs to my bedroom, all I can think of is getting into a hot steamy shower and forget the world for a few minutes.

One of the reasons I'll never move out of this house is this master bedroom with its walk-in closet that opens out into a big bathroom and granite rock shower. I kick off my shoes and turn on the water. As the shower is running and the room is clogging up with steam I look at myself in the full length mirror admiring the way my blouse and skirt clings to every curve. I smirk as I remember how Dave, a junior partner from accounting, was practically begging me for a date today. He's very good looking and I'm sure he is more than charming to a girl who actually enjoys men, but they have never done anything for me and definitely never will. Every girl starts out a lesbian, I mean what girl doesn't go through the phase of practicing kissing with her girlfriends and then moves on to boys. I just never got past it. After my first experience of kissing with my best friend Jenny when we were 16 and which then turned out into an hour long make out session leaving me with a sopping wet pussy I knew I would never make the transition to the male sex of the species.

As I am unbuttoning my blouse I feel my body respond to the memories and sliding my skirt to the floor my skin tingles with excitement. I look at myself in the mirror again cupping my breasts with both hands making the silky material slide over my nipples, Oh god this is gonna be fun! Releasing the front clasp of my bra I let it drop to the floor and turning around and looking at my ass in the mirror i arch my back and slowly lower my g-string to the floor bending at the waist like a stripper. I giggle to myself imagining the look on Dave's face if he had been standing right behind me while doing that. I kick my g-string to the corner and step under the shower, with the water cascading down over my body it instantly relaxes. What it is about a shower I will never know, but if you allow yourself to cut out all the bullshit in your life and you clear your mind of everything, only concentrating on the flow of water over your skin you cannot help, but get aroused. The way the water slips down your breasts to your cleavage and then forms that small rivulet which streams down your stomach, gathers between your legs and finally drips down your legs. Fuck! I'm horny as hell. I cup my breasts again rubbing and pinching my nipples which are rock hard even with the shower as hot as it is. I really need some loving attention and since there are no Jessica Alba lookalikes available right now I guess I'll have to take care of myself. I love taking care of myself.

My hand travels down the flat of my stomach, brushing over the small landing strip of pubic hair and I feel my index finger slip into the slippery wetness between my pussy lips which has absolutely nothing to do with the water. I moan softly, steadying myself with my other hand against the wall and start moving my finger up and down my slit. Oh that feels good. I move my finger up inside of me and I feel my body clench up around it. I add a second finger to the first and I start moving them in and out ever so slowly. As I steadily increase my rhythm my legs start to tremble and my breath becomes shorter as I build my pace. I look down and see my chest heave up and down with my laboured breath and I groan from the pleasure I am giving myself. I close my eyes and lean my face onto my arm braced against the wall. With my trembling legs I am starting to struggle to keep myself upright. I am so close to cumming, but my legs are giving way and I just want to crumble in on myself. Reluctantly I stop, why am I torturing myself like this with my bed literally a few metres away, ready and waiting. I turn off the shower and grab a towel hastily drying myself, but the friction between the soft fabric and my skin is setting me back on edge and I move out of the bathroom dropping the towel and fall down onto the bed. Turning to the bed side table I open the drawer and reach in for my most treasured possession in times like these, my pink vibrator. There is nothing that brings a smile to my face faster than closing my eyes and hearing the hum of the vibrator filling the air as I turn it on. I position the vibrator at the entrance of my pussy and luxuriate at the feeling it is causing. I groan again, very loudly this time, as I plunge the vibrator into my waiting pussy. I move the vibrator in and out in long slow strokes and my other hand moves down to my clit so I can play with it at the same time. The feeling is mind blowing. I start bucking my hips in order to meet the vibrator pumping in and out of me and I feel that tell tale tingle welling up in my abdomen that tells me I'm approaching a huge orgasm. It is in that moment as I'm almost crashing over the edge that the doorbell rings, shattering my concentration as I jerk up in fright.

Who the hell can that be at this time of night? I fall back into the pillow my still wet hair plastered all over my face and I consider not getting up at all, whoever it is can just go away. But the doorbell rings again and for some reason I get a feeling that it might be Melanie. Won't be the first time she's lost her keys and was locked out. I swear if it is, I'm gonna bloody well strangle her. I get up grabbing the first night shirt I can find and put it on. It barely covers my ass and is definitely supposed to be worn with the matching panties, but the more I think about it the more I am sure it's Melanie. So I stomp down the stairs yelling I'm coming (wishing all the while that I was actually cumming) and thinking of a few choice words for sister dearest. I grab my keys unlock the door and swing it wide ready to let Melanie have it and wind up staring straight into the eyes of Jake, in his full Police uniform carrying Melanie, hands clasped behind his neck easily nestled in his arms and smiling from ear to ear.

Chapter two

Jake was not smiling though and probably cause this is not the first time we've met like this. It was about two years ago, a month or two after our parents had died in a car crash and while still a student I had become Melanie's guardian. It had not been easy and it didn't help that Melanie had decided to deal with the grief and loss through hitting her rebellious phase. The night I met Jake Melanie had slipped out, met up with some friends and gotten plastered. She had thrown up in the toilet of a bar and passed out. Jake was the cop who responded to the call and had paramedics, then later the hospital, check her out. When they could finally get some more details out of her, who she was and where she stayed that kind of thing, the hospital cleared her and he brought her home. I had told him of what was going on in our lives and tried to apologize for her, but Jake would have none of it. He said he completely understood and assured me that this is definitely not her or my fault. He made it his personal mission to take down the person who he thought was responsible though, the owner of the bar for allowing underage drinking. It wasn't long after that, that the Police closed down the place and Jake was credited by his Captain in a newspaper article as making it happen.

A few weeks later I met Jake again, this time in the principal's office of Melanie's school after she had been found in possession of pot. I was mortified, how did I not know what Melanie was up to. The principal was livid and wanted to expel Melanie and press charges. All he was concerned about was the reputation of the school. I pleaded with him and tried my best in convincing him she was acting out against her grief and luckily Jake backed me up. He explained that he would talk to her and after he neatly pointed out how the school would look if they expelled a pupil who had recently suffered such a great loss, he convinced the principal to let her continue at the school on probation. He then took Melanie aside and they stood in the passage talking for around 20 minutes. She was crying a lot and I wanted so much to go to her, but every time Jake waved me off. After their talk she hugged him tightly wiped her tears away and walked smiling to class. Afterward I had asked him what he had said and he explained that he was one of the few people who actually understood what we were going through; he had lost both his parents in a botched robbery when he was 12. A gunman, strung out on drugs, had shot both his parents while trying to rob a convenience store. Jake had played on that similar experience of loss and told Melanie that things like that stick with you for the rest of your life, it either breaks you or moulds you into a stronger human being. He had then asked her which one she thinks her parents would have preferred and with that Melanie's rebellious streak was over. Jake just had a cool calm and collected way about him. He exuded strength and confidence and with it he easily won people over to his way of thinking. I still remember thinking in that moment that it might not be that bad going out to bat for the other team, at least just once. Jake was definitely interested I could see the way he was looking at me, although only after the matter was sorted out, he was just so professional taking care of business before indulging himself (which made him even more appealing). I thought he might have asked me out, but he just gave me a self indulgent cocky grin and said goodbye. I shook my head and walked off with the same smile as Melanie on my face.

The last time I ran into Jake was in a courtroom about 6 months ago, I guess with me being a defence attorney and him a police officer it would only have been a matter of time. My firm was representing a client's son for driving under the influence and Officer Jake Reynolds was the arresting officer. I was acting as aid to one of the company's lawyers, a pampas ass who told me how he was gonna bulldoze his way to an acquittal, of our obviously guilty client, by making the arresting officer crack under pressure. I smiled when I saw Jake. He was sitting in one of the benches in front, looking so relaxed and at ease in a place that makes most people nervous. I saw him following my movements with those deep brown eyes of his and knew exactly where his thoughts were wondering off to.

My colleague was trying his best to brow beat Jake into admitting making procedural errors during the arrest, but he just calmly and coolly set out what happened. Whenever the jackass thought he was making a good point and accusing Jake of a mistake Jake would quote something from the Police Service ACT (verbatim) and he would have to start again. Jake made the ass look like an even greater ass by the end of the proceedings and resulted in our client paying a huge fine and having his licence suspended. He exuded that same aura of strength and confidence he had at the school and I enjoyed the way he kept looking at me during the proceedings. Afterwards we had a long chat and then he did ask me out. I then told him that unfortunately I'm a lesbian and have never gone out with a man before. He stared at me for a few seconds and then I saw that cocky grin again and he whispered "my loss". We said goodbye and I left, turning once to see him staring at me with that grin still on his face.

So there I was standing in front of him again, barely clothed this time and my sister in his arms and all I could get out was my sister's name in the form of a question "Mel?"

"Hey sis, you remember Jake right?" Mel slurred at me.

"Of course I remember Jake" I replied annoyed. "What happened?"

"Oh nothing much, I nearly got mugged, but luckily Jake was there to chase the goons off. He seems to be making an effort in being my very own personal guardian angel." She said while patting his cheek.

"Some people need looking after more than others" He replied to that. "Hey Kelly, is there somewhere I can put her down? She said she hurt her knee, but she didn't want to let the paramedics have a look at it. I hope you can get her to change her mind."

"Sure, of course, put her down on the sofa in the living room"

As they passed me a wave of alcohol fumes hit. "Jeez, Jake how are you still standing with Mel smelling like a brewery?"

"Hey, I don't Smell! I just had a few drinks and it's legal now I'm 18." Mel shouted at me over his shoulder. "Besides shots are fun"

Jake put her down and turned to me saying "I'm used to it, I work in the Club district now remember. I deal with a lot of drunk people and at least your sister is better looking than most of the drunks I have to deal with." He said with a smile.

" Hmmm, flattering will get you everywhere my fine looking occifer. Are you perhaps reconsidering my offer?" Mel purred at him.

"What offer?" I ask.

"Um, nothing she's just a little drunk" Jake replied but he was starting to look a little embarrassed.

"Nothing! I wouldn't say me offering to give you a blowjob, on the way here, as just reward as nothing"

"MEL!!!!" I said exasperated. "You can't say that!".

"Why not?" Mel said indignantly "It's the truth, I'm very good at it and I wanted to say thank you. The muggers were gonna run off with my cell phone and no one was there to help until I heard Jake's siren and saw the blue lights. Jake was out of that car like a flash and probably would have caught them as well if I hadn't hurt my knee and he came to check on me first. I wanted to...wanted t....Oh god... I think I'm gonna throw up."

And with that Melanie was up running for the downstairs bathroom with no sign of her knee injury. The bathroom door got slammed shut and I turned to see Jake chuckling to himself.

"Did she really offer to give you a blowjob?" I asked him

He stopped chuckling and nodded. "Nearly had to beat her off with my knife stick" He replied with a smile returning to his lips. "What happened instead was that she fell asleep on my shoulder and drooled all over my shirt."

With that I burst out laughing "I'm sure she's going to regret it in the morning. Come upstairs there's another bathroom in my room you can get cleaned up there"

Laughing as we were, I completely forgot about what I'd been doing before they arrived and about my state of undress. Afterwards I realized what a view I must have given Jake walking up the stairs in front of him with the shirt barely covering my ass. I probably should have realized something was up when he's laughter cut off after taking those first few steps, but I was too busy smirking at what an idiot my sister was. And all of a sudden I was the idiot, leading a man into my room with the smell of sex everywhere and a vibrator lying on the bed. When I spotted that flash of pink lying on the white sheets and recognition lit up in my brain I stopped in my tracks and spun around to see if he had noticed it and of course, with the way this night was going, he did. He was standing just inside the door, eyes glued on it. I had to give him credit though he averted his eyes much quicker than any other male probably would have and looked down at the floor. I quickly scooped up the thing, face on fire, dropped it back in the drawer and turned around to face him. He was really trying not to look at me and heap even more embarrassment on which I appreciated.

He cleared his throat and mumbled "I guess the bathrooms through there" and walked through the closet. Of course the moment he entered I realized my clothes, bra and g-string was lying all over the place, but my strangled cry was too late. The way he suddenly stopped made me realize he had noticed everything. I quickly squeeze past him, in my haste brushing liberally up against him and for the umpteenth time that evening made a mistake, a BIG one this time. I bent over and picked up my clothing!!!

The sharp intake of breath from Jake was enough to tell me exactly what had happened and the view he had of every nook and cranny after my shirt had ridden up over my ass must have been spectacular. I just straightened up looked at the floor muttered an apology and squeezed by again. He looked just as embarrassed for me as I felt. If my face was on fire seconds ago it was an inferno now. I stuffed my clothing into the closet took out a pair of sweatpants and vowed that Mel would pay for this. I composed myself shook out my still damp hair and gathered together the shred of dignity I still had left and walked to the bathroom door. Jake had taken off his shirt and was washing off the stain, but at that moment drool was the furthest thing from my mind as it was me staring this time.

I've never been impressed with the male body before, it's hairy, bulky and definitely not nearly as smooth as a woman's, but Jake's torso looked awesome. He had that swimmers body, lean muscle with just the right amount of definition. I caught myself folding my arms leaning up against the doorframe and taking in the sight. That's when I realized that this man is what God had in mind when he coined the term alpha male. He had it all and even a career lesbian couldn't deny that. Above everything was the fact that Jake was also a good man and all of a sudden I could understand Melanie's desire to please him, to say thank you. In that moment the beginnings of a plan started to formulate in my mind. I just needed to check one more thing.

"Why did you not let Mel give you a blowjob?"

"What!?" he exclaimed while turning to me.

"You heard me. Why didn't you let her give you a blowjob?"

He seemed to consider that for awhile and then replied. "Well there are a few reasons."

"They must be pretty damn good for you to pass it up though, weren't you tempted?"

"What guy wouldn't be tempted, your sister has grown up into one hell of a hot girl. I'm sure you can see that. But she is drunk and I would never take advantage of someone in that condition. Also her safety was my responsibility at that moment and it just wouldn't have sat well with me had I allowed it. And lastly I'm dating someone now. It's not serious yet, but I know how it feels to be cheated on so I won't do that."

Honourable to his bones, who the hell would be dumb enough to cheat on the complete package? Amazing and that was what I wanted to know, did this guy really deserve what I had in mind for him and clearly the answer was yes. The newly acquired girlfriend might be a problem, but I had made up my mind, this man is gonna get what he deserves whether he wants it or not and after everything he has done for Melanie, she is gonna help.

After Jake got his shirt clean I escorted him to the door. "Thanks for what you've done, not just for tonight, but the other times as well"

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