tagLoving WivesHe is Hers Again

He is Hers Again


Sometimes guys are sooo stupid! Her sweet John was going on about how "his" football team was going to kick butt in the game next weekend.

So she went on line and checked out the odds of their winning and found that the opposing team was favored by 2 touchdowns. Not too good for USC in her opinion.

Armed with this information, she teased the hell out of him, calling his alma mater's team losers and little boys. This wound him up like a little mechanical toy dog, barking, and yapping.

While he was sputtering and carrying on about how good they were, she threw down the gauntlet – the same bet as before, his team wins and she is his captive for a day, if USC loses, he is her toy for the day. He immediately agreed and the bet was on.

Well, as luck would have it, USC lost by 2 points and he was all hers.

This time she was going to do a little advance planning. A few weeks after the last time she won the bet, she let a comment slip to her to her oldest girlfriend, Margaret, who immediately picked up on it and grilled her until she told the whole story about her teasing John for an entire day, making him service her any way she wanted.

Margaret thought it was a great idea and started thinking about how she could do the same to her hubby, Gary.

By way of background, Ann and Margaret were sorority sisters in college and used to double date (and often double team the guys they were dating).

Besides sharing the bed with their boyfriends, once, on a dare, they even shared each other. The boys agreed to do anything that they would do, so they went down on each other, bringing each other to a climax in front of the boys.

Watching the guys struggling with sucking each other's cocks and swallowing their loads was great fun and a turn-on for the girls, who felt that they got off easy in the bargain.

Ann decided to enlist Margaret's help in working over John and the two of them spent a lot of time on the phone planning.

She waited over 6 weeks before informing John that she was going to claim her "prize" the following Saturday.

As before, she wanted him clean, inside and out, to take a Viagra (she loved it when he was sooo hard that she could use his cock as a baseball bat), and to present himself for her inspection exactly at 9:00 AM next Saturday morning.

Just to get him in the mood, she teased him and played with him for the 4 days before the weekend, not letting him come but keeping him "on the boil".

In fact, she told him that he was forbidden to have a climax as she wanted him to save his cum for her and not waste it by jacking off.

This did indeed "put him in the mood"; he prowled around the house like a frustrated, horny dog, looking for a bitch in heat.

On Friday night, just before going to bed, she moved the kitchen clock ahead by 5 minutes – as part of her plan for John.

On Saturday morning, John was up at 6:30 and fixed coffee, bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. (It is amazing how attentive he was after being teased and denied for 4 days).

While she was enjoying her breakfast, John was showering and cleaning himself up for her inspection.

At exactly 9 AM, he walked into the kitchen, wrist and ankle straps on with the blindfold around his neck – well, he thought it was 9 AM.

When he looked at the clock he gulped and started to speak. She shushed him up and proceeded to lecture him on the importance of punctuality.

She brought up the fact that he was late the last time he was hers for the day and felt that he needed to be taught a lesson.

With that, she went over to where she had set out a skein of a thick, soft acrylic yarn and took the end of it, which she showed him before putting the blindfold over his eyes and instructing him to lock his hands behind his back.

She then took the yarn and wrapped it around his hard cock and balls, tying it just tight enough to hold firmly but not hurt him. She then took several half-hitches around his cock, working up to the head making a leash.

When this was done, she led him by his cock into the bedroom where she had him stand with his hands behind his back while she spread a towel over the foot of the bed. She then had him bend over the edge of the bed, face down with his arms straight out towards the headboard.

Next, she bent down and looped the end of her "leash" around the little post for the caster in the middle of the bed underneath the foot of the bed.

She then went to the headboard and pulled up the ropes that were fastened to the corners. After snapping each one to his wrist bands, she tightened them until they were even and nice and snug.

Going back to the foot of the bed, she tightened John's "leash" until his cock was stretched behind him and he was completely immobile.

His cock was pointing at the floor, holding him in place; while his arms, which were tied to the headboard, prevented him from moving down to relieve the pressure on his cock and balls.

During this entire process, he kept asking "what are you doing" until she told him to shut up and lie still.

He mumbled "Yes Mistress" and complied, knowing that she would gag him if he said anything more.

Once he was nice and secure, she played with the head of his cock, and ran her fingertips lightly over his exposed balls and ass - he was now rock hard and dripping precum.

She said "behave yourself now and don't you go away, I'll be right back and I want your cock HARD when I return, do you hear me?" as she walked out of the bedroom.

He just groaned.

Going to the phone in the living room, she called Margaret and told her "he's ready, come on over".

About 20 minutes later, she quietly let Margaret in the back door. Going to the living room cabinet where she had put her toys, she and Margaret looked them over and decided on what they were going to do first.

She put on a vinyl examination glove and after selecting a black leather riding crop and a couple of other things, walked quietly into the bedroom with Margaret.

As she had expected, even with the Viagra, his cock had softened. She exclaimed in a loud stern voice "What is this? You are not keeping MY COCK hard for me! Can't you do ANYTHING right"?

She grabbed it and tugged on it, giving him enough stimulation to have it start to harden.

She went on, "first, you are late and now you can't even keep it up for me! You are going to be punished for this"!

With that, she gave him a smack on his left cheek with the crop. He went "Owww" and jumped, trying to move away but unable to do so because he was stretched and tied.

She went on, telling him that she TOLD him to be on time, punctuating her scolding with smacks on his ass, and that since he couldn't even keep her cock hard he was going to have to perform PERFECTLY if he didn't want an even more severe punishment than this.

With that, she got some of the lube from the nightstand and started working her fingers into his ass.

He resisted at first, but a fresh smack from the crop convinced him that relaxing was wiser and he let her work 3 fingers into his ass (as if he had a choice), twisting and stretching him to loosen him up before sliding in a well lubricated butt plug that she had just covered with a condom.

By this time Margaret had taken her clothes off and was ready to get onto the bed.

Ann continued with "now I am going to get on the bed in front of you and I want you to service me. If you do not perform properly, you will get more of this"!

She smacked his now red butt several more times and motioned Margaret onto the bed.

Margaret slid down until her crotch was at John's head and Ann pulled his head up by his hair and said "EAT" as Margaret pushed her crotch into his face.

He immediately went to work, licking and sucking her while trying to breathe.

When he slowed down a bit, Ann smacked his ass again and said, "I told you to service me, now"!

Margaret pulled a couple of pillows up behind her and used her hands in his hair to guide him as he worked on getting her off.

By now he realized that it wasn't Ann but if he stopped or even slowed down, he was "prompted' with another smack on his ass.

It wasn't long before he had figured out what worked and had Margaret's sex singing.

He alternated between long flat licks up her vulva and gently sucking on her clit while fluttering his tongue over the tip.

As she came up, she pulled his head harder into her crotch, holding on with both hands and arching into him.

Ann started smacking his butt, telling him "more, more, faster, faster" until Margaret convulsed in a long shuddering orgasm, practically pulling out some of his hair in the process.

A few moments later, Margaret relaxed and said "thanks I needed that".

John thought the voice sounded familiar but could not quite place it.

Ann, gave him a couple more smacks and said "that's better, If you continue to perform like that you MIGHT get to cum!

Now, I think it is MY turn" as she slipped out of her robe and lubricated the Feeldoe that had purchased for their first "session".

Photo credit: http://www.stockroom.com/b822.htm

She had realized that she did not have to use the strap to hold it in place and it seemed more of a part of her by slipping the dildo in without it.

She was very wet from watching John get Margaret off and wanted to just drive "her cock" into his ass with a vengeance.

She rolled a condom on to her "girlcock" and after gently pulling out the butt plug; she instructed John to be a good little boy and slowly slid her slick "cock" into his now stretched and well lubricated ass.

Motioning for Margaret to have him suck her again, she slowly started to work the dildo in and out of his butt.

As Margaret ground into his face, holding his head with a double handful of his hair, Ann started to pick up the pace.

The vibrator in the dildo was doing its thing and she began to fuck him harder and harder. There was something about driving her cock into him that made her feel savage.

She wanted to just pound him and feel the ridges push into her now aroused clitoris.

As she pulled back, the bulb inside her would press on her g-spot and bring her up with each thrust. The alternating pressure on her clitoris and on her g-spot drove her to move harder and faster.

Soon she was on a roll, fucking him for her pleasure and getting hotter and hotter as she approached her climax.

Meanwhile, Margaret was also coming up as Ann's thrusts drove John into her crotch.

It was hot watching him being fucked in the ass while he was licking and sucking her and it didn't take long before she was convulsing again, pulling his head into her as she rolled into another intense orgasm.

Seeing Margaret climax, Ann began to fuck John savagely, pounding her clit with each thrust until she blasted into a violent orgasm that left her barely able to stand, she was shaking so.

She rested on his back until she could control her movements and slowly slid out of him. During all of this all he did was moan and grunt as she fucked him. And when she slid her "cock" out of him, it brought a long unnngh from him as his ass tried to hold the dildo inside and keep it from slipping away.

When she could move again, she smacked him with the crop saying "what's this, you are soft AGAIN! I told you to keep MY COCK hard"!

All he said was "yes Mistress". She had Margaret untie his hands and she untied the yarn from the center leg of the bed.

She held John's arm as he shakily got up. Once he was standing, she reached out and pinched his nipple saying, "WHAT is the matter with you, I told you that I want that cock hard at all times".

She lifted it up with the tip of her crop and told him to stand still. Carefully she untied the yarn from his cock.

When it was free, she leaned forward and slowly drew it deep into her mouth, making him groan as she did it.

She sucked hard on him for just a moment and then pulled off, leaving his cock wet and hard.

She pulled the towel up higher onto the bead and told him to lie down on his back in the middle of the bed.

He climbed up onto the bed and lay down on the towel. After straightening him out, she snapped his wrists together and tied them to the headboard.

Then she snapped ropes onto his ankle cuffs and tied them to the lower corners of the bed, stretching him out nicely.

When this was done, she got her favorite little vibrator and went to work on his nipples,

Photo credit: http://www.stockroom.com/a491.htm

Margaret, seeing what Ann was doing, went into the kitchen and came back with a small bowl containing some ice cubes.

Motioning for Ann to give her the vibrator, she took off the clear plastic cap and pressed the little brass balls onto an ice cube and held it there.

In the meantime Ann was licking, blowing and sucking on John's nipples, causing him to squirm and moan as his cock jumped with each fresh attack.

Occasionally she would lightly lick up the length of his cock, just to hear him moan.

After a couple of minutes of the ice cube treatment, Margaret handed the vibrator back to Ann, who promptly switched it on and ran it over one of John's nipples.

He gasped so loud that is was almost a scream, bringing a big grin to Margaret's face and prompting Ann to say, "I told you to be quiet! Why can't you obey me?

Now you have forced me to make sure you will be quiet"!

With this, she picked up the dildo gag and slipped the shorter end into John's mouth. While Margaret held his head up, she fastened the strap holding it in place.

Photo credit: http://www.stockroom.com/a941.htm

Next, Ann reached over to the nightstand and picked up a pair of foam earplugs which she rolled and put in John's ears.

This would create more sensory depravation and keep him from being distracted by sounds, as well as not being able to hear her and Margaret.

Quietly talking to Margaret, Ann explained that she saw this penis gag online about 6 months ago and has been dying to try it out on John.

Margaret giggled and said "well now's your chance". Ann said "why don't you ride his cock while I ride the dildo.

Be sure that he does not come". Bending down, Ann told John that it was now his job to service both of them and that he was not to come.

If he did cum, his ass would be whipped until it was bloody. When she asked if he understood, he nodded his head yes.

With that, she faced his cock, straddled his face and slid down onto the rubber cock protruding from his mouth.

Picking up the crop, she lightly flicked his cock saying "you are to make me come, NOW"! As she slid up and down on the dildo, he did his best to meet her thrusts, even though doing so forced the smaller rubber cock deeper into his mouth.

After they settled into a rhythm, Margaret straddled him, facing Ann as she slid down onto his cock. Mmmm, did that feel good!

Gradually the two began to work in unison, first Ann would slide down, forcing John to focus on meeting her thrust and then Margaret would slide down on his cock, which had the effect of causing him to lose concentration as Ann lifted off of him.

Then Margaret would lift off and they would repeat the process. The kept this up until John's frantic grunts told them that he was close to cumming.

Margaret slipped off of his cock and Ann continued to fuck his face, going faster and faster until she exploded in another orgasm.

Just as she started to cum, Margaret reached over and firmly pinched both of her nipples, which was enough to send her violently over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm.

Poor John could only try and meet her movements while his achingly hard cock bobbed as if searching for contact.

After Ann collapsed and just sat there on his face for a minute or so, enjoying the fullness of the rubber cock and the convulsions of her sex, she lifted off and motioned for Margaret to take her place.

As Margaret slid onto the dildo, Ann started to lightly stroke John's cock.

Because of her extensive practice the last time she had him captive, she knew exactly how far she could take him without letting him climax.

She also got out the vibrator and used it on his nipples, trying to distract him from meeting Margaret's thrusts.

It had a devastating effect on him, He didn't know if he was coming or going. He was totally disoriented and his mind flopped back and forth between the cock in his mouth and the torment of his cock and nipples.

It didn't take Margaret long to come up. As she did so, Ann stopped teasing John's cock and nipples and picked up the crop.

As Margaret would drop down on the rubber cock, Ann would slap John's cock with the leather tip of the riding crop, causing him to jump and thrust harder into Margaret.

It only took a few of these to take Margaret over the edge. Being the considerate soul that she was, Ann reached over and returned the favor on Margaret's nipples, pinching them firmly as she climaxed.

This one was a good one – Margaret let out something between a gasp and a scream as she came – hard – collapsing on top of John, who could only moan and smell the hot crotch in his face, but not taste it.

Now that both girls were temporarily satisfied, they decided that it was time to tease John.

Lifting up his head, Ann undid the penis gag and pulled it out of his mouth. He took a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief.

His jaw was sore from the pounding that he had just received and it felt good to be able to close his mouth.

She bent down and asked him if he wanted a drink or water. He shook his head no.

Smiling, she looked at Margaret and said, "Now we will have some fun". She rested on his legs and started sucking John's cock, slowly and steadily.

When she felt he was hot enough, she stopped and blew on his wet cock, causing it to jump and John to moan.

She immediately picked up the crop and smacked his hard cock saying, "Quiet, I don't want to hear a peep out of you".

This had the effect of bringing him quickly away from the edge of an orgasm, not quite deflating his hard-on but definitely diminishing it.

She motioned for Margaret to sit on the bed and work on his nipples while she poured a generous glob of the lube into her hands and started to stroke his cock.

Using one hand after the other, she sloooowly slid them down his cock, taking at least 30 seconds to complete one two-handed stroke.

She soon had him arching and moaning as he tried to speed up the strokes in order to cum.

Margaret had not seen this slow technique used before and asked Ann how she knew when to stop.

Ann said "watch" and gave John's cock 5 fast strokes. It was as if she had lit a fire under his back.

He arched up as far as he could and held himself there, waiting for the 6th stroke which would take him over the edge.

Naturally, Ann stopped after the 5th one and called Margaret's attention to the fact that John's balls had contracted and his cock was pulsing and jumping with the blood flow in his body.

She told Margaret that with enough practice, she could keep Gary on edge like this as well.

All she had to do was really observe his reactions as he came close. The trick was to bring him up and stop while watching his balls, breathing and muscle tension.

She would have to repeat the teasing a number of times, going a little further each time until it became obvious that he was really ready to shoot.

At that point she should stop and even squeeze his cock hard at the base to back him off.

Once he had at least 30-60 seconds to cool down, the whole process could be started again.

After explaining this to Margaret, she transferred some of the lube to her hands and motioned for her to start in on John.

Margaret used several long slow strokes and then one quick hard up and down stroke.

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