tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven by Way of Demon

Heaven by Way of Demon


Music, it always began with the music. Beating through my very bones. A pulse starting in my chest and rolling down the curves of my pale white skin. I held the cold metal of the pole behind me as my hips swayed to the slow seductive rock beat. Ignore them my heart cried. The cheer of the club's patrons was a dull roar to me.

It took only seconds for the music to drown them out leaving only me there. Hips sliding right and left. My hands caressed my breasts, pulling at a nipple, and licking my blood red lips. The smile that took the corner of my mouth would allow a peek at the deadly fangs.

The dance was a seduction without end. I am the true tease to look, and never to touch. The patrons were putty in my hands moving up and down the pole, twirling, and spinning in positions their wives could never replicate. I was their dream, their nightmare, and the one they couldn't have but always wanted. That was the job.

The song came to a slow end. I was crouched legs spread to allow the perfect ending view of my wet swollen sex that cried for attention after my dance. My arms were lifted above my head allowing the greatest view of my rounded breasts. The hard little nubs were calling for lips to suck and lick them. It rained green, and I walked away, let the other girls gather it for me.

There he was, blue eyes staring razors through me. He was there every night, his blonde hair a mess atop his head. The only patron that could draw my eye, the only I one I dreamed of at night. And the only one I could never have. I hurried past him hugging my tiny outfit tight to my chest.

I sat in the dressing room, breathing quickly. Why could this familiar stranger always pull my attention, make me nervous? The blasting music from the club barely touched here. The girls all out in the club, grinding on which ever numb-minded man held out the most cash.

"What happened to me?" I cried.

"I don't know, what did happen to you?" The very male voice whispered from the no longer privacy of the room.

It was the stranger. He just stood there; he stared at me expecting something, and nothing. I found myself without words.

He locked the door, and pushed away from it. He was at the door then beside me with the blink of an eye. My jaw must have hit the floor with the surprise of it. He reached forward and pulled out the two fake fangs that created my character. His hands were strong and gentle all at the same time.

"Don't be someone you are not. You are beautiful just the way you are. An angel." His voice was like being wrapped in satin sheets.

I was only able to nod my head slowly up and down. Soft skin of his fingers traced my face slowly. His pale lips touched mine so lightly I could barely feel them. Tongue traced my lips, and nudged entrance. We only kissed and it was as though I could feel his hands caressing my entire body. And, all of those, secret places that only I knew about.

The kiss was over before it began. He stood a foot from me, I could feel his breath, and it was cold on my skin. Just as I began to wonder why he was cold, he kissed me again. Now his hands really were upon me. I had forgotten I was naked until he was touching tenderly down my back and traced my butt. Then up my sides to slowly to cup my breasts. He had such gentle hands. The tingle began deep in my abdomen created with those magic hands.

I broke the kiss with a sigh of wonderment when his hands began rubbing that wet, excited spot between my legs. So slowly, making my hazel eyes tear the pleasure almost too much. The teasing was leaving me wanting more.

As though he heard my plea his fingers thrusted up, into that drenched, tight hole. My nails gripped into his shoulders and my knees buckled, as the tingle became a flutter of wings that travels up from my abdomen into my arms and down my legs rendering them useless. Those fingers, rubbed, caressed, and thrusted. Bringing me closer and closer to heaven.

My entire body was alive, like steam trapped in a teapot the orgasm released. The tingles shot from his fingers up through every inch of my body and out my mouth as a deep female moan. Just when I thought it would end, he bit me. Into my wrist I could feel him swallowing the life out of me. It didn't hurt, the pain just added to the pleasure and I continued to swim in it over and over and over again.

I woke in the middle of the dressing room, naked, shaking, and my love juices soaked my inner thighs. Alone...

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