tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeaven's World Ch. 01

Heaven's World Ch. 01


(First off I would like to mention that this is my first ever online published story of erotica, if you like it great but I would like to warn you that these stories will encounter many different sexual situations in different places. Please do not copy anything of this story without asking. The characters are fictional in every aspect and relate to no-one in real life, just in my imagination.)

The three moons of Heaven's World hovered in the sky like unknown guardians for the people below. It was only mid afternoon and there were no clouds in the sky with exception to the occasional puffball. Shannon lay there in the field without a care in the world or the galaxy as it were. This was her week off and decided to pamper herself, since she had earned it fully. Sector patrol was one thing, but those can be very lonely days, even if there were at least twenty people around her at any particular time. Sure she flirted playfully, but everyone knew the rules, there were to be no relationships, whatsoever among uniformed officers or their subordinates, it just complicated matters. Understandably, but you can't give up a chance to make someone's day, even if it was only playful. Being part of the main command crew gave a little extra leeway in those matters. Everyone liked her but knew that she was still in charge, well after the captain and first officer. But she still deserved the time off, even if it was just a week.

Heaven's world, known mostly by the 'Coalition of Outer Worlds' but still somewhat advertised in the 'Galactic Imperium' is a vacation and pleasure planet. It's also one of the main worlds on the sport circuit. But mostly it's just for pleasure and relaxation. The planet itself was found about two years ago and with technology it was quickly transformed into what it was today. Their motto is "Your fantasy can be realized on Heaven's World" Which is quite true. The planet has many theme zones or cities, ranging from the Jurassic to the Futuristic and everything in between. All you really need to think about is a favorite romance novel and you'll find something along those lines. Would be adventure hunters like to visit because of the vastness of themes. Most of the themes are based around relaxation but there are also dream adventure packages.

Luckily Shannon has many friends on this world. Since the prices can be quite steep. About a hundred feet from her position lay a cabin, well more like a mansion. She has this friend who has an uncle who is one of the main developers of Heaven's World. Quite convenient when you think about it, so whenever she wants to come here for any reason there are no complications, otherwise she'd most likely never be able to afford lodging.

"Hey, if you lay there much longer you might become part of the flowers." Shannon tilted her head backwards to look at her friend over on the veranda. "We should be doing something other then just laying around. This is Heaven's World after all, not to mention I got a cred-chip that needs clicking."

"Well thanks, I was enjoying the scenery until you disturbed me." Shannon said in a friendly way pushing herself up onto her elbows.

"Don't you spend enough time looking at the stars? It's time to relax and get away from work for a while. So let's relax, unwind and party like there is no tomorrow." Shannon's friend walked towards her.

"There might not be a tomorrow if the Imperium decides to widen its empire. But you're right, we need to unwind. How much you got there?"

"More then enough, my uncle gave it to me, well us to spend, but without putting numbers to it, we don't need to worry unless you wanna buy an expensive vehicle or a ship, that might be an issue."

"Well, I don't think I wanna buy a ship or a car. Already have a ship. So, what should we do first?"

"Well, that's up to you, we could go shopping then prowl the town, maybe meet some guys and have fun."

"Sounds like a plan, lets hit the mall. It'll be like we were teenagers again, but without the peer pressure and without a rich uncle." Shannon said standing up and brushing off the flower petals and grass. "I think I should at least change into something cleaner and better for mall hopping. You got anything that might fit me Lydia?"

"I know just the thing." Lydia smiled and grabbed her hand pulling her into the house, up the stairs and onto the second floor then into Lydia's room. She pressed a button on the wall and the huge mirror door slid open revealing a gigantic closet with many shelves and plenty of room between them.

"You know what Lydia, you are so spoiled! My crew quarters are maybe half the size of your closet alone."

"I know, but what can ya do? I still work, mostly."

"Work? You call being a CEO of one of your uncle's company's work?"

"Of course, regular hours, an office and many people to boss around and delegate responsibilities to, of course there are many other matters that I must personally take care of for the sake of the company. But I think I do quite well, profits are up as well as moral and efficiency. It's the perfect job!"

Lydia turned Shannon around and began to unbutton her blouse. "What are you..." Lydia stopped her with a kiss. It had been too long of a time since she last was kissed by anyone. A slight tingling sensation shot through her body. Lydia pulled away and smiled mischievously.

Shannon stood there in a slight state of shock, not saying a word as Lydia slipped the blouse down her arms 'what the?' Shannon thought quickly then she felt her breasts being pushed out of her bra and then something wet touched her nipple. She slowly looked down and noticed Lydia's tongue circling her nipple, it felt good, really good. She was trained for many situations that might occur but nothing like this ever crossed her mind, for one of the first times in her life she didn't know what to do. Lydia moved to the next nipple and did the same thing. Shannon felt something else welling up. Her pussy began to tingle.

The last time that happened it was in the mess hall after teasing someone much more then she should have. She had to go to her quarters to remedy the situation.

Lydia began to suck on Shannon's nipples, spending equal attention to them both. The feeling was becoming more intense and she had to lean against one of the shelving units to steady herself. She felt one of Lydia's hands sliding the bra straps off of her shoulders and another hand pressing her fingers against the denim fabric of her jeans against her pussy. The bra drooped down below her breasts allowing Lydia to fully reveal them. Shannon was only maybe a 36C but they were a handful at least, Lydia was just slightly smaller maybe a 34C. Lydia started to rub against the jean fabric with her four fingers. Shannon could only do one thing at this moment, and that was to give in to Lydia.

Shannon's pussy was very wet at this point, the new sensations were almost too much for her to handle; then, Lydia just stopped rubbing Shannon, removing her mouth and kissing Shannon. Playfully Lydia's tongue spread Shannon's lips and entered into her mouth, Shannon's tongue met with Lydia's and swirled together in a dance all their own. Lydia's hand was against Shannon's naked belly and began to unbutton and unzip her pants. Still kissing, Lydia pulled Shannon's pants as well as her soaked panties down to her knees revealing Shannon's beautifully trimmed blond pussy and pressing her hand against the wetness, sliding two fingers up and down her wet slit. Shannon almost lost her footing and all that was really holding her up was the hand of her best friend in the galaxy.

Sensing the weakness in Shannon, Lydia moved her to the king-sized pillow topped bed. Shannon flopped helplessly to the bed her butt on the bed just before the edge. Lydia leaned over top of her and kissed her passionately then began to trail kisses down her body, spending a little extra time on her breasts and nipples. She continued slowly down her belly and then stopped and played with her navel a bit. She hovered over Shannon's sex, blowing gently onto the wetness and sending another shock up her body. Lydia slowly lowered her mouth to Shannon's pussy and stuck her tongue between the folds, she licked up and down the length of the slit and played with Shannon's clit.

When Lydia's tongue touched Shannon's clit it sent her into an intense orgasm making her shiver and shake with the utmost pleasure. She slowed and felt Lydia greedily eating and drinking her pussy, relishing in the moment. This sent Shannon into another orgasm, not as intense as the first but intense enough. Lydia stood from her kneeling position between Shannon's legs and quickly and skillfully removed her own clothing, revealing her Auburn trimmed pussy which glistened with obvious wetness, Lydia moved up the bed like a prowling cat, kissing and allowing Shannon to taste herself on and between her beautiful lips. Greedily Shannon kissed Lydia as if possessed by some demon of lust. Lydia turned around on the bed facing the foot and straddled Shannon's face.

Lydia was soaking wet from what she had just done to her friend. She spread her legs further apart, readjusting and lowering her pussy to Shannon's mouth. As if on cue Shannon stuck her tongue out and tasted Lydia for the first time. Lydia did the same to Shannon and they began to develop a pattern. Shannon would lick and Lydia would lick the same way, this gained speed and intensity. Shannon pressed a finger deep into Lydia's pussy, licking and moving her fingers in an out and Lydia started to do the same thing.

Soon both of them were breathing heavily, feeling each others orgasms soon to come. They continued to finger each other with great intensity licking and greedily probing their tongues into each other.

Shannon started to moan, the vibrations causing more pleasure to Lydia which in turn made Lydia moan into Shannon's pussy. Both of the women were getting unbearably close to orgasm.

Many minutes later they both gave up and released their grip on the pleasure they were giving as well as getting.

"Oh fuck, I can't hold it any longer. I'm…" That's when Shannon started to spasm and shake.

Lydia let out a loud moan and she too started to spasm and shake. To any possible onlooker's they would know that what they were seeing were two women cumming in each others faces and mouths. Their faces sparkled with the ambrosia of love and lust.

Greedily then dove into each others pussy's drinking the satisfying juices of each other, both still suffering the effects of their orgasms.

As soon as they clean each others sex with their mouths and tongues and came back to reality, Lydia rotated around, facing Shannon and gave her a kiss that turned into tongue wrestling and soon subsided back into a long kiss.

Lydia broke the kiss and smiled at Shannon, their bodies close together and intertwined, naked breasts pressing their nipples tightly against each others.

"What was that Lydia?" Shannon managed to say a couple minutes after.

"I don't know, but it just happened. I had wanted to make love with you for a long time, but I couldn't. I don't know what came over me just now."

"Well whatever it was it was awesome, I have never felt that way in all my life." Shannon gave Lydia a kiss on the mouth. "But I want to do it again later."

"I have much more to show you now that we have become that much closer. But I have thought about it ever since you left for the academy and when you came by on leave several times. But I never imagined I would ever do anything as reckless as what I just had. I didn't want to lose you as a friend but I never imagined we would become lovers."

"Hey, we're not quite lovers yet. We need to do it more then once before that happens." Shannon snickered.

"Now that we have crossed that threshold I am sure we will again. I have many things to show you."

"Have you ever done this before?" Shannon looked at Lydia.

"Yes, I have. It really wasn't my choice at the time, it just happened. This sales girl was helping me with some clothing. I didn't mind, it wasn't like she had never seen another woman before in that aspect. Anyway, I'm not sure how it all happened but since then I had always wanted to share the experience with you, my best friend. I hope this doesn't affect your career."

"Nah, I've heard other stories, it's a whole other world out there, but as long as it doesn't effect my decisions I should be fine, that is mainly why there is no fraternization on ship or even on station with crewmates. But hey, I'm on vacation so to hell with it all for this week."

"So, how did you like it?" Lydia asked.

"Since you were the first one ever, it was absolutely awesome. I can't wait to experience more." Shannon smiled.

"We'll get there but perhaps we should rest just a few here and then have a shower and go out on the town." Lydia said, cuddling close to Shannon.

"For sure!" Shannon agreed and closed her eyes in Lydia's embrace and they both dozed off.

(Stay tuned for the next chapter of adventure on Heaven's World…)

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