tagLoving WivesHer Adventure Ch. 02

Her Adventure Ch. 02


It had been only about a week since she had given him a more than an earful during one of their lovemaking sessions. Although he had started it with a question meant to evoke a little dirty "pillow talk" it had really seemed to turn into something else. What that was, he wasn't completely sure yet. She had ended up telling him in graphic detail how she had been fucked at work by some guy she used to know with essentially a horse cock. The conversation played over in his head for days as he tried to decide if it was just talk after all. She had felt a little looser and wetter than usual but that could be from her extreme state of arousal. The worst part was as he considered it all was that he had also been tremendously excited by it all and she could tell clearly how much harder his dick was and how much and hard he had cum. Infact she even persuaded him into eating her pussy full of his (and someone else's?) cum when they had finished. Something he had never considered.

He was convinced the more he though about it that she had not infact been unfaithful to him. Still undecided why he liked the idea, his thoughts turned to her last statement that evening..."I've often fantasized of what it would be like to be serviced by two men at once. Having all those hands and mouths and cocks just dedicated to finding ways of pleasuring me. It seems like you also might be more interested in this than you know?"

Did she want that? To have him AND another man at the same time?What would he be doing in this whole scene? How would he really feel to watch her suck a cock that wasn't his or watch it spread her beautiful lips open and move into her? Was he being hypocritical? He had talked to her years ago about every mans fantasy of two women, how was this any different? He was getting no where fast with this by himself and decided he had to just ask her what she meant.

That night over dinner he tried to bring the subject up several times in a round about way but no matter what hint he dropped she wouldn't take the bait.

Their normal after dinner routine continued with dishes and a migration to sitting in front of the television to decompress a little.

On the couch together, she reclined with her feet on his lap, him rubbing the day away for her. A commercial hit and he finally turned to her. "Babe I was thinking about last week. Everything that happened that night really did turn me on in ways I didn't expect and even though I did some things I didn't wanna do at first I really enjoyed it and honesty I've been thinking about it a lot since then". He paused for a second and before he could change his mind blurted out the next part, "So if you would like to try it I would be willing to. I would want to know what you expect of me i guess but I'll give it a shot for you." He exhaled fully and suddenly with a sigh of relief. At least he had gotten it all out. Now all he had to do was wait for her reply.

"Darling what exactly are you telling me you want to try?" She asked gently.

"Well, uh, you know...all that stuff we talked about last week in bed about you and another guy in bed with us". He stammered out. How could she not know what he was referring to?

"Well if you are asking me if I would like to have more than one mouth and cock to service and pleasure me then of course I would, why wouldn't I?" She asked. If one of something is good don't you think two is better?

"Well yeah I guess so"

"So let me get this right. You are asking me, your loving wife of all these years to suck and fuck another man with you at the same time?"

"Uh, well yeah I guess. I mean if you want to, well I mean i thought you wanted to honey?" He was increasing confused now.

" sweetie that was your fantasy talk last week. I enjoyed it but I didn't think you actually meant any of it. Of course that was until you got so turned on and aroused and started cumming over and over. I don't think I can remember the last time I felt your cock that hard inside me! If you want this you just have to ask me for it but you need to tell me how far you are prepared to go. Will you just watch? Will you be involved with me and him or just me?"

His face reddened. How had this turned so quickly? He thought he was trying to fulfill one of his wife's fantasies and somehow now this was all his idea??!? He knew he had started that conversation in bed but that was just for her! "Well I'm not gay!" He exclaimed.

"Oh darling I never implied that you were. Let me ask you this: if we had a threesome with another woman would you expect me to touch her? Play with her tits? Go down on her? Wouldn't that turn you on?"

"Well of course it would!" He exclaimed. "Uh, but that's different. Women are beautiful and all." He knew he was sinking quickly and couldn't think of a way out fast enough.

"Well I think it would be incredibly hot and turn me on so much to watch you hold a nice thick cock and get it ready for me. Stroking it and licking and sucking in it then hold it and slide it into my wet waiting hole. I think you would like to hear me gasp and moan as it moves into me. You could slide right down underneath me and eat my pussy while he slides in and out of me. I think you like hearing about this dear"

He hadn't noticed till just now that her hand had wandered up his leg to his lap and now that she had pointed it out to him by firmly grabbing his crotch he was acutely aware that he was more than hard, throbbing in fact. She stroked him several times through his pants and spoke softly to him, "baby let it go. I know what you want to do and I'm ok with it. In fact I'm more than ok with it, I think it would be fun to explore this with you. I'm so glad you finally talked to me about this. I think it's going to open up a whole new world for us! Now come to bed with me."

With that she stood and began to walk to their bedroom, shedding her clothes as she went. By the time she reached the doorway she was naked and he saw her pert, firm ass disappear around the corner. He sat there momentarily, trying to grasp what she had just said and what he was feeling. His cock was still hard and throbbing as he thought back. Almost in a daze, he followed her back to their bedroom and as he entered he saw her laying in her back with a large dildo in her hand. She was rubbing it up and down her glistening folds. He could see her pussy already opening and wet.

"Come to me baby. Lets get started. I'm so horny and want this big cock in me soon!" She was already undulating her hips and beckoned him with her free had before dropping it back to her left nipple, tweaking it and pulling it.

Not able to take his eyes off her movements and the thick head of the cock that was poised at her entrance he slid on the bed next to her started nuzzling and licking her free tit. She continued to massage one and dropped the dildo between her legs and pulled his head firmly to her nipple. Arching her back and moaning she cried out to him, "yes, yes, suck my titty baby. Suck it hard!" He couldn't remember the last time he had seen her this worked up. He sucked and pulled on her swelling nipple, pulling as much of her firm rounded flesh into his mouth. Her thighs were rubbing up and down against his bouncing dick. He could feel himself leaking furiously against her. She took hold of his right hand and moved it between her legs. She had shaved very recently and was soaking wet. Her smooth lips met his finger tips and she groaned with need. Just underneath her the dildo still lay on the bed. His hand brushed against it and he knew what he wanted. He took it, wrapped his hand around it and releasing her brown engorged nipple from her mouth he looked up at her.

"Go ahead baby" she mummered. "I know you want to and I want to watch you do it. I love you so much, it's ok".

He slid rapidly down her smooth body and nestled between her legs. She bent her knees and moved her legs up, making room for him and opening her self wider for him as she propped her self up on her elbows. Her generous and swollen tits swung slightly as she gazed down at her husband.

As he moved the fake cock to his mouth it grazed her his lips and picked up some of her juices. He eagerly licked them off it. His open mouth paused with the head on his lower lip and he looked up at her hesitantly. The look of ecstasy on her face was all the encouragement he needed. He lowered his head and moved the slick thickness over his tongue and closed his lips around it. He could hear her moan and continued to move his head up and down on it, his cheeks dimpled in as he sucked hard on it. Imitating the movements he had seen her make on him so many times he alternated between taking it as far back into his mouth as he could before bobbing back and forth on it. Taking it all the way out and licking the head. He made no signs of slowing down until he heard her, " god I need that big cock in me baby! Is it ready for me yet?" Releasing it from his mouth with a slight pop, he looked up at her. Past her wet, open and waiting hole, her lips splayed open. Past her stomach and heaving tits she was grasping and pulling on to her beautiful face framed by her shoulder length hair and saw her biting her lower lip and looking very needy. "Oh yeah, it's hard and waiting for you!"

"Put it in me now!" She cried out then stifled by the stretch as he moved it into her. "God it's so big, it feels so good, I'm sooo full! Fuck me good with his big dick!"

He began pummeling her pussy with it and moved up and to her side. So he could reach both her and the cock he was holding. He lowered his mouth to her clit and began lapping it. "Oh my god! Yes baby yes! Lick my clit when he fucks me". She cried out.

As he continued to suck and lick her pussy and fuck her, his mouth dipped lower and his tongue began to move over both the large flesh colored dildo and her rapidly soaking pussy she began bucking her hips more wildly. She could feel him licking and sucking all and it was driving her wild and towards a furious orgasm. Her body stiffened, her hands grasping the sheets in tight fists as she cried out his name and her pussy tightened one last time before gushing all over his hand as he slowly withdrew the massive fake organ he felt her hand on the back of his head, guiding him lower. "Go ahead honey. Clean us both up."

Without hesitation he sucked and licked all her juices for the firm cock in his hand before moving back between her legs and slowly lapping all her wetness from her ass and pussy. She sighed with contentment as his tongue passed her still gaping hole and pulled her lips into his mouth.

"Come up here" she said softly. "Straddle my hips please"

He moved up her body and gazed down at her. In this post orgasmic state she always looks so beautiful. She reached out and found him. Stroking him back to full hardness took just a second or two and she kept eye contact with him as she continued to move her hand up and down his shaft. Feeling him starting to build she asked, "did you like that as much as I did? It was so hot watching you suck his cock and put it in me. Did you feel how hard I came all over it?" Her questions were almost rapid fire and the whole scene from the last few minutes had him over the edge immediately. He stifled a groan and heard her say, " oh god yes, give it to me! Get it all out! Cum all over your wife's big tits!"

That was all the encouragement he needed to explode. She felt it pumping out of him as she continued to yank almost frantically. Stream after stream erupted as he moaned over and over. He ended up coating her chest generously and as she released him, she pulled his face down to hers. Kissing him deeply she could still taste herself on his mouth. "What's good for me is good for you honey." She whispered to him as she lifted her nipple to him, still dropping in his cum. "I tasted myself on you after all, I know you want to taste this".

She smiled as she watched him lick the milky white mess off her tits. 'This is easier than I thought it would be' she thought to her self. 'He is really starting to believe its all his idea!'

"Yes baby that feels so good. Get it all, don't waste a bit of that yummy cum. I'm so jealous you are getting it all, but you deserve it, you made me cum so hard". She encouraged him and he continued licking and sucking her till every drop was gone. He laid his head on her damp chest completely spent and she noticed him smiling softly as she stroked his head gently as she woke him from his reprieve, "Baby wasn't that amazing? I thought it was so erotic and sexy and can't remember a time when either of us have cum so hard. Thank you for sharing this part of you with me, it's really excited me! I can't wait for you to open up more to me and see what else you want to try!" Her words so carefully chosen elicited from him exactly the response she had hoped and planned for: "babe I didn't even know I would try or like any of this, but seeing how turned on you got made me want it even more."

"Such a good boy." She stated simply while caressing his back as he regained his breath. "Maybe next week we can find you a real one instead of that fake one to use on me if that's what you want."

In his own post orgasmic state his mindset had already shifted slightly but he knew that as soon as she put one in front of him what he would feel compelled to do with it with her.

"Of course darling. I would love you to watch me do all." Was all he could reply. Still surprised the words were leaving his mouth he knew them to be no less true.

She smiled again, unseen by him. It felt so good to know that she had walked him into this and he thought it was his all his idea. She knew what the next step was and was confident not only that he would take it with her but also that he would enjoy it as much as her!

...to be continued...

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