tagInterracial LoveHide and Go Eat

Hide and Go Eat

byDai Raku©

My years in college were awesome for me. I encountered a lot of first time experiences

there. But in high school I was taller than most of the girls, this caused me to be at the end of a lot of big bird jokes. But during the summer after I graduated, my ass, hips and breasts began to arrive with vengeance.

I went from a somewhat frail skinny teeny-bopper, to a curvy young woman in three months. The local boys were did their best to get between my legs, but I wasn't about to give in to them. I spent the summer enjoying the attention they gave me. I became a big tease, and most of them didn't like me by summer's end. I didn't care, for me it was a nice high to know I had them in the palm of my hand.

When I got to college I was a different person. I was getting attention from not only boys, but men also. I was 18, but my body was saying I was 25 and ready. I couldn't get away with innocent teasing. The guys on campus played for real and they made it hard not to say yes to sex.

Because of my inability to tease them and get away with it, I lost my virginity my freshman year to a star player on the basketball team. It was purely a sex thing for me, but he wanted it to be more, I guess once he got a hold of this tight stuff, he couldn't get enough. We sexed it up a few times, but it got old so I ended it after 2 months. It was good, but I had so many guys chasing me, I didn't want to be tied down to one.

One of the craziest things I did my freshman year was to give a blow job on a dare. It was my English professor, whom happen to be a good looking guy and known to have sex with the college girls. I knew he wanted me from the first day I came into class. The day I walked into his class he couldn't take his eyes off me. I was wearing a pair of oversized white shorts, a white tank top and no panties. I sat on the front row and made sure I kept my legs open giving him a good view of my clean shaven pussy. Several times he got tongue tied doing the lecture, and it was all because of my inner thighs.

One day my girl friend Kim dared me to give him a blow job. I told her if I blew him; she would have to blow whomever I told her to. She took me up on the bet. I stopped by his office one evening in a red mini and a white blouse. Before I knocked on his door I went to the restroom across the hall from his office and removed my bra and panties. I knocked and he answered the door with a surprised look. I walked in and closed the door behind me and stood against the door.

I raised my skirt and exposed my shaved snatch. He walked over and kissed me while he touched my snatch. I pushed him onto his desk and grabbed a seat in front of him. I took his manhood out and sucked away. Just when he was about to blow his load, I stopped and walked out. (But I made it up to him later that year.)

That's just a couple examples of my sexual encounters in college. But my most memorable experience happened on my 19th birthday. It was during my second year in college one fall evening. I was dating Darwin Lancaster a junior I met a frat party. We had been dating for two weeks. He was doing his best to tap some of this ass, but I was making him wait. I was going to give him some eventually, but not when he wanted. You see I love getting my sex on, but I don't like to be asked for it; instead I like to offer it.

The evening of my birthday Darwin came over to our sorority house looking to seal a deal on some birthday pussy. He manage to get pass the house mother and up to my room. I was surprise as hell to see him standing in my doorway. He pleaded his case, trying to convince me to give it up. I told him I would think about it, but he had to go because we were about to start our weekly meeting. I started to walk him out when I heard the house mother coming up the stairs. I grabbed him and we ducked into one of our meeting rooms. As luck would have it, we entered the room where our weekly meeting was taking place.

I sat at the end of the table and forced him to get under the table. When he disappeared under the table the house mother walked in. She was followed by my frat sisters and they all began to take their seats. I sat knowing I had a man under the table, the thought of Darwin eating my pussy entered my mind. With a big smile on my face drifted off into my day dream. I pictured Darwin under there licking my thighs and sucking on my clit with everyone in the room oblivious to his action.

My day dreaming was interrupted by the house mother calling the meeting to order. I felt Darwin rubbing up and down my legs; for a minute I thought I was still dream, but once I realized I wasn't I tried to kick at him to stop, without being noticed, but he didn't stop. He pushed my skirt up and started kissing my thighs, and then I felt his warm wet tongue come in contact with my inner thighs. I was up the creek without a paddle. I couldn't say a word and I couldn't let him be caught. Getting caught would mean me getting kicked out of the frat. My temperature was rising from his mouth on me.

I found myself inching up to the edge of the seat to give him a better access to my pussy. I

reached under my skirt and pulled my panties to the side letting him know my pussy was his to enjoy. His tongue traced up and down each of my pussy lips. I held my head down and grind my teeth together trying to suppress the scream trying to escape from my mouth. "Oh God" slipped from my mouth and caused everyone to look at me.

"Are you alright Rose?" The house mother asked.

"Yes I'm fine." I said in a voice filled with pleasure.

I put my hand onto of his head and slowly moved my hips up and down ever so slightly on his face. His tongue darted in and out of me with the same rhythmic motion of my hips. He slid two fingers in me and licked all around my clit without touching it. My orgasm was building up and I knew it was going to be a big one. The fact that I was being eaten out while everyone was focus on the meeting was turning me own beyond anything I'd experienced.

I opened my legs as far as I could. Darwin used his thumbs to spread my lips apart. He began to lick the inside of my lips. I reached under my skirt and ran my finger from the top of my clit down to the bottom of my pussy several times. He then opened his mouth and placed his entire mouth on my pussy, covering it completely.I grabbed each side of his head and slowly grinded my hips into his face. After less than a minute of grinding, my body started to shake and shiver.

My orgasm erupted from deep in side me and escaped from deep within me and on to Darwin's face.I couldn't hold it all in, I had to let it out.

"Oh God! What a wonderful day" I said at the top of my lungs.

Everyone looked at me like I had lost my mind, but I didn't care, I was in orgasm paradise. The girls were looking at my facial expression, it was an expression they all were familiar with, and they knew what I was going through, they just didn't know how I had gotten there.

Once the meeting adjourned everyone left but four of my Frat sisters, just so happen they were the freaky ones in the Frat. Vera, Frances, Tamara and June all walked down to the end of the table and sat near me.

"So how did you do it?" Vera said.

"What are you talking about?" I said.

"Girl I've seen that look on your face before, and you know what you were doing when you had that look on your face." Frances said.

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"Come on tell us. Do you have your vibrator with you?" Tamara said.

"Admit it, get up let's see." June said.

June looked under the table and screamed.

"What's wrong June? Vera said.

"It's not a machine, it's the real thing." June said.

They all looked under the table and started pointing and laughing at me.

"Okay enough already now go." I said.

Still laughing the four of them got up and left the room. Darwin came from under the table and stood next to me. I stood up and gave him a kiss, I cupped his hand in my and turned to walk out the room, but he spun me around and pulled me up to him and passionately kissed me. With swapped tongues for a few seconds, he released me and grabbed my hips and turned me around and used his forearm to push me forward. My breast pressed against the table with my ass up in the air. He yanked my panties off and ran his hand over my pussy. I looked over my right shoulder and saw him opening up a rubber. He slide his Jimmy Hat on his cock and with his left hand pulling apart my left ass cheek, he used his cock to find the opening of my pussy. My wetness allowed him to enter without lubrication.

With his cock in me he began a fast pace session on my innocent little pussy. It was no doubt why he came to my Frat house; he was on a mission to get his cock in my pussy, and that's exactly what he did. His hands found my shoulders and he went even deeper into my valley. I relaxed and enjoyed the cock insurgent he was giving me. His cock was hitting my walls and bouncing off only to find another wall to smash up against.

Ten minutes of his fast action fucking had given me another wet job between my legs. In was in the nick of time, because as soon as I felt my juices escape, the house mother was at the door. Without missing a beat Darwin slid down to the floor and assaulted my pussy again, this time from behind. I stood there and was eaten out by him for five more minutes as I chatted with the

house mother, and she didn't have one clue about my pussy being eaten out.

After she left I got him out of there and instead of waiting to give him some later that night. I went straight to his dorm and rocked his world. After all he had just rocked mine twice.

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