tagRomanceHigh Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 19

High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 19


Sunday dawned rather over cast and foggy with a light drizzle falling. Not exactly the kind of morning I wanted to spend driving north in an unfamiliar rental van for 3 hours. But Kay and I had made plans to make our first antique buying excursion and I had scheduled a vacation day for Monday. At least we had no time constraints to deal with.

At this time of the morning traffic outside Kay's building was nearly non-existent so I hit the four ways and double parked.

"Good Morning." Kay said with a broad smile as she exited the front door before I could approach to buzz her apartment.

"Were you waiting in the lobby?" I questioned her as she walked toward me pulling one of those overnight bags on wheels.

"Yep, didn't want to keep you waiting." She replied.

Kay was wearing a snug pair of denim jeans a light blue turtle neck sweater and to my amazement a pair of white tennis sneakers. Her hair was pulled back and through the opening of the ball cap. Even dressed casual she looks very sexy.

I opened the side door of the van and took her bag laying it beside my own black leather shoulder bag then pulled the passenger door open for her.

As Kay climbed up into the seat I gave her butt a friendly little pat. "You look hot in jeans." I remarked.

Kay settled in and stretched the seat belt over her form. The shoulder belt nestled between her tits outlining their form even more.

The van had warmed up so I set the temperature about half way to hot and clicked the blower fan on low. "It should warm up in here in a little while." I mentioned.

"I need coffee." Kay replied.

"Yeah me too." I said then added. "And maybe a couple donuts also."

As I put the van in gear and began moving forward I asked. "How about Dunkin Donuts."

"Yes please I love their coffee and a cream cheese croissant would do me just fine." Kay replied.

Five minutes later we pulled into the drive thru at the Dunkin Donuts just before the entrance ramp to the interstate.

"Can I take your order please?" A voice with a heavy Indian accent said over the intercom.

"Two large coffees one with half and half and one black, a cream cheese croissant and three assorted donuts." I answered through the driver's window.

"Very good sir." The voice replied. "Please pull to the first window."

I pulled forward and around the corner of the building making sure to check my clearances as I did. I wasn't anywhere used to driving such a large vehicle so a little extra caution was called for.

The folding window beside me opened and the same voice this time with a face said. "That'll be thirteen eighty five please."

I handed him a twenty and kept my hand extended waiting for the change.

"Please pull to the next window." The cashier said handing me the change.

I pulled forward and was greeted by what I supposed was his wife. She had a dark red dot in the middle of her forehead and worn traditional Indian garb.

"Your croissant will take just a couple minutes." She said in an even heavier Indian accent.

I took the coffees and slipped them into the cup holders on the console and then reached for the small bag of donuts. "These fresh?" I questioned her.

"Made them myself two hours ago." She replied.

I put the bag on the floor between our seats and waited for her to finish Kay's croissant.

"I suppose I could have done with just a donut." Kay said.

I looked toward her and answered. "We're in no hurry."

"Want some music?" Kay asked as she reached for the radio controls.

"That would be great, see what you can find." I suggested.

As Kay searched for something besides church services on the radio I returned my attention to the Indian woman preparing her breakfast.

She was an attractive woman and I wondered if she had any kind of life besides making donuts in what was clearly a family run business.

I giggled softly as I thought of her jumping out from under her husband while they fucked and dashing off exclaiming "It's time to make the donuts."

She returned with a second small bag and as she handed it to me through the window I think she said. "Thank you very much please come again." But her accent had me stumped.

A minute later we were pulling onto the interstate and headed north on our first antique extravaganza.

"Hmmmmm that hits the spot." Kay remarked as she took the first sip of her coffee.

I set the cruise control for sixty and lifted my foot off the gas settling in for at least two hours on the interstate.

"Have you given any thought as to what kind of items we should be keeping an eye out for?" I asked

Kay took a second sip from her cup then slid it into the holder. "I was thinking maybe some really pretty lamps or vases or perhaps some old carnival glass that shimmers different colors under a light." She answered.

I looked toward her and said. "It doesn't sound like we really needed to rent this van if you're only looking for small items like that."

"Well ya never know what you might run into." Kay replied.

"I've seen some of that carnival glass on the antiques road show. It can be very valuable if it's in perfect condition." I remarked.

The rain that was falling when we first met that morning had begun to let up but the spray from every tractor trailer that pasted us and the fog required that I at least kept the windshield wipers on low. I kept a keen eye on the rear view mirror for approaching trucks because every time one when flying by the van wanted to be sucked toward the passing truck. Driving this van was completely different than driving my midsized sedan.

My coffee had cooled down enough that I could sip it without fear while I held the steering wheel with one hand. I asked "Can you spread a napkin out on the console so I have someplace to sit my donut?"

Kay helped me out with that then pulled a tasty looking French cruller from the bag. "How's this one?" She asked.

"Looks delicious." I replied as I reached over and broke it in half.

We were making progress and as we did we continued talking about all the possibilities for those higher priced items that would help Kay cover the rent increase her landlord was about to start charging.

After ninety minutes or so the fog was beginning to burn off and small patches of blue sky started peeking through the clouds. Even the road was all but dry.

"I'm beginning to see signs for antique shops." Kay said with a bit of excitement in her voice.

I had Goggled antique shops the night before and knew that the further north you went the more shops there were and in my mind more shops meant more competition for sales and lower prices so I was planning on another forty five minutes or so to get into the heart of antique country. But Kay seemed anxious to start shopping so I suggested. "Well if you see one you'd like to stop by let me know. After all we're in no hurry today."

"I wouldn't mind stretching my legs a little." Kay said.

"Well then keep your eyes peeled and we'll make a stop." I replied.

Kay smiled and answered. "Okeydokey"

A few miles further along Kay suddenly said. "Oh my god Allen look at that."

A small sign along the highway advertised would you believe "Kay's Antique Shop Next Exit."

"Well that's a no brainer huh?" I said.

Two or three miles further along I clicked the turn signal and pulled onto the next exit ramp without noticing what town this exit was built for. Down to the bottom to a "T" intersection in the middle of frickin nowhere. No sign directing which way to the shop, no sign indicating which way the nearest town was, nothing.

"Hmmmm, which way should I go Hun?" I asked.

"Got me." Kay replied.

"Well we got a fifty fifty chance of being right." I said as I pulled out and turned right.

A mile or so up the road we came upon a small service station. It looked like it had been there since the fifties. "Let's see if anyone here knows where Kay's Antique Shop is located." I remarked as I pulled into the station lot. "Might as well gas up here too since the price is pretty good." I added.

Coming to a stop beside the gas pumps I noticed they looked as old as the station itself.

"Must be in antique country Kay take a look at this relic they still use to pump gas." I remarked as I shut the engine off.

A moment later the door to the station swung open and a crusty old man began making his way toward us. His walk gave every indication that he either had back problems or had his hip replaced recently. His attendant shirt was oil stained almost everywhere and the ball cap he wore was tattered all the way across the brim.

As he finally passed in front of the van he looked toward Kay and kind of smiled through a scruffy beard.

"What'll it be?" He asked in a rather hoarse voice.

"Fill it please." I replied somewhat surprised that I'd actually stumbled onto a full service station out there in the middle of nowhere.

As this old relic walked toward the back of our van I opened the door and slid out following him slowly.

"Only got two grades, premium or regular?" He asked.

"Regular is fine it's a rental." I replied.

As he began pumping gas I leaned against the van and struck up a conversation. "How long you been here?" I asked.

He looked up at me and over the top rim of his eye glasses he answered. "Opened at five thirty today."

I laughed just a little then expanded on my question. "I meant how many years have you had this station?"

He smiled realizing he first answer was a bit silly then replied. "Starting my fifty eighth year next month."

It was no wonder the place looked so antique probably hasn't changed a bit since he first pumped gas at twenty five cents a gallon.

"First few years were pretty tuff, but when they finished the highway business picked up and I've made a good living here ever since." He remarked.

"Used to offer towing service but my back can't handle that kind of work any longer." He added.

"What brings you and your wife to this part of the state?" He asked.

I turned to face him and answered. "We're actually up here doing so antiquing but she's not my wife."

"Should be." He instantly replied "She's quite a looker." He added.

"We're actually looking for Kay's Antique Shop. Do you know where it's located?" I asked.

"Sure do Kay has been a good customer of mine for a long time." The old guy answered.

"So I'm headed in the right direction? I didn't see a sign at the exit off the interstate." I said.

"Did Kay's sign fall over again? I put that thing back up two weeks ago." He explained.

"It must have cause I didn't see any sign and there isn't much else at the exit." I said.

"I keep telling Kay she needs a new post. The bottom is darn near rotted away." He continued.

"When ya pull out go up into town and make a left on Main Street. Kay's place is at the second stop sign on the left." He said then quickly added. "But you're gonna have to wait a while Kay doesn't open on Sundays till after church."

"Oh okay thanks." I replied.

"Used to be that she was closed all day Sunday but she told me she missed too many tourists with lots of cash to spend." He remarked.

As he finished his remark the pump clicked signaling the tank was full. He pulled it out and hung it back on the old cradle alongside then turned and said. "That'll be thirty nine eighty seven."

I handed him two twenties and began moving back toward the driver's door.

"Let me get the windshield for ya." He said from behind.

"That's okay I'll just hit it with the wipers." I said knowing full well that he'd never be able to reach the very top and if he tried it would cause him pain in the back.

"Thanks for the directions." I said as I pulled the door closed.

"What about your change?" He asked.

I wasn't about to have him go all the way inside for thirteen cents so I just waved a hand and said. "Keep it."

As he made his way back to the station building I realized he was probably thinking I was a cheap bastard telling him to keep a thirteen cent tip.

"Did he know where the shop is?" Kay asked as I started the engine.

I laughed and said. "I think in this town everybody knows everybody it's a couple miles up the road."

As we pulled out onto the road I explained to Kay that he has been in business there since forever and that he thought she was quite the looker.

"Gee if I'd know that I would have gotten out and flirted a little with the old guy. Let him get a look at how nice my ass looks in these jeans." Kay said with a giggle.

"Kay the guys a fossil I doubt he'd know a flirt if it slapped him between the eyes." I remarked.

"Oh really. I bet I could get him as hard as any other fossil in this neck of the woods." Kay said with a broad sexy smile on her lips.

I grinned and replied. "You only have to worry about getting one guy hard this weekend."

Kay always likes to get the last word in when we're talking sex. "But I love a challenge and the one guy you're talking about is very easy to get hard."

I just grinned knowing that later that night she'd have to be satisfied with the challenge of pleasing me.

We started driving past some houses mixed in with the dense woods along the road and finally came to an intersection at a stop sign. Turning left on Main Street I could see the second stop sign in the distance. Just before we reached it I pulled over into a parking space and motioned across the street.

On the corner of Main and Elm was what looked to have been a general store in its heyday. The doors were at an angle across the corner with broad steps up from each side. Above the door was a faded old looking sign that read "Kay's Antique Shop".

"There's your shop Kay." I remarked.

"Oh my it's so quaint." Kay immediately said.

The windows we could see from our vantage point had lacy curtains that were drawn back giving it a show case kind of look. The place looked like it was in need of some serious attention its faded paint peeling in some spots on the second floor.

"We're gonna have to wait here till after church." I announced.

"After church?" Kay asked with an inquisitive look on her face.

"Yep the old dude at the gas station told me Kay doesn't open until after church lets out." I explained.

"What time is that?" Kay asked.

I laughed and replied. Ya know I forgot to ask him."

"So what'll we do until after church?" Kay asked.

I kind of turned toward her and using my thumb pointed to the back of the van. "How about a blow job?"

"That's out of the question!" Kay instantly shot back.

Not wanting to give in too quickly I said. "I drive all this way and can't even get a quick blow job?"

"Later darling." Kay replied.

"Okay but it better be one hell of a blow job." I said.

"Is there anything but?" Kay answered.

"How about a stroll down Main Street then?" I suggest knowing her legs must be about read to cramp up from the long ride.

"That sounds much better." Kay said.

Before I could get out and round the front of the van Kay was already stretching her legs on the sidewalk. "Can I get my sunglasses out of my bag?" She asked.

I pulled the side door open and stepped back giving her room to rummage through her overnight bag. She was right her ass did look great in those jeans. Perhaps the old gas station owner would have enjoyed getting a look at such a sexy ass.

I took another step back and offered my hand as she slammed the door closed.

"Let's walk across the street and see if the shop's hours are posted on the door." I suggested.

Looking up and down Main Street as we crossed it almost reminded me of Bedford Falls from the Jimmy Stewart Christmas Classic "It's a wonderful Life". I didn't even know the name of this little burg but it had all the quaint charm of a picture post card of a New England town.

None of the store fronts had modern looking fronts. No box store we have everything CVS's in this little town. The drug store was just that an old fashion drug store with an antique looking Rx sign hanging from a wrought iron bracket above the door. Every establishment had the same mom and pop look that we first encountered at the gas station out by the interstate.

"I could fall in love with a town like this." Kay remarked as we stepped up onto the side walk near the antique shop.

It was dark inside the antique shop and the only sign on the door was one that said closed. The few items which were visible in the windows looked like they would fit the bill perfectly. A couple of Victorian style lamps with shades that looked like some kind of glass, between the lamps was an old wash stand with a basin and pitcher in the stand. The window that faced Elm Street had a shelf unit in the middle with all kinds of little trinkets displayed and a really neat looking brass floor lamp with fabric shades that had little tassels hanging from the bottom edge.

"This looks like a great place to start stocking your shop." I remarked.

Kay squeezed my hand then replied. "I can't wait to get inside."

I looked at my watch it was eleven twenty. "Well you'll have to wait at least forty minutes." I said.

We walked two blocks further up Main St checking out the other businesses. A hardware store call McMullens, the local Post Office, a couple doctors' offices and a lawyer's office along with a little craft shop that looked like they offered much newer wares.

Across Main at Walnut St a small luncheonette was already open. "Wanna grab a bite to eat?" I suggested.

"I'm not really hungry but a cup of tea or coffee would be nice." Kay replied

We headed across the street and went inside Mel's Luncheonette.

Mel's is kind of long and narrow. A row of tables and chairs along the bank of windows facing the side street a long counter with old school round stools mounted to the floor and behind the service counter an opening to the kitchen.

It looked like Mel was hard a work back there and a middle aged chubby woman was sitting at the counter having a coffee and looking over the Sunday paper.

As we approached she looked toward us and said. "Have a seat anywhere folks."

Kay walked past her and took a seat at one of the side tables. I sat down opposite her.

"Coffee?" The waitress said as she approached.

Kay smiled at her and replied. "Hot tea for me please."

"I'll have coffee." I added.

"Be right back." The waitress said as she slid a one sided breakfast menu in front of us both.

She turned and walked away. The fabric of her waitress dress stretched tightly across her plump ass leaving little to one's imagination not that I'd want to imagine seeing that ass naked.

I picked up the laminated menu and scanned over the specials. One egg with home fries or two with fries a couple different omelets your favorite breakfast meat was extra. Or you could choose from hot or cold cereal.

Kay wasn't even looking at her menu instead she was staring at me.

"You sure you don't want to eat something?" I asked.

She grinned and replied. "No but go ahead and order if you want something."

The waitress returned with two mugs one had a tea back string hanging over the edge which she placed in front of Kay. The other she slid in front of me and then dropped two small cream containers from the palm of her and between the two.

"Ready to order?" She asked.

"Just the tea for me." Kay replied.

I looked at her and asked. "Do you have bagels or maybe a muffin?"

She thought for a moment then said. "I think there might be a muffin or two back there."

Now in my mind if a waitress thinks there might be some muffins back there if they are their probably not very fresh so I just replied. "You know I think I'll just do the coffee."

"Okay give me a wave when you're ready for a refill." She said before turning and heading back to her stool.

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