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His Black Master


The intercom buzzed and Kevin glanced at the phone on his desk. A soft voice came across the speaker. "Call on line 1 Mr. McMahon."

The receptionist could hear her boss take a deep breath before he started to speak, "Linda it's almost -" before the woman cut him off.

"I know it is almost 4 o'clock, Mr. McMahon but it is Mr. Johnston from the bank."

Kevin knew he had to take the call. He was trying to get a loan on the current building, in order to buy more space next door and expand his business.

A few minutes later Linda could hear footsteps coming down the hall. They belonged to Tyrell or Ty as everyone referred to him. Ty was a Manager at the company and in charge of the moving crews.

He was a very sexy black man in his mid 30's, had a sturdy 6'3 frame and 250lbs of muscle. As Ty walked by he flashed his big white smile.

Linda had once again she felt herself blush as she started to speak. "Mr. McMahon is on a call." Ty simply winked at her and walked on into Kevin's office.

Linda continued to watch him walk by. She knew her boss would not mind, considering Ty had a meeting with him everyday at 4:00pm. And it was usually didn't end until after her shift was over.

Kevin McMahon was 28 years old, born of Irish decent, standing at 5'10", with jet black hair, blue eyes and a lean muscular build. He was married to his college sweetheart Kathleen, also of Irish decent, with milky white skin, green eyes and long flame red hair.

Kevin's father started the company and Kevin took over when his father died of a heart attack three years ago.

Kevin was on the phone with his head down as Ty walked in the office, closing the door behind him, his large frame darkening Kevin's desk. As Kevin looked up he was eye level with Ty's crotch. Kevin glanced up at Ty and said "I will just be a few minutes."

Ty shot him a wicked smile and cupped his crotch through his khaki's and gave it a squeeze.

Kevin could see Ty's cock starting to harden and he took a deep breath capturing Ty's manly scent. A wave of excitement ran through Kevin and he started to stutter while speaking to Mr. Johnston from the bank.

Ty laughed before he took a seat on the sofa, and put his hands behind his head before he leaned back.

Kevin looked over at Ty admiring his large black frame and how Ty's big muscular arms stretched the arm of his polo shirt revealing the big wet sweat stains in his armpit but the best part of all was the huge bulge in Ty's pants.

Kevin swallowed hard as he looked at Ty, his voice quivering over the phone. Ty laid his head back and closed his eyes; his hand drifted down and started to rub his hard cock through the fabric. Finally Ty heard Kevin hang up the phone.

"You kept me waiting bitch," Ty spoke in a deep authoritative voice.

Kevin swallowed hard," I am sorry Sir; it was Mr. Johnston -- "he started to explain.

Ty cut him off, "I don't give a fuck who it was, you kept me waiting, now get your ass over here and take care of me."

Kevin started to walk towards Ty. "Stop, on your knees bitch, crawl over to me."

Kevin dropped to his knees and started to crawl across to carpet to Ty. Kevin's eyes were locked with Ty's as he moved across the floor. It seemed like forever but he finally reached his black master.

With their eyes locked Ty moved his stare down to his feet. Kevin instinctively knew what this meant. Kevin slowly untied Ty's size 13 work boot and slid it off, the scent was intoxicating to Kevin as he removed the other. He began to massage Ty's feet, pulling them towards his face he took a deep breath and he could feel the dampness on his milk white face.

A big grin came across Ty's face as he was always amazed at how turned on Kevin was by his scent.

Kevin removed Ty's sock and started to massage his feet, slowing licking between each toe, tasting the sweat of a real man's hard day's work.

Ty motioned for Kevin to move up his body. Kevin slithered up his black master as Ty raised his arms. Kevin removed his shirt and put his face into Ty's armpit, again taking in his masculine scent. He continued by licking his armpit and then moving over to his massive muscular chest, down to his navel, kissing, licking, nibbling and worshiping all the way down.

Kevin could feel the heat from Ty's crotch as he looked up into his eyes. Ty nodded his head and Kevin slowly unzipped Ty's khaki's, as his huge black cock tented his boxers. Again Ty nodded his head. Kevin bent over and licked the pre cum off of Ty's boxers, licking the head of his massive cock through the fabric.

He slowly reached in and pulled out his huge black cock. He kissed the head gently while rubbing the slippery fluid all over his lips. Ty grabbed Kevin by the hair and pushed his head down to his balls.

Kevin whimpered as he began to lick the sweat from his balls. He loved the taste of his sweat and could not get enough of it. Ty raised his legs as Kevin's tongue began to circle Ty's asshole. Ty loved the way Kevin ate his ass, something Ty's wife would never do.

As Kevin was rimming Ty's ass, his cell phone started to ring. Ty reached over and picked it up, it was Kevin's wife Kathleen calling.

Ty smiled as he once again locked eyes with Kevin. Ty answered Kevin's phone, "the bitch is busy," he chuckled. "Can't talk with his mouth full."

Kathleen's heart began to race faster knowing Kevin was servicing Ty. "Oh hi baby," Kathleen said with a quiver in her voice. She could feel her pussy start to moisten as she spoke to Ty.

"I will send the bitch home when I am done using him," Ty hung up the phone and tossed it on the floor next to Kevin.

"That hot piece of ass you have at home is waiting fo yo ass," Kevin looked up at Ty and moaned softly, his tongue buried deep in Ty's ass. "Speaking of ass I am ready for a piece of yours and you better be wearing something sexy today," Ty reached down and pulled Kevin up by the hair. "Let's see what you got," he said with a low chuckle.

Kevin stood up and removed his tie and started to unbutton his shirt revealing his well defined chest. He kicked off his shoes and slowly unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and began to lower them.

Ty smiled as he saw that Kevin was wearing a very sexy pair of black lace panties under his dress pants. "Nice choice bitch, now get yo ass over here." Kevin walked toward him and turned around. Ty would only fuck Kevin from behind and only if Kevin were wearing panties.

Kevin slid his panties to the side and started to rub the head of Ty's massive black cock against his pink fuck hole. Thankfully he had lubed himself up earlier.

Kevin slowly inserted the head of Ty's cock into his ass holding it there for a moment while he relaxed his muscles.

Ty was impatient and thrust all 12 inches deep into Kevin's ass. Kevin let out a scream feeling like he was being split in two. "That's what you get fo makin me wait bitch," as Ty grabbed Kevin by the hips and started bouncing him like a rag doll up and down on his hard fuck stick.

The receptionist Linda heard the scream and turned towards the door wondering what was going on. She glanced at the clock, it was 5:10. She turned off her computer and left for the day.

Kevin had finally relaxed enough where the pain had turned into shear pleasure. He looked down and could see Ty's massive black hands on his hips. Ty pushed Kevin down hard one last time, his black fingers digging into Kevin's side holding him tightly.

Kevin could feel the massive cock begin to swell and pulsate in his ass. A smile came across his face as he felt the black cum he so craved being pumped inside of him. Kevin loved being bred by his black master.

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